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Requesting a PDF Full Text from www.nongbao11.top

How does our service work?

Depending on the availability at our supplying libraries and other providers, we can supply (almost) any science PDF Full Text within a few hours to a few days. The easiest way to order from us is to browse www.nongbao11.top and order with 1 Click.

We currently work with over 40 copyright-compliant literature suppliers worldwide. These suppliers pay all due copyright fees to the respective publishers or the rights-holders. This happens usually via the officially recognized copyright collecting societies including the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

Available Article types:

1. Electronic article ($19.90): If you ordered an article which has been published electronically, we will email you the PDF immediately or within a maximum of 6 hours.

2. Scanned article ($29.90): Articles which have only been published in print take up to 1 workday to deliver. We need to request the Full Text from our international literature-retrieval partners, who currently include over 40 public and University libraries worldwide. This process is usually completed within 1 workday (Mon-Fri) but in rare circumstances this can take up to a maximum of 3 workdays.


You will receive the following 2 emails:

(1) An email from PayPal or Stripe containing the receipt of your payment.
(2) An email from us (info[@]www.nongbao11.top) containing the bibliographic details of the article and a PDF copy of the article attached.


If we cannot retrieve the ordered article, we will immediately refund your prepayment. In case copyright royalty fees significantly exceed the prepaid amount, we will also refund your payment and send you a custom payment link with the updated rate for the requested article.

Since we promptly deliver electronic articles or order scanned articles from a supplier, we can unfortunately not cancel orders or issue refunds.


If you have any inquiries about your purchase, please contact us through our contact form. Please use the email address that you used during payment and include the EurekaMag Accession Number of the article you purchased, e.g., "012345678".