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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 12

Section 12 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, J.; Tripathi, B.J.; Tripathi, R.C., 2000:
Modulation of pre-mRNA splicing and protein production of fibronectin by TGF-beta2 in porcine trabecular cells

Gabdoulline, R.R.; Wade, R.C.; Walther, D., 2003:
MolSurfer: A macromolecular interface navigator

Lynch, K.J.; Touma, E.; Niforatos, W.; Kage, K.L.; Burgard, E.C.; van Biesen, T.; Kowaluk, E.A.; Jarvis, M.F., 1999:
Molecular and functional characterization of human P2X(2) receptors

Husgafvel-Pursiainen, K., 2002:
Molecular biomarkers in studies on environmental cancer

Garcia, M.; Narang, N.; Reed, W.M.; Fadly, A.M., 2003:
Molecular characterization of reticuloendotheliosis virus insertions in the genome of field and vaccine strains of fowl poxvirus

Sato, Y.; Takahashi, H., 1998:
Molecular cloning and expression of murine homologue of semaphorine K1 gene

Tsoi, C.; Falany, C.N.; Morgenstern, R.; Swedmark, S., 2001:
Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of a canine sulfotransferase that is a human ST1B2 ortholog

Hayashi, Y.; Miura, N.; Isobe, J.; Shinyashiki, N.; Yagihara, S., 2000:
Molecular dynamics of hinge-bending motion of IgG vanishing with hydrolysis by papain

Hamilton, N.R.S.ckville; Skot, L.; Chorlton, K.H.; Thomas, I.D.; Mizen, S., 2002:
Molecular genecology of temperature response in Lolium perenne: 1. Preliminary analysis to reduce false positives

Lauzon, A.M.; Trybus, K.M.; Warshaw, D.M., 1999:
Molecular mechanics of two smooth muscle heavy meromyosin constructs that differ by an insert in the motor domain

Balasubramanian, D.; Kanwar, R., 2002:
Molecular pathology of dityrosine cross-links in proteins: structural and functional analysis of four proteins

Spencer, P.; Wang, Y.; Walker, M.P.; Swafford, J.R., 2001:
Molecular structure of acid-etched dentin smear layers: In situ study

Iannacone, J.; Dale, W.; Alvarino, L., 2000:
Monitoreo ecotoxicologico del rio Rimac (Lima-Peru) empleando a Chironomus calligraphus Goeldi (Diptera: Chironomidae)

L.B.il, P.; Bizot, H.; Ollivon, M.; Keller, G.; Bourgaux, C.; Buleon, A., 1999:
Monitoring the crystallization of amylose-lipid complexes during maize starch melting by synchrotron x-ray diffraction

Colucci, M.; Stramaglia, A.M.; Mascolo, E.; Napoleone, E.; Lorenzet, R.; Semeraro, N., 2001:
Monocytes, but not endothelial cells, downregulate the anticoagulant activity of activated protein C

Huh, Y.O.; Jilani, I.; Estey, E.; Giles, F.; Kantarjian, H.; Freireich, E.; Albitar, M., 2002:
More cell death in refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation than in acute myeloid leukemia

Suzuki, T.; Kasai, T., 2003:
Morphological and embryological characteristics of bronchial arteries in the rat

Kawasaki, M.; Matsuda, T.; Miyake, H.; Taniguchi, M.; Nitta, Y., 2001:
Morphological studies on the mobilization of reserves in Japanese yam (Dioscorea japonica Thunb.) seed tuber and eddo (Colocasia esculenta Schott var. antiquorum Hubbard and Rehder) seed corm on and after sprouting

Shaw, Peter, J.A., 1998:
Morphometric analyses of mixed Dactylorhiza colonies (Orchidaceae) on industrial waste sites in England

Katayama, M.; Mizutani, K.; Kishino, H.; Yabuta, S.; Matsuura, H.; Tomita, I.; Mizuno, T.; Miyazaki, I.; Yoneda, M.; Soma, Y.; Naito, H.; Mizobuchi, M.; Kawakami, F., 2001:
Mortality tests for Kanzawa spider mite, six-spotted mite, tropical citrus aphid and citrus psylla on Satsuma mandarins by methyl bromide fumigation

Liepert, J.; Terborg, C.; Weiller, C., 1999:
Motor plasticity induced by synchronized thumb and foot movements

Ashton, Kyle, G., 2003:
Movements and mating behavior of adult male midget faded rattlesnakes, Crotalus oreganus concolor, in Wyoming

Curran, E.T.; Coia, J.E.; Gilmour, H.; McNamee, S.; Hood, J., 2000:
Multi-centre research surveillance project to reduce infections/phlebitis associated with peripheral vascular catheters

Mutka, S.C.; Walter, P., 2001:
Multifaceted physiological response allows yeast to adapt to the loss of the signal recognition particle-dependent protein-targeting pathway

Park, I.W.; Wistuba, I.I.; Maitra, A.; Milchgrub, S.; Virmani, A.K.; Minna, J.D.; Gazdar, A.F., 1999:
Multiple clonal abnormalities in the bronchial epithelium of patients with lung cancer

Voncken, F.; Boxma, B.; Tjaden, J.; Akhmanova, A.; Huynen, M.; Verbeek, F.; Tielens, A.G.M.; Haferkamp, I.; Neuhaus, H.E.kehard; Vogels, G.; Veenhuis, M.; Hackstein, J.H.P., 2002:
Multiple origins of hydrogenosomes: Functional and phylogenetic evidence from the ADP/ATP carrier of the anaerobic chytrid Neocallimastix sp

Milde, K.; Kostka, V.; Kaleta, E.F.; Willems, H.; Jager, C., 2000:
Multiplex-PCR-based differentiation and characterization of Candida-isolates derived from tortoises (Testudinidae)

Zhao, Y.; Lin, Y.; Zhan, Y.; Yang, G.; Louie, J.; Harrison, D.E.; Anderson, W.F., 2000:
Murine hematopoietic stem cell characterization and its regulation in BM transplantation

García-Alvarez, Fícito.; Torcal, J.; Salinas, Jé.C.; Navarro, A.; García-Alvarez, I.; Navarro-Zorraquino, M.; Sousa, Rón.; Tejero, E.; Lozano, R., 2002:
Musculoskeletal hydatid disease: a report of 13 cases

Perren, A.; Komminoth, P.; Saremaslani, P.; Matter, C.; Feurer, S.; Lees, J.A.; Heitz, P.U.; Eng, C., 2000:
Mutation and expression analyses reveal differential subcellular compartmentalization of PTEN in endocrine pancreatic tumors compared to normal islet cells

Zheng, G.; Hehn, R.; Zuber, P., 2000:
Mutational analysis of the sbo-alb locus of Bacillus subtilis: Identification of genes required for subtilosin production and immunity

Faioni, E.M.; Franchi, F.; Castaman, G.; Biguzzi, E.; Rodeghiero, F., 2002:
Mutations in the thrombomodulin gene are rare in patients with severe thrombophilia

Guminska, Barbara, 1999:
Mycoflora of the Pieniny National Park. Part VII

Date, T.; Luo, Z.; Yamakawa, M.; Belanger, A.J.; Scaria, A.; Cheng, S.H.; Gregory, R.J.; Mochizuki, S.; Jiang, C., 2003:
Myocardial expression of baculoviral p35 alleviates doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy in rats

Blondeau, F.; Laporte, J.; Bodin, S.; Superti-Furga, G.; Payrastre, B.; Mandel, J.L., 2000:
Myotubularin, a phosphatase deficient in myotubular myopathy, acts on phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate pathway

Du, J.; Zhou, S.; Coggeshall, R.E.; Carlton, S.M., 2003:
N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced excitation and sensitization of normal and inflamed nociceptors

Peng, S.L.; Gerth, A.J.; Ranger, A.M.; Glimcher, L.H., 2001:
NFATc1 and NFATc2 together control both T and B cell activation and differentiation

Naslund, I.; Norrby, K., 2000:
NO and de novo mammalian angiogenesis: Further evidence that NO inhibits bFGF-induced angiogenesis while not influencing VEGF165-induced angiogenesis

Ribeiro, S.J.; Lima, T.C.M.D., 1998:
Naloxone-induced changes in tachykinin NK3 receptor modulation of experimental anxiety in mice

Horner, P., J.; Caul, E.O.en, 1999:
National guideline for the management of Chlamydia trachomatis genital tract infection

Anamthawat Jonsson, K.; Thorsson, A.T.or, 2003:
Natural hybridisation in birch: Triploid hybrids between Betula nana and B. pubescens

Crook, M.A., 2000:
Near patient testing and pathology in the new millennium

Yoo, J.; Jeong, M.J.; Lee, S.S.; Lee, K.I.; Kwon, B.M.; Park, Y.M.; Han, M.Y., 2001:
Negative regulation of YY1 transcription factor on the dynamin I gene promoter

Wauben, I.; Xing, H.; Wainwright, P., 1999:
Neonatal dietary zinc deficiency in artificially reared rat pups retards behavioral development and interacts with essential fatty acid deficiency to alter liver and brain fatty acid composition

Watson, R.; Leslie, K., 2001:
Nerve blocks versus subcutaneous infiltration for stereotactic frame placement

Johansson, L.; Johansson, P.; Miller-Podraza, H., 1999:
Neu5Acalpha3Gal is part of the Helicobacter pylori binding epitope in polyglycosylceramides of human erythrocytes

Ford, B.D.; Liu, Y.; Mann, M.A.ne; Krauss, R.; Phillips, K.; Gan, L.; Fischbach, G.D., 2003:
Neuregulin-1 suppresses muscarinic receptor expression and acetylcholine-activated muscarinic K+ channels in cardiac myocytes

Rosengren, L.E.; Karlsson, J.E.; Sj?gren, M.; Blennow, K.; Wallin, A., 1999:
Neurofilament protein levels in CSF are increased in dementia

Ichihara, A.; Navar, L.G.briel, 1999:
Neuronal NOS contributes to biphasic autoregulatory response during enhanced TGF activity

Jimenez Vasquez, P.A.; Salmi, P.; Ahlenius, S.; Mathe, A.A., 2000:
Neuropeptide Y in brains of the Flinders Sensitive Line rat, a model of depression. Effects of electroconvulsive stimuli and d-amphetamine on peptide concentrations and locomotion

Lindem, K.; Heeren, T.; White, R.F.; Proctor, S.P.; Krengel, M.; Vasterling, J.; Sutker, P.B.; Wolfe, J.; Keane, T.M., 2003:
Neuropsychological performance in Gulf War era veterans: Traumatic stress symptomatology and exposure to chemical-biological warfare agents

Haynes, L.M.; Tonkin, J.; Anderson, L.J.; Tripp, R.A., 2002:
Neutralizing anti-F glycoprotein and anti-substance P antibody treatment effectively reduces infection and inflammation associated with respiratory syncytial virus infection

Pleissner, K.P.; Hoffmann, F.; Kriegel, K.; Wenk, C.; Wegner, S.; Sahlstr?m, A.; Oswald, H.; Alt, H.; Fleck, E., 1999:
New algorithmic approaches to protein spot detection and pattern matching in two-dimensional electrophoresis gel databases

D.Lourdes Rico Arce, M., 1999:
New combinations in Mimosaceae

Takai, M.; Anaya, F.; Shigehara, N.; Setoguchi, T., 2000:
New fossil materials of the earliest new world monkey, Branisella boliviana, and the problem of platyrrhine origins

Fei, D.Y.; Fu, C.T.ng, 1999:
New method to obtain ultrasonic angle independent Doppler color images using a sector transducer

Pereira, J.C.; Schaefer, H.; Paiva, J., 2002:
New records of Veronica dabneyi Hochst. (Scrophulariaceae), an Azorean endemic plant not collected since 1938

Ng, Francis, S.P., 2001:
New species, varieties and reductions in Diospyros (Ebenaceae) in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia including Peninsular Thailand

Fujisawa, N.; Maeda, Y.; Yamamoto, Y.; Sato, N.L.; Niimura, S., 2003:
Newly established low seizure susceptible and seizure-prone inbred strains of Mongolian gerbil

D.L.F.ente Fernandez, R.; Kishore, A.; Calne, D.B.; Ruth, T.J.; Stoessl, A.J.n, 2000:
Nigrostriatal dopamine system and motor lateralization

Radegran, G.; Saltin, B., 1999:
Nitric oxide in the regulation of vasomotor tone in human skeletal muscle

Sandau, K., B.; Gantner, F.; Bruene, B., 2001:
Nitric oxide-induced F-actin disassembly is mediated via cGMP, cAMP, and protein kinase A activation in rat mesangial cells

Zhang, X.; Wang, H.; Zhou, H.; Zhang, Y.; Nie, Y., 2003:
Nitrogen transformation during co-composting of flower wastes and cattle manure

Hinney, A.; Geller, F.; Neupert, T.; Sommerlad, C.; Gerber, G.; Goerg, T.; Siegfried, W.; Goldschmidt, H.; Remschmidt, H.; Ziegler, A.; Hebebrand, J., 2001 :
No evidence for involvement of alleles of the 825-C/T polymorphism of the G-protein subunit beta3 in body weight regulation

Bala, A.; Murphy, P.J.; Osunde, A.O.; Giller, K.E., 2003:
Nodulation of tree legumes and the ecology of their native rhizobial populations in tropical soils

Kasazaki, K.; Yasukawa, K.; Sano, H.; Utsumi, H., 2003:
Non-invasive analysis of reactive oxygen species generated in NH4OH-induced gastric lesions of rats using a 300 MHz in vivo ESR technique

Dean, C.E.; Benjamin, S.A.; Chubb, L.S.; Tessari, J.D.; Keefe, T.J., 2002:
Nonadditive hepatic tumor promoting effects by a mixture of two structurally different polychlorinated biphenyls in female rat livers

Kornegay, J.R.; Shepard, A.P.; Hankins, C.; Franco, E.; Lapointe, N.; Richardson, H.; Coutleé, F., 2001:
Nonisotopic detection of human papillomavirus DNA in clinical specimens using a consensus PCR and a generic probe mix in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay format

Sandel, M.H.; Kolkman, J.J.; Kuipers, E.J.; Cuesta, M.A.; Meuwissen, S.G.M., 2000:
Nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: Differences in outcome for patients admitted to internal medicine and gastroenterological services

Green, T.A.; Phillips, S.B.; Crooks, P.A.; Dwoskin, L.P.; Bardo, M.T., 2000:
Nornicotine pretreatment decreases intravenous nicotine self-administration in rats

Majorov, S.R.; Kramina, T.E., 2003:
Notes on distribution of some Rosaceae Juss. in eastern Europe

Volmajer, J.; Toplak, R.; Bittner, S.; Leban, I.; L.M.rechal, A.M.jcen, 2003:
Novel N-chlorinated derivatives of 2H-1-benzopyran-2-imines

Fradkov, A.F.; Chen, Y.; Ding, L.; Barsova, E.V.; Matz, M.V.; Lukyanov, S.A., 2000:
Novel fluorescent protein from Discosoma coral and its mutants possesses a unique far-red fluorescence

Keller, P.A.; Birch, C.; Leach, S.P.; Tyssen, D.; Griffith, R., 2003:
Novel pharmacophore-based methods reveal gossypol as a reverse transcriptase inhibitor

Cerovsky, Vladimir, 2002:
Novy nalez belozubky belobriche (Crocidura leucodon) na Ustecku

Straatman, K.R.; Nijsse, J.; Kieft, H.; Van Aelst, A.C.; Schel, J.H.N., 2000:
Nuclear pore dynamics during pollen development and androgenesis in Brassica napus

Onelge, N.; Kersting, U.; Guang, Y.; Bar Joseph, M.; Bozan, O., 2000:
Nucleotide sequences of citrus viroids CVd-IIIa and CVd-IV obtained from dwarfed Meyer lemon trees grafted on sour orange

Espe, M.; Sveier, H.; Hogoy, I.; Lied, E., 1999:
Nutrient absorption and growth of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fed fish protein concentrate

Clarkson, T.W.; Strain, J.J., 2003:
Nutritional factors may modify the toxic action of methyl mercury in fish-eating populations

Stene, L.; Giacaman, R.A.dul-Rahim, H.H.sseini, A.N.rum, K.; Holmboe-Ottesen, G., 2001:
Obesity and associated factors in a Palestinian West Bank village population

Tong, N.; Bosland, P.W., 2003:
Observations on interspecific compatibility and meiotic chromosome behavior of Capsicum buforum and C. lanceolatum

Braun, S.; Schindlbeck, C.; Hepp, F.; Janni, W.; Kentenich, C.; Riethmüller, G.; Pantel, K., 2001:
Occult tumor cells in bone marrow of patients with locoregionally restricted ovarian cancer predict early distant metastatic relapse

Springael, D.; Ryngaert, A.; Merlin, C.; Toussaint, A.; Mergeay, M., 2001:
Occurrence of Tn4371-related mobile elements and sequences in (chloro)biphenyl-degrading bacteria

Guimaraes, A.M.; Guedes, E.; Carvalho, R.A., 2001:
Ocorrencia de Giardia spp. em bezerros leiteiros no Brasil

Shaw, J.A.; Udokang, K.; Mosquera, J-Miguel.; Chauhan, H.; Jones, J.Louise.; Walker, R.A., 2002:
Oestrogen receptors alpha and beta differ in normal human breast and breast carcinomas

Rosenblatt, M., R.; Olmstead, R., E.; Iwamoto-Schaap, P., N.; Jarvik, M., E., 1998:
Olfactory thresholds for nicotine and menthol in smokers (abstinent and nonabstinent) and nonsmokers

Carroll, K.M.; Rounsaville, B.J., 2002:
On beyond urine: Clinically useful assesment instruments in the treatment of drug dependence

Bernaerts, K.; Versyck, K.J.; Van Impe, J.F., 2000:
On the design of optimal dynamic experiments for parameter estimation of a Ratkowsky-type growth kinetics at suboptimal temperatures

Kell, D.B.; King, R.D., 2000:
On the optimization of classes for the assignment of unidentified reading frames in functional genomics programmes: The need for machine learning

Rabe, K.F., 2002:
On theophylline, leukocytes, and chicken soup

Chen-Xiang-Sheng; Ding-Jin-Hua, 2002:
One new genus and two new species of Delphacidae (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea) from China

Young, S.F.; Smith, J.L.; Figueroa, J.P.; Rose, J.C., 2003:
Ontogeny and effect of cortisol on vasopressin-1b receptor expression in anterior pituitaries of fetal sheep

Ishii, Y.; Konishi, J.; Okada, H.; Hirasawa, K.; Onaka, T.; Suzuki, M., 2000:
Operon structure and functional analysis of the genes encoding thermophilic desulfurizing enzymes of Paenibacillus sp. A11-2

Blum, P.; Mohr, G.J.; Matern, K.; Reichert, J.; Spichiger Keller, U.E., 2001:
Optical alcohol sensor using lipophilic Reichardt's dyes in polymer membranes

Prochazka, S.; Mulholland, M.; Lloyd Jones, A., 2003:
Optimisation for the separation of the oligosaccharide, sodium Pentosan Polysulfate by reverse polarity capillary zone electrophoresis using a central composite design

Eudeline, B.; Allen, S.K.Jr; Guo, X., 2000:
Optimization of tetraploid induction in pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, using first polar body as a natural indicator

Cadot, P.; Kochuyt, A.M.; Van Ree, R.; Ceuppens, J.L., 2003:
Oral allergy syndrome to chicory associated with birch pollen allergy

Posner, G.H.; Paik, I-Hyeon.; Sur, S.; McRiner, A.J.; Borstnik, K.; Xie, S.; Shapiro, T.A., 2003:
Orally active, antimalarial, anticancer, artemisinin-derived trioxane dimers with high stability and efficacy

Furian, S.; Barbiero, L.; Boulet, R., 1999:
Organisation of the soil mantle in tropical southeastern Brazil (Serra do Mar) in relation to landslides processes

Kim, M.K.ung; Kang, J.S.ung, 2001:
Orientia tsutsugamushi suppresses the production of inflammatory cytokines induced by its own heat-stable component in murine macrophages

Martinez Sagarraoceja, J.M.ria; Sesmero, J.A.on; Estebanez Zarranz, J.; Conde Redondo, C.C.nde; Camachoparejo, J.; Rodriguez Toves, A.; Fernandez, D.A.onso; Garcia, A.A.o, 2000:
Orthotopic bladder substitution in the female. Technical modifications in anterior exenteration: Results in 9 cases

Kovacic, J.; Subaric, M.; Lajtman, Z.; Curcic, I., 2001:
Osteoma of the internal auditory canal

Griffin, D.D.; Fletcher, M.; Levy, M.E.; Ching-Lee, M.; Nogami, R.; Edwards, L.; Peters, H.; Montague, L.; Gentsch, J.R.; Glass, R.I., 2002:
Outbreaks of adult gastroenteritis traced to a single genotype of rotavirus

Goddard, M.R.; Greig, D.; Burt, A., 2001:
Outcrossed sex allows a selfish gene to invade yeast populations

Gerber, J.E.; Cawthon, B., 2000:
Overdose and death with olanzapine: two case reports

Ye, Y.; Wang, C.; Du, P.; Falzon, M.; Seitz, P.K.; Cooper, C.W., 2001:
Overexpression of parathyroid hormone-related protein enhances apoptosis in the rat intestinal cell line, IEC-6

Friedman, A.N.; Mayer, J., 2002:
Overweight and obesity as a nutritional issue in the dialysis population

Harrison, C.A.; Raftery, M.J.; Walsh, J.; Alewood, P.; Iismaa, S.E.; Thliveris, S.; Geczy, C.L., 1999:
Oxidation regulates the inflammatory properties of the murine S100 protein S100A8

Gianfreda, L.; Sannino, F.; Rao, M.A.; Bollag, J.M., 2003:
Oxidative transformation of phenols in aqueous mixtures

Petersson, M.; Lagumdzija, A.; Stark, A.; Bucht, E., 2002:
Oxytocin stimulates proliferation of human osteoblast-like cells

An, Y.J.o; Carraway, E.R., 2002:
PAH degradation by UV/H2O2 in perfluorinated surfactant solutions

Sauer, B.; Staritz, M., 1998:
PEG-Rare early and long-term complications

Messeguer, X.; Escudero, R.; Farré, Dènec.; Nú?ez, O.; Martínez, J.; Albà, M.Mar., 2002:
PROMO: detection of known transcription regulatory elements using species-tailored searches

Scherder, E.J.A.; Slaets, J.; Deijen, J-Berend.; Gorter, Y.; Ooms, M.E.; Ribbe, M.; Vuijk, P-Jelle.; Feldt, K.; van de Valk, M.; Bouma, A.; Sergeant, J.A., 2003:
Pain assessment in patients with possible vascular dementia

Schleicher, U.M.ria; Andreopoulos, D.; Ammon, J., 2001:
Palliative radiotherapy in recurrent head-and-neck tumors by a percutaneous superfractionated treatment schedule

Gulbrandsen, P?l.; Schroeder, T.V.; Milerad, J.; Nylenna, M., 2002:
Paper or screen, mother tongue or English: which is better? A randomized trial

Fokin, S.I.; Sabaneyeva, E.V.; Borkhsenious, O.N.; Schweikert, M.; Gortz, H.D., 2000:
Paramecium calkinsi and P. putrinum (Ciliophora, Protista) harboring alpha-subgroup bacteria in the cytoplasm

Buijs, R.M.; Chun, S.J.n; Niijima, A.; Romijn, H.J.; Nagai, K., 2001:
Parasympathetic and sympathetic control of the pancreas: A role for the suprachiasmatic nucleus and other hypothalamic centers that are involved in the regulation of food intake

Lachenmayer, L., 2000:
Parkinson's disease and the ability to drive

Fredman, S.J.; Fava, M.; Kienke, A.S.; White, C.N.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Rosenbaum, J.F., 2000:
Partial response, nonresponse, and relapse with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in major depression: A survey of current next-step practices

Magro, C.M.; Crowson, A.Neil.; Dawood, M.; Nuovo, G.J., 2002:
Parvoviral infection of endothelial cells and its possible role in vasculitis and autoimmune diseases

Schelfhout, V.R.; Coene, E.D.; Delaey, B.; Thys, S.; Page, D.L.; D.P.tter, C.R., 2000:
Pathogenesis of Paget's disease: epidermal heregulin-alpha, motility factor, and the HER receptor family

Yasumizu, R.; Miyawaki, S.; Koba, M.; Kondoh-Tanaka, M.; Amoh, Y.; Nishio, N.; Yamamoto, Y.; Watanabe, H.; Ikehara, S., 2000:
Pathology of ALY mice: congenital immunodeficiency with lymph node and Peyer's patch defects

Rawal, N.; Allvin, Rée.; Axelsson, K.; Hallén, J.; Ekb?ck, G.; Ohlsson, T?rn.; Amilon, A., 2002:
Patient-controlled regional analgesia (PCRA) at home: controlled comparison between bupivacaine and ropivacaine brachial plexus analgesia

Vicca, J.; Maes, D.; Thermote, L.; Peeters, J.; Haesebrouck, F.; D.K.uif, A., 2002:
Patterns of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections in Belgian farrow-to-finish pig herds with diverging disease-course

Blouin-Demers, G.; Prior, K.A.; Weatherhead, P.J., 2000:
Patterns of variation in spring emergence by black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta)

Soldin, O.P.rat; Miller, M.; Soldin, S.J., 2003:
Pediatric reference ranges for zinc protoporphyrin

Sikiric, P.; Jelovac, N.; Jelovac-Gjeldum, A.; Dodig, G.; Staresinic, M.; Anic, T.; Zoricic, I.; Rak, D.; Perovic, D.; Aralica, G.; Buljat, G.; Prkacin, I.; Lovric-Bencic, M.; Separovic, J.; Seiwerth, S.; Rucman, R.; Petek, M.; Turkovic, B.; Ziger, T.; Boban-Blagaic, A.; Bedekovic, V.; Tonkic, A.; Babic, S., 2002:
Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 attenuates chronic amphetamine-induced behavior disturbances

Bosner, M.S.; Lange, L.G.; Stenson, W.F.; Ostlund, R.E.Jr, 1999:
Percent cholesterol absorption in normal women and men quantified with dual stable isotopic tracers and negative ion mass spectrometry

Wang, L.; Zhang, K.; Zhang, L., 2001:
Perfect phylogenetic networks with recombination

Sickles, E.A.; Wolverton, D.E.; Dee, K.E., 2002:
Performance parameters for screening and diagnostic mammography: specialist and general radiologists

Schmied, A.; Türker, K.S., 2001:
Periodontal mechanoreceptor input reduces synchronous discharge of voluntarily activated masseter motor units in man

Vadeboncoeur, Y.; Steinman, A., D., 2002:
Periphyton function in lake ecosystems

Heneka, M.T.; Feinstein, D.L.; Galea, E.; Gleichmann, M.; Wuellner, U.; Klockgether, T., 1999:
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonists protect cerebellar granule cells from cytokine-induced apoptotic cell death by inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase

Von-Gegerfelt, A., S.; Liska, V.; Ray, N., B.; Mcclure, H., M.; Ruprecht, R., M.; Felber, B., K., 1999:
Persistent infection of rhesus macaques by the Rev-independent Nef(-) simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239: Replication kinetics and genomic stability

Balakin, K.V.; Korshun, V.A.; Esipov, D.S.; Mikhalev, I.I.; Berlin, Y.A., 1999:
Perylene-labeled oligonucleotide as a probe in homogeneous hybridization assay

Noreddin, A., M.; Roberts, D.; Nichol, K.; Wierzbowski, A.; Hoban, D., J.; Zhanel, G., G., 2002:
Pharmacodynamic modeling of clarithromycin against macrolide-resistant (PCR-positive mef(A) or erm(B)) Streptococcus pneumoniae simulating clinically achievable serum and epithelial lining fluid free-drug concentrations

Kropp, J.; Eisenhut, M.; Ambrose, K.R.; Knapp, F.F.; Franke, W.G., 1999:
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of the methyl-branched fatty acid (BMIPP) in animals and humans

Ahn, H., W.; Shin, W., G.; Park, K., J.; Suh, O., K.; Choi, J., H., 1999:
Pharmacokinetics of theophylline and caffeine after intravenous administration of aminophylline to premature neonates in Korea

Chilmonczyk, Z.; Mazgajska, M.; Iskra Jopa, J.; Chojnacka Wojcik, E.; Tatarczynska, E.; Klodzinska, A.; Nowak, J.Z., 2002:
Pharmacological properties and SAR of new 1,4-disubstituted piperazine derivatives with hypnotic-sedative activity

Obasaju, C.; Manola, J.; Hudes, G.R.; Khandekar, J.D.; Citrin, D.L.; Carbone, P.; Trump, D.L., 2001:
Phase II evaluation of menogaril in advanced prostate cancer: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group EST P-A885

Gamble, G.R.; Snook, M.E.; Henriksson, G.; Akin, D.E., 2000:
Phenolic constituents in flax bast tissue and inhibition of cellulase and pectinase

Vogler, D.W.; Das, C.; Stephenson, A.G., 1998:
Phenotypic plasticity in the expression of self-incompatibility in Campanula rapunculoides

Fagundes, T.; Bernardi, E.L.iza; Rodrigues, C.A.tonio, 2001:
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