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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 15

Section 15 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hyland, S.; Muller, D.; Hayton, S.; Stoecklin, E.; Barella, L., 2006:
Cortical gene expression in the vitamin E-deficient rat: possible mechanisms for the electrophysiological abnormalities of visual and neural function

Stasko, J.; Mardiak, J., 1963:
Crisscross breeding with Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducks I. Growth and food consumption.

Anonymous, 1958:
Cull and volume studies

Chabaud, A.G.; Mahon, J., 1958:
Cycle evolutif du nematode Spirura talpae (Gmelin 1790)

Boulos, L., 1961:
Cytotaxonomic studies in the genus Sonchus. 3. On the cytotaxonomy and distribution of Sonchus arvensis L

Kerpely, A.; Manninger, E.; Zamory, E., 1959:
Data for the estimation of the performance of Rhizobium strains indigenous in Hungary.

Jaskowski, L.; Romaniuk, J., 1959:
Deformity of the head of bull spermatozoa associated with sterility.

Fielder, F.G., 1957:
Dermalon skin sutures a comparison

Robins, J.S.; Haise, H.R., 1961:
Determination of consumptive use of water by irrigated crops ia the western United States

Knjaz'kov, L.A.; Tarsis, J. D., 1960:
Determining the forces acting on the bolt and support in a veneer peeling machine.

Craigmiles, J.P., 1960:
Development, maintenance and utilization of a male-sterile Sudangrass

Luhrs, E., 1957:
Die Wirkung von Wurmkuren auf die Legeleistung der Huhner

Shafie, M.M.; Badreldin, A.L.; Ghany, M.A.; Hanafi, M., 1961:
Differential growth and carcass characteristics in the Giza rabbit

Vancea, M.; Volusniuc, M., 1957:
Direct volumetric determination of phosphate in fertilizers. I and II

Schulz, M.E.; Hetzel, H.F., 1959:
Dispersion hardening and plasticizing of casein.

Saba, G.C.; Carnicelli, A.; Saba, P.; Marescotti, V., 1963:
Diurnal Rhythm In The Adrenal Cortical Secretion And In The Rate Of Metabolism Of Corticosterone In The Rat. Ii. Effects Of Hypothalamic Lesions

Samra, J.S.; Panda, D.K.; James, B.K.; Sethi, R.R.; Singhandube, R.B.; Verma, H.N., 2006:
Drought 2002: impacts on groundwater resources of Orissa

Anonymous, 1963:
Early blight or target spot of tomatoes

Ward, G.H.; Joseph Fuleihan, 1962:
Economic analysis of poultry production in Lebanon. (Publ. 18.)

Burnett, T., 1958 :
Effect of Area of Search on Reproduction of Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Iwema, S.; Van Kempen, G.J.M., 1961:
Effect of artificially dried grass in the ration on fertility in female cattle

Tolba, M.K.; Younis, A.E.; Al-Wahhab, M.A., 1961:
Effect of depth and particle size of the soil on its fungal population

Desai, I.D.; Patel, B.M., 1962:
Effect of feeding thyroactive material on milk secretion

Wiltbank, J.N.; Rothlisberger, J.A.; Zimmerman, D.R., 1961:
Effect of human chorionic gonado-trophin on maintenance of the corpus luteum and embryonic survival in the cow

Ridley, A.O.; Hedlin, R.A., 1962:
Effect of mineral fertilizers and manures on the phosphorus content of a clay soil and on crop yields and quality in a long-term crop rotation

Jadhav, P.S.; Mirza, I.; Baig, F.N.; Somwanshi, S.O.; Dhoke, P.K., 2007:
Effect of polythene covered on sorghum grain mold development

Jones, J.E.; Newsom, L.D., 1956:
Effect of soil fumigation for control of the renifonn nematode, Rotylenchulus remformis, on yield and lint characters of upland cotton

Siuta, J., 1961:
Effect of the gleying process on the development of morphological and chemical properties of soil profiles.

Gershoff, S.N.; Hegsted, D.M., 1956:
Effect of vitamin D and Ca:P ratios on chick gastrointestinal tract

Weimer, H.E.; Nishihara, H., 1959 :
Effects of acute and chronic protein depletion and of repletion on serum glycoprotein levels

Hirowatari, T.; Makihara, H., 2007:
Effects of fires on butterfly assemblages in lowland dipterocarp forest in East Kalimantan

Varavinit, S.; Paisanjit, W.; Tulkornane, T.; Pukkahuta, C., 2007:
Effects of osmotic pressure on the crosslinking reaction of tapioca starch

Halber, M., 1963:
Effects of thiram on Douglas-Fir seedlings

Rodriguez, M.; J.D., 1958:
El recuento de huevos de uncinarias. Algunos datos obtenidos en Guayaquil

Lombard, C.; Liberge, J., 1962:
Embryonal nephroma in the duck and its possible inheritance.

Hsi, C.H., 1958:
Environment and sorghum kernel smut

Chepil, W.S., 1959:
Equilibrium of soil grains at the threshold of movement by wind

Merrill, E.P., 1963:
Estimating bacteriological quality of milk by direct microscopic examination of membrane filters

Keddie, F.; Shadomy, S., 1963:
Etiological significance of Pityrosporum orbiculare in tinea versicolor

Dorosenko, N.Ja., 1959:
Evaluation of mutton-wool rams by the quality of young lambs

Moczarski, Z.; Folejewski, W., 1963:
Evolution of the Bovidae: from the first mammals to the ruminants.

Anonymous, 1962:
Experiences with the oscillating pressure treatment for the impregnation of Spruce poles by means of copper-chrome-arsenic-containing salt mixtures

Wilson, J.W., E.Al., 1957:
Experimental results of the control of the cabbage looper during the 1956-57 growing season

Green, S., 1963:
Experiments on cool storage of nursery plants

Hahlin, M., 1959:
Experiments with propham and calcium cyanamide on wild oats, Avena fatua L.

Bhat, J.G.; Murthy, H.N., 2007:
Factors affecting in-vitro gynogenic haploid production in Niger (Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass.)

Dawson, A.M.; Williams, R.; Williams, H.S., 1961:
Faecal P.V.P. excretion in hypoalbuminaemia and gastro-intestinal disease

Bowman, M.C.; Agree Jr., F.; Schmidt, C.H.; Beroza, M., 1960:
Fate of DDT In larvicide suspensions

Nordfeldt, S.; Skoog, H., 1962:
Feeding trials for fattening young Swedish Polled calves at Ojebyn, 1958 to 1961

Potocanac, J., 1957:
Fibre bundles and fibre cells of land varieties of flax from Croatia and Bosnia

Virendra Kumar, 2006 :

Cresseri, A.; Bergamaschi, M., 1962:
Fixation of free or bound vitamin B12 by the liver in vivo.

Kilpatrick, J.W.; Schoof, H.F., 1956:
Fly Production in treated and untreated Privies

Laurin, R.E., 1959:
Forage crops, hay and pasture. 6 reports

Anonymous, 1958:
Forestry practice: a summary of methods of establishing forest nurseries and plantations with advice on other forestry questions for owners, agents and foresters

Stroh, James, R., 1963:
Free-flowing meadow foxtail seed

Lubatti, O.F.; Bunday, G., 1958:
Fumigation of agricultural Products. XVI. Some Aspects of the Fumigation of imported Potatoes in Boxes with Methyl Bromide for the Control of Tuber Moth Gnorimoschema operculella (Zell.)

Cabasso, V.J.; Avampato, J.E.; Riser, K.H.; Stebbins, M.R., 1960:
Further evidenceof immunologic dissimilarity of distemper(CD) and measles (M) viruses

Shaw, L.; Lucas, G.B., 1957:
Further studies with streptomycin for wildfire control in Burley Tobacco plant beds, North Carolina, 1957

Person, C., 1959:
Gene-for-gene relationships in host : parasite systems

Moll, R.H.; Robinson, H.F.; Cockerham, C.C., 1958:
Genetic variability in the advanced generation of the cross of open-pollinated varieties of maize

Gritton, E.T.; Atkins, R.E., 1963:
Germination of grain sorghum as affected by freezing temperatures

Puhtinskij, Ju. E., 1963:
Good for conserving.

Collins, W.B.; Morgan, G.T., 1958:
Green petal of strawberry in New Brunswick

Peters, D.B., 1960:
Growth and water absorption by corn as influenced by soil moisture tension, moisture content, and relative humidity

Poats, F.J., 1960:
Guar, a summer row crop for the Southwest

Tew, R.P.; Sillibourne, J.M., 1961:
Harvest residues of malathion on soft fruits and apples

Muminov, P.; Allayarov, A.M., 1963:
Helminths of wild cats in Uzbekistan and their relation to the ecology of the host.

Murphy, C.F., 1961:
Heritability estimates and radiation effects on the seed weight components of oats

Mizuno, S., 1960:
Histochemical studies of rabbits with experimental scalds. On vitamin C in organs of rabbits with experimental scalds. On Hamazaki's ketoenol granules in organs of rabbits with experimental scalds. Histochemical studies (except VC and KEG) of organs of rabbits with experimental scalds.

Street, H.E., 1960:
Hormones and the control of root growth

Ehrmann, G.; Thurner, J., 1962 :
Human infection with K. ajelloi

Johnson, C.W., 1962:
Hypersensitivity to chemical allergens. I. Use of allergen-erythrocyte conjugates in detection of antibodies

Schaik, W. van; Voort, M. van der; Molenaar, D.; Moezelaar, R.; Vos, W.M. de; Abee, T., 2007:
Identification of the sigma B regulon of Bacillus cereus and conservation of sigma B-regulated genes in low-GC-content gram-positive bacteria

Suwa, M.; Katul, G.G.; Oren, R.; Andrews, J.; Pippen, J.; Mace, A.; Schlesinger, W.H., 2004:
Impact of elevated atmospheric CO2 on forest floor respiration in a temperate pine forest

Istaz, J.R., 1956:
Improvement of unbleached pulps from

Vielmetter, W.; Schuster, H.; Wieder, C.M., 1960:
Inactivating and mutagenic effect of nitrous acid on phages

Pedrini, Elda., 1963:
Increasing productivity and rural exodus in Germany

Benzer, S.; Freese, E., 1958:
Induction Of Specific Mutations With 5-Bromouracil

Grimbergen, A.H.M., 1956:
Influence of antibiotics on the intestinal flora.

Filipovic, D.; Filipovic, D., 1956:
Influence of increased chlorine content on the essential physical and chemical characteristics of normal milk.

Vorob'eva, L.I., 1961:
Influence of some trace elements on formation of vitamin B12 by propionic acid bacteria

Martin, M.W., 1960:
Inheritance and nature of Cucumber mosaic virus resistance in Squash

Richou, R.; Jensen, R.; Belin, C.; Schuster, G., 1963:
Inhibitory action of human and animal sera on the haemolytic property of saponin.

Hancock, J.L.; Hovell, G.J.R., 1962:
Insemination before and after the onset of heat in sows

D.W.t, J.M.J.; Borgaonkar, D.S.; Chheda, H.R., 1961:
Intergeneric hybrids in the Bothriochlpininae. II. Bothriochloa and Capillipedium

Miller, H.T.; Luckey, T.D., 1963:
Intestinal synthesis of folic acid in monoflora chicks

Butkauskas, D.; Sruoga, A.; Kutkiene, L.; Prakas, P., 2007:
Investigation of the phylogenetic relationships of Sarcocystis spp. from Greylag (Anser anser) and White-fronted (Anser albifrons) geese to other cyst forming coccidia using 18S and 28S rRNA gene sequences

Jain, S.V.; Mathur, C.M.; Mehta, K.M., 1959:
Investigations on fertilizer requirements of wheat in desert soil of Rajasthan

Vidakovic, M., 1958:
Investigations on the intermediate type between the Austrian and the Scots Pine

Pedini, B.; Comodo, N., 1963:
Iron content of the liver of bovine foetuses at different stages of development.

Kamel, H.M.; Fouad, M.T.A.; Lotfy, M.O., 1961:
Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Palestine goats in Egypt

Prokopic, J., 1957:
K helmintofaune nasich zab

Anonymous, 1957:
Landrace pigs

Dupuis, Y., 1957:
Lactose and calcium utilisation. 2. The effect of administering different amounts of lactose on calcium retention

K , ., 1963:
Laying performance and egg production in the Federal Republic.

Musaev, M.A., 1959:
Leptospirosis of cattle.

Nagasawa, S., 1962:
Lindane-resistance in the so-called Takatsuki strain of the common house fly, Musca domestica vicina.

Heath, R., 1956:
Local problems of weed control in sugar beets

Chu TeMien; Cheng HsingHsien; Lin YuJu; Shih ChunKuang; Yang ShwuHuey; Chou TsuiWei; Jeng, H., 2006:
Lowering dietary fat changes plasma lipids and the fatty acid composition in young adults

Parsons, C.S., 1958:
Maintaining cabbage quality

Emerton, W.D.; Vlamis, J., 1957:
Manganese and boron toxicities in standard culture solutions

Finberg, L.; Kiley, J.; Luttrell, C.N., 1963:
Mass accidental salt poisoning in infancy. A study of a hospital disaster

Lane-Petter, W.; Brown, A.M.; Cook, M.J.; Porter, G.; Tuffery, A.A., 1959:
Measuring productivity in breeding of small animals

Owusu-Daaku, K.O.; Butler, R.D.; Wood, R.J., 2007:
Meiotic drive by the Y-linked D gene in Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) is associated with disruption of spermiogenesis, leading to premature senescence of spermatozoa

Vojtek, J., 1959:
Metagomimus yokogawai Katsurada 1912, novy drub metaccrkarii pro faunu CSR

Fazekas, D.S.Groth, S., 1961:
Methods in immunochemistry of viruses. 2. Evaluation of parameters from equilibrium measurements

Richardson, L.T.; Thorn, G.D., 1960:
Microbiological degradation of thiram

Marshall, B., 1959:
Milk on factory lines

Heath, M.E.; Kaiser, C.J., 1963:
Miscellaneous grass and legume evaluations on the southern Indiana forage farm

Sirota, J., 1962:
Modified acid casein and adhesive derived there from

Tageeva, S.V.; Pavlova, I.P.; Brandt, A.B., 1962:
Morphogenesis of chloroplast ultrastructure and the development of optical properties of the corn leaf.

Carr, T.E.; Harrison, G.E.; Loutit, J.F.; Sutton, A., 1962:
Movement of strontium in the human body

Ross, J.G., 1962 :
Mycoplasma mycoides yar mycoides in mice. Course of the lesion, and the primary and secondary serological response in an inbred line of mice

Walker, J.; Spooner, E.T.C., 1960:
Natural infection of the African baboon Papiopapio with the large-cell form of Histoplasma

Spears, J.F., 1963:
Nematodes, a serious pest of citrus

Anonymous, 1957:
New corn promising

Robak, H., 1962:
New nursery studies on the relation between summer daylength and termination of the first year's growth in Norway Spruce and Douglas Fir.

Boegler, F., 1959:
New views on the problem of royal jelly

Ellis, W.C.; Garner, G.B.; Muhrer, M.E.; Pfander, W.H., 1956:
Nitrogen utilization by lambs fed purified rations containing urea, gelatin, casein, blood fibrin, and soybean protein

Mcfarklane, J.A., 1962:
Note on detection of malatbion in foodstuffs

Pratt, N.S., 1963:
Notes on the cultivation of oil palms (Parts III)

Davidson, H., 1960:
Nutrient-element composition of leaves from selected species of woody ornamental plants

Jaffe, W.G.; Chavez, J.F.; D.K.ifman, B., 1963:
Nutritive value of plantains and bananas.

Krome, W.H., 1958:
Observations on cold damage to avocados in Dade County

Mcgaughey, H.S.; Corey, E.L.; Scoggin, W.A.; Bobbitt, O.B., Jr.; Thornton, W.N., Jr., 1959:
Observations on the equilibration of urea between mother and fetus

Arndt, J., 1960:
Occipital puncture in pigs

Godec, B., 2006:
Old varieties (23): Avranska or Dobrolojza

Suzuki, T.; Sahashi, Y., 1957:
On paper partition chromatography for the microanalysis of fatsoluble vitamins

Sokolovskaja, A.P., 1962:
On the correlation between chromosome number and pollen-grain size in wild plant species.

Van Velzen, C.J., 1963:
On the inheritance of fertility in female cattle.

Asmaev, P.G.; Trubnikov, V.F., 1958:
On the problem of fermenting tobacco in a loose mass.

Bekesy, N., 1956:
On the vegetative and generative transmission of ergot properties

Fehervari, G., 1959:
Organic arsenic compounds as fungicides in plant protection

Ali, A.; Fahmy, S., 2007:
Ovarian dynamics and milk progesterone concentrations in cycling and non-cycling buffalo-cows (Bubalus bubalis) during Ovsynch program

Hagberth, N.O., 1957:
Palu and Pendek, two new oat varieties

Roldan, Julian, 1959:
Parathion-residue studies on acerola

Hine, Richard, B., 1962:
Pathogenicity of Phytophthora palmivora in the Orchidaceae

Osmond, D.A., 1961:

Wilson, C.L., 1963:
Persimmon wilt -- friend or foe?

Rupp, W.; Swoboda, W., 1956:
Phosphate metabolism in vitamin-D-resistant rickets ( phosphate diabetes ) 3. Hyper- and hypo-activity of the parathyroid glands

Addison, C.C.; Furmidge, C.G.L., 1956:
Physico-chemical Studies on the Application of Insecticides to Sheep Fleece. VII. The Influence of Cationic Wetting Agent-Fleece Reactions on the Stability of Emulsions and Suspensions

Misra, G.; Sahu, G., 1959:
Physiology of growth and reproduction in rice. 2. Effect of plant growth substances on three winter varieties

Hawkins, A., 1959:
Placement and source of potash on yield and solids content of potatoes

Perrier, E.R.; Mckell, C.M.; Davidson, J.M., 1961:
Plant-soil-water relationships of two subspecies of orchard grass

Myint Aung, U., 2006 :
Policy and practice in Myanmar's protected area system

Agbolade, O.M.; Gledhill, T.; Fajebe, O.T.; Abolade, O.M.; Olateju, T.M., 2007:
Population, seasonal abundance, Dockovdia oruensis infection and other parasites of Potadoma moerchi in southwestern Nigeria

Van Der Boon, J.; Delver, P.; Knoppien, P.; Visser, A., 1963:
Potash fertilization of early potatoes on marine clay soils in the province of North Holland.

Troll, W., 1957:
Practical introduction to plant morphology. Part two. The plant in flower

Addy, S.K., 1956:
Preliminary experiments on control of Orobanche on brinjal by Crag Herbicide 1

Schnurrenberger, P.R.; Burson, F.; Stegmiller, H.E.; Masterson, R.A.; Wentworth, F.H., 1962:
Preliminary studies on wildlife leptospirosis in a microenvironment

Hubert, E.G.; Kalmanson, G.M.; Guze, L.B., 1963:
Preservation of antigen-coated sheep erythrocytes by freezing for use in indirect haemagglutination procedure

Rademacher, B., 1958:
Principles and methods of present day weed control.

Meinhold, K., 1961:
Problems of work and farm organization in wheat cultivation

Rolle, R.S., 2006:
Processing of fruits and vegetables for reducing postharvest losses and adding value

Robson, S., 1962:
Profitability of farming in the North of England, 1960-61. Results for selected groups of farms. (Dept. of Agr. Econ. Rep. 153 FM.)

Sri Ramloo, M., 1961:
Promising hybrid cultures in castor evolved at the Agricultural Research Institute, Rajendranagar

Finkelstein, R.A., 1961:
Protection of chick embryos against Newcastle disease virus by Trypan blue and other compounds

Guhl, A.M., 1960:
Psycho-physiological factors and social behavior related to sexual behavior in birds

Jenkins, W.F.; Gieger, M., 1957:
Quality in baked sweetpotatoes affected by varieties and post-harvest treatments

Phillips, A.M.; Large, J.R.; Cole, J., 1960:
R. Insects and diseases of the pecan in Florida

Rudze, M., 1959:
Raising the quality of wheat grain by improving growing conditions

Riggs, R.D.; Dale, J.L.; Hamblen, M.L., 1962:
Reaction of bermuda grass varieties and lines to root-knot nematodes

Tursunhodzaev, Z.S.; Kondratjuk, M.P.; Mednis, M.P., 1962:
Recent work at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Cotton Growing.

Harrington, G.; Watson, K.; Bailey, M.; Land, G.; Borrell, S.; Houston, L.; Kehoe, R.; Bass, P.; Cockroft, E.; Marshall, C.; Mijch, A.; Spelman, D., 2007:
Reduction in hospitalwide incidence of infection or colonization with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with use of antimicrobial hand-hygiene gel and statistical process control charts

Yoshida, D.; Takahashi, T., 1961 :
Relation between the behaviour of nitrogen and the nicotine synthesis in the tobacco plant

Coombe, B.G., 1960:
Relationship of Growth and Development to Changes in Sugars, Auxins, and Gibberellins in Fruit of Seeded and Seedless Varieties of Vitis Vinifera

Aschkenasy, A.; Guerin, M.T., 1960:
Renal clearance of 131I in rats deprived of protein

Anonymous, 1957:
Report of the Minister of Agriculture for Canada for the Year ended March 31, 1957

Sainclivier, M., 1956:
Report on the industrial control of the bacteriological quality of milk by the use of alcohol tests: the quest for a method of correcting the results in terms of atmospheric temperature.

Horioka, K.; E.A., 1959:
Research for the improvement of wood (Rep. No. 7). The synthesis and its property of adhesion of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive made from radioisotope urea.

Sapetti, C.; Arduino Santagostino, E., 1963:
Residues of pesticides with an arsenic base in fruit

Kelley, James, D., 1962:
Response of container-grown woody ornamentals to fertilization with urea-formaldehyde and potassium frit

Widdowson, F.V.; Penny, A.; Cooke, G.W.; Williams, R.J.B., 1963:
Results of an experiment at Rothamsted testing farmyard manure and N, P and K fertilizers on five arable crops. 1. Yields. 2. Nutrients removed by crops

Aleksandrov, V.G., 1958:
Results of three-year investigations of a fluid preparation of silicate bacteria.

Owen, E.C.; Hytten, F.E., 1962:
Riboflavin in human milk

Sevast Yanova, N.A., 1957:
Role of protective inhibition in chemotherapy.

Peel, J.D., 1956:
Rubber wood as a raw material for paper pulp or building boards

Salisbury, R.M., 1958:
Salmonellosis of sheep

Wells, D.G.; Caffey, H.R., 1956:
Scissor emasculation of wheat and barley

Rambelli, A., 1961:
Second contribution to the study of the micromycetes in soils under Eucalypts.

Charles, Arthur, E., 1961:
Selection and breeding of the coconut palm

Papparella, V., 1959:
Sensitivity of guinea-pigs to the causal agent of bovine leucosis

Wiancko, K.B., 1961:
Serum magnesium and peripheral blood counts in rats fed high and low magnesium diet

Kellogg, Charles, E., 1963:
Shifting cultivation

Masatin, I.M., 1960:
Simple ways of mechanizing regeneration work.

Mcgregor, R.C., 1958:
Small mammal studies on a southeast Alaska cutover area

Stoeckeler, J.H., 1960:
Soil factors affecting the growth of quaking aspen forests in the Lake States

Fridland, V.M., 1961:
Soils of the hilly regions in North Vietnam.

Hendriks, H.J., 1962:
Some biochemical aspects of hypomagnesaeinic tetany

Shorrocks, V.M., 1960:
Some effects of fertiliser applications on the nutrient composition of leaves and latex of Hevea, brasiliensis

Clore, W.J.; Brummund, V.P., 1960:
Some grape responses and problems in 1960

Ross, D.B., 1960:
Some observations on the effects of changes in environmental conditions and diet in ewes

Mansurova, L.I., 1963:
Some questions of breeding and seed production of the Ufa onion.

Kockin, I.F., 1963:
Sorghum-for the arid districts.

Oganesjan Hovhannisyan, A.A., 1963:
Specialization of the causal agent of cucumber bacteriosis.

Savaroglu, F.; Erkara, I.P.; Baycu, C.; Alkan, M., 2007:
Spore morphology of some Bryaceae Schwagr. species (Bryophyta) from Turkey

Anonymous, 1962:
Stakman Award

Sharma, B.B., 1958:
Stem-canker, a sclerotial disease of Hollyhock (Althea rosea Cav.) from India

Anonymous, 1961:

Chandnani, J.J.; Mirchandani, T.J.; Raheja, P.C.; E.A., 1960:
Studies in crop rotation

Raven, A.M.; Robinson, K.L., 1959:
Studies of milk substitute diets for calves. 2. The nutritional value of perennial ryegrass/flaked maize diets as compared with whole milk and with meal mixtures

Yamaguchi, T.; E.A., 1956:
Studies on Gnathostoma in Shikoku.

Storry, J.E., 1961:
Studies on calcium and magnesium in the alimentary tract of sheep. II. The effect of reducing the acidity of abomasal digesta in vitro on the distribution of calcium and magnesium

Magee, A.C.; Matrone, G., 1960:
Studies on growth, copper metabolism and iron metabolism of rats fed high levels of zinc

Velasquez, C.C., 1960:
Studies on parasites of Philippine edible fishes. I. Family Clinostomidae in Ophicephalus striatus Bloch; Clinostomum philippinensis sp.nov. with notes on the definitive hosts

Yabuki, K.; Imazu, T., 1961:
Studies on temperature control in glasshouses. I. On the temperature and the heat balance in an empty unveotilated glasshouse.

Takahashi, T.; Nakayama, M., 1963:
Studies on the coloration of tomato fruits. IX. The relationship between respiration and colouring of the fruits.

Cadman, C.H., 1956:
Studies on the etiology and mode of spread of Raspberry leaf curl disease

Ehrenberg, C.E., 1960:
Studies on the longevity of stored Pine pollen (Pinus silvestris L. and Pinus contorta var. murrayana Engelm.)

Katsura, K., 1956:
Studies on the physiology of sporangial germination of Phytophthora capsici Leonian. I.

Rangaswami, G.; Prasad, N.N., 1961:
Studies on the survival of plant pathogens added to the soil, I. Fusarium spp. and Xanthomonas cassiae

Sturgess, O.W., 1962:
Studies with chlorotic streak disease of Sugar Cane. VI. The influence of root temperature on the production of leaf symptoms

Goodman, G.T.; Koprowski, H., 1962:
Study of the mechanism of innate resistance to virus infection

Bobcenko, V.I., 1957:
Subterranean drain irrigation and the effect of artificial drains on the soil and plants.

Holzschuh, W.; Wetterau, H., 1958:
Summer feeding of dairy cows using a basic ration of lucerne with molasses and amide flakes as concentrate feed.

Kanazawa, K.; Kondo, T., 1956:
Survey on the radioactive contamination of various vegetable crops

Anonymous, 1961:
Switzerland: Dr. F. T. Wahlen

Darling, H.S., 1958:
Systemic insecticides and the ratio of green to dried hops

Aigner, M., 1958:
Technical and economic problems of chilled water cooling in dairies.

Geitmann, H., 1961:
Terpipetrol als Desinfektionsmittel gegen Kokzidienoocysten und Askaridencier

Vardanis, A.; Quastel, J.H., 1962:
Tetraethyl lead toxicity in rats

Forker, O.D., 1962:
The California solids-not-fat pricing plan

Vignolo-Lutati, F., 1960:
The Langhe (Piedmont, Italy) and their vegetation. 5th appendix-1960

Torssell, R.; Bingefors, S., 1961:
The Svalof lucerne Tuna-the first practical result of lucerne breeding in central Sweden

Marutjan, S.A.; Mantasjan, E.A., 1961:
The activity of oxidizing enzymes in different tissues of the vine in connexion with its frost resistance.

Ishizaki, T.; Katsumi, H.; Yasuraoka, K.; Hosaka, Y., 1963:
The anthelmintic effect of thiabendazole against Ascaris, Trichuris and hookworm infections in man. I.

Louw, H.A.; Webley, D.M., 1959:
The bacteriology of the root region of the oat plant grown under controlled pot culture conditions

Ride, M.; Gudin, C., 1960:
The biology of some fungi parasitic on Chestnut fruits, with particular reference to P. endogena.

Procenko, A.E.; Procenko, E.P., 1962:
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Abdominal entry by implanting a plastic rapper

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Agriculture m Israel: after 20 years

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Assessing the contribution of the region to the gross national product

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Biology of pollination and fertilization of sunflower

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Body build and food habits

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British import controls and world trade in butter

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Bush encroachment in the grassland areas. First observations of one experiment in progress

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Calcium and phosphorus content of the bones and blood saruni of healthy fowls and fowls with osteopetrosis and osteomyelosclerosis

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Canaric acid-a 3, 4-secotriterpene acid from

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Chemical properties of Gouda cheese

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Choice of Poplar clones; spacing and pruning

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Comparative study of the direct effect of granular and pow- dered superphosphate on wheat and its residual effect on vetch (Vicia atropurpurea)

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Coniothyrium Rose canker in Oregon

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Contributions of agriculture to Nigerian economic development (1950-1964)

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Control of Thaumetopoea pityocampa in 1967

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Control of perennial grasses and sedges in low-bush blueberries with dichlobenil

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Controlled-release fertilizers: achievements and potential

Haugland, R.L., 1970:
Corporate surety bonds offer you a way to obtain low-cost credit

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Cost and returns of sheep and goats

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Creep budgeting

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Culture isolation and identification of clostridia

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Dairying in the Irish economy - a review

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Derivatives of (+)-limonene. Effect of chain length in n-alkyl quaternary ammonium derivatives on plant growth-retardant activity

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Developmental Abnormalities In The Head Region Of The Talpid Mutant Of The Fowl

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Diapause and the conditions for the reactivation of females of the tick Dermacentor marginatus Sulz (Ixodidae)

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Difference of opinion between I. V. Micurin and T. D. Lysenko on some problems of genetics

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Disinfection of Potato implements against bacterial ring rot

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Distribution of chloro-form-36Cl in mice

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Early weaning of female calves in unfavourable conditions. Use of different proportions of lucerne hay

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Ecology Of Yeast-Like Fungi In A Hospital Population: Detailed Investigation Of Cryptococcus Neoformans

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Economic provisions for old age of rural families in five southern states USA

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Effect of 2,4-D vapors on crops

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Effect of U.S. business fluctuations on imports of primary commodities

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Effect of an aniifungal antibiotic, pentaene G8, on Chilli seed microilora and stem rust of Wheat

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Effect of exogenous serum gonadotrophin (PMS) on aspects of reproductive development in female domesticated canaries

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Effect of heat and moisture on the properties of the middle lamella

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Effect of insulin on adrenal cortical activity in scorbutic rhesus monkeys

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Effect of low gamma ray radiation on the forage production of pearl millet

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Effect of mode of application of benomyl on control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on muskmelons

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Effect of ripening of maize on its nutritive value

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Effect of soil humidity on the mineral nutrition of the Plant

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Effect of the application of fungicide and EDTA on the nutrient uptake of soybean. (Preliminary report)

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Effect of trace elements on the growth of piglets

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Effect of vitamin-A low diet and aflatoxin on antibody production to Salmonella pullorum antigen in chicks

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Effectiveness of placement of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers for peas

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Effects of intravenous infusions of acetate, beta -hydroxybutyrate, triglyceride and other metabolites on the composition of the milk fat and blood in cows

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Effects of policy programs and capital availability on Red River Valley farms

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Efficacite du zirame (dimethyldithiocarbamate de zinc) sur les gites a mollusques en riviere et toxicite pour les poissons

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Einfiuss der Austrock-nung des Bodens auf wandernde Wurzelnemato-den

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Electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic study of the serum from pigs vaccinated or experimentally infected with foot and mouth disease virus

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Food Energy Equivalents Of Various Activities

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Improvement of methods of estimating crude fibre in feeds

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Investigations of the natural enemies of some weeds

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La Favorita II Morettini Gialla di Firenze x Fertilia Morettini

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Lessivage and podzolizaiion

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Liquidity problems of the different farm sizes and farm types

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Low incomes in agriculture. Part I

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Machines for the chemical protection of plants

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Methyridine therapy of Capillaria infection in fowls under practical conditions

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Microliter determination of free hydroxyproline in blood serum

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More rapid assessment of breeding material under conditions of irrigation and manuring

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Price formation of farm products

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Production of cotton without post-emergence cultivation or hand hoeing

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Rabbits and deer go elsewhere to eat

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Raising sunflowers for doves

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Rates of value increase for Yellow Birch in New England

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Rearing of cattle in open sheds and sheds with free runs under the conditions found in central Poland

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Recommended analytical methods for pesticides. 35. Analytical methods for technical and formulated zineb

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Registration of purebred animals in Canada

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Results of pasture fattening of young bulls depending on the store period and the introduction of concentrates

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Root rot of canning and freezing peas in Sweden

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Rural development in Greece

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Salmonella carriers in sheep

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Scheduling the flowering of carnations

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Seasonal Changes In Metabolic Response To Temperature Change

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Secondary host infection by Taphrina maculans Butler

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Selective chemical control of quackgrass in Kentucky bluegrass

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Serum Fe in pre-school children in relation to vitamin C status

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Slow-growing rootstocks improve fruit quality

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Some problems of the financial system of co-operative farms and the new economic mechanism

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Strawberry growing in the Verona area

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Structure of the soil cover of Lithuania

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