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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 21

Section 21 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mohrig, D.C.; Smith, J.D.ngan, 1990:
Separation of bed form and bar form cross-stratification in sandy fluvial deposits

Anonymous, 1998:
Sequence stratigraphic analysis of a semiregional depth-migrated profile in Eastern Venezuela

Anonymous, 2001:
Sequence stratigraphy of coal-bearing, high-energy clastic units; the Maitland-Cessnock-Greta Coalfield and Cranky Corner Basin

Alexander Martin, 1997:
Sequestration and bioavailability of organic compounds in soil

H.-P.Kozerski, 2003:
Seston sedimentation in a lowland river (River Spree, Germany); their spatial and temporal variations and controlling factors

Zolotukhin, V.V., 1980:
Several representatives of magnesian trap rocks on the Siberian Platform as possible comatites

Akinci, A.; Hermann, R.B.; Ammon, C.J., 2000:
Shallow crustal structure in the central conterminous United States from teleseismic receiver functions

Santisteban, C.; Taberner, C., 1982:
Shallow water turbidites as a precursor of evaporites in desiccated deep basins

Jordan Peter, 1986:
Shear direction indicators in naturally and experimentally deformed rocks

Kolodiazhnyi, S.Y.; Leonov, M.G., 1998:
Shear zones of the Karelian Massif (the Baltic Shield)

Gratsianova, R.T.; Shishkina, G.R., 1977:
Shell form in the Devonian brachiopod genus Megastrophia

Cooper, G.; Hoerz, F.; O.L.ary A.; Chang, S., 2000:
Shock modification of organic compounds on carbonaceous chondrite parent bodies

Dong Cuosheng, 1993:
Short and impending prediction of Shidian M = 5.2 earthquake on July 22, 1991, utilizing two-dimensional structural model of sudden changes

Kumar, M.S.mpath; Sastry, B.D.ttatreya, 1998:
Shortwall mining with powered supports at Venkatesh Khani No. 7 incline; collating the experiences

Buch Leopold von, 1953:
Sieben unveroeffentlichte Briefe an Carl Naumann

Afrikyan, A.N.; Marinkina, N.I.; Kulagina, G.P., 1990:
Significance of complex structures in estimating producing subsalt reservoirs in the Caspian Depression; example from Kozhasay and Urikhtau areas

Okazaki Hiroko, 2001:
Significance of tectonic movement and eustatic sea-level changes to depositional systems of palaeo-Tokyo Bay, analyzed from the Pleistocene Shimosa Group, Japan

Schoeller, M., 1976:
Silica content of the thermomineral waters of France in relation with temperature, sodium content and bicarbonates

Choi Dong Ryong; Ginsburg Robert, N., 1982:
Siliciclastic foundations of Quaternary reefs in the southernmost Belize Lagoon, British Honduras

Wang Yu; Boucot, A.J.; Rong Jia Yu; Yang Xue Chang, 1984:
Silurian and Devonian biogeography of China

Owen, M.; Cas Ray, A., 1980:
Siluro-Devonian volcanogenic sedimentation in the Lachlan fold belt

Shapiro Leonard, 1952:
Simple field method for the determination of phosphate in phosphate rocks

Veldkamp, A.; van Dijke, J.J., 2000:
Simulating internal and external controls on fluvial terrace stratigraphy; a qualitative comparison with the Maas record

Anonymous, 1995:
Simulation of hydrocarbon maturation and migration of Eogene source rocks in Jiyang lacustrine sub-basin

Szott Wieslaw, 1998:
Simulation study of gas mixing processes in a reservoir; the example of Wierzchowice Reservoir

Anonymous, 1989:
Single crystal X-ray diffraction study of MgSiO (sub 3) perovskite from 77 to 400K

Anonymous, 1964:
Sinus veineux et veines de l'arriere-crane de quelques carnivores fossiles

Winterer Edward, L.; Riedel William, R.; Broennimann Paul; Gealy Elizabeth, L.; Heath, G.R.ss; Kroenke Loren, W.; Martini Erlend; Moberly Ralph, M.J.; Resig Johanna, M.; Worsley Thomas, R., 1971:
Site 64

Carver David, L.; Hartzell Stephen; Frankel Arthur, D.; Cranswick Edward; Norris Robert, D., 1999:
Site response in West Seattle, Washington

Anonymous, 1978:
Size fractionation methods; measuring plutonium in respirable dust

Gatesy, S.; Kenny, K.S.; Middleton, K.M.; Jenkins, F.A.J.; Shubin, N.H., 2003:
Skin impression microtopography in Triassic theropod tracks

E.T.B.own; R.B.ndick; D.L.B.urlès; V.G.ur; P.M.lnar; G.M.R.isbeck; F.Y.ou, 2002:
Slip rates of the Karakorum Fault, Ladakh, India, determined using cosmic ray exposure dating of debris flows and moraines

Anonymous, 1998:
Slope stability in the sealing of landfills

Coleman Drew, S.; Bowring Samuel, A., 1997:
Sm-Nd isotope systematics of the 3.6-4.0 Ga Acasta Gneisses

Achauer Ulrich; Wilson Marjorie, 2004:
Small-scale convection in the upper mantle beneath Europe and its relationship to regional tectonics

Bolov, V.R., 1982:
Snow structure and its relation to avalanche-formation

Osborn, T.W.; Schmitt, R.A., 1970:
Sodium and manganese homogeneity in chondritic meteorites

Abdul-Jaleel, C.; Gopi, R.; Manivannan, P.; Gomathinayagam, M.; Murali, P.V.; Panneerselvam, R., 2008:
Soil applied propiconazole alleviates the impact of salinity on Catharanthus roseus by improving antioxidant status

Anonymous, 2000:
Soil erosion modelling in the Pantanal area

Northey, R.D., 1956:
Soil moisture and civil engineering

Langohr, R.; Sanders, J.; Leroy, T., 1984:
Soil studies as an information source of paleoclimatic data; examples of Belgium

Vavruch, S., 1987:
Soils and erosion in the Swiss Jura

Wilcox, J.M., 1976:
Solar structure and terrestrial weather

Yegorov, B.L.; Meretukov, M.A., 1984:
Solidity of fluorite fixation with metasomatic scheelite

Harvey Charles F., 2003:
Solute transport and reaction in groundwater

Anonymous, 1978:
Solving problems of petroleum and natural gas geology

Krstic, N., 1988:
Some Quaternary ostracods of the Pannonian Basin with a review of a few neglectoida

Anonymous, 1977:
Some aspects of geochemistry of ferrides in the charnockites of Sivasamudram, Mandya District, Karnataka

Hermes, J.J., 1985:
Some aspects of the structure of the Subbetic Zone; Betic Cordillera, southern Spain

Abduvaliyev, A.K.; Voytov, G.I.; Rudakov, V.P., 1988:
Some characteristics of the radon field of subsoils in seismically active regions such as the western Fergana

Anonymous, 1990:
Some correlations between physical and chemical properties of Maryut desert soils

Spencer Jon, E.; Pearthree Philip, A.; Patchett, P.J.nathan; House, P.K.le, 2005:
Some evidence for a lacustrine origin for the lower Pliocene Bouse Formation, lower Colorado River valley, Southwestern U.S.A

Garris, M.A., 1966:
Some features of the metallogeny of the Urals according to geochronological data

Simpson, E., 1936:
Some geological notes on the Ingleborough massif

Averbukh, A.G., 1965:
Some kinematic features of refringent waves

Zhang Jin jian, 1985:
Some new Lower Carboniferous Paraparchitidae (Ostracoda) in central Hunan

Anonymous, 1975:
Some observations and experimental data on experimentally deformed orthopyroxene

Murthy, M.V.N., 1957:
Some pebbles and boulders in the Talchir basal conglomerates, Dudhi tahsil, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh

Ping Yimin; Sun Jinzhong, 1991:
Some problems concerning geologic structure with double layers in urban underground lifeline engineering

Tai, Y., 1975:
Some problems on the peneplanation of the Chugoku Mountains based on the Miocene paleogeography, Japan

Wang Daojing, 1981:
Some relationships between geologic structures and copper ores of skarn type in Tongling

Guardia, J.E., 1933:
Some results of the log jams in the Red River

Jain Sudhir, 1985:
Some techniques of enhancing seismic reflection data for stratigraphic interpretation

Nguyen Van Vuong; T.T.ong Thang; Maluski Henri; Lepvrier Claude; Nguyen Duc Thang; Pham Dinh Truong; Bui Cong Hoa, 1999:
Song Ma Ophiolite (North Viet Nam); an ocean ridge sequence mobilized as right lateral ductile shear zone during Indonesian Orogeny

Barndorff Nielsen, O.E., 1989:
Sorting, texture and structure

de Leeuw, G.A.; Hilton, D.R.; Murton, B.J.; Taylor, R.N., 2006:
Source mixing, degassing and crustal contamination of basaltic glasses along Reykjanes Ridge

Yemets, T.P.; Lopatin, N.V.; Simonenkova, O.I., 1988:
Source rock properties of deep-seated deposits of the West Siberian Basin Tyumen Suite

Rittenhouse Gordon, 1944:
Sources of modern sands in the middle Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico

Brown Henry, D.; Cunningham John, D.; Salisch Henry, A., 1972:
South Maracaibo log analysis

Fergeson William, G., 1981:
Southern Texas

Anonymous, 2004:
Space weathering of asteroid surfaces

W.E.munds; E.F.llman; I.G.ni; C.P.udhomme, 2002:
Spatial and temporal distribution of groundwater recharge in northern Nigeria

Kosuga Masahiro; Sato Tamao; Hasegawa Akira; Matsuzawa Toru; Suzuki Sadaomi; Motoya Yoshinobu, 1996:
Spatial distribution of intermediate-depth earthquakes with horizontal or vertical nodal planes beneath northeastern Japan

Robin, M.J.L.; Gillham, R.W.; Sudicky, E.A., 1989:
Spatial variability of strontium distribution coefficients and their correlation with hydraulic conductivity at the C.F.B. Borden aquifer

Anonymous, 2005:
Special issue: Third Brazilian Conference on Workers' Health

Anonymous, 1998:
Specific electrical conductance

D.Meyer, F., 1985:
Spectral analysis of the observations of a superconducting gravity meter

Anonymous, 1968:
Spectrographic and x-ray analyses of major elements in silicate rocks

Foeldvari Maria, 1947:
Spektrografiai molibden-meghatarozasok a Velencei hegyseg kozeteiben; examination of molybdenum-content in rocks of the Velence-mountain with spectral analytic methods

Fujiki, Y.; Hasegawa, Y., 1975:
Spherulitic growth of orpiment (As (sub 2) S (sub 3) ) under hydrothermal condition

Balakrishna, S., 1979:
Sponsored groundwater and bedrock investigations

Liu, K.F.; Mei Chiang, C., 1989:
Spreading of a thin sheet of fluid mud on an incline

Hart Garret, L.; Johnson Clark, M.; Hildreth Wes, 2002:
Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope constraints on the petrogenesis of Mt. Adams, a Cascade arc volcano

Bye, A.R.; Bell, F.G., 2001:
Stability assessment and slope design at Sandsloot open pit, South Africa

Morgenstern Norbert, R.; de Matos Milton, M., 1975:
Stability of slopes of residual soils

Dwivedi, P.; Chandra, U.; Dhawan, R.; Mittal, A.K.; Uniyal, A.K.; Tripathi, G.K., 1994:
Stable carbon isotope geochemistry of associated gases of Gandhar Field, Cambay Basin, India

Perry, E.C.Jr., 1970:
Stable isotope studies

H.F.ng Sheng; Ito Emi, 1995:
Stable-isotope and trace-element evidence of climatic change in the northwestern Alaska Range since 11,000 BP

Kleitz, K., M.; Wall, M., M.; Falk, C., L.; Martin, C., A.; Rernmenga, M., D.; Guldan, S., J., 2008:
Stand establishment and yield potential of organically grown seeded and transplanted medicinal herbs

Kuzovlev, B.N.; Mishenin, I.M.; Ostrovskiy, A.I.; Bukharov, A.O.; Karpikov, A.L., 1984:
State and prospects of drilling methods applied to the sinking of mine wells

de Amorim Wander Nogueira; Eckhardt Wietze, 1993:
Static corrections in 3-D surveys

Zhang Shengli, 1985:
Statistical analysis of water-sediment relationships of the main tributaries above Longmen

Anonymous, 1976:
Statistical model of the anomalous geomagnetic field in the Indian Ocean

Khabibullin, Z.A.; Vasil yev V.I.; Shagiyev, R.G., 1997:
Status and prospects for oil and gas resource development to supply the Bashkortostan requirement

Morland Leslie, W.; Staroszczyk Ryszard, 2006:
Steady radial ice-sheet flow with fabric evolution

Knappertsbusch, Michael, W., 2002:
Stereographic virtual reality representations of microfossils in light microscopy

Kabbabe Thierry, M.; Rendon Jose; Betancourt Jose; Mun Ricardo, 2003:
Stochastic model of the S5-T Sand, Melones Field; a new image of an old heavy oil reservoir

Mount Jeffrey, F.; Signor Philip, W., 1989:
Stop 13; Hines Ridge

Anonymous, 1998:
Storm cyclicity and glacio-eustatic sea level changes controlling strandline placer formation; the Permian Bothaville heavy mineral sand deposits of South Africa

Brown, P.L.; Butler David; Major, M.W., 1972:
Strain in the Central Aleutians

Anonymous, 1991:
Stratabound lead-zinc deposits of the central Xicheng District, southeastern Gansu Province, China

Marini Carlo; Melis Maria Felicita, 1981:
Stratiform mineralizations of mixed sulfides in the Paleozoic series of Fluminese, southwestern Sardinia; I

Mulvany Patrick, S., 1994:
Stratigraphic and structural contexts of clastic plugs in Northeast New Mexico, Southeast Colorado, and Northwest Oklahoma panhandle

Kremp Gerhard, 1955:
Stratigraphic correlations in Paleozoic strata; the occurrence of important plant spore species in European, North American, Chinese, Australian and Brazilian coal basins

Anonymous, 1993:
Stratigraphic interpretation of the Ordovician of the Appalachian Basin and implications for Taconian flexural modeling

Rolleri, E.O.; Dellape, D.A.; Mancenido, M.O., 1985:
Stratigraphic relationships and correlation of the Pichi Picun Leufu and Collon Cura formations (Naupa Huen Member) outcrops in the lower and middle Curso of Canadon Michihuau, Rio Negro Province

Savel yev A.A., 1971:
Stratigraphic unconformities in the lower Cretaceous deposits of Mangyshlak

Jefferson George, T., 1994:
Stratigraphy and Plio-Pleistocene history of the Lake Manix Basin

Smith Eugene, I.; Sanchez Alex; Keenan Deborah, L.; Monastero Francis, C., 1999:
Stratigraphy and geochemistry of volcanic rocks in the Lava Mountains, California; implications for the Miocene development of the Garlock Fault

Anonymous, 1969:
Stratigraphy and petrography, lower part of Unicoi Formation, southwestern Virginia

Gilyarova, M.A., 1969:
Stratigraphy and structure of the Kukas, Tikshe and Khizovara lakes

Moisescu, V., 1975:
Stratigraphy of Paleogene and lower Miocene deposits from the Cluj-Huedin-Romanasi region, northwestern Transylvanian Basin

Fraser John, R., 1984:
Stratigraphy of the Danby Formation, Clarendon Springs Dolostone, and Shelburne Marble, Shoreham, Vermont

Hale Lyle, A., 1950:
Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Montana group in the Rock Springs uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Armstrong, AK.; Holcomb, LD., 1989:
Stratigraphy, facies, and paleotectonic history of Mississippian rocks in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico and adjacent areas

Ichim, I., 1974:
Stream junction levels and slope dipping shifts in the small river of the Stinisoara Mountains

Andrea K.Gerlak, 2004:
Strengthening river basin institutions; the Global Environment Facility and the Danube River basin

Seeber Leonardo; Armbruster John, G., 1988:
Stress orientation inferred from the kinematics of secondary faults within the San Andreas fault zone at Parkfield

Anonymous, 1985:
Strictly controlled discharge

Hoffmann, S.R.; Shafer, M.M.; Armstrong, D.E., 2007:
Strong colloidal and dissolved organic ligands binding copper and zinc in rivers

Lavelle, M.; Armstrong, RA., 1993:
Strontium isotope ratios in modern biogenic and chemical marine precipitates from Southern Africa

M.X.ngyuan; Suo Shutian; Wen Lifeng, 1981:
Structural analysis of metamorphic tectonites of the Precambrian

Voiculescu Lucian; Bedelean Ion, 1974:
Structural and mineralogic studies on the Quaternary sands of the Romanian Platform, Alba Iulia

Anonymous, 1986:
Structural characteristics of Cambrian in the western part of the Checiny Anticline, Swiety Krzyz Mountains

Procyshyn, E.L., 1984:
Structural controls of mineralization and grade of Zone E in the Gaspe Mines

Njiekak, G.; Finger, F.; Zulauf, G., 2002:
Structural evolution and age of Pan-African basement along the Cameroon Line (West Cameroon)

Anonymous, 1991:
Structural features map in the Magdalen Basin, from seismic reflection data

Anonymous, 1981:
Structural geology of the Foothills and Front Ranges west of Calgary, Alberta

Holubec Jan, 1970:
Structural investigation in metamorphic and deformed areas and their geometry in deeper zones of the Earth's crust

Anonymous, 1994:
Structural refinement of monazite-(Ce)

Iasky Robert, P.; Young Roger, A.; Middleton Mike, F., 1991:
Structural study of the southern Perth Basin by geophysical methods

Aristarkhova, L.B.; Varushchenko, A.N.; Luk yanova S.A.; Myakokin, V.S.; Solov eva G.D. (Solov yeva G.D., 1970:
Structural-geomorphological investigations in North Ustyurt as a part of oil and gas prospecting

Mel nikov A.I., 1990:
Structure and evolution of Precambrian lineament zones in the Anabar Shield

Gabelman John, W., 1968:
Structure and origin of El Rodadero, Cuzco, Peru

MacKenzie, K.J.D.; Bowden, M.E.; Brown, I.W.M.; Meinhold, R.H., 1989:
Structure and thermal transformations of imogolite studied by (super 29) Si and (super 27) Al high-resolution solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance

Pilipenko, A.I., 1998:
Structure of deep-seated fracture zones in the Northeast Indian Ocean; seismic evidence

Sapunova, V.L.; Chernenko, A.M., 1982:
Structure of the Jurassic evaporites of eastern Kuban Valley

L.P.nnec J.L.; Eissen, J.P.; Dubreil, N.; Robin, C.; Monzier, M.; Cotten Joseph, 1996:
Structure of the emerged part of the Aoba basaltic shield volcano, Vanuatu

Wentzcovitch Renata, M.; Karki Bijaya, B.; Coccocioni Matteo, 2002:
Structure, elasticity, and wave-velocities of MgSiO3-perovskite at lower mantle conditions

Krenkel, E., 1940:
Struktur der Sahara-Region

W.F., 1984:
Studies of July, 1981 Cornwall, Canada and October 7, 1983 Goodnow earthquakes using digital accelerograms

Chowdhury, A.N.; Bose, B.B.; Pal, J.C.; Yudhisthir; Sengupta, N.R., 1981:
Studies of some minor and rare elements in a hot spring deposit from Puga, Ladakh

Zhang Haizheng; Y.L.ying, 1992:
Studies on extractive chromatographic separation and spectrophotometric determination of Th and Ree in rocks

Anonymous, 2007:
Studies on the effect of climatic factors on disease severity of potato late blight

Gandais, M.; Brown, W.L.; Iiyama, J.T.; Roux, J.; Willaime, C., 1974:
Study by microscope, electron diffraction and X-ray diffraction of exsolutions of synthetic alkaline feldspars

Anonymous, 1982:
Study of dilational mechanics of fractures during pegmatite emplacement, Winnipeg River area

Van Cleemput, O., 1984:
Study of nitrogen reduction phenomena in soil

Oide Keiji (Keidi), 1961:
Study of the Neogene volcanic activities of Sendai and its environs (I); Takadate Formation

Anorbe Urmeneta, M.; Sainz de Cueto Torres, F.J.; Martin Pozas, J.M., 1992:
Study of the porosity system of rocks from monuments in the City of Zamora, Spain

Yang Xiaoyong; Liu Deliang; Wang Kuiren, 1997:
Study on component variation of mylonitization of ductile shear zones in the median-deep levels of the southern Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone, China

Ren Zhenhuan, 1987:
Study on the Quaternary faults in the Changsha area

Jin Qiang; Qian Jialin; Huang Xinghan, 1986:
Study on thermal degradation kinetics of source rock kerogen and quantitative estimation of hydrocarbon transformation

Giannetti Bernardino, 1967:
Su due dicchi di lava del somma primitivo del vulcano di Roccamonfina

Soucie Gary, 1974:
Subdividing and conquering the desert

R.N.T.ompson; M.B.F.wler, 1986:
Subduction-related shoshonitic and ultrapotassic magmatism; a study of Siluro-Ordovician syenites from the Scottish Caledonides

Aoki Hitoshi; Iwabuchi, Y., 1972:
Submarine geology of northern region of Izu-Bonon Oceanic Ridge

S.E.W.itcomb; R.H.H.ldebrand; Jocelyn Keene; R.F.S.iening; D.A.H.rper, 1979:
Submillimeter brightness temperatures of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune

Linthout Kees; Lustenhouwer Wim, J., 1996:
Subsilicic sodium gedrite in leptite of quartz keratophyric origin, Nordmark (Sweden)

Phoenix David Allen, 1955:
Subsurface geologic investigations by drilling

Anonymous, 1991:
Subsurface thermal structure of the Hatchobaru geothermal system, Japan, determined by fluid inclusion study

Farrow Catharine, E.G.; Everest, J.O.; King, D.M.; Jolette, C., 2005:
Sudbury Cu-(Ni)-PGE systems; refining the classification using McCreedy West Mine and Podolsky Project case studies

Boettcher Michael, E.; Oelschlaeger Baerbel; Hoepner Thomas; Brumsack Hans Juergen; Rullkoetter Juergen, 1998:
Sulfate reduction related to the early diagenetic degradation of organic matter and black spot formation in tidal sandflats of the German Wadden Sea (southern North Sea); stable isotope ( (super 13) C, (super 34) S, (super 18) O) and other geochemical results

Fonjweng Godlove, T., 1996:
Sulfur enrichment during early diagenesis of organic matter in a salt marsh

Anonymous, 1933:
Sull'argento nativo primario dei filoni del Sarrabus (Sardegna)

Mulvaney, R.; Wolff, E.W.; Oates, K., 1988:
Sulphuric acid at grain boundaries in Antarctic ice

Gera, F., 1980:
Summary of replies to the questionnaire on R&D activities relevant to the disposal of radioactive wastes in argillaceous formations

Shepherd Tom, 1998:
Super deposits--super fluids? Studying minute amounts of ore-forming fluids

Haynes Simon, J.; W.J.ada; L.N.ngqiang, 1988:
Superposition of Cretaceous Au-Ag epithermal breccias on Jurassic Pb-Zn-(Cu) mesothermal skarns, Shuikoushan District, Hunan, China

Leriche Maurice, 1938:
Sur des fossiles recueillis dans les Kaiso beds (pleistocene inferieur) de la partie congolaise de la plaine de la Semliki

Anonymous, 1933:
Sur la decouverte d'un rongeur du genre Paramys dans l'eocene inferieur de Provence

Anonymous, 1935:
Sur la reaction du soufre avec l'eau aux temperatures inferieures a 100 degrees , et sa portee geochimique

Frolow Vladimir, 1939:
Sur les eaux souterraines du Hauran (Syrie)

Louvet, P., 1965:
Sur une combretacee fossile nouvelle du Tinrhert (Algerie)

Ursella Laura; Poulain Pierre Marie; Signell Richard, P., 2007:
Surface drifter derived circulation in the northern and middle Adriatic Sea; response to wind regime and season

Lopatin, D.V., 1973:
Surface planation processes in the eastern part of the Baikal rift zone

Priestley, K.F.; Brune, J.N.; Anderson, J.G., 1984:
Surface wave excitation and source mechanism of Mammoth Lakes, California, earthquakes

Liverman, D.G.E.; Sheppard, K.; Taylor, D., 1999:
Surficial geology of the St. Fintan's, Little Friars Cove and Flat Bay map areas (NTS 12B/ 2, 12B/ 3 and 12B/ 7)

Anonymous, 2007:
Survey on weed problem in wheat crop in district Chitral (a higher altitude area) of NWFP-Pakistan

Halfman, J.D.; Scholz, C.A., 1993:
Suspended sediments in Lake Malawi, Africa; a reconnaissance study

Phatak, D.R.; Kanitkar, S.V.; Day Robert, W., 1994:
Swell versus saturation for compacted clay; discussion and closure

Gavrikova, S.N.; Nikolayeva, L.L., 1992:
Symposium, Granites and geodynamics

Proshenkin Igor; Panina Liya, I.; Sharygin Viktor, V., 1992:
Synnyrites; alumopotassium raw material of future aspects of geology, genesis and use

Millot, G., 1976:
Synthesis and perspectives; place of meteoric alteration in the history of mineral deposits

Pabst Adolf, 1974:
Synthesis, Properties and Structure of K (sub 2) Ca(CO (sub 3) ) (sub 2) , Buetschliite

LeGrand Harry E., 1964:
System for evaluation of contamination potential of some waste disposal sites

Noble Donald, C., 1968:
Systematic variation of major elements in comendite and pantellerite glasses

George, J.M.ridis; Karsten Pruess, 1998:
T2SOLV; an enhanced package of solvers for the TOUGH2 family of reservoir simulation codes

Rouwet Dmitri; Inguaggiato Salvatore; Taran Yuri; Varley Nicholas, 2004:
Tacana Volcano hydrothermal system, Mexico-Guatemala; fluid geochemistry and stable isotopes

Anonymous, 1982:
Talus moraines in South Spitsbergen and comparison with East Greenland

Montalvo, C.I., 2000:
Taphonomy of the Huayqueriense faunal association (upper Miocene) discovered at Telen, La Pampa Province

Kremp Gerhard, O.W.; Methvin, J.G., 1968:
Taxonomic crisis in pre-Pleistocene palynology

Anonymous, 1995:
Teaching clays; from ashes to allophane

Dudley, W.W., 1972:
Technique for Predicting Ground-Water Inflow to Large Underground Openings

Bybochkin, A.M., 1974:
Technological investigation as an important element in the evaluation of mineral deposits

Shapiro, V.A., 1988:
Tectonic and magnetic investigations in the USSR in the period 1981-1985

Zhu Guang; X.J.awei; Liu Guosheng; L.S.uangying; Y.P.iyu, 1998:
Tectonic control on development of the foreland basin along the Yangtze River in the lower Yangtze River region

Teng Louis, S., 1994:
Tectonic evolution and depositional history of Southeast China continental margin basins

Dokka, R.K.; Merriam, R.H., 1979:
Tectonic evolution of the main gulf escarpment between latitude 31 degrees N and 30 degrees N, northeastern Baja California, Mexico

Bourgois, J.; Lagabrielle, Y.; D.W.ver P.; Suess, E., 1993:
Tectonic history of the northern Peru convergent margin during the past 400 ka

Anonymous, 1990:
Tectonic motion and deformation from satellite laser ranging to Lageos

Giovenazzo, D.; Picard Christian; Guha, J., 1989:
Tectonic setting of Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in the central part of the Cape Smith Belt

Yesipov, Y.M.; Pavlenkin, A.D., 1971:
Tectonic structure of the northern border of the Issyk-kul Basin

Howell David, G.; Moore George, W.; Wiley Thomas, J., 1987:
Tectonics and basin evolution of western North America; an overview

Anonymous, 1974:
Tectonics of central Cuba

Makiyevskiy, S.I.; Nikolayeva, K.A., 1966:
Tectonics of the north-west of Kola Peninsula

Sohoni Parag, S., 2002:
Tectono-structural attributes of central Kachchh mainland with special emphasis on active tectonics and palaeoseismicity

O.Keefe, J.A., 1984:
Tektites and the Ries Crater; Luft's data

Brown, E.H., 1974:
Temperate landforms

Wojcik, G., 1988:
Temperature of active layer at Bunger Oasis in Antarctica in summer 1978-79

Anonymous, 1993:
Temporal and spatial patterns of late Pleistocene-Holocene faulting in Arizona

Anonymous, 1990:
Temporal variation of b value in the Shinetsu region (January 1978-October, 1989)

Sachanski Valeri Valenminov, 1996:
Tentaculite biostratigraphic zonation of Lower Devonian sedimentary rocks in western Bulgaria

Self, S., 1982:
Terminology and classifications for pyroclastic deposits

A.Aswad Ahmad, 1988:
Terre Haute South Field, Indiana

Krebs, A.S.J., 2000:
Territorial planning for the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil; the example of PROGESC

Birkenmajer, K., 1991:
Tertiary glacial history of the South Shetland Islands, West Antarctica

Song Tianrui, 1984:
Tertiary terrestrial-marine trasitional carbonates in Kuqa Basin, Xinjiang

Douglas, H.E.win; Thomas, A.V.gel, 1992:
Testing for causal relationships between large pyroclastic volcanic eruptions and mass extinctions

Yin Hongfu, 1997:
Tethys; an archipelagic ocean model

Prior David, J.; Marsaglia Kathleen, M.; Rochford, E.L.uise; Agar Susan, M.; Coy Gordon, 1995:
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