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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 27

Section 27 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mader, E.W.; Halpern, K.C., 1931:
Toxin production and intracutaneous virulence of recently isolated diphtheria cultures

Tracheobronchial Compression by Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies in Children. Syndrome of Apnea

Transethylation in antibiotic biosynthesis. II. Production of the 2'-ethoxy analogue of griseofulvin by biosynthesis

Nevoral, Matej, 1926:
Transfer of human and bovine tuberculosis to chickens by feeding

Anonymous, 1940:
Transfusion of plasma

Melville, D.B.; Ludwig, M.L.; Inamine, E.; Rachele, J.R., 1959:
Transmethylation in the biosynthesis of ergothioneine

Clarke, George, L., 1965:
Transparency, bioluminescence and plankton

Garlick, D.G.; Renkin, E.M., 1968:
Transport of dextrans and serum albumin from blood to lymph in the dog paw abstract

Blakeslee, George, A., 1929:
Traumatic partial hemisection of the spinal cord

Van Dusen, W.; Wilson, W.; Miners, W.; Hook, H., 1967:
Treatment of alcoholism with lysergide

Cruchaud, A.; Pometta, D.; Rousso, C., 1967:
Treatment of disseminated lupus erythematosus by anti metabolites relationship between the clinical evolution and the immunological reactions azathioprine immunol methotrexate immunol human

Bernard, J., 1967:
Treatment of leukemias, Hodgktn's disease and allied diseases by natural products

Goldberg, Lawrence C., 1958:
Treatment of psoriasis with lysine

Enaliev, F.S., 1966:
Treatment of ulcerous blepharitis with injections of antibiotics in the zone of the ciliary edges of the eyelid

P'an.S.Y.; Carioto, R.; Timmens, E.; Gardocki, J.F., 1959:
Tremorine antagonism studies with a new anticholinergic agent, oxyphencyclimine

Binkley, A.M., 1944:
Trials of vegetable crop seed production are conducted in new districts in Colorado

Anonymous, 1939:
Tridentopsis tocantinsi, a new pygidiid fish from Brazil

Anonymous, 1961:
Trlchodesma zeylanicum as an oilseed

Norn, M.S., 1967:
Trypan blue. Vital staining of cornea and conjunctiva

GUINTO, R.S.; DOULL, J.A.; MABALAY, E.B., 1955 :
Tuberculization and reactivity to lepromin; association between lepromin and tuberculin reactions in school children in Cordova and Opon Cebu, Philippines

Durkin, H.A.; Vinson, P.P., 1942:
Tuberculous stricture of bronchus; recovery following Roentgen therapy; report of case

Colmant, H.J.; Grote, W., 1959:
Tumors of the corpus callosum. Clinical and pathological study of corpus callosum glioma

Mccombs, T.H., 1931:
Turpentines from pines. Turpentines from Pinus radiata and P. pinaster

GUZMAN, L., 1952:
Two cases of xeroderma pigmentosum ameliorated by cortisone

Smith, J.L.B., 1936:
Two interesting new fishes from South Africa

Marsh, J.A., 1962:
Two new cone shells from Queensland

Exell, Mildred, A., 1939:
Two new species of Copaifera from Angola

Gilbert, Carter R., 1966:
Two new wormfishes from Costa Rica

Niethammer, Jochen, 1967:
Two years of observations on stagnant lakes in Kabul in Afghanistan?

Plakidas, A.G., 1948:
Types of scab lesions on Camellia

Dunham, C.L., 1964 :
USA Atomic Energy Commission Experience from past incidents

Rein, Ulrich, 1952:
Uber Interglazialbildungen im niederrheinischen Diluvium

Kuhnelt, W., 1949:
Uber Vor-kommen und Verteilung reduzierender Stoffe im Integument der Insekten

Aoki, K., 1928:
Uber das Wesen der Mitagglutination

Zehnder, A., 1949:
Uber den Einfluss von Wuchsstoffen auf Flechtenbildner

Truninger, E., 1940:
Uber den schadlichen Einfluss von kalkhaltigem Giesswasser bei Gefasskulturen, seine Ursache und Verhutung

Iwanow, J.F., 1937:
Uber die Blutversorgung der intramuralen Nervengeflechte des Darms

Zeilinger, Anton, 1933:
Uber die Herkunft der originaren Katalase der Kuhmilch

Schafer, Walther, 1944:
Uber die Rolle der zellstandi-gen Antikorper bei der Antianaphylaxie und passiven Ana-phylaxie des Meerschweinchens

Steinkamm, E., 1939:
Uber die Wirkung gleichzeitiger Zufuhr von Follikelhormon und Corpus luteum-Hormon auf das Genitale weiblicher kastrierter Ratten

Von Denffer, Dietrich, 1941:
Uber die photoperiodische Beeinflussbarkeit von Habitus und Sukkulenz bei einigen Crassulaceen-Arten

Atabekova, A.J., 1936:
Uber einige Anomalien der atypischen Karyokinese

Omang, S.O.F., 1933:
Ubersicht uber die Hieracium-flora Ost-Gronlands und Bemerkungen betreffend zwei Monstrositaten des Hieracium alpinum Backh

Malcherek, Gertrud, 1932:
Ueber morpholo-gische Veranderungen der Diphtheriebazillen auf Organ-emulsion-Agarnahrboden

West, T.C., 1955:
Ultramicroelectrode recording from the cardiac pacemaker

Park, J.Soo.; Simpson, A.G.B.; Brown, S.; Cho, B.Cheol., 2009:
Ultrastructure and molecular phylogeny of two heterolobosean amoebae, Euplaesiobystra hypersalinica gen. et sp. nov. and Tulamoeba peronaphora gen. et sp. nov., isolated from an extremely hypersaline habitat

Avery, B.F.; Mufarrij, A.K., 1939:
Ultraviolet irradiation of the blood stream in septicemia

Seguy, E., 1951:
Un nouveau Nycterimyia de Madagascar

Marcilonek, Stanisaw, 1957:
Underground irrigation of vegetables

Northrop, J.H., 1929:
Unequal Distribution of Ions in a Collodion Cell

Anonymous, 1949:
Universal serologic reaction with lipid antigen HI In syphilis

Englund, G., 1934:
Untersuchung uber die Haltbarkeit des von Prof. A. Wihdaus durch uitraviolette Bestrahlung von Ergostefin erhaltenen Vitamins D

Kope, Stefan; Latyszewski, M., 1932:
Untersuchungen uber das Wachstum der Mause unter dem Einfluss intermittierender Futtenmg. 1. Darreichung unvollwertiger Nahrung, abwechselnd mit vollstandiger Karenz

Schroeder, Wilhelm; Blohmke, M., 1950:
Untersuchungen uber die reflektorische Atemsteurung durch den N. Vagus am arbeitenden Hund

Haines, S.F.; Keating, F.R.ymond, 1944:
Unusual reactions following the use of thiouracil

Banerjee, A.K.; Mukherjee, M.K., 1962:
Uptake of amino acids by bacteria present in rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils

Lindquist, J.C.; D.C.sta Neto, J.P., 1963:
Uredinales from Rio Grande do Sul

Breborowicz, H.; Krzywinska, F., 1964:
Urinary estrogen level in pregnant women in pathological pregnancy

Anonymous, 1964:
Urinary tryptamine and idole-3-acetic acid excretion by schizophrenic patients Use of the tryptamine idole acetic acid ratio as an index of monoamine oxidase inhibition

Bisbini, P.; Marinelli, M.; Marzot, G.; Tonelli, E., 1967:
Use of Moore's swabs and mussels in the investigation of fecal population in sea water

VandenHeuvel, W.J.; Patterson, J.L.; Braly, K.L., 1967:
Use of bis-trimethylsilylacetamide in the preparation of derivatives for the gas-liquid chromatography of certain adrenocortical steroids

Helms, Don, R., 1967 :
Use of formalin for selective control of tadpoles in the presence of fishes

Neess, J.C.; Dugdale, R.C.; Goering, J.J.; Dugdale, V.A., 1963:
Use of nitrogen-15 for measurement of rates in the nitrogen cycle

Ledbetter, R.K.; Cumming, R.J., 1954:
Use of streptomycin to combat contamination of Treponema pallidum suspensions in the TPI test

Sand, Reidar, F., 1955:
Use of underwater television in fishing-gear research

Deno, Richard, A., 1937:
Uterine macrophages in the mouse and their relation to involution

Anonymous, 1949:
Utilization of ketone bodies in the rat under conditions of basal metabolism and during thermogenesis of reheating

Zellmer, R.W.; Allen, R.G., 1961:
VH. Cosmic radiation-laboratory observations

Gowan, R.E.L., 1966:
Vaginal infections: Treatment with a broad spectrum antiseptic and fungicide

Jayle, M.F.; Robey, M., 1962:
Value of pregnandiol and phenolsteroids determination for the diagnosis and treatment of habitual abortion from hormonal genesis

Rikhter, V.A., 1964:
Variability of certain morphological features of the redfish Sebastes marinus mentella in relation to size and age

Anonymous, 1954:
Variation in a large litter of garter snakes Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

Neal, F.E., 1960:
Variation of acute mortality with dose-rate in mice exposed to single large dose of whole-body X-irradiation

Domanski, R.; Kozlowski, T.T., 1968:
Variations in kinetin like activity in buds of betula d and populus d during release from dormancy raphanus d inst chromatography cyto kinins

Bonnet, A., 1926:
Variations in the test of S. purpureus

Anon, 1967:
Varietal resistance tests against the major sugarcane m diseases abstract downy mildew leaf scorch red rot smuts mosaic pineapple m disease

Driscol, T.E.; Moir, T.W.; Eckstein, R.W., 1964:
Vascular Effects Of Changes In Perfusion Pressure In The Nonischemic And Ischemic Heart

D.C.Inis.K.; Redisch.W.; Antonio.A.; Bogdanovttz.A.; Steele.J.M., 1959:
Vasomotor responses to cooling in the extremities of subjects with neurologic lesions

Shreve, Forrest, 1934:
Vegetation of the northwestern coast of Mexico

González-Morales, L.; Diego-García, E.; Segovia, L.; Gutiérrez, M.del.Carmen.; Possani, L.D., 2009:
Venom from the centipede Scolopendra viridis Say: purification, gene cloning and phylogenetic analysis of a phospholipase A2

Volksen, W., 1952:
Veranderungen von TraubenzuckerlSsungen wahrend der Sterilisation. I. Die Verfarbung der L5sungen

Wellensiek, S.J., 1958:
Vernalization and age in Lunaria biennis. K. Nederl Akad. Wetenschap

Townsend, Charles, H.T., 1926:
Vertical life zones of northern Peru with crop correlations

Towers A.G., 1966:
Viability of common pathogens in cold curing acrylic resin used in orthopedic surgery human

Colter, J.S.; Ellem, K.A.O., 1960:
Viral activation of cell response. In Symposia tumor viruses

Brown, E.S.; Swaine, G., 1965:
Virus disease of the African army-worm, Spodoptera exempta

Fry, W.J.; Kraft, R.O., 1965:
Visceral angina

Daw, Nigel, W., 1964:
Visual response to gradients of varying colour and equal luminance

Miller, Harry, G., 1927:
Vitamin B requirements for successful reproduction and rearing of the young

Menschk, Z.; Munk, M.K.; Rogalski, T.; Rymaszewski, O.; Szczesniak, T.J., 1949:
Vitamin E studies on mice with special reference to the distribution and metabolism of lipids

Gupta, R.N., 1965:
Vivipary in an inland xerophyte

Swinehart J.W., 1968:
Voluntary exposure to health communications human

Anonymous, 1967:
Wall ultrastructure in the calcareous Foramtnifera Crystallographic aspects and a model for calcification

Bitman, J.; Wrenn, T.R.; Cecil, H.C.; Sykes, J.F., 1960:
Water and electrolyte composition of decidual tissue of the rat uterus

Christian, J.H.B.; Scott, W.J., 1953:
Water rela-tions of salmonellae at 30C:

Fernbach, J., 1972:
Waxwings bombycilla garrulus in winter 1959 1960 in subotica

Roll, Hartwig, 1941:
Wege und Ziele der Potamobotanik

Warburg, O.; Krippahl, G., 1960:
Weiterentwicklung der Manometrischen Methoden Wechsel aerober und anaerober Bedingungen

Kolb, F.H., 1967:
What does the department of sport and professional inland waters fisheries do fish diseases parasites

Cyrns Max, P.Assignor, T.Ira Milton Jones (Milwaukee, Wis), 1948:
Wheat germ preparation

Richards, B.L., 1929:
White-spot of alfalfa and its relation to irrigation

Buzacott, J.H., 1956:
Wild cane collection in India

Pollock, N.A.R., 1926:
Wilt resistant tomatoes. Comparative trials of varieties, Bowen District

Anonymous, 2009:
Wintera“spring dynamics in sea-ice carbon cycling in the coastal Arctic Ocean

Duncan, Ursula, K., 1949:
Woodland into pasture

Ballantyne, D.L.; Converse, J.M., 1961:
Wound repair in rabbit auricular heterografts transplanted to the chick embryo

Djordjevic, B.; Tolmach, L.J., 1967:
X-ray sensitivity of HeLa S3 cells in the G2 phase comparison of two methods of synchronization

Klugh, R.H., 1944:
Y Jose Antonio Rugeles. La conservation de los suelos y la vida national

Haut, I.C.; Schrader, A.L., 1938:
Yield comparisons of everbearing strawberry varieties under different spacing treatments

Anonymous, 1966:
Zinc deficiency on the shallow soils of Niue I Field investigations

Balss, H., 1930:
Zoologische Ergeb-nisse der Reisen von Dr. L. Kohl-Larsen nach den subantarktischen Inseln bei Neuseeland und nach Sudgeorgien. 3. Die Dekapoden

Hampe, Helmut, 1950:
Zur Biologie des Pflaumenkoof-sittichs, Psittaqula c cvanocephala

Muller, J., 1936:
Zur Frage der hormonalen Steuer-ung der Glykogenspeicherung im weiblichen Organismus

Ackermann, D.; Burchard, C., 1941:
Zur Kenntnis der Spongine

W.R.tzerfeld; A.L.?tkenhues, 1965 :
Zur Penicillin-Wirkung auf schnell wachsende Mycobakterien

Jensen, K.A.; Schmidt, K., 1944:
Zusammenhange zwischen chemischer Konstitution and bakteriostatischer Wirkung bei Sulfonamiden. II

Kodicek, E., 1974:
Alpha hydroxy cholecalciferol a treatment for azotemic osteo dystrophy

Yazulla S.; Schmidt J., 1977:
2 types of receptors for alpha bungaro toxin in the synaptic layers of the pigeon retina

Alexander, G.I., 1970:
8th biennial conference of the australian society of animal production symposium on limits to animal production section on meeting environmental challenge by genetic means brisbane queensland australia august 1970

Bulkley B.H.; Klacsmann P.G.; Hutchins G.M., 1977:
A clinico pathological study of post thoracotomy purulent peri carditis a continuing problem of diagnosis and therapy

Shumaker J.B.; Resnick R.H.; Galambos J.T.; Makopour H.; Iber F.L., 1978:
A controlled trial of 6 methyl prednisolone in acute alcoholic hepatitis with a note on published results in encephalopathic patients

Fleshler B., 1969:
A hyoscine resistant excitatory nerve pathway in guinea pig colon

Rikmenspoel, R., 1974:
A motile response elicited by electrical stimulation of impaled bull sperm

Ross A., 1972:
A new species of paratrichobius diptera streblidae from arizona

Xinjiang Uygur Auton Reg Agric Acad Lab Plant Prot; Microbiol Xinjiang Uygyr Auton Reg Inst Chem Lab Biochem Res Virus, 1978:
A preliminary report on morphological study on euxoa segetum granulosis virus

Hagvar S.; Hegstad A., 1977:
A sample of spiders araneida from svalbard norway

Beregovoi, V.E., 1971:
A study of polymorphism as a means to understand the chorological structure of species

Kuwano M., 1972:
A temperature sensitive mutation in escherichia coli transfer rna

Davis, R.J., 1973:
Accidental fission product release from water cooled reactors

Koziorowska, J.; Chlopkiewicz, B., 1973:
Activation of virus production in vaccinia virus transformed cells by methotrexate

Sparks, H.V., 1977:
Adenosine and exercise hyperemia

Olsson Y., 1971:
Age dependent variations in the spread of exogenous proteins in peripheral nerve

Rosen, M., 1977:
Alpha and beta adrenergic effects of epinephrine on ventricular pacemakers in dogs with complete heart block

Hartmann, W., 1970:
Amp degradation in rat brain under physiological substrate effector relations

Tkac, M.A.Jr, 1976:
An emergence sequence of chloroperlidae in a northeastern ohio usa stream

L.Esperance, F.A.Jr, 1969:
An ophthalmic argon laser photo coagulation system design construction and laboratory investigations

Lucansky T.W., 1976:
Anatomical studies of the neotropical cyatheaceae part 1 alsophila and nephelea

Wooldridge, K.R.H., 1974:
Anti allergic activity of a series of 8 aza xanthines

Wood L.M., 1978:
Aortic chemo receptors and the heart in dogs

Milstoc, M., 1972:
Arthritis flare ups induced by freund adjuvant in rabbits

Hilborn, J., 1974:
Atmospheric sample pumps a possible source of error in total hydro carbon methane and carbon mon oxide measurement

Mastellone, M., 1974:
Aversion therapy a new use for the old rubber band

Anonymous, 1975:
Basidio spore production and infection of balsam fir by a needle rust pucciniastrum goeppertianum

Daly, J.J., 1971:
Beef breeder study in the northwest

Kron, R.E.; Litt, M.; Finnegan, L.P., 1973:
Behavior of infants born to narcotic addicted mothers

Hassler, R.; Ore, G.D.; Dieckmann, G.; Bricolo, A.; Dolce, G., 1969:
Behavioral and electro encephalogram arousal induced by stimulation of unspecific projection systems in a patient with post traumatic apallic syndrome

King A.R., 1970:
Behavioral sensitivity to drugs in the laboratory rat

Helela T.M.; Scheinin T.M., 1969:
Benign tumors of the stomach and duodenum clinical and radiological aspects

Davis, B.; Marin, M.G.; Nadel, J.A., 1975:
Beta adrenergic receptor in canine tracheal epithelium

Belonosov, V.M.; Ermakov, V.V., 1970:
Bhc extraction and its determination by gas chromatography

Adrian, M.; Oglesby, B., 1971:
Bilateral and unilateral movement patterns in a mentally retarded child

Rennert, O.; Preisig, R., 1976:
Biliary composition and excretion of amino acids

Miller, A.IIi; Henderson, M.C.; Buhler, D.R., 1977:
Binding of carbaryl 1 naphthyl n methyl carbamate to rat tissue proteins in vivo and in vitro

Richards, F.F., 1977:
Binding site dependent anti idiotypes raised against protein 460 and protein 315 as variable region probes

Swain F.M., 1975:
Bio geochemistry of humic compounds

Verbeeck R.; Tjandramaga T.B.; Thomas J.; Verberckmoes R.; D.S.hepper P.J., 1977:
Bio transformation and excretion of lorazepam in patients with chronic renal failure

Kety, S.S., 1974:
Biochemical and neurochemical effects of electro convulsive shock

Szabo, S.; Horner, H.C., 1978:
Biochemical characterization of duodenal ulcer effect of propionitrile or cysteamine on tissue catecholamines and serotonin levels

Horpacsy G.; May G.; Zinsmeyer J.; Mebel M., 1978:
Biochemical parameters for determination of graft viability during the early post operative period

Wahl, G., 1971:
Biochemical technological studies on wet processing of maize m part 7 model test for the determination of hydrolytic reactions by maize m enzymes during the technological maize m steeping process

Smith, B.J.; Black, J.H., 1969:
Biographies combined bibliography and new names list of john henry gatliff 1848 1935 and charles john gabriel 1879 1963

Seiffert K.E., 1970:
Biological aspects of collagenous homo grafts

Crabtree, G.; Bukovac, M.J., 1977:
Biological evaluation of spray parameters with gibberellin and daminozide

Williams, R., 1974:
Biological sampling at ocean weather station india 59 degrees 00 minutes n 19 degrees 00 minutes w in 1972

Poirier, L., 1970:
Biology of circa littoral mysidacea at the entrance to the baie des chaleurs

Burke, D.E.; Cook, J.M.; L.Q.esne P.W., 1973:
Biomimetic syntheses of the bisindole alkaloids villalstonine and alstonisidine

Anonymous, 1969:
Biosynthesis of bufadienolides 3beta hydroxy cholanates as precursors in bufo marinus bufadienolides synthesis

Hikino H.; Miyase T.; Takemoto T., 1976:
Biosynthesis of pteroside b in pteridium aquilinum var latiusculum proof of the sesqui terpenoid origin of the pterosides

Speek, B.J., 1973:
Bird banding report from the bird migration station report no 57 1972

Chalmers Hunt, J.M., 1971:
Biston betularia aberration grisea smith in kent

Steinberg, L.; Klein, S.; Susman, N., 1969:
Bleeding renal vascular malformations

Kinter W.B., 1975:
Blood calcium levels and the mechanism of dde induced egg shell thinning

Anonymous, 1977:
Blood glucose and serum insulin response to an oral glucose load in zambian african subjects

Nestel P.J., 1969:
Blood pressure and catecholamine excretion after mental stress in labile hypertension

Cocking, J.B.; Darke, C.S., 1973:
Blood volume studies in chronic obstructive non-specific lung disease: a comparison of the bronchitic and emphysematous patients

Myers, R.D.; Veale, W.L., 1970:
Body temperature: possible ionic mechanism in the hypothalamus controlling the set point

Myers, C.E.; Chabner, B.A.; D.V.ta V.T.; Gralnick, H.R., 1974:
Bone marrow involvement in hodgkins disease pathology and response to mechlorethamine oncovin procarbazine prednisone chemo therapy

Anonymous, 1974:
Botanical objects of the central caucasus subject to conservation

Grosser K D., 1977:
Brady arrhythmias diagnostic and treatment

Oatley, K., 1969:
Brain research seeks an identity

Anonymous, 1978:
Breast disorders

Bhatia, C.L.; Desai, J.H., 1971:
Breeding of the indian rhinoceros rhinoceros unicornis at delhi zoological park

Hazzard W.R.; O'donnell T.F.; Lee Y.L., 1975:
Broad beta disease type iii hyper lipo proteinemia in a large kindred evidence for a monogenic mechanism

Lifshits N.A., 1971:
Bronchoscopic picture of patients with chronic pneumonia

Okada, T.; Kawakubo, I.; Warabi, H.; Shiokawa, Y., 1969:
Bulbar conjunctival biopsy a method for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue diseases

Tiews, K., 1975:
By catch in the german shrimp crangon crangon fishery in 1973

Pierce, R.W., 1975:
Calcareous nanno plankton from the bottom of the gulf of mexico

Pellegrino, E.D.; Biltz, R.M., 1970:
Calcium carbonate in medullary bone

Anonymous, 1978:
Calcium requirements for electrically induced release of endorphins

Hilty, M.D.; Haynes, R.E.; Azimi, P.H.; Cramblett, H.G., 1972:
California encephalitis in children

Jullien J L., 1972:
Can one live with angina pectoris

Jansson, B., 1977:
Cancer rates functions of carcinogens and anti carcinogens

Myburgh, N.; Broekhuysen, GJ., 1974:
Cape turtle dove breeding on the ground

Chhina, G.S.; Bajaj, J.S.; Garg, S.K.; Singh, B., 1974:
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolic profile on electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus in rhesus monkeys

Holloway, C.E.; Dean, F.H., 1975:
Carbon 13 nmr study of aqueous glutaraldehyde equilibria

Schneider, J., 1977:
Carbonate construction and decomposition by epilithic and endolithic microorganisms in salt water and fresh water

Buu Hoi, N.P.; Perin Roussel, O.; Jacquignon, P., 1972:
Carcinogenic nitrogen compounds part 73 cyclization of 12 o choloroaryl benz a acridines a route to new condensed acridines derived from naphtho 2 1 8 def quinoline 1 aza pyrene

D.Oliveira, D.Podesta, J.C., 1969 :
Cardiac alterations and their therapeutic correction in the horse

Hedenstierna, G.; Schildt, B., 1975:
Cardiac output determinations with ear piece densitometry

Toda, N.; Usui, H.; Nishino, N.; Fujiwara, M., 1972:
Cardio vascular action of capsaicin

Weaver J.A.; Bhatia S.K.; Boyle D.; Hadden D.R.; Montgomery D.A.D., 1970:
Cardio vascular state of newly discovered diabetic women

Raskind, R.; Johnson, N.; Hance, D., 1977:
Carotid cavernous fistula in pregnancy

Kennedy, L.G.; Hershberger, T.V., 1972:
Casein vs gelatin for rabbits

Mosolov, N.N.; Stepuro, I.I.; Ostrovski?, I.M., 1972:
Catalytic polarographic activity of sulfide sulfur of the thiazole component of thiamine and its derivatives

R.J.Katz, 1978:
Catecholamines in predatory behavior a review and critique

Peters, G., 1972:
Causes for the decline of the rare domestic bumble bee species hymenoptera bombus spp and psithyrus spp

Yurina, S.A., 1970:
Cell composition of cortical and medullary matter in human regional lymph nodes during pre natal and post natal development

Verlinskii, Y.S., 1970:
Cell karyology of some malignant thyroid tumors

Pierce, J.C., 1969:
Cell production and emigration in lymph nodes stimulated by freunds adjuvant abstract rat footpad injection increased immunological response

Sokolowski, J.; Jakobsen, E.; Johannessen, J.V., 1978:
Cells in peripheral leg lymph of normal men

Takahashi, C.; Uehara, M.; Imamura, S.; Ofuji, S.; Izumi, T., 1974:
Cellular immunity disturbance and thymus derived lymphocytes in atopic dermatitis

Wilke, C.R., 1975:
Cellulose conference proceedings on cellulose as a chemical and energy resource berkeley california usa june 25 27 1974

Brown, M.; Lazarus, L.; Ling, N.; Rivier, J.; Kobayashi, R.; Vale, W., 1977:
Central nervous system distribution of neurotensin neurotensin binding sites and neurotensin degradative activity

Mathre, D.E.; Johnston, R.H., 1975:
Cephalosporium gramineum stripe of winter wheat procedures for determining host response

Rowe, M.J.; Fennell, E.C., 1973:
Cerebral cortical areas mediating excitation of individual cerebellar climbing fibers

Savory, J.; Heintges, M.G., 1973:
Cerebro spinal fluid levels of immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m in neurologic diseases

Craven, P.; Hulka, J.F.; Omran, K.S.; Ulberg, L.C., 1973:
Cervical antibodies as a cause of bovine infertility

Oganesyan, A.S., 1971:
Change in atpase activity in kidney tissue in white rats during ontogenesis

Anonymous, 1969:
Change of oxidative phosphorylation and structure of the respiratory chain of pea d mitochondria under the effect of various physiologically active compounds

Yamazaki, H., 1969:
Changes in blood coagulability platelet count and platelet aggregation induced by endo toxin or exercise and the prevention of these changes by pyridinol carbamate

Gledhill, B.L.; Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Ringertz, N.R., 1971:
Changes in dna protein during spermiogenesis in the bull increased tritiated actinomycin d binding to nuclear chromatin of morphologically abnormal spermatozoa

Anonymous, 1971:
Changes in intra cellular concentrations of glycolytic intermediates and adenosine phosphates during growth cycle of aspergillus niger

Spaargaren D.H., 1975:
Changes in permeability in the shore crab carcinus maenas as a response to salinity

Ebringer A.; Rosenbaum M.; Pincus N.; Doyle A.E., 1971:
Changes in serum immuno globulin after myo cardial infarction

Anonymous, 1974:
Changes in the british dipterous fauna

Szaniawska, B., 1975:
Changes in the greater omentum of mice of different strains following intra peritoneal immunization with sheep erythrocytes part 3 determination of the percentage of thymus dependent cells in the omental milky spots in mice by the application of anti thea serum

Harris, G.C.Jr; Sweeney, M.J., 1971:
Changes in the protein concentration of chicken seminal plasma after rapid freeze thaw

Ichido, H.; Sugimoto, H.; Ishikawa, K.; Ichiyanagi, K., 1974 :
Changes in various hormones in patients with breast cancer receiving adrenalectomy and ovariectomy

Hori, T.; Shimizu, H.; Sano, K.; Manaka, S., 1977:
Changes of purkinje cell activity and cerebellar electro corticogram in the control of epilepsy

Tyrrell D.A.J., 1976:
Changing ideas on anti viral agents for respiratory infection

Vasil'eva N.B., 1972:
Characteristics of algo bacterial cenosis of algal cultivator microorganisms taking part in the transformation of sulfur containing substances

Patel, P.; Yoonessi, S.; Gershon, A.; Chiba, Y.; Ogra, P.L., 1977:
Characteristics of immune response to varicella infection in normal and immuno suppressed host

Duncan, J.L., 1971:
Characteristics of strepto lysin o action

Johnson, V.; Maack, T., 1975:
Characteristics of the renal handling of homologous growth hormone in the rat

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Cholesterol decomposing activity of some bacterial species

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Chymopapain b

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Circadian periodicity in testicular metamorphoses in the european starling sturnus vulgaris

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Colposcopy screening for cervical cancer in a family planning program

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Comparative evaluation of different methods employed in determining the virulence of mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Anonymous, 1972:
Comparative nutritional quality of 2 fish protein concentrates

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Comparative studies and sequence investigations of several bili proteins from the thermophilic blue green alga mastigocladus laminosus

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Comparative studies on the enzymatic cleavage of steroid esters in different tissues of the rat and in adipose human tissue

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Comparative study of proteases of antral or fundic origin in the gastric mucosa of the guinea pig

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Comparative study on the protective capacity of some protease inhibitors in drying the clostridium oedematiens type b toxin

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Comparison between the 2 methods of dry container fumigation with methyl bromide

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Comparison of effects of airway vs systemic carbon di oxide tension on human airway mechanics

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Components of an atp dependent proteolytic system from reticulocyte lysates

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Computer analysis of drug protein binding data

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Concerning a case of acromegaly with secondary amenorrhea and anemia

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Conservative or surgical treatment of cephal hematoma

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Content of individual immuno globulin classes in the extracts of palatine and naso pharyngeal tonsils of children with chronic tonsillitis and adenoids

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Continuous flow fluorometric assay of lysosomal enzymes

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Contractile function of the myo cardium of patients with cardio vascular diseases with the use of atp during health resort treatment

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Contribution of radiation induced alkali labile damage to the inactivation of single stranded dna

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Contribution to the determination of the composition of carbohydrates in onions m allium cepa m

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Contribution to the knowledge of the pikermi fauna of macedonia yugoslavia fossil remains of the simocyonidae

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Control of intestinal magnesium absorption in the rat

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Control of salmonelloses in swiss chicken farms

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Controlled atmosphere storage of bartlett pears part 1 effect of controlled atmospheres on the storage life

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Conversion of a substituted 3 4 5 tri methoxy cinnamide to a 3 5 di hydroxy compound in the rat and inhibition of the conversion by neomycin

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Cooperativity in human erythrocyte phospho fructo kinase ec

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Cord serum thyroxine thyroid binding globulin weight and ponderosity of healthy new born infants

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Coronary dilatator

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Correlation between bronchial and resilient respiratory resistance in various types of ventilation insufficiency in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Coumarins and quinoline alkaloids from the root epidermis of ptelea trifoliata

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Creativity and basal alpha beta and theta levels

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Cryo cauterization of uni cellular organisms without the use of anti freeze a means of avoiding artifacts

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Cytological diagnosis and histochemistry of tumors

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Ddt plus poly chlorinated bi phenyls in blubber of harbor seals

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Death at an early age tuberculosis in ancient egypt

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Determination of hemo globin concentration of blood on the solution used for automatic white cells counting

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Determination of organic carbon in water and waste water

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Di carboxylic amino acids gamma amino butyric acid and serotonin in the hypothalamic region of rats of different ages

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Di saccharidase deficiency with special reference to kwashiorkor clinical significance and management

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Diagenetic rhombohedral calcite from the maastrichtian band of the trichinopoly upper cretaceous south india

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Diagnosis of chronic pneumonia

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Diagnostic significance of some biochemical studies during inflammatory diseases of the female sex organs

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Different possibilities of variation of the type iii in the tympanoplastics

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Differential diagnosis of supra ventricular and ventricular tachy cardia

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Diffusion anoxia: a critical reappraisal

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Digital pancreatic scanning with electronic subtraction of the liver outline and elaboration by registration on magnetic tape

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Direct evidence for the formation of an acyl phosphate by glutamine synthetase

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Dis aggregation of brain polysomes by l 5 hydroxy tryptophan mediation by serotonin

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Diseases and parasites of the itatsi mustela itatsi on sakhalin

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Disparity between ascites and edema mobilization rates in cirrhosis

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Disseminated herpes simplex with encephalitis in a neonate. Treatment with idoxuridine

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Dissolution behavior of solid drugs part 1 improvement and simplification of dissolution rate measurement and its application to solubility determinations

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Distribution and ecology of ceratium egyptiacum and its validity as indicator of the current regime in the suez canal

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Distribution of a d ridge count in palms and soles of the tibetans

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Distribution of di phenyl hydantoin in rat organs study with neuron glia and sub cellular fractions

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Distribution of metals in lake sediments of the adirondack region of new york state

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Distribution of steroidal sapogenins in the genus dioscorea and prospects for further research

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Disturbance due to vertigo and hazards for divers

Anonymous, 1973:
Diurnal foraging activity of formica sublucida formica sanguinea subnuda and formica fossaceps hymenoptera formicidae in quebec

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Diving reflex in man its relation to isometric and dynamic exercise

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Dna packaging in isolated bacterial nucleoids

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DNA synthesis in permeabilized mouse L cells

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Does cyclo heximide induced loss of phosphate uptake activity in neurospora crassa reflect rapid turnover

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Dopa compared with di hydroxy fumarate as cofactor in peroxidase mediated oxidation of tyrosine to melanin histochemical studies with neutrophils eosinophils mast cells melanoma cells and neurons

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Dose distribution in cobalt 60 gamma ray irradiation of malignant lymphopathies

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Double controlled comparison of idox uridine and tri fluoro thymidine in 33 patients with superficial herpetic keratitis

Anonymous, 1970:
Drifted nautilus shells in the bay of bengal

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Drug induced cardio vascular diseases

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Drug treatment of acute laryngitis pseudocroup in children

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Dual effect of oxygen on magnitude and uniformity of coronary inter capillary distance

Anonymous, 1972:
Duration of the inter molt stages in the fresh water shrimp atyaephyra desmaresti crustacea decapoda natantia the case of males and sexually inactive females

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Dynamic studies with the newer instrumentation

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Dynamics of nuclear extrusion from erythrocytes during hypo osmotic stress

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Dys function of the liver in cardiac myxoma

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Early changes in liver chromatin after partial hepatectomy

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Early forest succession in the southeastern virginia coastal plain usa

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Early spring record of lesser yellowlegs in atlanta

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Echo cardiographic determination of ventricular dimensions use in aortic stenosis

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Ecological and physiological effects of sulfur di oxide upon terrestrial mosses

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Ecological studies on intestinal nematodes from a wild mouse population

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Ecology of the american dog tick dermacentor variabilis in a study area in virginia part 2 distribution in relation to vegetative types

Anonymous, 1971:
Edaphic algae and protozoa in the iser mountains czechoslovakia

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Effect of 3 methyl cholanthrene and fission neutron irradiation given singly or combined on rat mammary carcinogenesis

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Effect of a simulated martian environment on growth of selected microorganisms

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Effect of acute exposure to hydrogen chloride gas on photosynthesis respiration and transpiration of tomato d var bonny best

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Effect of age on the morphologic response of the rat thyroid to irradiation by iodine 131

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Effect of amino acids on the growth of Acetobacter suboxydans

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Effect of anti convulsant drugs on the number of afferent stimuli needed to cause a hippocampal seizure discharge

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Effect of atp and glutamic acid on carbohydrate energetic and nitrogen metabolism in brain and liver of rats under the effect of a pulsed electro magnetic field

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Effect of binding to plasma proteins on the distribution activity and elimination of drugs

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Effect of calcium ion on lipase fat complex formation

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Effect of cerebellectomy upon the cytochemistry of neurons in the lateral vestibular nucleus part 3 cytochemical response to unilateral vestibular stimulation after midline section of the brain stem

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Effect of cholesteryl 14 methylhexa decanoate on the rna polymerase ec 2776 activity of rat liver nuclei in vivo and in vitro

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Effect of cold exposure on serum thyrotropin

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Effect of cortisone and thyroxine on liver and kidney acid beta glycosidases in suckling and adult rats

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Effect of damaging resin vesicles in the seed coat on the germination of silver fir g abies alba g seeds

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Effect of di phenyl hydantoin on the absorption of tritiated folic acid in rat small intestine

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Effect of different kinds of treatment on the patho histological changes in skin melanoma

Anonymous, 1978:
Effect of drying medium culture age and concentration on coccidioides immitis survival during lyophilization

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Effect of epinephrine upon calcium 45 uptake by isolated islets of langerhans

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Effect of exercise on hemodynamics in dogs with acute arterial hypertension

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Effect of fertilizer and irrigation of the physical properties of grain and anatomico morphological structure of the caryopsis of wheat m

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Effect of furosemide on experimental hyper calcemia in dogs

Anonymous, 1972:
Effect of glucose on morphogenesis of stem calluses in photoperiodically neutral trapezond tobacco

Ritchie D.M.; D.P.lma J.R.; Mcmichael R.F., 1974:
Effect of helium on membrane resistance

Gur'yanova T.M., 1974:
Effect of host size and period of parasite flight on sex ratio in exenterus abruptorius hymenoptera ichneumonidae

G.K.V.sil'eva; E.P.P.olov; N.V.S.atilova; M.I.U.dritsov, 1973:
Effect of hypothalamic stimulation on the kininogen dynamics in the blood serum of rabbits during sensitization and anaphylactic shock

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Effect of inhibitors and the redox potential on light dependent changes of the membrane potential in griffithsia setacea

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Effect of intra venous infusion of ethanol and or fructose on plasma glucose concentration

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Effect of l dopa on individual symptoms of parkinsonism

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Effect of lipid solvents on protein dna and collagen synthesis in human skin an electron microscopic auto radiographic study

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Effect of magnesium ion and edta on the in vitro activity of coumermycin a 1 and novobiocin against gram negative bacteria

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Effect of method of stand establishment and weed control on growth and yield of lowland ir 8 rice oryza sativa

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Effect of mucin on the bio availability of tetracycline from the gastro intestinal tract in vivo in vitro correlations

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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus growth development and diosgenin in dioscorea

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Effect of oral contraceptives on serum folic acid content

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Effect of parathyroid hormone on phosphate excretion in tumoral calcinosis

Czok G.; Dammann H.G., 1972:
Effect of pheno barbital on the volume of the biliary tree in the rat

Anonymous, 1969:
Effect of plant spacing and fertilizer placement in corn m

Proukakis C., 1971:
Effect of pre irradiation of transplanted bone marrow cells on the survival of lethally irradiated recipient mice

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Effect of propranolol on hypo kalemia induced by cardio pulmonary bypass

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Effect of pyridoxine treatment of a homo cystinuric patient on the urinary excretion of some sulfur containing amino acids

Anonymous, 1971:
Effect of respiration inhibitors on protein synthesis in ripening maize m grain

Silli, E., 1970:
Effect of seed irradiation with cobalt 60 upon some physiological processes and the crop quality in bean d plants

Kamrin, B.B.; Gennaro, J.F.Jr, 1976:
Effect of small electric currents on collagen fiber structure

Anonymous, 1973:
Effect of some drugs on the meiosis of vicia faba

Anonymous, 1972:
Effect of steroid priming on the uptake of gonadotropin by the mouse ovary

Block, E.R.; Fisher, A.B., 1976:
Effect of super oxide dis mutase reduced glutathione and succinate on oxygen induced depression of pulmonary clearance of serotonin

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Effect of temperature on synthesis of T and V antigens of papovavirus SV 40 and induction of thymidine kinase

Anonymous, 1975:
Effect of the exo toxin of bacillus thuringiensis on the biosynthesis and maturation of mouse liver nuclear rna

Romslo I., 1975:
Effect of thenoyltrifluoro acetone on oxygen consumption and energy conservation in isolated rat liver mitochondria

Varga Manyi, P., 1971:
Effect of trace elements copper cobalt manganese and zinc on excitatory processes

Prister, B.S.; Prister, S.S., 1970:
Effect of uranium on the growth and development of plants and uranium accumulation as a factor of its concentration in the growth medium

Kitamura, S.; Ishihara, Y.; Sasaki, K., 1978:
Effect of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide on cyclic nucleotide contents of guinea pig lung and tracheal tissues

Anonymous, 1973:
Effect of wetting duration and of other environmental factors on the development of stemphylium botryosum f sp lycopersici in tomatoes

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Effective thyroxine ratio measurement using thyopac 4 kit

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Effector cell activity in antibody mediated cell dependent immune lysis part 2 evidence for different populations of effector cells for different targets

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Effects of a cyclamate saccharin mixture on reproduction and organogenesis in rats and rabbits abstract

Schrader, J., 1978:
Effects of adenosine on trans membranal calcium influx and adenylate cyclase ec of the heart

Vial, H.; Ramirez, A.; Pacheco, H., 1978:
Effects of amphetamine and methaqualone on amino acid level in 6 regions of rat brain and on binding of amino acid by brain tissue

Anonymous, 1972:
Effects of atrazine on chlorophyll retention in corn m leaf discs

Anonymous, 1969:
Effects of calcium and strontium on zea mays m seedling primary root growth

Muennich, H.; Koshuchowa, S.; Goering, H., 1977:
Effects of chloro choline chloride on the stem growth of rye plants secale cereale in regulation to cellular mechanisms

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Effects of contingency management of chronic patients on ward control and behavioral adjustment

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Effects of decreasing arterial blood pressure on cerebral blood flow in the baboon. Influence of the sympathetic nervous system

Anonymous, 1975:
Effects of different concentrations of corn oil magnesium sulfate and oat hulls in a porcine ulcerogenic ration

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Effects of endo toxin and anaphylactic shock on plasma levels of atp adp and creatine phosphate

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Effects of experimental recurrent micro embolization on pulmonary function and distribution of labeled macro aggregates of sulfur

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Effects of gamma hydroxy butyrate on segmental and cortical control of transmission of the afferent volley at spinal level

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Effects of heat stress on the performance of 2 tasks running concurrently

Hansard, S.L., 1977:
Effects of hypo magnesemia and hyper kalemia on glucose tolerance in calves

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Effects of intense auditory stimulation: hearing losses and inner ear changes in the squirrel monkey

Hassan, M.S., 1977:
Effects of land preparation and planting method on onion allium cepa production in the sudan gezira

Kamataki T.; Kitagawa H., 1974:
Effects of lyophilization and storage of rat liver microsomes on activity of aniline hydroxylase contents of cytochrome b 5 and cytochrome p 450 and aniline induced p 450 difference spectrum

Anonymous, 1975:
Effects of modes of application of hydrous constraints on several aspects of the morphology and activity of the leaf of vitis vinifera cultivar cabernet sauvignon

Anzai, T.; Turner, M.D.; Gibson, W.H.; Neely, W.A., 1978:
Effects of nitroprusside and epinephrine on blood flow distribution

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Effects of partial excision of testicular tissue on spermatogenic activity in the frog rana nigromaculata

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Effects of polyene macrolides on growth and reproduction in musca domestica and on the uptake of cholesterol by galleria mellonella

Nakai, A., 1973:
Effects of prostaglandin f 2 alpha prostaglandin e 1 on cat brain arteries

King, P.H., 1970:
Effects of reservoir operating policy on recreation benefits

Danley, W.H.; Ray, E.E., 1974:
Effects of shortened scrotum in intact bulls

Oyama T.; Matsuki A., 1970:
Effects of spinal anesthesia and surgery on carbohydrate and fat metabolism in man

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Effects of task complexity and practice on performance during acute alcohol intoxication

Reiter, R.J., 1972:
Effects of the pineal gland on reproductive organ growth and fertility in dual sensory deprived female rats

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Effects of ultrasonic irradiation on ganglionic transmission

Salayog F.A.; Puyaoan R.B., 1970:
Effects of voluntary and forced exercise on growth rate and feed efficiency of growing finishing pigs

Eidson C.S.; Kleven S.H.; Anderson D.P., 1973:
Efficacy of cell free and cell associated herpesvirus of turkeys vaccines in progeny from vaccinated parental flocks

Dean R.L.; Hartley J.C., 1977:
Egg diapause in ephippiger cruciger orthoptera tettigoniidae part 2 the intensity and elimination of the final egg diapause

Abatso, G.W., 1972:
Elective interval appendectomy for recurrent right lower quadrant pain

Ochs A.L.; Burton R.M., 1974:
Electrical response to vibration of a lipid bi layer membrane

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Electro cardiographic studies of albino rats subjected to chronic toxicity studies with retamycin complex

Dawson, G.D., 1977:
Electro encephalographic changes in relation to anti convulsant dosage

Reny, A.; Brichet, B., 1974:
Electro myographic contribution to the knowledge of limited eye movements of endocrine origin

Sawyer C.H., 1970:
Electro physiological correlates of release of pituitary ovulating hormones

Studnitsyna, L.A., 1970:
Electro sleep in the treatment of cardio vascular diseases and its effect on some indices of neuro humoral regulation

Miyayama, H.; Sasaki, M.; Takeuchi, T., 1971:
Electron histochemical observations of enzyme synthesized poly glucoses stained differently with iodine using rat skeletal muscle fibers

Schiller, E., 1970:
Electron microscopic demonstration of the pharmacodynamics of lung purification

Esumi, H.; Setoguti, T., 1975:
Electron microscopic observations on the old dog testicular interstitial cell

Luzardo Baptista, M.J.; Garcia Tamayo, J.; Nunez Montiel, J.T., 1969:
Electron microscopic study of normal human ecto cervix

Ionescu Varo, M., 1973:
Electron microscopy of histones in the oogenesis of carassius auratus by reaction with ammonia silver

Kulcar, Z.; Skupnjak, B.; Rogic, L., 1971:
Electronic computer systems and automatic data processing in the promotion of public health

G.G.irola; D.P.well, 1971:
Electrophoretic protein patterns of cytospora fungi

Gale J., 1972:
Elevation and transpiration some theoretical considerations with special reference to mediterranean type climate

Shamsuddin A.K.M., 1978:
Embryo sac development in ruellia brittoniana

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Emergency myo cardial re vascularization with saphenous vein bypass graft

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Encephalopathy and fatty liver (Reye's syndrome)

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Endo toxin shock in animals adapted to high altitudes

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Endogenous cortico steroid concentrations during status asthmaticus

Dagradi, A.E., 1972:
Endoscopy of esophageal varices

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Energy expenditure in normal female subjects engaged in common hospitalized patient positions and modes of patient transfer

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Enhanced effects of uv on protein synthesis in escherichia coli irradiated frozen

Konishi Y.; Denda A.; Miyata Y.; Kawabata H., 1976:
Enhancement of pancreatic tumorigenesis of 4 hydroxyamino quinoline 1 oxide by ethionine in rats

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Entero toxemia in goats

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Environmental conditions in the burrow of the kangaroo rat dipodomys merriami

Wilson, B.W., 1969:
Enz acetyl cholin esterase iso enzyme in de nervated chick muscle

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Enzymatic deiodination of di iodo tyrosine possible mediation by reduced flavin nucleotide liver thyroid

Suominen, H.; Heikkinen, E., 1975:
Enzyme activities in muscle and connective tissue of musculus vastus lateralis in habitually training and sedentary 33 year old to 70 year old men

Rothfield, L.; Romeo, D., 1971:
Enzyme reactions in biological membranes

Stoeckigt, J.; Mansell, R.L.; Gross, G.G.; Zenk, M.H., 1973:
Enzymic reduction of p coumaric acid via p coumaroyl coenzyme a to p coumaryl alcohol by cell free system from forsythia sp

Anon, 1969:
Epidemiologic serum studies on the dissemination of leptospirosis of the dog and the cat in the province of florence

Dorczak, W.; Milan, K.; Gajewska, T.; Dorczak, K., 1976:
Epidemiology of acute occupational poisonings in the material of the province center of acute poisonings in wroclaw

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Epidermal ultrastructure in hairless mice

Roy, A.D.; Bremner, A.D., 1971:
Epithelial hamartoma of liver

Spangler, S.G.; Goodall, M.C., 1978:
Equilibrium potentials for coupled ion transport across membranes

Anonymous, 1970:
Eruption of permanent premolars and molars for newfoundland caribou

Hellgren, L.; Vincent, J., 1978:
Erythromycin stearate in acne vulgaris its effect on the skin surface lipids lipase activity and bacterial flora correlated to the clinical status

Gonzalez C.H.E.; Ruiz M.A., 1975:
Espundia in horses etiology and pathogenesis of phyco mycosis

Gupta, R.L.; Chakrabarty, A.; Bahadur, V., 1971:
Establishment of thoracic duct lymph drainage in experimentally produced obstructive jaundice

Davison, R.; Cannon, R., 1974:
Estimation of central venous pressure by examination of jugular veins

Karawya M.S.; Nour G.; Sina A., 1971:
Estimation of the nonglycosidal chromone and coumarin contents in fruits and extracts of ammi visnaga d

Anonymous, 1974:
Estrogen receptor content and hormone responsive growth of mouse mammary tumors

Williams J.D.; Etnier D.A., 1978:
Etheostoma aquali new species a new percid fish subgenus nothonotus from the duck and buffalo rivers tennessee usa

Gebczynski, M., 1969:
Etiological thermo regulation

Anonymous, 1970:
Eurytrema procyonis a pancreatic fluke of north american carnivores

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Evaluation of a new test for differentiating pseudomonas aeruginosa from similar bacteria

Rabkin, I.Kh; Abugov, A.M.; Shabalkin, B.V., 1973:
Evaluation of collateral circulation according to selective coronarography

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Evaluation of hypoxic ventilatory drive findings at high altitude

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Evaluation of postural drainage with percussion in chronic obstructive lung disease

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Evaluation of the antigenic activity of the tetanus toxoid with different adjuvants part 1 adsorbed in hydroxide and aluminum phosphate

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Evaluation of the results obtained in the treatment of south american blasto mycosis with weekly administration of sulfonamide

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Evidence concerning genetic improvement in commercial stocks of layers

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Evidence for an antral oxyntic reflex for acid secretion

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Evidence for multiple hydrogen ion donor systems in rain

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Evidence for the presence of protein bound intermediate in the cleavage and the synthesis of glycine

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Evidence that blocking factors in the sera of multi parous mice are associated with immuno globulins

Robinson, P.J.A., 1978:
Evolution of bone disease in chronic renal failure

Bertels, A., 1976:
Evolutionary lineages of some upper cretaceous and tertiary ostracods of argentina

Dutil, P., 1970:
Examples of regional problems part 4 the east of the bassin parisien

Porter, G., 1976:
Excited states of organic molecules

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Exercise responses of smoking and nonsmoking middle aged business executives

Bel'man E.L.; Gordeev, Y.Y., 1977 :
Experience in administration of cyclo phosphamide in disseminated sclerosis

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Experience with a rapid direct immuno fluorescent test for the gonococcus as a bench procedure in venereal disease clinics

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Experiences with a new heparin mixed blood preserve for exchange transfusions in new borns

Heppleston A.G.; Wright N.A.; Stewart J.A., 1970:
Experimental alveolar lipo proteinosis following the inhalation of silica

Grenby, T.H., 1974:
Experimental caries from different types of sweet biscuits

Palitti F.; Rizzoni M., 1972:
Experimental evolution of cell populations of chinese hamster treated with colchicine induction of high degree of ploidy and phase specific lethal effect

Russell, M.A.; Clark, W.C., 1973:
Experimental investigation of progressive restriction in developmental capacity of drosophila imaginal discs

Ploem, J.S., 1975:
Experimental optimization of the defined antigen substrate spheres system for immuno diagnosis of some helminth infections

Kukuruz, J.; Siennicki, W.; Staniszewska, J., 1972:
Experimental studies for the evaluation of bactericidal plastic surgical sutures

Robock K., 1976:
Experimental studies on various asbestos modifications

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Experimental torticollis in the monkey produced by unilateral 6 hydroxy dopamine brain lesions

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Experiments on the demography of tropical butterflies part 1 survival rate and density in 2 species of parides

Stell, P.M.; McGill, T., 1975:
Exposure to asbestos and laryngeal carcinoma

Amakiri S.F., 1974:
Extent of skin penetration by dermatophilus congolensis in bovine streptothricosis

Prince, D., 1973:
Extracellular potassium during focal epilepsy in cat and rabbit

Lilynona, G.K.; Mageswaran, S.; Sultanbawa, M.U.S., 1973:
Extractives of swertia zeylanica gentianaceae

Locher P.J., 1974:
Eye movement parameters and total figure complexity of simple geometric shapes

Sunahara, S.; Nagasawa, S., 1973:
Factor analysis of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis treated for the 1st time

Amos, H.E.; Burdick, D., 1973:
Factors affecting sunflower protein utilization by growing rats

Todres, I.D.; Krane, D.; Howell, M.C.; Shannon, D.C., 1976:
Factors determining pediatricians attitudes to surgery in downs syndrome and meningo myelocele

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Factors influencing the multiplication of the adenine dependent mutant of bacillus anthracis

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Failure of clavulanic acid in beta lactam resistant nocardia despite in vitro beta lactamase susceptibility

Berry C.A., 1970:
Fall meeting of the american society for pharmacology and experimental therapeutics on neuro pharmacology part 4 stanford california usa august 26 1970

Ozdemir, A.I.; Sokmen, C., 1969:
Familial Mediterranean fever among the Turkish people

Fox, M.F., 1973:
Far uv solution spectrophotometry

Anonymous, 1971:
Fatal juvenile polyposis in infancy

Anonymous, 1976:
Fatty acid composition of iranian citrus seed oils

Chandra Sekhara, K.S., 1972:
Faunistic study of flea beetles of mysore and biology of phyllotreta chotamica coleoptera chrysomelidae halticinae

Ehlers, M.H.; Bezdicek, D.F.; Hermanson, R.E.; Wallenius, R.W., 1977:
Feed intake and manure solids from lactating holstein cows

Parigi Bini, R.; Chiericato, G.M., 1969:
Feeding plans and metabolizable energy level in broilers vegetable diets 2nd winter period and seasonal effect

Huber J.T.; Boman R.L.; Henderson H.E., 1976:
Fermented ammoniated condensed whey as a nitrogen supplement for lactating cows

Volk G.M., 1971 :
Fertilizers and fertilization

Van Leusden, H.A.I.M., 1970:
Feto placental endocrinology

Nitzan D.; Sperry J.F.; Wilkins T.D., 1978:
Fibrinolytic activity of oral anaerobic bacteria

Efimova, N.A., 1970:
Field investigations of meteorological regime of plant cover

Anonymous, 1969:
Filtration and re absorption of potassium and sodium in healthy children and in children having diabetes mellitus

Lacour L.F.; Wells B., 1974:
Fine structure and staining behavior of hetero chromatic segments in 2 plants

Shapiro, D.J.; Rodwell, V.W., 1972:
Fine structure of the cyclic rhythm of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec differential effects of cholesterol feeding and fasting

Riedel, D., 1974:
Fish and fishery

Weber J.B., 1976:
Fixed and biologically available soil bound pesticides

Anonymous, 1974:
Flavonol glycosides of amsonia ciliata

V.S.Ngh.D.K.J.In, 1975:
Floral development of justicia gendarussa acanthaceae

Anonymous, 1975 :
Fluctuations in incorporation of tritiated amino acids into proteins of the isolated retina

Ehrenberg, M.; Cronvall, E.; Rigler, R., 1971:
Fluorescence of proteins interacting with nucleic acids. Correction for light absorption

Testa, E., 1969:
Fluorinated organic compounds with potential biological activity iv synthesis of alpha fluoro beta 3 4 dihydroxyphenyl propionic acid

Liles, S.L., 1975:
Focal potential responses in the striatum to stimulation of the cerebral cortex in the monkey

Anonymous, 1969:
Follow up study of cystoid macular edema following cataract extraction

IIda H., 1975:
Food poisoning by vibrio parahaemolyticus

Ellis J.P.Jr; Lecocq F.R.; Garcia J.B.Jr; Lipman R.L., 1974:
Fore arm amino acid metabolism during chronic physical inactivity

Bennett, E.O., 1973:
Formaldehyde preservatives for cutting fluids

Zapotochnyi, B.O., 1973:
Formation of conditioned responses in healthy people and psychotic patients in logical operations of conjunction disjunction implication and equivalence

Hori, Y.; Yamaguchi, K., 1974:
Formation of the dominant focus

Thomson, M.R.A., 1975:
Fossils from the south orkney islands part 2 matthews island south atlantic ocean

Anonymous, 1977:
Fractographic study on lymphoid tumors of the peripheral nerves in mareks disease

Retief, F.P.; Vandenplas, L.; Huskisson, Y., 1969:
Free and total food folate effect of food intake on urinary folate excretion

Anonymous, 1973:
Freeze fracture of ranvier nodes

Cohen, D.B., 1969:
Frequency of dream recall estimated by 3 methods and related to defense preference and anxiety

Curran, A.P., 1976:
From public health to community medicine

Cahalane S.F.; Waters M., 1975:
Fulminant meningococcal septicemia a hospital experience

Miura, Y.; Yasuda, J.; Abe, T., 1973:
Functional and serological characterization of fibrin bodies of liquid human plasma

Shmigel'ski S., 1971:
Functional evaluation of granulopoiesis with the aid of histochemical methods made during treatment with cytostatics or irradiation therapy

Anonymous, 1976:
Functional role of the retino tecto thalamo cortical system in rats

Yabashi, S., 1971:
Fundamental studies on the tile drainage in heavy soils investigation by electrical analogue method

Yamada, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Katsuki, T.; Takahashi, M., 1977 :
Funktionswandel in aphasia

Brandt, H.; Killilea, S.D.; Lee, E.Y.C., 1975:
Further evidence for the existence of inactive forms of phosphorylase phosphatase consisting of enzyme inhibitor complexes

Spizek J.; Janecek J., 1969:
Further observations on the effect of ethionine on the synthesis of beta galactosidase in escherichia coli formation of an immunologically cross reacting protein

Varma, S.D.; Ets, T.K.; Richards, R.D., 1978:
Further studies on inhibition of lens aldose reductase by flavonoids

Guest J.R.; Creaghan I.T., 1974:
Further studies with lipo amide dehydrogenase mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Knull H.R.; Lobert P.F.; Wells W.W., 1974:
Galactose neuro toxicity in chicks effects on fast axoplasmic transport

Labib R.S.; Calvanico N.; Tomasi T.B.Jr, 1976:
Gamma glutamyl trans peptidase nonidentity with secretory immuno globulins and free secretory component

Douglas, C.C., 1972:
Gas chromatographic determination of phenolic compounds in drug preparations: collaborative study

Vandenheuvel W.J.A.; Cohen J.S., 1970:
Gas liquid chromatography mass spectrometry of carbon 13 enriched amino acids as tri methyl silyl derivatives

Griffen, W.O.; Slesh, M.Z.; Mooney, C.S., 1969:
Gastric secretagogues following portacaval shunting

Pitman E.; Kruger K.F.; Waye J.D., 1969:
Gastroscopic biopsy in the diagnosis of phyto bezoar

Nag Raj, T.R.; Morgan Jones, G.; Kendrick, B., 1972:
Genera coelomycetarum part 4 pseudorobillarda new genus a generic segregate of robillarda

Vandament, W.E., 1970:
Generalization and the inter stimulus interval in human eyelid conditioning

Anonymous, 1970:
Genetic analysis of an unequal chromosomal translocation in aspergillus nidulans

Gunge, N., 1975:
Genetic changes of the omega gene controlling the recombination polarity of mitochondrial drug resistance markers in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nance, W.E.; Grove, J., 1972:
Genetic determination of phenotypic variation in sickle cell trait

Anonymous, 1972:
Genetic mapping of uvr 502 mutation controlling uv sensitivity of escherichia coli k 12

Herbich, J.; Przybylski, Z., 1974:
Genetic studies on the enzymatic systems of adenylate kinase and adenosine deaminase in the population of poland

Freire Maia, D.V., 1970:
Genetics and leprosy note on present research and progress

Yehle C.O., 1978:
Genome linked protein associated with the 5 prime termini of bacterio phage phi 29 dna

Levy, R.A.; Nystrom, R.A.; Nadelhaft, I., 1975:
Geographical and electrical features of large neurons in limulus abdominal ganglia

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Germination capacity of carum carvi seed in relation to the life cycle of caraway plants

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Gibberellic acid induced changes in the ultrastructure of chloroplasts and the content of chlorophyll in leaves of dwarf maize zea mays

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Globigerinopsoides new genus from the miocene of algeria

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Gluco corticoid and androgenic functions of the adrenal cortex in lumbo sacral radiculitis

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Glucose insulin and growth hormone relationships in anorexia nervosa before and after regaining weight

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Glutamine amino transferase and glutamine amino hydrolase ratio as a possible test for anti tumor compounds

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Glyco protein in tay sachs disease isolation and carbohydrate composition of glyco peptides

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Glycosidases ligands for affinity chromatography part 1 syntheses of 1 2 trans p aminophenyl 1 thio d glyco pyranosides

Anonymous, 1978:
Gonadotropic function in the teleost gambusia a study of hypothalamic control using grafts

Uphoff, D.E.; Draper, L.R., 1971:
Graft vs host reaction modified by in vitro pre incubation of marrow with sub cellular antigen

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Grapholitha prunivora lepidoptera olethreutidae in apple orchards in southwestern quebec canada

Kamiakito, Y.; Arai, Y.; Sekikawa, M., 1978:
Groove development patterns of the upper molars in japanese subjects

Anonymous, 1975:
Growth and aging of the normal human lung

L.C.oy M.; Collins, C.T., 1972:
Growth and survival of roseate tern and common tern chicks

Court, S., 1978:
Growth in diabetics

Catara, A.; Longo, M.; Cartia, G., 1972:
Growth of phoma tracheiphila on a culture medium in relation to phenolic compounds contained in seville orange seedlings infected with exocortis

Anonymous, 1973:
Growth reproduction and larval dispersal in alcyonidium hirsutum and some other bryozoa

Kamerbeek, G.A.; Verlind, A.L.; Schipper, J.A., 1971:
Gummosis of tulip m bulbs caused by ethylene

Ilse Walker, 1972:
Habituation to disturbance in the fiddler crab uca annulipes in its natural environment

Sourreil P.; Beylot C.; Delfour M., 1969:
Hamartoma caused by hyperplasia of the arrectores pilorum in a 1 month old infant

Widdowson, E.M., 1970:
Harmony of growth

Anonymous, 1975:
Health and nutrition examination survey in usa

Hong S.K.; Moore T.O.; Lally D.A.; Morlock J.F., 1973:
Heart rate response to apneic face immersion in hyperbaric heliox environment

Stokes, P.M.; Hutchinson, T.C.; Krauter, K., 1973:
Heavy metal tolerance in algae isolated from polluted lakes near the sudbury ontario smelters

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Hem agglutination inhibition assay for carcino embryonic antigen specificity sensitivity and reproducibility

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Heme binding and transport a spectrophotometric study of plasma glyco globulin hemo chromogens

Shamsuddin, M.; Mason, R.G.; Cohen, C.; Tissot, R.G.; Honig, G.R., 1973:
Hemo globin heterogeneity in the rabbit beta 112 iso leucine replaced by valine

How, T.V.; Gaylor, J.D.S., 1977:
Hemodynamic characteristics of parallel flow artificial kidneys

Tyberg, J.V., 1978:
Hemodynamics of coronary artery stenosis

Lesko M., 1969:
Hemorrhagic pulmonary renal syndrome review and report of a case

Anonymous, 1972:
Hepatic excretion of bile acid in rats treated with pheno barbital

Kingham J.G.C.; Mcguire M.J.; Paine D.H.D.; Wright R., 1978:
Hepatitis b in a hospital for the mentally subnormal

Anonymous, 1972:
Hereditary anomalies of the digestive enzymes part 4 disorders in intestinal transport of amino acids part 5 anomalies in chylomicron formation

Sandha, G.S.; Chandra, S., 1969:
Heritability of some quantitative characters in 2 crosses of bengal gram d

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Hetero phagocytosis of intra venously injected sub cellular organelles by kupffer cells

Walt, H.; Kistler, G.S., 1978:
Heterogenicity of the epithelium at the bifurcations of the tracheo bronchial tree a scanning electron microscopic and transmission electron microscopic study in macaca fascicularis

Anonymous, 1973:
Hibernation effects on memory or performance

Kraemer P.M.; Smith D.A., 1974:
High molecular weight heparin sulfate from the cell surface

Deshmane, S.S.; Dev, S., 1971:
Higher isoprenoids part 2 tri terpenoids and steroids of saccharum officinarum m

Black J.W., 1977:
Histamine receptors

Schweiberer L.; Schenk R., 1977:
Histo morphology and vascularization of secondary healing of bone fractures with emphasis on tibial shaft fractures

Faulkner, J.A.; Maxwell, L.C.; Mufti, S.A.; Turowski, A.W., 1975:
Histochemical and contractile properties of heterotopic muscle transplants of cats

Anonymous, 1976:
Histochemical iron reaction in apocrine gland and vitamin e content in axillary skin

Tsuchiyama, H.; Kawai, K.; Iro, M.; Sugihara, H., 1974:
Histochemical study of the human adreno cortical pigments

Lesch R.; Reutter W.; Keppler D.; Decker K., 1969:
Histological and auto radiographic investigations of the galactosamine induced hepatitis of the rat

Anonymous, 1975:
Histological studies on the structure and function of the neuro secretory system of the house cricket acheta domesticus

Fuchs, W.A., 1969:
Historical survey

Lewis, B.J.; DeVita, V.T., 1978:
Hodgkin's disease: an overview

Wittmer, J., 1970:
Homogeneity of personality characteristics a comparison between old order amish and non amish

Anonymous, 1975:
Hormonal control of lysis of the salivary gland in larvae of drosophila melanogaster

Shanghai Dairy Co; Shanghai Inst Exp Biol, 1974:
Hormonal treatment of ovarian atrophy of cows

Nair M.R.G.K., 1969 :
Host biology relations of epilachna vigintioctopunctata

Anonymous, 1973:
House fly genetics part 1 use of an inversion to facilitate the recovery of translocation homo zygotes and to reduce genetic recombination on translocated third chromosomes

Earls, J.H., 1969:
Human adjustment to an exotic environment: the nuclear submarine

Wall, J.C.; Chatterji, S.; Jeffery, J.W., 1972:
Human femoral cortical bone: a preliminary report on the relationship between strength and density

Kennedy W.R.; Poppele R.E.; Webster H.D., 1975:
Human muscle spindles isolation from biopsy physiologic activity and fine structure

West, W.H.; Herberman, R.B., 1977:
Human thymus derived lymphocyte heterogeneity

Blanc, W., 1971:
Hyaline membrane disease possible adrenal influence

Paulsen, H.; Steinert, G., 1970:
Hydrazine reactions part 11 cyclization of 4 5 di deoxy 4 hydrazino l xylose to a 6 membered ring hydrazone

Bianchi, M.A.; D'aubert S.; Cantoni, C., 1970:
Hydrogen sulfide and methane thiol formation in salami and hams bacterial action

Anonymous, 1971:
Hydroxy cinnamic acids of plantago major and plantago lanceolata

Gorshkov, S.I.; Roshchin, A.V., 1969:
Hygienic standardization of low frequency ultrasound in conditions of its industrial use

Loney J.; Prinz R.J.; Mishalow J.; Joad J., 1978:
Hyper kinetic aggressive boys in treatment predictors of clinical response to methylphenidate

Miller M.J., 1978:
Hyper thyroidism from the thyroid follicle with autonomous function

Wilson, J., 1970:
Hypertensive reaction during neuroleptic analgesia for pheo chromo cytoma removal

Barnes, P.C., 1971:
Hypo kalemic myopathy and myo globinuria due to carbenoxolone sodium

Mccaa, R.E.; Hall, J.E.; Mccaa, C.S., 1977:
Hypotensive and natriuretic response to long term oral administration of an angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor sq 14225 in sodium deficient dogs

Weiskopf, R.B.; Gabel, R.A., 1974:
Hypoxic depression of human ventilation

Anonymous, 1972:
Identification and characterization of mycoplasma arginini from bighorn sheep ovis canadensis and goats

Moorhead, J.W.; Walters, C.S.; Claman, H.N., 1974:
Identification of active lymphocyte sub populations in mixed lymphocyte reactions

Swartz, H.M.; Sarna, T.; Hyde, J.S., 1977:
Identification of melanin in tissues

Anonymous, 1973:
Identification of the para isomer of tyramine in rat brain

Soni, N.N.; L.V.lle, W.E., 1970 :
Idiopathic root resorption. Report of a case

Uteshev, N.S.; Pakhomova, G.V.; Bychkova, T.I.; Semenov, V.V., 1970:
Immediate and long range results of vagotomy in duodenal peptic ulcer

Ishizaka K.; Ishizaka T., 1969:
Immune mechanisms of reversed type reaginic hyper sensitivity

James, E.R.; Denham, D.A., 1975:
Immunity to trichinella spiralis part 6 the specificity of the immune response stimulated by the intestinal stage

Nagatsu I.; Kondo Y., 1974:
Immuno electron microscopic localization of phenyl ethanolamine n methyl transferase in the bovine adrenal medulla

Gleichmann, E.; Gleichmann, H.; Schwartz, R.S., 1971:
Immuno genetic studies on the pathogenesis of lympho reticular neoplasms on the model of chronic allogeneic disease

Srinivasan K.; Bhatia H.M., 1973:
Immuno globulin specificity of rh antibodies

Doniach D.; Walker G., 1972:
Immuno pathology of liver disease

Skinner M.D.; Schwartz R.S., 1974:
Immuno suppressive therapy of immuno inflammatory diseases

Anonymous, 1969:
Immunochemical studies of gastric juice from patients with carcinoma of the stomach

Levine, S.; Sowinski, R., 1969:
Immunologic competence of the liver for production of allergic encephalo myelitis rat pertussis vaccine freunds complete adjuvant

Nezelof, C.; Vildé, F., 1976:
Immunological aspects of inflammatory granulomas

Skowron Cendrzak, A., 1974:
Immunological reactivity of c 57bl female mice to the h y male sex antigen during and after syngeneic pregnancy

Turner Warwick, M., 1975:
Immunology of interstitial lung disease

Pecina, M., 1971:
Impairments of the nerve stem and branchings of the sciatic nerve conditioned by special topographic anatomic relations

Salmenperae, M.; Kahri, A.I., 1975:
Importance of mitochondrial dna

Czech, F.P.; Sunseri, A.P., 1969:
Improved method for the analysis of total nitrogen and tca tri chloro acetic acid precipitable nitrogen in tuberculin and johnin biologics

Desporges, G., 1975:
Improvement of the work of re fitting aluminum panels

Morel, C.; Freymuth, F., 1972:
In vitro activity of carbenicillin on 188 bacterial strains isolated at the university of caen hospital center

Bhat, U.K.M.; Singh, K.R.P., 1970:
In vitro culture of embryonic cells from an indian triatomine bug triatoma rubrofasciatus hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae

Kenyon R.H.; Ascher M.S.; Kishimoto R.A.; Pedersen C.E.Jr, 1977:
In vitro guinea pig leukocyte reactions to rickettsia rickettsii

Ruegamer, W.R., 1973:
In vitro production and purification of a plerocercoid growth factor from the tapeworm spirometra mansonoides

Shadomy S., 1969:
In vitro studies with 5 fluoro cytosine anti infect human cryptococcus neoformans candida albicans

Chambon Mougenot, R.; Riotte, M.; Bringuier, J.; Chambon, P., 1970:
In vivo and in vitro study of the intestinal and hepatic n oxidation of n n di ethyl nicotinamide coramine

Barela, T.D.; Kizer, D.E., 1974:
In vivo phosphorylation of free and membrane bound ribosomal protein

Glass J.D.; Dubois B.; Schwartz I.L.; Walter R., 1970:
Inactivation of neuro hypophyseal peptides by a uterine enzyme characterization of the hydrolytic cleavage

Martin G.C.; Forde H.I., 1975:
Incidence of blackline in juglans regia propagated on various rootstock species

Geiselman R.E.; Bellezza F.S., 1977:
Incidental retention of speakers voice

Krompecher S., 1969:
Incorporation of lyophilized and radio sterilized perforated and unperforated bone grafts in dogs

Ringe, J.D.; Kruse, H.P.; Kuhlencordt, F., 1978:
Increase of bone mineral content after surgical treatment of primary hyper parathyroidism

Thompson, C., 1978:
Increased incidence of elevated blood pressure in an inter collegiate football team a screening and follow up study

Cummins, L.J.; Amano, T.; Sato, T.R.; Naujokaitis, A.L.; Madden, S.C.; Zeldis, L.J., 1970:
Increased synthesis of rna in livers of injured rats

Anon, 1969:
India coffee board research department 23rd annual detailed technical report 1969 1970

Bukharin, O.V.; Tolstov, Y.P.; Anikin, I.A., 1975:
Indices of natural nonspecific immunity in patients with chronic tonsillitis

Suvorov, N.N., 1970:
Indole derivatives part 5 synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of omega 3 indolyl alkanoic acids

Reutter, W.; Hassels, B.; Lesch, R., 1975:
Induction and prevention of galactosamine hepatitis

Kaiho, J.; Ogata, S.; Yokoyama, H.; Honda, M.; Ono, K.; Watanuki, S., 1970:
Induction of electro gastrogram in the skin of the abdominal wall

Meyer E.H.H.; Fosgren K.; Von Deimling O.; Engel W., 1974:
Induction of nonspecific carboxyl esterase in the immature rat testis by human chorionic gonadotropin

Huppert, J., 1973:
Induction of virus rna in nonpermissive murine sarcoma virus transformed interferon plus cells infected with newcastle disease virus

Lawecki J., 1976:
Infection and immuno reactivity to insulin

Frantsi, C.; Savan, M., 1971:
Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus comparative frequencies of isolation from feces and organs of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Mobacken H.; Zederfeldt B., 1973:
Influence of a cationic tri phenyl methane dye on granulation tissue growth in vivo an experimental study in rats

Haque S.Q.; Chenulu V.V., 1972:
Influence of aphid rearing plants and the developmental forms of the aphid on the transmission of cowpea mosaic virus

Grecz, N., 1972:
Influence of clostridium botulinum type a spores and toxin on circulating blood leukocyte values of swiss mice

Anonymous, 1977:
Influence of diffuse cerebral ischemia upon mitochondrial respiration brain water and electrolytes

Kosunen, T.U., 1971:
Influence of freunds adjuvant on the immune responses of guinea pigs to sheep red blood cells

Zetterqvist, E.; Carlson, L.A.; Liljedahl S O., 1969:
Influence of indwelling polyethylene catheters on the elimination of iodine 125 fibrinogen in dogs

Stoclet J C.; Peguet, M.F.; Waedele, G., 1970:
Influence of metacorticoid hypertension on the sensitivity of the isolated rat aorta to barium ions and to papaverine

Pesut, M.; Beric, B., 1974:
Influence of pelleting and composition of ration on performance of fattening pigs

Maisin, J.R.; Decleve, A., 1973:
Influence of radioprotectors on the survival and on the incidence of radiation induced leukemias and cancers

Anonymous, 1977:
Influence of some hydrological factors on the depth distribution of maasbanker trachurus trachurus larvae off south west africa

Kulikov N.V.; Molchanova I.V.; Karavaeva E.N., 1973:
Influence of the conditions of soil moisture on the passage of strontium 90 cesium 137 and cerium 144 from the soil into solution

Valic, F.; Beritic Stahuljak, D.; Yousefy, I.; Butkovic, D.; Gregoric, J., 1973:
Influence of traffic air pollution on the carboxy hemo globin level and ventilatory capacity

Kampe, W., 1972:
Influences of the autumn or spring application of soil herbicides on weeds and yield components of winter grains

Donker, A.J.M.; Leenen, F.H.H., 1974:
Infusion of angiotensin part 2 analog in 2 patients with unilateral reno vascular hypertension

Martin M.W., 1969:
Inheritance of resistance to curly top virus in the tomato d breeding line cvf4

Van Rossum, G.D.V., 1974:
Inhibition by oligomycin of sodium and potassium transport and oxidative phosphorylation in slices of rat liver

Anonymous, 1970:
Inhibition of cathepsin d ec 34423 by di azoacetylnor leucine methyl ester

Lechler, E., 1975:
Inhibition of formation and protection of the factor x activator by hirudin

Clark W.G.; Alderdice M.T., 1972:
Inhibition of leukocytic pyrogen induced fever by intra cerebro ventricular administration of salicylate and acetaminophen in the cat

Harrison M.J.; Brossmer R.; Goody R.S., 1975:
Inhibition of platelet aggregation and the platelet release reaction by alpha omega di adenosine poly phosphates

Plaut M.E.; Goldman J.K., 1970:
Inhibition of substrate oxidation by endo toxin in vitro

Kobashi, K.; Harada, N.; Sassa, H.; Hase, J., 1971:
Inhibition on the activities of some enzymes related to amino acid metabolism by dl alpha hydrazinocarboxylic acids

Rola-Plezczynski, M.; Hensen, S.A.; Vincent, M.M.; Bellanti, J.A., 1975:
Inhibitory effects of bilirubin on cellular immune responses in man

Stein, G.H.; Hanawalt, P.C., 1972:
Initiation of the DNA replication cycle in Escherichia coli: linkage of origin daughter DNA to parental DNA?

Gulbrandsen R.A.; Roberson C.E., 1973:
Inorganic phosphorus in sea water

Evaristo, F.N., 1973:
Insecticide tests in cotton culture part 4 results from 1966 1967 to 1968 1969

Shibasaki, S.; Taira, K., 1969:
Inst electron microscopic study on the human liver ii on the biliary duct epithelium with particular reference to the epithelium of the intermediate portion and interlobular duct

B.G.G.ntsburg; V.V.U.penskii; A.I.L.potko; P.P.R.ndin; Yu. A.S.lopchenko, 1975:
Instrument for measuring the acoustic impedance of the middle ear

Freychet P., 1976:
Insulin receptors

Anonymous, 1970:
Integration of retinal and cortical information in the superior colliculus of the ground squirrel

Olenov, Y.M., 1974:
Inter cellular information transfer in immunogenesis part 3 gradual fractionation of spleen nuclear rna of immunized animals and biological activity of the different fractions

Murray, S.N.; Littler, M.M., 1977:
Inter tidal seaweed communities of fluctuating environments

Minton, N.A.; Parker, M.B., 1974:
Interaction of 4 soybean cultivars with sub soiling and a nematocide

Mueller, R.E.; Traish, A.; Wotiz, H.H., 1977:
Interaction of estrogen receptor complex with uterine nuclei

Fahimi H., 1969:
Interaction of phyto hormones with salinity on the growth of beans d

Poggi Pellegrin M C.; Bulard C., 1976:
Interactions between abscisic acid gibberellins and cyto kinins in grand rapids lettuce seeds germination

Allison, A.C., 1973:
Interactions of mononuclear cells in resistance against virus infections

Anderson J.R.; Paulson R., 1976:
Interference in memory for pictorial information

Eule, H.; Werner, E.; Winsel, K.; Iwainsky, H., 1974:
Intermittent chemo therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis using rifampicin isoniazid for primary treatment the influence of various factors on the frequency of side effects

Orkin, M.; Maibach, H.I.; Parish, L.C.; Schwartzman, R.M., 1977:
International conference on scabies and pediculosis minneapolis minnesota usa may 1976

Sivachenko, T.P.; Il'inskaya T.N.; Ishchenko, V.P., 1974:
Interpretation of renograms by kinetic parameters

Chaplin J.F., 1977:
Interrelationships between the pale yellow character and other traits in flue cured tobacco

Schaefer K.; Kraft D.; Von Herrath D.; Opitz A., 1972:
Intestinal absorption of vitamin d 3 in epileptic patients and pheno barbital treated rats

Deyhle, P.; Jenny, S.; Paez, C.; Fumagalli, I.; Ammann, R., 1972:

Mccann, S.R.; Whelan, C.A.; Greally, J., 1977:
Intra cellular gamma light chain inclusions in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Dean, D.F.; Meyers, P.; Stone, H.L., 1973:
Intra cranial implantation of flow meters on the middle cerebral artery in the primate

Epand, R.M., 1973:
Intra molecular singlet excitation transfer in glucagon

Hicks, J.M.; Eisner, G.M.; Lilienfield, L.S.; Slotkoff, L.M., 1971:
Intra renal circulation and salt handling in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Govoni A.F.; Toti A., 1969:
Intra venous cholangio tomography with bilivistan report on a new contrast medium for the visualization of the extrabiliary system

Shapiro, S.L., 1977:
Introduction a historical overview

Fujino, T., 1970:
Introduction to the taxonomy of pseudomonas and related organisms

Douglas, C.P.; Garrow, J.S.; Pugh, E.W., 1970:
Investigation into the sugar content of endometrial secretion

Blagoi, Y.P.; Sorokin, V.A.; Valeev, V.A.; Khomenko, S.A.; Gladchenko, G.O., 1977:
Investigation of the action of magnesium ions on the thermal denaturation of dna

Wales, P.J.; Mendoza, C.E., 1970:
Investigation on determination and confirmation of dyrene added to plant extracts gas liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography of dyrene and products of its reaction in methanolic sodium hydroxide

Prinzinger, R.; Hund, K., 1975:
Investigations of the body temperature and metabolism of the red crossbill loxia curvirostra curvirostra

Burlacu, G.; Salageanu, N.; Paraschiv, P.; Baltac, M.; Ionila, D.; Moisa Grossu, D., 1969:
Investigations on the biological value of proteins in the green algae chlamydomonas reinhardi administered in the food of white rats

Soczewinski, E.; Bieganowska, M., 1969:
Investigations on the relationship between molecular structure and inst chromatographic parameters part 1 2 homologous series of pyridine derivatives suitable as reference compounds in liquid liquid partition inst chromatography

Grandjean, E.M.; Karlaganis, G.; Noelpp, U.; Roesler, H.; Paumgartner, G., 1978:
Iodine 123 labeled cholyl glycyl histamine a new agent for hepato biliary scanning and studies of bile acid transport

Blevins, D.G.; Hiatt, A.J., 1972:
Ionic balance in barley seedlings treated with potassium nitrate or potassium chloride

Corrigan D.; Timoney R.F.; Donnelly D.M.X., 1978:
Iridoids and alkanes in 12 species of galium and asperula

Karsh, R.; Monty, R.A., 1972:
Irrelevant information irregularity and the pacing of rehearsal in sequential short term memory

Berndorfer, A., 1970:
Is peri natal mortality a malformation

Asbury, A.K.; Martin, D.B., 1969:
Ischemic neuropathies associated with diabetes mellitus

Williams, L.S., 1975:
Iso leucine valine and leucine transfer rna of a temperature sensitive regulatory mutant of escherichia coli

L.T.M., 1974:
Isolation and characterization of a glyco protein from goat erythrocyte membrane

Bolotin, C.; Morris, S.; Tack, B.; Prahl, J., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of subunits of human complement c 4

Anonymous, 1971:
Isolation and partial characterization of d cyclo serine and o carbamyl d serine resistant mutants of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Amir, S.M., 1969:
Isolation and study of a poly saccharide from calotropis procera d

Carpenter, C.B., 1977:
Isolation of a soluble immune response associated lymphocyte determined like antigen in the rat

Kushner, S.R.; Nagaishi, H.; Clark, A.J., 1974:
Isolation of exo nuclease viii the enzyme associated with the sbca indirect suppressor

Anonymous, 1969:
Isolation of nuclei from euglena gracilis

Cestelli, A.M.; Albeggiani, G.; Allotta, S.; Vittorelli, M.L., 1975:
Isolation of the plasma membrane from sea urchin embryos

Stabler, R.M.; Kitzmiller, N.J., 1972:
Isospora petrochelidon new species protozoa eimeriidae from the cliff swallow petrochelidon pyrrhonota

Tsunematsu, Y., 1970:
Japanese federation of culture collections

Burns D.A.; Sarkany I., 1978:
Junctional nevi following toxic epidermal necrolysis

Puech, S., 1975:
Karyologic contribution to the study of teucrium of the section polium in the western mediterranean basin

Levitt J.M.; Goldstein J., 1971:
Kerato mycosis due to allescheria boydii

Rasch, P.J.; Burke, R.K., 1974:
Kinesiology and applied anatomy the science of human movement

Faeder E.J.; Hammes G.G., 1971:
Kinetic studies of tryptophan synthetase interaction of l serine indole and tryptophan with the native enzyme

Wilkoff L.J.; Dulmadge E.A.; Lloyd H.H., 1972:
Kinetics of effect of 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine its 5 palmitoyl ester 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl uracil and tritiated thymidine on the viability of cultured leukemia l 1210 cells

Caro, R.A.; Ciscato, V.A.; Radicella, R., 1970:
Kinetics of the phagocytosis of radio gold colloids by the res in the rat

Wardle, N.; Anderson, A.J.; James, O., 1978:
Kupffer cell phagocytosis in relation to bromsulfophthalein clearance in liver disease

Janecki, J., 1971:
Labeling of serum proteins with indo cyanine green as a laboratory test in the diagnosis of liver diseases

Wolff, B.B.; Kantor, T.G.; Cohen, P., 1976:
Laboratory pain induction methods for human analgesic assays

Ostrand-rosenberg, S., 1976:
Lack of identity of the A antigen and concanavalin A receptor on bovine erythrocytes; implications for membrane structure

Kuznetsova, T.V., 1972:
Lactic dehydrogenase of the blood plasma and amniotic fluid in pregnant women during physiological labor and uterine inertia

Dowling, HG.; Gilboa, I., 1977:
Landmarks in herpetology

Anonymous, 1969:
Larva and pupa of pyanisia tristis from alabama coleoptera tenebrionidae

Laird, M.G.; Andrews, P.B.; Kyle, P.; Jennings, P., 1972:
Late cambrian fossils and the age of the ross orogeny antarctica

Sotnikova, L.G.; Mayanskii, D.N., 1970:
Late toxemia of pregnancy as an immunological problem

Hebert, J.A.; Watts, A.B.; Goodling, A.C.; Woodward, R.S., 1978:
Laying performance of pullets raised in cages or on the floor

Anonymous, 1972:
Leaf variations in vaquelinia californica d populations of arizona usa

Pauly Laubry, C.; Caramanian, M.; Bouchard, F.; Espinal, M., 1971:
Left ventricle right auricle communication 14 observations

Ponomarenko, U.P., 1973:
Length and age of the lofoten barents sea cod in 1971

Sakata E.; Takahashi K., 1975:
Lesions of the vertical and horizontal systems in the optico kinetic vestibular system

Raghavan, S.S.; Topol, J.; Kolodny, E.H., 1978:
Leukocyte beta glucosidase in gauchers disease

Nett, T.M.; Holtan, D.W.; Estergreen, V.L., 1975:
Levels of luteinizing hormone prolactin and estrogens in the serum of post partum mares

Bain, O.; Durette Desset M C., 1973:
Life cycle of skrjabinofilaria skrjabini a south american marsupial filaria systematic position

Connelly, T.G.; Aggarwal, S.K., 1969:
Light and electron microscope observations on auto grafted and homo grafted pituitaries of the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

Colman, D.R.; Scalia, F.; Cabrales, E., 1976:
Light microscopic and electron microscopic observations on the anterograde transport of horseradish peroxidase in the optic pathway in the mouse and rat

Chien, C.; Ingraham, J.S., 1975:
Limitation on the production of anti arsanilic acid antibodies of allotype a 3 in the a 1 a 3 hetero zygous but not in the a 3 homo zygous offspring of a 1 a 3 rabbits having this limitation

Bleiberg, J.; Brodkin, R.H., 1969:
Linear unilateral basal cell nevus with comedones

Carton, M.; Dousset, N.; Douste Blazy, L., 1973:
Lipid composition of the light plasma beta lipo proteins after total irradiation of the rabbit

Wood, R.; Falch, J., 1973:
Lipids of cultured hepatoma cells part 2 effect of media lipids on cellular phospho lipids

Honigberg, I.L.; Stewart, J.T.; Smith, A.P.; Hester, D.W., 1975:
Liquid chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis part 3 separation of diuretic anti hypertensive mixtures

Mohamed, P.A., 1971:
Litsomentol a new tetra cyclic tri terpene

Nordlie, R.C., 1972:
Liver microsomal glucose 6 phosphatase ec 3139 protection by inhibitors and substrates against thermal inactivation

Tatevossian, A., 1973:
Local effect of rinses on plaque composition part 1 collection storage and chemical analysis of plaque fluid

Anonymous, 1977:
Localization of aryl sulfatase in a spermatozoon lacking an acrosome

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