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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 39

Section 39 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Goodpaster, W., 1941:
Birds of south -western Ohio

Marisova, IV.; Talposh, VS., 1984:
Birds of the Ukraine field guide

Bechervaise, J., 1961:
Birds under the ground

Weinkauff, H.C., 1885:
Bissoina and Rissoa in Kusterg Conch Cab concluded

Currie, P.W.F., 1949:
Black Red-starts in the London area, 1948

Tyler, S.J.; Hearn, R., 2007:
Black swifts Apus barbatus in the Okavango?

Ralfe, P.G., 1906:
Blackbird laying twice in the same nest

Daget, Jacques., 1992:

Namikawa, T.; Amano, T.; Okada, I.; Hasnath, MA., 1988:
Blood groups and genetic variants of blood protein-enzymes in the Bangladesh native cattle and gayals

Wurzel, M.; Blair, D.C.; Zweifach, B.W.C.aig, L.C.; Taylor, W.I., 1967:
Blood-borne factors affecting vascular tone

Hattour, A.; Macias, D., 2002:
Bluefin tuna maturity in Tunisian waters a preliminary approach

Phifer, CB.; Prior, DJ., 1985:
Body hydration and haemolymph osmolality affect feeding and its neural correlate in the terrestrial gastropod, Limax maximus

Thompson, GG.; Pianka, ER. de Boer, M., 1999:
Body temperatures of an arboreal monitor lizard, Varanus tristis Squamata Varanidae, during the breeding season

Wagner, DL., 1985:
Bombus bifarius foraging at aphid honeydew Apidae

Shiino, M., 1933:
Bopyrids from Tanabe Bay

Martins, M.; Spina, F.; Monteiro, C.; Sawaya, R.J.; Ariedi-Junior, V.R., 2003:
Bothrops alternatus urutu predation

Anon., 1942:
Bovine trichomoniasis in Great Britain

Carus, J.V., 1889:
Brachiostomata Molluscoidea Brachiopoda

Nowicki, S.; Searcy, WA.; Peters, S., 2002:
Brain development, song learning and mate choice in birds a review and experimental test of the nutritional stress hypothesis

Huttinger, E., 1980:
Braula hansruttneri sp n, eine neue Bienenlaus aus Osterreich Braulidae, Diptera

Maochline, J., 1965:
Breeding and fecundity of Praunus inermis Crustacea, Mysidacea

Pedersen, Hans Chr., 1997:
Breeding biology of hen harriers Circus cyaneus at Dovrerefjell during years of low small mammal density

Minnemann, D., 1984:
Breeding birds of prey at the East Berlin Zoo

Moller, AP., 1983:
Breeding habitat selection in the swallow Hirundo rustica

Dean, A.W.S., 1965:
Breeding of pink-footed geese

MacDonald, S.D.; Macpherson, A.H., 1962:
Breeding places of the Ivory Gull in Arctic Canada

Rutberg, AT.; Rohwer, S., 1980:
Breeding strategies of male yellow-headed blackbirds results of a removal experiment

Wylie, SR., 1976:
Breeding the mottled owl at the St Louis Zoo

Sera, G.L., 1914:
Brevi note sopra un femore umano fossile dell America meridionale

Irby, L.H., 1892:
British Birds, Key List Second Edition

Singh, S.N.; Kalia, P., 1969:
Bronnimannina-a new genus of Foraminifera from the Middle Kirthars of Shrikolayatji area, Bikaner, Rajesthan

Kruger, K., 1967 :
Brut der Wacholderdrossel, Turdus pilaris, in Perleberg

Philips, JR.; Norton, RA., 1978:
Bubophilus ascalaphus gen et sp n Acarina Syringophilidae from the quills of a great horned owl Bubo virginianus

Smith, EM., 1974:
Bumble bees in the Lothians 1973 Journal Edinburgh nat

Hellmayr, C.E., 1910:
Buthraupis aureocincta and B melanochlamys spp n described

Pettit, GR.; Houghton, LE.; Rogers, NH.; Coomes, RM.B.rger, DF.; Reucroft, PR.; Day, JF.; Hartwell, JL.; Wood, H.B.; Jr., 1972:
Butterfly wing antineoplastic agents

McArdle, K.; Allen, T.S.C.; Bucher, E.A., 1998:
Ca2+-dependent muscle dysfunction caused by mutation of the Caenorhabditis elegans troponin T-1 gene

Sars, G.O., 1920:
Calanoides recucillis pendant les campagnes de S A S le Prinoe Albert de Monaco Nouveau supplement

Scott, M.P.llissier.; Gladstein, D.S., 1993:
Calculating males? an empirical and theoretical examination of the duration of paternal care in burying beetles

Wijnalda, I., 1987:
Calopteryx splendens

Anonymous., 1995:
Campaign for the protection of the last endemic doves in the Canaries Campana en defensa de las ultimas palomas endemicas de Canarias

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1895:
Canadian Coccidae, I

Gordon, DP.; Ballantine, WJ., 1976:
Cape Rodney to Okakirt Point Marine Reserve Review of knowledge and bibliography to December 1976

Gruchet, H., 1977:
Capture de 3 albatros a la Reunion

Zamatailov, AS., 1990:
Carabus Archiptectes miroshnikovi Zamatajlov, nom n pro C A hephaestus Zamotailov, 1988

Gordon, HT., 1974:
Carbohydrate utilization and phagostimulation in Oncopeltus fasciatus

Marvin, D.E.; Heath, A.G., 1968:
Cardiac and respiratory responses to gradual hypoxia in three ecologically distinct species of freshwater fish

Stingo, V., 1976:
Cariologia di due torpedini italiane

Romer, A.S., 1942:
Cartilagean embryonic adaptation

Dater, E.E., 1954:
Casting of a Plicated Woodpecker

Cabrera, A., 1911:
Catalogo sinonmico de los Felidae sudamericanos

Zimina, LV., 1976:
Catalogue of Conopidae Diptera from the Palaearctic

Lewis, James., 1869:
Catalogue of the Shells of the Coosa River, Alabama

Hoffman, K.H., 1976:
Catalytic efficiency and structural properties of invertebrate muscle pyruvate kinases correlation with body temperature and oxygen consumption rates

Carlotto, G.A., 1918:
Cattura di un Cursorius gallicus nel Veronese

Tavares, J.S., 1930:
Cecidia nova seu quae hucusque in Peninsula iberica non innotuerant

Lesseps, R.J., 1963:
Cell surface projections Their role in the aggregation of embryonic chick cells as revealed by electron microscopy

Wytwer, Jolanta., 2000:
Centipede Chilopoda communities of some forest habitats of Puszcza Bialowieska in Poland

Matzke, Manfred., 1999:
Cernuella neglecta Draparnaud - what has happened to the populations of the sixties and seventies in the city of Halle an der Saale? Cernuella neglecta Draparnaud - was ist aus den Populationen der sechziger und siebziger Jahre im Stadtgebiet von Halle an der Saale geworden?

Necas, Petr., 2004:
Chamaeleons Brightly coloured jewels of nature 3rd revised edition Chamaeleons bunte Juwelen der Natur 3 verbesserte und ueberarbeitete Auflage

Ward, S.; Harrison, P., 2000:
Changes in gametogenesis and fecundity of acroporid corals that were exposed to elevated nitrogen and phosphorus during the ENCORE experiment

Balushkina, E.V.; Finogenova, N.P., 2003:
Changes in the benthic community structure and assessment of the water quality and the state of the ecosystems of Neva Bay and the eastern Gulf of Finland in 1994-2001

Kelly, D.J.; Jellyman, D.J., 2007 :
Changes in trophic linkages to shortfin eels Anguilla australis since the collapse of submerged macrophytes in Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand

Ouellet, Patrick., 1997:
Characteristics and vertical distribution of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua eggs in the northern Gulf of St Lawrence, and the possible effect of cold water temperature on recruitment

Cummins, S.F.; Nichols, A.E.; Amare, A.; Hummon, A.B.; Sweedler, J.V.; Nagle, G.T., 2004:
Characterization of Aplysia enticin and temptin, two novel water-borne protein pheromones that act in concert with attractin to stimulate mate attraction

Stiles, B.; Burand, JP.; Meda, M.; Wood, HA., 1983:
Characterization of gypsy moth Lymantria dispar nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Zeddam, J-L.; Berrebi, P.; Renaud, F.; Raibaut, A.; Gabrion, C., 1988:
Characterization of two species of Lepeophtheirus Copepoda, Caligidae from flatfishes Description of Lepeophtheirus europaensis sp nov

Bonin, F.; Devaux, B.; Dupre, A., 1996:
Chelonia of the world Toutes les tortues du monde

Sokolov, VE.; Zinkevich, EP., 1978:
Chemical signalization in mammals

Cavalier-Smith, T.; Allsopp, MTEP.; Chao, EE., 1994:
Chimeric conundra are nucleomorphs and chromists monophyletic or polyphyletic?

Misenhelter, M.D.; Rotenberry, J.T., 2000:
Choices and consequences of habitat occupancy and nest site selection in sage sparrows

Silva, APZ.; Haddad, CFB.; Kasahara, S., 2000:
Chromosomal studies on five species of the genus Leptodactylus Fitzinger, 1826 Amphibia, Anura using differential staining

Eddleman, WR.; Knopf, FL.; Patterson, GT., 1985:
Chronology of migration by American coots in Oklahoma

Helfrich, C.; Engelmann, W.; Cymborowski, B., 1985:
Circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in Musca continues after severance of optic tracts

Zavortink, TJ., 1990:
Classical taxonomy of mosquitoes - a memorial to John N Belkin

Hoffmann, A.A.; Weeks, A.R., 2007:
Climatic selection on genes and traits after a 100 year-old invasion a critical look at the temperate-tropical clines in Drosophila melanogaster from eastern Australia

Sun, D.-jun.; Liu, S.-shan.; Yang, C.-wei.; Zhao, Y.-zhuo.; Chang, S.-fang.; Yan, W.-qun., 2005:
Cloning and sequence analysis of serine proteinase of Gloydius ussuriensis venom gland

Donovan, BJ., 1976:
Co-operative material penetration by Melittobia hawaiiensis Hymenoptera Eulophidae and its adaptive significance

Johansen, F., 1992:
Coenonympha arcania on Ski

Genise, J.F.; Laza, J.H.; Fernandez, W.; Frogoni, J., 2002:
Coleopteran fossil pupal chambers the ichnogenus Rebuffoichnus Roselli Camaras pupales fosiles de coleopteros el ichnogenero Rebuffoichnus Roselli

van Deursen, CGM.; Luntz, R., 1994:
Colonisation of South Kennemerland by the buzzard Buteo buteo, goshawk Accipiter gentilis and honey buzzard Pernis apivorus Kolonisatie van Zuid-Kennemerland door buizerd Buteo buteo, havik Accipiter gentilis en wespendief Pernis apivorus

Menne, D.; Spatz, H-C., 1977:
Colour vision in Drosophila melanogaster

Stebnicka, ZT., 1995:
Comments on the proposed conservation of the specific names of Aphodius rufus Moll, 1782, A foetidus Herbst, 1783 and Aegialia rufa Fabricius, 1792 Insecta, Coleoptera

Tavares, LER.; Luque, J L.; Bicudo, AJA., 2005:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of the anchovy Anchoa tricolor Osteichthyes Engraulidae from the coastal zone of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Younossi-Hartenstein, A.; Hartenstein, V., 2000:
Comparative approach to developmental analysis The case of the dalyellid flatworm, Gieysztoria superba

Vick, B.A.; Charlet, L.D., 1996:
Comparative fatty acid composition and metabolism in larvae of the red and of the gray sunflower seed weevils Coleoptera Curculionidae

Tchikilevskaya, I.V. ., 1969:
Comparative number of arthropods in the nests of insectivorous mammals

Phelan, PL.; Baker, TC., 1990:
Comparative study of courtship in twelve phycitine moths Lepidoptera Pyralidae

Boere, V.; Pinheiro, EC. de Oliveira e Silva, I.; Paludo, GR.; Pianta, T.; Welker, A.; Rocha-de-Moura, RC.; Canale, G., 2005:
Comparison between sex and age class on some physiological, thermal, and hematological indices of the cerrados marmoset Callithrix penicillata

L.M.r, K.; McArthur, C., 2005:
Comparison of habitat selection by two sympatric macropods, Thylogale billardierii and Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus, in a patchy eucalypt-forestry environment

Muramoto, K.; Jin, D.-Hao.; Niino, Y.; Fujiwara, K.; Kabuto, S.; Ogawa, T.; Toda, M.; Kamiya, H., 2001:
Comparison of the amino acid sequences of acorn barnacle lectins showing different inhibitory activities toward the crystal growth of calcium carbonate

Terra, WR.; Ferreira, C.; Baker, JE., 1996:
Compartmentalization of digestion

Hagiwara, K.; Sakai, T.; Miwa, A.; Kawai, N.; Nakajima, T., 1990:
Complete amino acid sequence of a new type of neurotoxin from the venom of the spider, Agelena opulenta

Hudson, GJ.; Bailey, PA.; John, PMV.; Monsalve, L.; Garcia del Campo, A-L.; Taylor, DC.; Kay, JDS., 1984:
Composition of milk from Ailuropoda melanoleuca, the giant panda

Gruia, Magdalena., 1999:
Concerning some Onychiuridae species Apterygota, Collembola from the shafts in the Retezat Mountains Romania, alpine area

Myer, YP.; Barnard, EA.; Pal, PK., 1979:
Conformation of functionally homologous proteins Turtle and bovine ribonucleases

Ellis, JA.; Walter, AD.; Tooker, JF.; Ginzel, MD.; Reagel, PF.; Lacey, ES.; Bennett, AB.; Grossman, EM.; Hanks, L M., 2005:
Conservation biological control in urban landscapes manipulating parasitoids of bagworm Lepidoptera Psychidae with flowering forbs

Mohri, M.; Nishida, T., 2002:
Consideration on horizontal and vertical distribution of adult yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares in the Indian Ocean based on the Japanese tuna longline fisheries information

Rettich, F., 1978:
Contact toxicity of some organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids to adults of Anopheles messeae

Yosef, R.; Carrel, J.E.; Eisner, T., 1996:
Contrasting reactions of loggerhead shrikes to two types of chemically defended insect prey

van der Smissen, Jane., 1998:
Contribution to the aculeate fauna of central and southern Schleswig-Holstein and neighbouring area in Mecklenburg and Lower Saxony Hymenoptera Aculeata Apidae, Chrysididae, Scolioidea, Vespidae, Pompilidae, Sphecidae Beitrag zur Stechimmenfauna des mittleren und sudlichen Schleswig-Holstein und angrenzender Gebiete in Mecklenburg und Lower Saxony Hymenoptera Aculeata Apidae, Chrysididae, Scolioidea, Vespidae, Pompilidae, Sphecidae

Carbonell, F., 1996:
Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Agrodiaetus Hubner 1822 Agrodiaetus lycius n sp in southern Turkey, Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Contribution a la connaissance du genre Agrodiaetus Hubner 1822 Agrodiaetus lycius n sp en Turquie meridionale, Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Poynton, J.C., 1961:
Contribution to the zoogeography of southern Africa

Omata, K., 1989:
Control mechanisms of larval diapause and quiescence in Trogus mactator, an endoparasite of papilionids

Grochowska, Maria., 2005:
Controversy on the morphology of external gall of Lipara rufitarsis Loew, 1858 Diptera Chloropidae Kontrowersje wokol wygladu zewnetrznego galasu Lipara rufitarsis Loew, 1858 Diptera Chloropidae

Hayasaka, I., 1933:
Coptothyris grayi aomoriensis fossilis

Harrison, S.; Quinn, JF., 1989:
Correlated environments and the persistence of metapopulations

Fernandez-Garayzabal, J.F.; Vela, AI.; Egido, R.; Hutson, RA.; Lanzarot, MP.F.rnandez-Garcia, M.; Collins, MD., 2004:
Corynebacterium ciconiae sp nov, isolated from the trachea of black storks Ciconia nigra

Collins, MF.; Hewitt, JK., 1985:
Courtships between and within inbred lines of Drosophila melanogaster

Strong, CP., 2000:
Cretaceous-Tertiary foraminiferal succession at Flaxbourne River, Marlborough, New Zealand

Fussmann, G.F.; Ellner, S.P.; Shertzer, K.W.; Hairston, N.G.; Jr., 2000:
Crossing the Hopf bifurcation in a live predator-prey system

Watanabe, Y.; Yang, C.; Ooi, H., 2005:
Cryptosporidium infection in livestock and first identification of Cryptosporidium parvum genotype in cattle feces in Taiwan

Matsuda, M., 1981:
Cultures of amphibian neural crest cell aggregates

Baden, H.P.; Szabo, G.; Cohen, J., 1966:
Cutaneous melanocyte system of the indigo snake Drymarchon corais

Steiniger, H.; Eitschberger, U., 1996:
Cynthia cardui and Vanessa atalanta 1994 Cynthia cardui und Vanessa atalanta 1994

Kerremans, P.; Bourtzis, K.; Zacharopoulou, A., 1990:
Cytogenetic analysis of three genetic sexing strains of Ceratitis capitata

Mantovani, A.; Polentarutti, N.; Peri, G.; Martinotti, G.; Landolfo, S., 1981:
Cytotoxicity of human peripheral blood monocytes against Trichomonas vaginalis

Belver, L.C.; Avila, L.J., 2001:
Daily and seasonal activity patterns of Cnemidophorus longicaudus Squamata, Teiidae, Teiinae in the north of La Rioja, Argentina Ritmo de actividad diario y estacional de Cnemidophorus longicaudus Squamata, Teiidae, Teiinae en el norte de la Rioja, Argentina

Sosna, E., 1990:
Das Feuermaul und seine engsten Verwandten

Muskens, GJDM.; Klees, DJC.; Broekhuizen, S., 2000:
Day hides of a male pine marten Martes martes on the SE Veluwe Dagrustplaatsgebruik van een boommartermannetje Martes martes op de zuidoostelijke Veluwe

Kapitola, J.; Kuchel, O.; Schreiberova, O.; Jahoda, I., 1968:
Decreased thyroid radioiodine uptake after diazoxide in rats

Gracia-Garza, JA.; Reeleder, RD.; Paulitz, TC., 1997:
Degradation of sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by fungus gnats Bradysia coprophila and the biocontrol fungi Trichoderma spp

Marshal, J.P.; Lesicka, L.M.; Bleich, V.C.; Krausman, P.R.; Mulcahy, G.P.; Andrew, N.G., 2006:
Demography of desert mule deer in southeastern California

Sherron, DA.; Wright, CG.; Ross, MH.; Farrier, MH., 1982:
Density, fecundity, homogeneity, and embryonic development of German cockroach Blattella germanica L populations in kitchens of varying degrees of sanitation Dictyoptera Blattellidae

Forel, A., 1878:
Der Giftapparat und die Analdrusen der Ameisen

Swart, A.; Bogale, M.; Tiedt, LR., 2000:
Description of Aphelenchoides ensete sp n Nematoda Aphelenchoididae from Ethiopia

Maia, V.Cid, 2004:
Description of a new species of Bruggmannia Tavares Diptera, Cecidomyiidae associated with Guapira opposita Veil Reitz Nyctaginaceae from Brazil

Nelson, C.H.; Tarter, D.C.L.ttle, M.L., 1977:
Description of the adult male of Allonarcys comstocki Smith Plecoptera Pteronarcidae

Graney, LSO.; Bird, GW., 1990:
Descriptions and comparative morphology of Cactodera milleri n sp Nematoda Heteroderidae and Cactodera cacti with a review and key to the genus Cactodera

Salvadori, T., 1878:
Descrizione di trentuna specie nuove di Uccelli della sottoregione papuana,e note intorno ad altre poco conosciute

de Leon, J.H.; Jones, W.A., 2004:
Detection of DNA Polymorphisms in Homalodisca coagulata Homoptera Cicadellidae by polymerase chain reaction-based DNA fingerprinting methods

Gursky, Sharon., 2002:
Determinants of gregariousness in the spectral tarsier Prosimian Tarsius spectrum

Amar, A.; Redpath, SM., 2002:
Determining the cause of the hen harrier decline on the Orkney Islands An experimental test of two hypotheses

Little, S.E.; Dawson, J.E.; Lockhart, J.; Mitchell.; Stallknecht, D.E.; Warner, C.K.; Davidson, W.R., 1997:
Development and use of specific polymerase reaction for the detection of an organism resembling Ehrlichia sp in white-tailed deer

Klein, M.; Levski, S.; Keren, S., 1983:
Development of artificial diets for laboratory rearing of larvae of the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana

Mobbs, PG., 1979:
Development of the dorsal ocelli of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria Forsk Orthoptera Acrididae

Ba, A.S.; Guo, D.-An.; Norton, R.A.; Phillips, S.A.; Jr.; Nes, W.; David., 1995:
Developmental differences in the sterol composition of Solenopsis invicta

Serra, G., 1934:
Di una nuova specie di Phyllocrinus del Neocomiano della Sicilia

Chin, T.G.; Wu, C.S., 1950:
Diatoms in the intestines of Amoy Sipunculida Annelida Gephyrea-the food of Sipunculida

Hertwig, O., 1883:
Die Entwicklung des mittleren Keimblattes der Wirbelthiere

Zajonc, I., 1961:
Die Regenwurmer Oligochaeta Lumbricidae des Kreisgebietes Banska Bystrica

Seeliger, O., 1889:
Die ungeschlechtliche Vermehrung der andoprokten Bryozoen

Tsikhon-Lukanina, EA.; Reznichenko, OG.; Lukasheva, TA., 1999:
Diet diversity of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi Ctenophora, Lobata from a Black Sea bay

Reynolds, JD.; Blackith, RE.; Blackith, RM., 1988:
Dietary observations on some tetrigids Orthoptera Caelifera from Sulawesi Indonesia

Greenberg, J.; Nadel, E.M.; Coatney, G.R., 1954:
Differences in survival of several inbred strains of mice and their hybrids infected with Plasmodium berghei

MacRae, IV.; Croft, BA., 1996:
Differential impact of egg predation by Zetzellia mali Acari Stigmaeidae on Metaseiulus occidentalis and Typhlodromus pyri Acari Phytoseiidae

Mieszczanek, J.; Wedrychowicz, H., 1999:
Differentiation of two dog hookworm species using PCR

Popkhaodze, M.V., 1959:
Dimorphism in Brachiopoda

Blaustein, L.; Kotler, B.P.; Ward, D., 1995:
Direct and indirect effects of a predatory backswimmer Notonecta maculata on community structure of desert temporary pools

Kadenatzi, A.N.; Strelchik, V.A., 1962:
Discovery of Haemonchus similis in USSR

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 1 The great significance of vectors in world wide disease Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 1 Vektoren haben grosse Bedeutung im weltweiten Krankheitsgeschehen

Safranyik, L.; Shore, TL.; Linton, DA.; Taylor, SP., 1995:
Dispersal of the spruce beetle, Dendroctonus rufipennis Kirby Col, Scolytidae from an experimental log deck

Wood, B.; Washino, R.; Beck, L.; Hibbard, K.; Pitcairn, M.; Roberts, D.; Rejmankova, E.; Paris, J.; Hacker, C. et al., 1991:
Distinguishing high and low anopheline-producing rice fields using remote sensing and GIS technologies

Yangolenko, EI.; Filipchuk, NS., 1983:
Distribution and ecology of the lesser mole rat in the Ukraine

Mustafic, P.; Caleta, M.; Mrakovcic, M.; Buj, I.; Zanella, D.; Misetic, S., 2005:
Distribution and status of the genus Gobio in Croatia

Krohmer, R.W.; Bieganski, G.J.; Baleckaitis, D.D.; Harada, N.; Balthazart, J., 2002:
Distribution of aromatase immunoreactivity in the forebrain of red-sided garter snakes at the beginning of the winter dormancy

Hermes, R., 1985:
Distribution of neustonic larvae of hakes Urophycis spp and fourbeard rockling Enchelyopus cimbrius in the Georges Bank area

King, JA.; Snow, M.; Smail, DA.; Raynard, RS., 2001:
Distribution of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus in wild fish species of the North Sea, north east Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea

Guarisco, Hank., 1999:
Distributional status and natural history observations of the genus Argyrodes Araneae Theridiidae in Kansas

Brand, R.H.; Dunn, C.P., 1998:
Diversity and abundance of springtails Insecta Collembola in native and restored tallgrass prairies

Elsner, R.; Oyasaeter, S.; Almaas, R.; Saugstad, O.D.drik., 1998:
Diving seals, ischemia-reperfusion and oxygen radicals

Rendell, L.; Whitehead, H., 2004:
Do sperm whales share coda vocalizations? Insights into coda usage from acoustic size measurement

Rochet, Marie-Joelle., 2000:
Does the concept of spawning per recruit make sense?

Todd, P.W.; Lyman, J.T.A.mer, R.A., 1968:
Dosimetry and apparatus for heavy ion irradiation of mammalian cells in vitro

Callaerts, P.; Leng, S.; Clements, J.; Benassayag, C.; Cribbs, D.; Kang, YY.; Walldorf, U.; Fischbach, K-F.; Strauss, R., 2001:
Drosophila Pax-6/eyeless is essential for normal adult brain structure and function

Fulton, G.R., 2005:
Dusky woodswallows Artamus cyanopterus collaborate to kleptoparasitize a restless flycatcher Myiagra inquieta

Williams, KS.; Smith, KG., 1991:
Dynamics of periodical cicada chorus centers Homoptera Cicadidae Magicicada

Olson, E.C., 1967:
Early Permian vertebrates of Oklahoma

Ivask, M.; Truu, J.; Kuu, A.; Truu, M.ka; Leito, A., 2007:
Earthworm communities of flooded grasslands in Matsalu, Estonia

Ludwig, H., 1879:

Keast, A. ., 1981:
Ecological biogeography of Australia

Borges, D.S.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Mariano, C.S.; Pompolo, S.G., 2004:
Ecological notes and cytogenetic study on the Neotropical ant Heteroponera dolo Roger, 1861 Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Heteroponerinae Notes ecologiques et etude cytogenetique de la fourmi neotropicale Heteroponera dolo Roger, 1861 Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Heteroponerinae

Polikarpov, GG.; Tsytsugina, VG.; Risik, NS.; Radchenko, LA.; Temirova, SI.; Fedorik, SM., 1988:
Ecologo-genetic indicators near the Crimea Nuclear Power Station and prospects of using heated waste water for rearing Artemia

Hutchings, P.; Saenger, P., 1987:
Ecology of mangroves

Rabalais, N.N.; Atilla, N.; Normandeau, C.; Turner, R.; Eugene, 2004:
Ecosystem history of Mississippi River-influenced continental shelf revealed through preserved phytoplankton pigments

Kovacs, P.; Kohidai, L.; Csaba, G., 1997:
Effect of 3-amino-1-propanol on the phosphatidylinositol PI and glycosyl phosphatidylinositol GPI systems of Tetrahymena

Busby, DG.; Pearce, PA.; Garrity, NR.; Reynolds, LM., 1983:
Effect of an organophosphorus insecticide on brain cholinesterase activity in white-throated sparrows exposed to aerial forest spraying

Neraliya, S.; Srivastava, US., 2000:
Effect of crude extract of Australian bottlebrush, Callistemon lanceolatus Myrtaceae on fecundity and reproductive organ of mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus

Ostojic, Aleksandar M., 2000:
Effect of eutrophication on changes in the composition of zooplankton in the Grosnica Reservoir Serbia, Yugoslavia

Redmer, J.S.; Wallin, K.F.; Raffa, K.F., 2001:
Effect of host tree seasonal phenology on substrate suitability for the pine engraver Coleoptera Scolytidae implications for population dynamics and enemy free space

Jaworska, M.; Sepiol, J.; Tomasik, P., 1996:
Effect of metal ions under laboratory conditions on the entomopathogenic Steinernema carpocapsae Rhabditida Steinernematidae

Chabot, D.; Gagnon, P.; Dixon, E.A., 1996:
Effect of predator odors on heart rate and metabolic rate of wapiti Cervus elaphus canadensis

Roberts, SJ.; Pausch, RD.; Barney, RJ.; Armbrust, EJ., 1982:
Effect of spatial distribution on determining the number of samples required to estimate populations of Hypera postica, Sitona hispidulus, and Hypera punctata for specified probability and accuracy levels

Salam, Abdus., 2001:
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