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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 40

Section 40 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lampwick, D., 1975:
"'Tis not enough to help the feeble up..."

Cavallo, R.M., 1977:
"Copyright: what's the law?"

Nussbaum, K.; Kacsur, A.R.; Schneidmuhl, A.; Shaffer, J.W., 1976:
"Hidden" alcoholism among disability insurance applicants:prevalence and degree of impairment

Baumgart, F., 1990:
"Mixing" of implants, a basic problem

Rogawski, A.S., 1989:
"Reality" in the patient-analyst relationship

von Heijne, G., 1985:
"Theoretical experiments" on amino acid and nucleotide sequences: three case-studies

Crabb, J.J., 1990:
'Communication with deaf people in the surgery setting'

Tay, W.M., 1989:
'Resin-bonded bridges: a note of caution'

Berglund, S., 1992:
... To see ourselves as others see us

Cocchi, R.; Mastruzzo, A.; Ciccone, A.; Osvaldi, M.L., 1977:
1-glutamine and dipropylacetic acid as subsidiary psychotropic agents in the treatment of psychiatric in-patients. Effect on the neuroleptic consumption

Wenger, A., 1991:
12 theses on drug abuse

Verkerk, P.H.; Vaandrager, G.J.; Sengers, R.C., 1990:
15 years of national screening for phenylketonuria in The Netherlands; 4th Report of the National Commission for Management of Phenylketonuria

Yanaihara, N.; Yalow, R.S.; Schally, A.V.; Guillemin, R., 1978:
1977 Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology

Ragg, E.; Scaglioni, L.; Mondelli, R.; Carelli, I.; Casini, A.; Tortorella, S., 1991:
1H-, 13C-, 31P-NMR studies and conformational analysis of NADP+, NADPH coenzymes and of dimers from electrochemical reduction of NADP+

Daigle, M.; Malo, J.L., 1977:
2 cases of synchronous lung neoplasms

Ulbricht, H., 1991:
2-Aminooxazoles as potential H bonding agents in virostatic research. 2. 4,5-Diphenyloxazol-2-yl-hydrazone

DeMaria, A.N.; Hutter, A.M.; Hatlie, M.J.; Schiffer, H.M.; Yerkes, L., 1992:
23rd Bethesda conference: access to cardiovascular care. Task Force 4: Influence of private sector parties on access to cardiovascular care

Cunnac, M.; Magnaval, J.F.; Cayarci, D.; Leophonte, P., 1988:
3 cases of human syngamiasis in Guadeloupe

Krzywdziński, K.; Tomaszewska, H.; Witkowska, E., 1979:
3-year observation of patients with Stein-Leventhal syndrome after wedge-shaped resection of the ovaries

Gastó, C.; Vallejo, J.; Martínez de Osaba, M.J.; Oriola, J.; Rivera, F., 1988:
3H-serotonin fixation by human platelets: application to depression

Perry, T.L.; Jones, K.; Hansen, S.; Wall, R.A., 1987:
4-phenylpyridine and three other analogues of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine lack dopaminergic nigrostriatal neurotoxicity in mice and marmosets

Dull, B.J.; Salata, K.; Van Langenhove, A.; Goldman, P., 1987:
5-Aminosalicylate: oxidation by activated leukocytes and protection of cultured cells from oxidative damage

H?ltje, W.J.; Schwipper, V.; Klose, G.; Machner, T., 1992:
5-year survival rate of patients with squamous cell cancers of the mouth; a retrospective comparative study

Ondrejicka, M.; Virsík, K., 1975:
60th birthday of Assistant Prof. Karol Virsík, M.D

Anonymous, 1978:
80 years of activities

Vernon, D.R.; Macleod, J.M.; Kerr, J.W., 1976:
A 12-month double-blind assessment of betamethasone valerate aerosol in the management of asthma

Suzuki, M.; Uchiyama, A.; Kushida, K.; Horiuchi, K.; Takahashi, M.; Inoue, T., 1991:
A 60-kDa phosphorylated protein from fetal human bone

Veselsky, L.; Jonáková, V.; Cechová, D., 1985:
A Kunitz type of proteinase inhibitor isolated from boar seminal vesicle fluid

Kato, Y.; Tamanaha, S.; Ohkawa, S.; Yoshida, K.; Nagasawa, T.; Tsuru, H.; Tajima, H.; Ohtani, Y., 1985:
A bead-type retention device for light cured resins

Martín Peinador, A.; Rodríguez Gonzalez, R.; Marcos del Río, N.; Gallego Beuter, J.; Saiz Ayala, A., 1987:
A bone tumor in an adolescent

Powls, R.; Britton, G., 1976:
A carotenoprotein, containing violaxanthin, isolated from Scenedesmus obliquus D3

Tofilo, A.P.; Bakokina, L.V., 1990:
A case of Meyer-Betz's syndrome complicated by acute kidney failure

Naitoh, K.; Mory, H.; Hirose, T.; Matsumae, S.; Kanematsu, N., 1979:
A case of ameloblastoma on the maxilla

Br?tianu, A.; R?u?u, I.; M?rgineanu, I.; Burdea, M., 1975:
A case of chronic myeloid leukemia, associated with karyotype changes, in a child

Val'kova, I.V.; Moskvina, M.D., 1985:
A case of essential phthisis of both eyes

Matsumoto, Y.; Uemura, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Mizuno, H., 1986:
A case of immune-neutropenia with cytotoxic anti-neutrophil-antibody

Higashimoto, Y.; Himeno, S.; Kurokawa, M.; Shinomura, Y.; Kuroshima, T.; Okuno, M.; Kanayama, S.; Kawamoto, H.; Tsuji, K.; Kashimura, M., 1986:
A case of mesenteric gastrinoma identified six years after the diagnosis of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Hirooka, S.; Ishiwara, R., 1991:
A case of pericardial diverticulum with changing size

Hatakeyama, S.; Kawano, M.; Konosita, T.; Nomura, H.; Iwainaka, Y.; Koni, I.; Tofuku, Y.; Takeda, R.; Nisino, A.; Tokunaga, S., 1990:
A case of renal cell carcinoma associated with rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis

Miyachi, H.; Ryuzaki, M.; Shiraishi, M.; Nogami, W.; Furusugi, Y.; Katayama, T., 1986:
A case of systemic lupus erythematosus with renal vein thrombosis as the initial manifestation

Watanabe, H.; Fukuda, Y.; Ohtomo, Y.; Yabuta, K.; Hirano, K.; Tomino, Y., 1992:
A case report of chronic tubulo-interstitial nephritis

Bech, P.; Allerup, A., 1986:
A categorical approach to depression by a three-dimensional system

Knight, J.; Grantham-McGregor, S.; Ismail, S.; Ashley, D., 1991:
A child-to-child programme in rural Jamaica

Corsair, A., 1990:
A clinical evaluation of resorbable hydroxylapatite for the repair of human intra-osseous defects

Morikawa, S., 1975:
A clinico-pathological study of pulpal reaction of composite resin Concise with and without Copalite varnish

McGee, W.A.; Parkhurst, L.J., 1990:
A combined nuclear magnetic resonance and absorbance stopped-flow apparatus for biochemical studies

Pal, S.R.; Dutta, D.V.; Chitkara, N.L., 1975:
A comparative evaluation of rapid hemagglutination and discontinuous immunoelectro-osmophoresis methods for the detection of hepatitis B-antigen

Dacheva, V.; Dimov, D.M.; Nedialkova, V.; Koleva, P., 1990:
A comparative study of serum complement (C3 and C4) in inflammatory joint diseases

Hands, L.J.; Dudley, N.E., 1986:
A comparison between gap-length and Waterston classification as guides to mortality and morbidity after surgery for esophageal atresia

Wesson, M.D.; Mann, K.R.; Bray, N.W., 1990:
A comparison of cycloplegic refraction to the near retinoscopy technique for refractive error determination

Leung, K.B.; Flint, K.C.; Brostoff, J.; Hudspith, B.N.; Johnson, N.M.; Pearce, F.L., 1986:
A comparison of nedocromil sodium and sodium cromoglycate on human lung mast cells obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage and by dispersion of lung fragments

Kruse, J.; Phillips, D.M.; Wesley, R., 1990:
A comparison of the attitudes of obstetricians and family physicians toward obstetric practice, training, and hospital privileges of family physicians

Nelson, L.; Westwood, S.A.; Werrett, D.J., 1986:
A comparison of the sensitivity of typing group-specific component (Gc) and the phosphoglucomutase (PGM1) locus in control and casework bloodstains by three isoelectric focusing methods

Koehler, L.S.; Christides, P.S.; Adamec, T.A., 1978:
A complication of percutaneous cholangiography resulting in hypoxia and death of an anesthetized patient

Wichmann, H.E.; Loeffler, M.; Schmitz, S., 1988:
A concept of hemopoietic regulation and its biomathematical realization

Falkson, G.; van Eden, E.B., 1976:
A controlled clinical trial of fluorouracil plus imidazole carboxamide dimethyl triazeno plus vincristine plus bis-chloroethyl nitrosourea plus radiotherapy in stomach cancer

Cassedy, J.H.; Higgins, W.L., 1992:
A country doctor in Connecticut medicine and politics: William L. Higgins. 1867-1951

Broski, D.C., 1976:
A curriculum for faculty

Miller, E.K.; Fridovich, I., 1986:
A demonstration that O2- is a crucial intermediate in the high quantum yield luminescence of luminol

Ou Yang, Q.; Li, G.D.; Wang, Y.P., 1991:
A diagnostic approach to primary malignant lymphoma of the intestine

Mayon-White, V.A.; Jenkins, L.M.; Knight, A.H., 1986:
A district screening and treatment service for diabetic retinopathy

Russell, A.S.; Brisson, E.; Grace, M., 1978:
A double-blind, controlled trial of levamisole in the treatment of recurrent herpes labialis

Hazelton, R.A.; Cross, S.M.; Robert, G.; Strachan, N., 1986:
A family study of the prevalence of antibodies to the rheumatoid arthritis associated nuclear antigen (RANA)

Rosenthal, R.K.; Deutsch, S.D.; Miller, W.; Schumann, W.; Hall, J.E., 1975:
A fixed-ankle, below-the-knee orthosis for the management of genu recurvation in spastic cerebral palsy

Vahldieck, R.K.; Reeves, S.R.; Schmelzer, M., 1989:
A framework for planning public health nursing services to families

Majumdar, T.; Surolia, A., 1979:
A general method for isolation of galactopyranosyl-specific lectins

Evans, G.S., 1979:
A great therapeutic age

Peltola, T.J., 1992:
A high performance loupe

Watanabe, T.; Abe, T.; Tanaka, M.; Yasuura, K.; Hikosaka, H.; Suenaga, Y.; Hosokawa, H.; Yamada, T.; Sonoda, M., 1992:
A holder for right-angled metal cannula (Pacifico's venous cannula) for direct superior vena caval cannulation

Mignone, L.; Villani, L.; Zappi, L.; Paglia, A.; Mereu, C.; Ivaldi, P.; Verna, A., 1990:
A ketalar-propofol combination in laser surgery for removal of obstruction from the upper respiratory tract

McClary, C.; Pyeritz, E.; Bruce, W.; Henshaw, E., 1992:
A liberal arts health promotion course

Edwards, E.A.; Crawford, Y.E.; Pierce, W.E.; Peckinpaugh, R.O., 1976:
A longitudinal study of Mycoplasma pneumoniae: infections in Navy recruits by isolation and seroepidemiology

Stefanu, C.; Pate, M.L.; Farmer, T.A., 1976:
A management model to survey and analyze house staff effort

Vetrov, M.Iu.; Perfi'lev, V.V.; Manu?lov, G.M., 1989:
A medico-rehabilitation complex and physical therapy rehabilitation center at an industrial plant

Rowan, W.A.; Hammerstedt, R.H., 1977:
A method for measurement of the specific radioactivity of the choline moiety of choline phospholipids

Sugawara, M.; Nakano, K., 1987:
A method of analyzing regional myocardial function: mean wall stress-area strain relationship

Fujino, T.; Aoyagi, F., 1975:
A method of successive interrupted suturing in microvascular anastomoses

Blair, W.F.; Morecraft, R.J.; Steyers, C.M.; Maynard, J.A., 1989:
A microvascular anastomotic device: Part II. A histologic study in arteries and veins

Adams, P.R., 1975:
A model for the procaine end-plate current

Smith, R.; Kerman, R.; Ezdinli, E.; Stefani, S., 1975:
A modified assay for the detection of human adult active rosette forming lymphocytes

Caba?as, C.; Lacal, P.; Mollinedo, F.; López-Rivas, A.; Sánchez-Madrid, F.; Bernabeu, C., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody to CD11c antigen inhibits the production of superoxide anion induced by concanavalin A in PMA-differentiated U-937 cells

Park, Y.C.; Nishioka, T.; Arai, Y.; Tomoyoshi, T.; Kurita, T.; Hayashida, H.; Nagai, N.; Inoue, H.; Kataoka, K.; Kitagawa, Y., 1992:
A multicenter, fixed-flexible dose study of terazosin hydrochloride in the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy

Ducos, J., 1978:
A national society of blood transfusion. What for...?

Hadd, H.E., 1978:
A new and improved synthesis of 19-iodocholesterol 3-acetate

Vianey-Liaud, C.; Desjacques, P.; Gaulme, J.; Dorche, C.; Vanlieferinghen, P.; Dechelotte, P.; Divry, P., 1988:
A new case of isolated sulphite oxidase deficiency with rapid fatal outcome

Kurihara, K.; Hosoi, K.; Kodama, A.; Ueha, T., 1990:
A new electrophoretic variant of alpha subunit of Na+/K(+)-ATPase from the submandibular gland of rats

Azizlerli, G.; Ozarma?an, G.; Ovül, C.; Sarica, R.; Mustafa, S.O., 1992:
A new kind of skin lesion in Beh?et's disease: extragenital ulcerations

Scheuring, U.; Kollewe, K.; Haase, W.; Schubert, D., 1986:
A new method for the reconstitution of the anion transport system of the human erythrocyte membrane

Bartus, R.T., 1989:
A new orientation to an old problem: it's simply a matter of time

Chiou, W.L., 1986:
A new simple approach to study the effect of changes in urine flow and/or urine pH on renal clearance and its applications

Koncel, J.A., 1979:
A new tool for meeting management information needs

Finch, P.J.; Fallowfield, M.E., 1989:
A non-parametric grading system for intestinal metaplasia: correlations with gastric tissue enzymes

Chamberlain, R.S.; Herman, B.H., 1990:
A novel biochemical model linking dysfunctions in brain melatonin, proopiomelanocortin peptides, and serotonin in autism

Kobayashi, T.; Iino, K.; Hiraoka, T., 1977:
A novel synthetic rout to 7 alpha-methoxycephalosporins

Sittig, D.F.; Orr, J.A., 1992:
A parallel implementation of the backward error propagation neural network training algorithm: experiments in event identification

Chen, Y., 1992:
A perfusion system for high productivity of monoclonal antibody by hybridoma cells in a CelliGen bioreactor

Gentile, P.S.; Epremian, B.E.; Seeger, J.; Hamm, J.T.; Sheth, S.P., 1988:
A phase II trial of vinblastine, bleomycin, and cisplatin induction followed by dacarbazine and dibromodulcitol maintenance in the treatment of metastatic melanoma. A follow-up study of twenty-two patients

Perényi, A.; Goswami, U.; Frecska, E.; Majláth, E.; Barcs, G.; Kassay-Farkas, A., 1989:
A pilot study of the role of prophylactic antiparkinson treatment during neuroleptic therapy

Pierce, G.F., 1976:
A portable beam for mounting intensive care devices

Gibson, T.M., 1978:
A potential source of error in the calculation of some respiratory variables from measurements made with mass spectrometers

Jayabalan, M.; Raveendranath, M.; Shanmugam, J., 1992:
A preliminary study on the interaction of cell-polymer extract towards biodegradation

Shriver, D.A.; Dove, P.A.; White, C.B.; Sandor, A.; Rosenthale, M.E., 1977:
A profile of the gastrointestinal toxicity of aspirin, indomethacin, oxaprozin, phenylbutazone, and fentiazac in arthritic and Lewis normal rats

Atkinson, K.; Biggs, J.; Concannon, A.; Dodds, A.; Young, S.; Wilson, F.; Ashby, M.; Downs, K., 1991:
A prospective randomised trial of cyclosporin and methotrexate versus cyclosporin, methotrexate and prednisolone for prevention of graft-versus-host disease after HLA-identical sibling marrow transplantation for haematological malignancy

Trzepacz, P.T.; Brenner, R.; Van Thiel, D.H., 1989:
A psychiatric study of 247 liver transplantation candidates

Tanaka, H.; Santos, M.J.; Matsuda, H.; Yasuraoka, K.; Santos, A.T., 1975:
A quantitative sampling method for Oncomelania quadrasi by filter paper

Perkki?, M.; Hovi, L.; Rajantie, J.; Lanning, M.; Salmi, T.; Williams, K.; M?kipernaa, A.; Ruuskanen, O.; Renkonen, O.V.; Herva, E., 1990:
A randomised comparison of ceftazidime and piperacillin, both in combination with flucloxacillin for treatment of febrile episodes in neutropenic children. Finnish Three-Centre Study

Hori, S.; Nakazawa, H.; Ohnishi, Y.; Yoshino, H.; Murayama, A.; Nishikawa, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Horikawa, M.; Hoshino, T.; Bessho, M., 1989:
A rapid cross-sectioning and freeze-clamping device for the beating canine heart

Holland, M.J.; Fray, R.E., 1990:
A rare case of intersex: 46XY gonadal dysgenesis

Maberly, G.F.; Waite, K.V.; Cutten, A.E.; Smith, H.C.; Eastman, C.J., 1985:
A reappraisal of the binding characteristics of human thyroxine-binding globulin for 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine and thyroxine

Cupal, J.J.; Ward, A.L.; Weeks, R.W., 1975:
A repeater type biotelemetry system for use on wild big game animals

Swigar, M.E.; Sanguineti, V.R.; Piscatelli, R.L., 1992:
A retrospective study on the perceived need for and actual use of psychiatric consultations in older medical patients

Beighton, P.; Horan, F.; Hamersma, H., 1977:
A review of the osteopetroses

Maniglia, A.J.; Dodds, B.L., 1991:
A safe technique for frontal sinus osteoplastic flap

Sigwart, U.; Rutishauser, W., 1975:
A selective coronary indicator dilution technique with fiberoptic recording

Pan, X.Z.; Qiu, Z.D.; Chein, N.; Gold, J.W.; Hardy, W.D.; Zuckerman, E.; Wang, Q.N.; Armstrong, D., 1991:
A seroepidemiological survey of HTLV-I infection in Shanghai and Chongqing cities in China

Cameron, C.H.; McKee, P.H., 1978:
A simple and rapid method of identification of elemental deposits in surgical biopsy specimens

Gerhardt, T.; Hehre, D.; Bancalari, E.; Watson, H., 1985:
A simple method for measuring functional residual capacity by N2 washout in small animals and newborn infants

Sauerborn, R.; Morley, D.C.; Bullough, C.H., 1991:
A simple statistical method for achieving reliability in anthropometric measurements

Gingrass, D.J.; Messer, E.J.; Ryan, D.E.; Sewall, S.R., 1986:
A simplified technique of inferior border wiring in the sagittal split osteotomy

Oeter, F., 1979:
A society hostile to children

Rowlands, J.R.; Allen-Rowlands, C.F., 1978:
A spin label study of the interaction of ACTH with Y-1 adrenal cell membranes

Jenkins, E.; Stevenson, I., 1991:
A strategy for managing change and stress. Developing staff support groups

Yamamoto, T., 1979:
A study of cholesterol gallstone formation in cases of cholesterolosis of the gallbladder

Suruga, K.; Miyano, T.; Arai, T.; Ogawa, T.; Sasaki, K.; Deguchi, E., 1985:
A study of patients with long-term bile flow after hepatic portoenterostomy for biliary atresia

Collins, J.J.; Conner, P.; Friedlander, B.R.; Easterday, P.A.; Nair, R.S.; Braun, J., 1991:
A study of the hematologic effects of chronic low-level exposure to benzene

Zhang, S.L., 1992:
A study on effects of parents age, birth order and mental retardation of unknown etiology

Tai, G.H.; Morris, H.G.; Brown, G.M.; Huckerby, T.N.; Nieduszynski, I.A., 1992:
A sub-population of keratan sulphates derived from bovine articular cartilage is capped with alpha(2-6)-linked N-acetylneuraminic acid residues. Affinity chromatography using immobilized Sambucus nigra lectin and characterization using 1H n.m.r. spectroscopy

Ockene, J.K.; Aney, J.; Goldberg, R.J.; Klar, J.M.; Williams, J.W., 1988:
A survey of Massachusetts physicians' smoking intervention practices

Anonymous, 1977:
A swedish code of ethics for marketing of infant foods

Scott, H., 1986:
A tale of small claims court

Shishido, A.; Sugishita, C.; Takahashi, C.; Sakata, H.; Hirayama, M.; Kimura, M., 1978:
A ten-year follow-up study on measles vaccination in Japan: evaluation of the efficacy analyzed on a computer system

Zhu, M.; Weinbaum, S.; Lemons, D.E., 1992:
A three-dimensional variable geometry countercurrent model for whole limb heat transfer

Willard, S.G.; Swain, B.S.; Winstead, D.K., 1989:
A treatment strategy for psychogenic vomiting

Nair, R.P., 1989:
A typical patient simulation and dosimetry data sheet

Ley, K.; Pries, A.R.; Gaehtgens, P., 1987:
A versatile intravital microscope design

Tafti, M.; Vergé, M.; Besset, A.; Billiard, M., 1989:
A world record in marathon tennis: sleep deprivation and performance

Viets, J.L.; Martin, P.D.; Heaton, D.A.; Biddle, C., 1987:
AANA Journal course: advanced scientific concepts: update for nurse anesthetists. Part I. The cardiovascular system (continuing education credit)

de Miguel, C.; Gualberto, A.; Sobrino, F., 1988:
ACTH stimulates fructose 2,6-bisphosphate synthesis and glycolysis in Y-1 adrenal tumor cells

Stawar, T.L.; Goroum, D.; Brooks, L., 1987:
AIDS and infection control in community mental health agencies

Aubry, P., 1989:
AIDS in the Caribbean and in Oceania

Neidle, E.A., 1989:
AIDS-related changes in dental practice

Spycha?a, J.; Marsza?ek, J.; Kucharczyk, E., 1986:
AMP deaminases of rat small intestine

Wang, P.; Ba, Z.F.; Dean, R.E.; Chaudry, I.H., 1991:
ATP-MgCl2 restores the depressed hepatocellular function and hepatic blood flow following hemorrhage and resuscitation

Selawry, H.P.; Whittington, K.B.; Bellgrau, D., 1989:
Abdominal intratesticular islet-xenograft survival in rats

Willemin, B.; Coumaros, D.; Zerbe, S.; Weill-Bousson, M.; Annonier, P.; Hirsch, E.; Aby, M.A.; Schmutz, G.; Bockel, R., 1987:
Abetalipoproteinemia. Apropos of 2 cases

Maeda, K.; Tanimoto, K.; Chihara, K., 1987:
Abnormal growth hormone release following luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in anorexia nervosa

Pauciullo, P.; Rubba, P.; Marotta, G.; Carbone, C.; Cortese, C.; Caruso, M.G.; Spampinato, N.; Mancini, M., 1988:
Abnormalities in serum lipoprotein composition in patients with premature coronary heart disease compared to serum lipid matched controls

Asadullaev, T.A.; Shekhtman, A.B.; Lur'e, L.M.; Bukrinskaia, A.G., 1977:
Abortive myxovirus infection in Ehrlich's ascitic carcinoma cells. Further study of the nature of the virus-specific structures produced by heterokaryons

Ramirez, F.; Starkman, D.; Bank, A.; Kerem, H.; Cividalli, G.; Rachmilewitz, E.A., 1978:
Absence of beta mRNA in beta0-thalassemia in Kurdish Jews

Raghavia, M.; Bansal, R.D.; Srinivasa, D.K.; Soudarssanane, M.B.; Ramana, G., 1987:
Absenteeism in leprosy patients in a rural area in Tamil Nadu

Zulalian, J.; Champagne, D.A.; Wayne, R.S.; Blinn, R.C., 1975:
Absorption, excretion, and metabolism of 1,3-bis(p-chlorobenzylideneamino)guanidine hydrochloride (Robenz robenidine hydrochloride) in the chicken

Anonymous, 1989:
Abstracts. Australasian Society of Nephrology, twenty-fifth annual scientific meeting. February 26-March 1, 1989, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Boyar, D.C.; Senturia, B.B.; Palisin, H., 1989:
Accelerated LPN-RN nursing education: is role socialization lost along the way?

Shliapnikova, E.A.; Savitski?, A.P.; Kachalova, G.S., 1986:
Accessibility of porphyrin macrocycle in myoglobin at various pH levels. Fluorescence study of the porphyrin-globin complex

Svensson, M.L.; Rundgren, A.; Larsson, M.; Odén, A.; Sund, V.; Landahl, S., 1991:
Accidents in the institutionalized elderly: a risk analysis

Eto, Y.; Tada, Y., 1988:
Accumulation of phosphorus compounds in tissues and cultured skin fibroblasts in patients with hypophosphatasia

Kimura, M.; Kuno-Sakai, H., 1988:
Acellular pertussis vaccines and fatal infections

Gelband, H.; Myerburg, R.J.; Hoffman, B.F.; Bassett, A.L., 1975:
Acetylcholine-induced reversal of canine and feline atrial myocardial depression during stretch, cardiac failure, and drug toxicity

Sasaki, S.; Shiigai, T., 1985:
Acid accumulation of urine and influencing factors

Cibilis, L.A., 1978:

Voci, P.; Mangieri, E.; Bilotta, F.; Scibilia, G., 1992:
Acquired coronary-to-left ventricle fistula: evidence by myocardial contrast echocardiography

Bootsma, R.J.; Houbiers, M.H.; Whiting, H.T.; van Wieringen, P.C., 1991:
Acquiring an attacking forehand drive: the effects of static and dynamic environmental conditions

Burridge, K.; Nuckolls, G.; Otey, C.; Pavalko, F.; Simon, K.; Turner, C., 1990:
Actin-membrane interaction in focal adhesions

Arkhipova, O.G.; Iaglov, V.V.; Maksimenko, A.V.; Pavlovskaia, L.V.; Konovalova, O.Iu., 1987:
Action of dextran-modified hyaluronidase in experimental silicosis

Rowden, R., 1986:
Action pack: bring sanity back to the NHS

Tuttle, T.M.; Inge, T.H.; Bethke, K.P.; McCrady, C.W.; Pettit, G.R.; Bear, H.D., 1992:
Activation and growth of murine tumor-specific T-cells which have in vivo activity with bryostatin 1

Busa, W.B.; Ferguson, J.E.; Joseph, S.K.; Williamson, J.R.; Nuccitelli, R., 1985:
Activation of frog (Xenopus laevis) eggs by inositol trisphosphate. I. Characterization of Ca2+ release from intracellular stores

Owais, W.M.; Janakat, S.; Hunaiti, A., 1985:
Activation of sodium cyanide to a toxic but non-mutagenic metabolite in Salmonella typhimurium

Traub, W.H.; Spohr, M.; Bauer, D., 1987:
Active immunization of NMRI mice against Serratia marcescens. II. K-antigen extracts

Zhukova, L.A., 1978:
Activities of the Children's Commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee in child health care (1921-1938)

Quiroz, E.; Gómez, B.; Peralta, P.H.; Reeves, W.C., 1987:
Activity of influenza virus in the metropolitan region of Panama City, 1976-1986

Heinrich, H.C., 1979:
Actual points and error possibilities in diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency

Monta?o, L.M.; Selman, M.; Páramo, I.; Vargas, M.H., 1987:
Acute allergic bronchoconstriction in the guinea-pig: advantages of intratracheal immunization

Vergasova, S.S., 1986:
Acute attack of glaucoma

Carney, S.L.; Gillies, A.H., 1988:
Acute dialysis hypercalcemia and dialysis phosphate loss

Khandekar, J.D.; Kurtides, E.S.; Stalzer, R.C., 1977:
Acute erythroleukemia complicating prolonged chemotherapy for ovarian carcinoma

Liaw, Y.F.; Chen, T.J.; Chu, C.M.; Lin, H.H., 1990:
Acute hepatitis delta virus superinfection in patients with liver cirrhosis

Pai, M.R.; Advani, S.H.; Gopal, R.; Nair, C.N.; Saikia, T.; Kamat, D.M., 1985:
Acute leukaemia following malignant ependymoma: a case report

Macdonald, D.; Jiang, Y.Z.; Swirsky, D.; Vulliamy, T.; Morilla, R.; Bungey, J.; Barrett, A.J., 1991:
Acute myeloid leukaemia relapsing following interleukin-2 treatment expresses the alpha chain of the interleukin-2 receptor

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Bridge work for cleft palate patients. Use of extended pontics

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Broad-spectrum protection in sunscreen products

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CT vs ultrasound for a look at infants' heads

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Calcaneo-valgus deformity

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Caring for the people

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Chagas' disease in the United States

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Changes in the eye in skin diseases

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Changes in the metallic phase at the metal-ceramic margin of baked alloys of nonprecious metals

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Changes in venous flow and intra tracheal flow in fetal breathing movements

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Chemical society hosts biotech gathering

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Chemistry of the basal membrane in diabetics

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Cholecystectomy, duodeno-gastric reflux and polyposis

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Chromium(III)-adenosine triphosphate as a paramagnetic probe to determine intersubstrate distances on pyruvate kinase. Detection of an active enzyme-metal-ATP-metal complex

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Chronic chilblain of the extremities

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Chronic glomerulonephritis in children

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Chronic pancreatitis in the Bródno district of Warsaw

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Chronic thalamic and internal capsule stimulation for the control of central pain

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Chylomicron remnant cholesteryl esters as the major constituent of very low density lipoproteins in plasma of cholesterol-fed rabbits

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Ciliated protozoa in the colonic wall of horses

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Circadian periodic response of Phaseolus vulgaris l. to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

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Circulation of the influenza virus on poultry-raising farms

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Class III and V cavity preparation for amalgam fillings

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Classification of distal forearm fractures

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Clinical audit and self-assessment initiatives

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Cloning of a 21.7-kDa vaccine-dominant antigen gene of Schistosoma mansoni reveals an EF hand-like motif

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Co-grafts of embryonic dopamine neurons and adult sciatic nerve into the denervated striatum enhance behavioral and morphological recovery in rats

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Colloid cysts of the 3d ventricle: an underestimated danger?

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Combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder among Israeli soldiers. A two-year follow-up

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Combination therapies with anti-retroviral agents in HIV and AIDS infections

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Comment on "the expressive portion of the NSST compared to a spontaneous language sample"

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Comments on session VI: benzene and health effects

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Committees dealing with research ethics are being educated in biotechnology, child research, priority decisions

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Community-based organizations and CDC as partners in HIV education and prevention

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Comparative evaluation of test sensitivity in detecting the early signs of poisoning by terpene derivatives

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Comparison of acyltransferase-mediated mutagenicity and nucleic acid binding of N-acetoxy-4-acetylaminobiphenyl by hepatic and bladder microsomes from rats and dogs

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Compensation practice of labor unions in diseases caused by ionizing radiation

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Complete adipose differentiation of 3T3 L1 cells in a chemically defined medium: comparison to serum-containing culture conditions

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Compound odontoma

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Computed tomography in the diagnosis of brain abscesses in children

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Computer assisted determination of brain-behaviour correlates

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Computer tomography in acute pancreatitis

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Computer-automated structure evaluation of flavonoids and other structurally related compounds as glyoxalase I enzyme inhibitors

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Computerized order entry: hospital versus pharmacy-based systems

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Computers in plastic surgery

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Conceptual crises and the addictions: a philosophy of science perspective

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Conditions defining the format of public health nursing. 2. Initiative taken by public health nurses and a new concept of preventive care - on the points brought by Ms. Yamamoto, Nakajima, and Ono

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Confidence as a factor in chronic illness care

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Congenital cataract, iris hypoplasia and microphthalmos

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Congenital glaucoma with retinal detachment

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Congenital muscular dystrophies

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Congenital vertical talus. The results of staged operative reduction

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Connecticut's OB/GYN's on abortion: a two year follow-up study

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Consequences of a high-placed jugular bulb for the inferior ventilation pathway of the middle ear

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Conservative therapy of gingival hyperplasia

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Considerations on current standards of teaching subjects and education in the non-medical health professions

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Constrained least-squares restoration of nuclear medicine images: selecting the coarseness function

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Construction of recombinant baculoviruses carrying insect selective neurotoxin genes for pest insect control

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Contact between the tectorial membrane and the cochlear sensory hairs in the human and the monkey

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Contingent replication assay (CRA) procedure for rapid isolation of enhancers

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Continuing training programs conducted by Kyoto Chapeter of the Midwifery Section, Japan Nursing Association

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Continuous intravenous naltrexone effects on morphine self-administration in rhesus monkeys

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Contra-lateral selective hip angiography

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Contractual scholarships for student nurses

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Contribution of the Rumanian school of physiology to the development of electromyography

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Control of glycoprotein synthesis. Lectin-resistant mutant containing only one of two distinct N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase activities present in wild type Chinese hamster ovary cells

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Control of the disbursement of hypnotics at therapeutic institutions

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Convective body cooling in air-conditioned buildings

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Corneal endothelium function in Fuchs' syndrome

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Coronary sinus retroperfusion and pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO) for myocardial protection

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Correlates of age with height and weight of children

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Correlation of serum enzymes and isoenzymes myocardial damage and autopsy findings

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Correlations of the processes of metabolism of metals after their separate administration and their hygienic significance

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Corticonuclear and corticovestibular projections from the uvula in the albino rat: differential projections from sublobuli of the uvula

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Cortisol secretion in vitro by the interrenal of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) during smoltification: relationship with plasma thyroxine and plasma cortisol

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Cost of urology: financial audit in a clinical department

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Cough due to ACE inhibitors

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Counting the undesirable effects of drugs in a drug control center (summary of activities)

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Court-ordered secrecy and public health

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Creatine metabolism in skeletal muscle of noradrenaline-treated rats

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Criteria of diagnosis of left segmental blocks without axial deviation, in the presence of myocardial infarct

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Critical re-evaluation of the usefulness of evoked potentials in clinical neurology

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Cross tachyphylaxis to endothelin isopeptide-induced hypotension: a phenomenon not seen with proendothelin

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Cross-sectional anatomy of the knee

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Crying-induced bronchospasm in childhood asthma: response to medical management

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Cryptococcal meningitis associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in African patients: treatment with fluconazole

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Crystallization and preliminary X-ray studies of annexin IV (endonexin), a calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding protein

Anonymous, 1987:
Cultural factors in understanding and assessing psychopathology

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Curative resection of multiple gastrinomas aided by selective arterial secretin injection test and intraoperative secretin test

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Current clinical tests. 7. Electron microscopic histiocytology

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Current epidemiologic profile of trachoma. Results of a prospective study conducted in a highly endemic region in southern Algeria (1966-1984) and practical conclusions for its surveillance

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Current possibilities for ultrasound examination in prenatal diagnosis

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Current situation in maternity homes. Importance of early contact between mother and child

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Current status of studies on metastasizing of cancer of the rectum and colon (review of the literature)

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Current trends in the field of animal husbandry

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Cut costs, minister warns Alberta physicians and patients

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Cutaneous phaehyphomycosis caused by Exophiala jeanselmei var lecanii-cornii (Benedek and Specht) De Hoog

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Cyclic AMP in HeLa cells stimulated with cholera enterotoxin and methylxanthines

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Cyclic reproductive activity in bathyal and abyssel deep-sea fishes

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Cyclosporin in erythrodermic psoriasis

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Cysteamine-induced duodenal ulcer: effects on calcium absorption across rat duodenum

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Cystine metabolism in the dermatophyte Microsporum gypseum. I. Utilization of cystine in media containing glucose

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Cytochemical studies of catalase activity in the peroxisomes of human hepatocytes

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Cytogenetic analysis of blood lymphocytes from X-ray radiographers

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Cytogenetics of Paget's disease of bone

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Cytologic picture of the nasal mucosa following corticosteroid therapy in hay fever

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Cytomegalovirus infection in cardiac transplant recipients associated with chronic T cell subset ratio inversion with expansion of a Leu-7+ TS-C+ subset

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Cytopunctures, drill biopsies and tru-cut needle in the diagnosis of breast cancer

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Cytotoxic effects of cyclophosphamide on the gingiva: an experimental study

James, O.F., 1985:
D-penicillamine for primary biliary cirrhosis

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DNA binding activity and transcriptional activator function of the human B-myb protein compared with c-MYB

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DNA of bromodeoxyuridine-treated neuroblastoma cells

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DNA strand scissions by hydroxamic acids in the presence of Cu(II) ion under aerobic conditions

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DR4 and susceptibility to type I diabetes mellitus: discrimination of high risk and low risk DR4 haplotypes on the basis of TA10 typing

Olive, P.L.; McCalla, D.R., 1975:
Damage to mammalian cell DNA by nitrofurans

Zampino, S., 1989:
Dark eyes

Cloke, C., 1985:
Day by day care

Levenson, J.L., 1985:
Dealing with the violent patient. Management strategies to avoid common errors

Gallivan, M., 1986:
Debate heats up over two-tiered nursing system

Drakuli?, M., 1978:
Decline in morbidity from primary tuberculous exudative pleuritis in soldiers in the area of the Zagreb antituberculosis dispensary

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Decrease of serum sex hormone-binding globulin as a marker of androgen sensitivity. Correlation with clinical response

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Decreased plasma postheparin diamine oxidase levels in celiac disease

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Deep venous contribution to hydrostatic blood volume change in the human leg

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Defending the military family

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Definition and classification of perinatal mortality

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Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice in aphthous ulcers

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Delaware physicians and possible malpractice incidents

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Delayed pressure urticaria and egg allergy

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Delimitation of recurrent prostate congestion due to chronic prostatitis

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Dementia and Biermer's anemia

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Demonstration of a seasonal thyroid cycle in the male badger (Meles meles L) using iodine 131 fixation

Quatacker, J., 1985:
Demonstration of sialic acid groups in the glomerular basement membrane of the rat with phosphotungstic acid at low pH

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Depo-Provera failure

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Detection of plasma proteins during sequential ultrafiltration/dialysis

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Detection of the localization of C1. botulinum antigens in regional lymph node cells by the immunofluorescence technic

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Determinants of lead concentration in the umbilical cord blood of 9189 newborns of a birth cohort in the government district of Braunschweig

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Determination of NK cell activity on flow cytometry

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Determination of blood antibiotic levels

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Determination of dissociation constants and relative efficacies of some potent muscarinic agonists at postjunctional muscarinic receptors

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Determination of iduronic acid and glucuronic acid in glycosaminoglycans after stoichiometric reduction and depolymerization using high-performance liquid chromatography and ultraviolet detection

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Determination of nicorandil in plasma using high-performance liquid chromatography with photoconductivity and ultraviolet detection. Application to pre-clinical pharmacokinetics in beagle dogs

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Determination of red cell survival by activation analysis

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Determination of the activity of Crohn's disease

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Determination of the optimal proportions as regards toxicity of AET, ATP and serotonin used in combination

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Determination of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) and interleukin 2 (IL 2) in women with idiopathic recurrent miscarriage

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Development of a scale to measure undergraduate students' attitudes about caring for patients with cancer

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Development of cardiovascular responses to sympathomimetic amines and autonomic blockage in the unanesthetized fetus

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Development of the mouse anterior commissure. Part II. A comparison of glial differentiation in the anterior and posterior limbs of the anterior commissure of the mouse brain during myelination using semithin light microscopic sections

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Diabetes and estro-progestins

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Diabetes. Let's stop testing urine

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Diagnosing appendicitis by computed tomography

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Diagnosis and surgical indications in injuries of the brachial plexus

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Diagnosis and treatment of choledochus cysts

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Diagnosis in small animal cardiology--an overview

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Diagnosis of chronic human brucellosis. Its importance in the rural milieu

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Diagnosis of inflammatory aneurysms of the abdominal aorta

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Diagnosis of primary hepatocellular carcinoma

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Diagnosis of xerostomia: the Beck test

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Diagnostic and therapeutic technology assessment. Ureteral stone management: II. Ureteroscopy and ultrasonic lithotripsy

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Diagnostic evaluation of ovarian tumors by CT scan (especially of benignancy or malignancy)

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Diagnostic problems in pulmonary-renal syndromes

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Diagnostic value of ELISA for determining the occurrence of antibodies to antigen A60 in active pulmonary tuberculosis

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Diagonal paramedian approach for removal of ovarian tumors in the mare

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Diarrhoea and perianal vaccinia

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Dicloxacillin and cloxacillin: pharmacokinetics in healthy and hemodialysis subjects

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Dietary restriction of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D elicits differential regulation of the mRNAs for avian intestinal calbindin-D28k and the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor

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Differences between human, rat and guinea pig hepatocyte cultures. A comparative study of their rates of beta-oxidation and esterification of palmitate and their sensitivity to R-etomoxir

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Different conformation of purified human recombinant interleukin 1 beta from Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae is related to different level of biological activity

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Different small, acid-soluble proteins of the alpha/beta type have interchangeable roles in the heat and UV radiation resistance of Bacillus subtilis spores

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Differential diagnosis and therapeutic failures in female urinary incontinence

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Differential diagnosis of superior orbital fissure syndrome

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Differential effects of cytokines on long-term mitogenic and secretory responses of fetal rat pancreatic beta-cells

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Differential expression of glutamate receptor genes (GluR1-5) in the rat retina

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Differential mortality by ethnicity and nativity: foreign- and native-born Irish, Italians, and Jews in New York City, 1979-1981

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Differential secretion of stimulatory-inhibitory CFU-GM activity by stromal cells from different compartments of mouse bone femur

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Differentiation of the drug-binding sites of calmodulin

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Diffraction methods for biological macromolecules. Seed enlargement and repeated seeding

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Diflunisal: efficacy in postoperative pain

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Dilatation of the gall-bladder simulating a tumour in the right iliac fossa. A case report

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Direct determination of surface tension in the lung

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Direct observation of large chiral domains in chloroplast thylakoid membranes by differential polarization microscopy

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Directionality preferences in the interpretation of anaphora: data from Korean and Japanese

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Discelectrophoretic molecualr weight analysis of urinary proteins. A contribution to the clinical diagnostic differentiation and the pathophysiology of proteinuria

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Discussion of "Peer review in the courtroom"

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Disorders of vascular tone in the catamnesis of patients with facial neuritis

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Dissociation of natural killing and luminol-dependent chemiluminescence

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Distribution and diagnosis of dirofilariasis and toxocariasis in Australia

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Distribution of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase and prostacyclin synthase in the late pregnant uterus

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District leaders. Use of part-time positions--a job problem for women

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Diurnal activity of burrow sandflies in Turkmenia

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Does sex role behaviour influence the way teachers evaluate students?

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Doxycycline-induced esophageal ulceration: do old capsules play a role?

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Draft clinical guidance for the preparation and contents of an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application for excimer laser devices used in ophthalmic surgery for myopic photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). Office of Device Evaluation, Division of Ophthalmic Devices, Food and Drug Administration

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Dry skin, water, and lubrication

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Duplication of the caecum in a neonate simulating intussusception

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Dying with dignity: developments in the field of euthanasia in The Netherlands

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EEG polygraphic sleep study in divers under a 31 ATA He-O2 environment with special reference to the automated analysis of sleep stages

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ESR and ENDOR study of adenosine single crystals X-irradiated at 10 K

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Early application of electron microscopy to biology

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Early detection of prostate cancer

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Early enteral feeding of infants with lower respiratory infections

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Early mesoderm differentiation in the chick embryo

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Early rejected status and later social adjustment: a 3-year follow-up

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Early-second-trimester use of acyclovir in treating herpes zoster in a bone marrow transplant patient. A case report

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Echocardiogram in congenital heart disease - morphological anomaly and internal relation of intracardiac segment

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Echovirus 19 infection in infants under six months

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Economical use of the "groin" flap: then and now

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Edema in medicine. Elementary considerations on the general physiopathology of transudate edema

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Education in gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound diagnostics

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Educational technology. Operating room nursing (12). Burns from an electrical knife

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Effect of 5-fluorouracil and cycloheximide on the early development of Phycomyces blakesleeanus spores and the activity of N-acetylglucosamine synthesizing enzymes

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Effect of PCR 4099 on ADP-induced calcium movements and phosphatidic acid production in rat platelets

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Effect of a farnesol derivative on the appearance of winged females in aphaenogaster senilis (Hymenoptera, Formicoidea)

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Effect of acclimatization to an excreta-collection harness on excreta energy voided during a nitrogen-corrected true metabolizable energy bioassay

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Effect of adrenaline on the coronary vessels, oxygen consumption and myocardial contractility in catecholamine-induced myocardial injury

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Effect of alpha, beta-methylene ATP on the potentiation of contractions to field stimulation of the rat vas deferens by eledoisin

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Effect of arginine and glucagon on perifused purified beta cells

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Effect of beta-lactam antibiotics on hepatocellular glutathione levels in vitro and in vivo

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Effect of calcitonin on gastric emptying after isotope-labeled solid meal in patients with stomach ulcer

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Effect of cephalic perimeter and temperature on the latency and amplitude of the P100 component of the visual evoked potential

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Effect of chronic hypoxia on muscle enzyme activities

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Effect of combined exposure to hypokinesia and gravitational stress on the structure of the wall of the renal vein

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Effect of cyclic nucleotides on weight of gastrocnemius and creatine kinase activity after denervation of muscle in young rats

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Effect of dexfenfluramine on body weight set-point: study in the rat with hoarding behaviour

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Effect of different methods of treatment on the progress of rheumatoid arthritis

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Effect of drugs on laboratory tests

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Effect of epidermal growth factor on insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and IGF-binding protein synthesis by adult rat hepatocytes

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Effect of exogenous dolichyl monophosphate on a developmental change in mannosylphosphoryldolichol biosynthesis

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Effect of fluoroacetate on the inhibitory action of ketone bodies and fatty acids on renal ammoniagenesis

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Effect of glucocorticoids on bone Gla protein values--BGP as a good marker of osteoporosis

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Effect of hemodialysis on left and right ventricular function--evaluation using electrocardiogram gated radionuclide ventriculography

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Effect of human serum on the bactericidal activity of daptomycin and vancomycin against staphylococcal and enterococcal isolates as determined by time-kill kinetic studies

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Effect of imidazole 2-hydroxybenzoate on erythrocyte charge: a possible explanation of its hypoalbuminuric action

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Effect of inorganic anions on the activity of dental pulp lactate dehydrogenase

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Effect of laser radiation on the mucous membrane of the stomach and features of its regeneration following experimental irradiation

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Effect of long-term freezing preservation on the level of bacterial contamination of the sperm

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Effect of maternal oxygen inhalation on uterine and fetal circulation in intrauterine retardation and its prognostic value

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Effect of mitochondria and microsomal fractions on glycolytic activity of rat brain and liver tissues under hypoxia

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Effect of neuraminidase treatment on the lipid fluidity of the intestinal brush-border membranes

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Effect of ochratoxin A on carbohydrate metabolism in rat liver

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Effect of pH shifts on the mutant frequency at the thymidine kinase locus in mouse lymphoma L5178Y TK+/- cells

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Effect of phenoxyethanol on the permeability of Escherichia coli NCTC 5933 to inorganic ions

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Effect of polychlorpinene on the microorganisms and the biological activity of the soil

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Effect of procaine on the pH of buffered and unbuffered cardioplegic solutions

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Effect of psychoprophylactic training in classes on labor on selected aspects of natural feeding. I

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Effect of repeated occupational exposure to lead, cessation of exposure, and chelation on levels of lead in bone

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Effect of semi-random mutagenesis at the C-terminal 4 amino acids of human interleukin-6 on its biological activity

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