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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 44

Section 44 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Uchiyama, M.; Pang, P.K., 1981:
Endocrine influence on hypercalcemic regulation in bullfrog tadpoles

Epstein, L.I., 1970:
Endodontics and oral medicine

Shrikhande, S.S.; Sirsat, M.V., 1968:
Endometrial hyperplasia in post-menopausal uterine bleeding in Indian women and its relationship to carcinoma

Winans, C.S.; Yoshii, Y.; Kobayashi, S., 1972:
Endoscopic diagnosis of multiple benign gastric ulcers

Qvigstad, T.; Osnes, M.; Serck-Hanssen, A., 1980:
Endoscopy of colon and terminal ileum. Diagnostic and therapeutic purpose

Klastersky, J.; Huysmans, E.; Weerts, D.; Hensgens, C.; Daneau, D., 1974:
Endotracheally administered gentamicin for the prevention of infections of the respiratory tract in patients with tracheostomy: a double-blind study

Cogdell, R.J.; Hipkins, M.F.; MacDonald, W.; Truscott, T.G., 1981:
Energy transfer between the carotenoid and the bacteriochlorophyll within the B-800-850 light-harvesting pigment-protein complex of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Hatcher, V.B.; Borg, J.P.; Levitt, M.A.; Smith, C., 1981:
Enhanced neutral protease activity in proliferating rheumatoid synovial cells

Frankstein, S.I.; Sergeeva, L.N.; Lutsenko, V.C., 1970:
Enhancement of intercostal muscle tone in decerebrate cats by lumbar spinal cord transection

del Pozo, E., 1982:
Enlargement of a prolactin-secreting pituitary microadenoma during bromocriptine treatment

Cikrt, M., 1973:
Enterohepatic circulation of 64Cu, 52Mn and 203Hg in rats

Manstein, B., 1973:
Environment is becoming burdensome. Considerations on 4 new books

Lipscomb, W.N., 1973:
Enzymatic activities of carobxypeptidase A's in solution and in crystals

K?nig, P.A., 1965:
Enzymatic pattern of the follicles during the pre-ovulatory period and of the corpus luteum

van Someren, H.; Beijersbergen van Henegouwen, H.; Los, W.; Wurzer-Figurelli, E.; Doppert, B.; Vervloet, M.; Meera Khan, P., 1974:
Enzyme electrophoresis on cellulose acetate gel. II. Zymogram patterns in man-Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids

Araki, Y.; Amagase, H., 1974:
Enzyme-inducing activities of hypolipidemic agents and ultrastructural changes of the liver elicited by clofibrate

Cavallero, C.; Carnevali, L.; Turolla, E., 1974:
Enzymohistochemistry of the liver in cholestasis

Jancsó, A.; Simon, M., 1966:
Epidemic and sporadic keratoconjunctivitis

Boyce, J.M.; Landry, M.; Deetz, T.R.; DuPont, H.L., 1981:
Epidemiologic studies of an outbreak of nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections

Pacheco, C.R.; Olvera, R.; Herrera, M., 1981:
Epidemiological picture and control of tuberculosis in the Mexican Republic

Seal, D.V.; Strangeways, J.M., 1981:
Epidemiology and prevention of pseudomonas aeruginosa chest infection in an intensive care unit

Picq, J.J., 1982:
Epidemiology of malaria, the 1st world-wide endemia. Various observations

Jaqueti, G.; Puchol, R.; Ballesteros, N.; Corripio, F.; Gonzalez, P., 1966:
Epidermodysplasia verruciforme of Lewandowsky-Lutz with multiple epithelial degeneration

Korbar, K., 1972:
Epilepsy and medico-legal evaluation

Gogacz, E., 1972:
Episomal properties of the hemolytic factor and its heredity in the Enterobacteriaceae family

Harnecker, J.; Arinoviche, R.; Salvador, C.; Baehr, F.; Toriello, G.; Duarte, N.; Petrone, J., 1966:
Epsilon-aminocaproic acid in the treatment of intestinal hemorrhage

Lairson, D.R.; Hindson, P.; Hauquitz, A., 1995:
Equity of health care in Australia

Toussirot, E.; Darmon, P.; Reviron, D.; Mercier, P.; Acquaviva, P.C., 1995:
Erosive polyarthritis and Crohn's disease. A case with HLA DRB1 determination

Souza Freitas, J.A.; Lopes, E.S.; Alvares, L.C., 1971:
Eruption times of permanent teeth of third generation Brazilian white children: A study of racial variation

Goodman, S.R.; Yu, J.; Whitfield, C.F.; Culp, E.N.; Posnak, E.J., 1982:
Erythrocyte membrane skeletal protein bands 4.1 a and b are sequence-related phosphoproteins

Bhanalaph, T.; McGarry, M.P.; Mirand, E.A.; Moore, R.H.; Murphy, G.P., 1973:
Erythropoietin activity in isolated canine liver-kidney perfusion after pretreatment of donor animals

Linsalata, P.; Monetti, N., 1966:
Esophageal obstruction caused by meat bolus

Cooke, K.B., 1969:
Essential paraproteinaemia

Stahl, J.R.; Thomson, L.E.; Leitenberg, H.; Hasazi, J.E., 1974:
Establishment of praise as a conditioned reinforcer in socially unresponsive psychiatric patients

Lipsitz, S.R.; Fitzmaurice, G.M.; Sleeper, L.; Zhao, L.P., 1995:
Estimation methods for the join distribution of repeated binary observations

Bartkowski, S., 1966:
Estimation of the group substances ABO (H) in the dental tissues

Mohla, S.; Clem-Jackson, N.; Hunter, J.B., 1981:
Estrogen receptors and estrogen-induced gene expression in the rat mammary glands and uteri during pregnancy and lactation: changes in progesterone receptor and RNA polymerase activity

Isselbacher, K.J.; Carter, E.A., 1973:
Ethanol metabolism: oxidative and peroxidative mechanisms

Ledermann, E.K., 1982:
Ethics in psychiatry--the patient's freedom and bondage

Grossmann, H., 1970:
Etiologic relation between radiation castration and malignant gynecologic neoplasms

Wolf, H., 1968:
Etiology of early acquired brain damage and congenital brain anomalies

Dicato, M., 1982:
Etoposide: VP-16

Corcoran, C.A.; Pierce, J.D., 1995:
Evaluating diaphragm activity in trauma patients

Kornitzer, M.; Gheyssens, H.; Lannoy, M.; Dramaix, M.; Eekhout, R., 1981:
Evaluation of 5-day plans in Belgium

Clarke, W.L.; Melton, T.W.; Sachse, M.; Schneider, J.M.; Schneider, K.D.; Yarborough, M.C., 1981:
Evaluation of a new reflectance photometer for use in home blood glucose monitoring

Berger, M.; Gallerstein, P.E.; Benhuri, P.; Balla, R.; Goldberg, E., 1981:
Evaluation of aortic valve endocarditis by two-dimensional echocardiography

Brujis, R.; Parula, H.; Mercovich, L.G., 1968:
Evaluation of corticoids in delayed induced skin hypersensitivity

De Wolff, F.A.; Smit, N.D.; Grünewald, E.J.; Schicht, I.M., 1980:
Evaluation of haemoperfusion by column analysis

Neumann, G., 1974:
Evaluation of measures for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis

Astaldi, G.; Burgio, G.R.; Priolisi, A., 1969 :
Evaluation of plasma iron turnover in Cooley's anemia

Martínez, A.; Coianis, L.; Heinrich, J.J.; Rodríguez, A.; Bergadá, C., 1982:
Evaluation of short stature in children

Kim, Y.H.; Oh, J.H., 1995:
Evaluation of the anatomic patellar prosthesis in uncemented porous-coated total knee arthroplasty: seven-year results

Toulouse, J.; Rozenbaum, A.; Paoletti, G.; Laroze, M.; Rousselot, F.; Etievent, J.P.; Bittard, M., 1980:
Evaluation of the efficacy of cis-diamino-dichloro-platinum as monochemotherapy in the treatment of advanced malignant tumours of the bladder

Egert, H.; Fritzer, W.; Jahn, O.; Pinggera, W., 1968:
Evaluation of the phenolred test

Harwood-Nash, D.C.; Lansdown, E.L., 1967:
Evaluation of the urea washout pyelogram and urography in the assessment of renovascular hypertension

Garner, W.L.; Zerrip, C.E., 1971:
Evaluation programmed learning materials

Lang, F.; Quehenberger, P.; Greger, R.; Silbernagl, S.; Stockinger, P., 1980:
Evidence for a bicarbonate leak in the proximal tubule of the rat kidney

Shalev, A.; Pla, M.; Ginsburger-Vogel, T.; Echalier, G.; L?gdberg, L.; Bj?rck, L.; Colombani, J.; Segal, S., 1983:
Evidence for beta 2-microglobulin-like and H-2-like antigenic determinants in Drosophila

Cockram, C.S.; Jones, R.H.; Boroujerdi, M.A.; S?nksen, P.H., 1984:
Evidence for separate handling in vivo of different regions of the insulin molecule using A14- and B1-labeled insulin tracers

Ginsburg, H.; O'Connor, S.E.; Grisham, C.M., 1981:
Evidence from electron paramagnetic resonance for function-related conformation changes in the anion-transport protein of human erythrocytes

M?kil?, U.M.; Viinikka, L.; Ylikorkala, O., 1984:
Evidence that prostacyclin deficiency is a specific feature in preeclampsia

Testoni, F.; Narbone, N.B.; Tommaselli, A.; Arcangeli, A., 1965:
Evolution of artrioventricular blocks

Harvey, P.H.; Bennett, P.M., 1983:
Evolutionary biology. Brain size, energetics, ecology and life history patterns

Molne, K., 1972:
Examination of male sterility in Norway

Gurewich, V.; Lipinska, I.; Lipinski, B., 1974:
Excercise-induced fibrinolytic activity and its effect on the degradation of fibrinogen, fibrin and fibrin-like precipitates

Welpe, E., 1969:
Excitation of the ellipse phenomenon by sinusoidal stimulating currents of 162-208 cps and 287-324 cps

Rodermund, O.E.; Goenechea, S.; Sellier, K., 1969:
Excretion of thallium in the urine after sublethal poisoning

Grzesik, M., 1967:
Exercise-corrective equipment for the postoperative treatment in hand deformities

Hiatt, R.A.; Bawol, R.; Friedman, G.D.; Hoover, R., 1984:
Exogenous estrogen and breast cancer after bilateral oophorectomy

Akulova, R.F., 1971:
Expediency of using physical factors in the treatment of surgical outpatients

Iomina, L.I.; Vorontsova, L.A., 1965:
Experience in systematic chlorination well water

Heller, J., 1967:
Experience in the use of the intravenous anesthetic epontol in ambulatory surgery

Hollister, L.E.; Overall, J.E., 1984:
Experience with a failed postmarketing drug surveillance program

Sieberns, H., 1969:
Experience with orthopantomography

Vasil'ev, B.M., 1966:
Experience with the use of Ethyrone in acute hypotension in neurosurgical patients

Maruyama, T.; Kameura, N.; Rikimaru, S., 1969:
Experiences in the rehabilitation of patients with carbon monoxide poisoning using cigarettes as a reward

Griem, R., 1966:
Experiences with bacteriologic diagnosis of female genital tuberculosis

Heingstmann, H., 1968:
Experiences with the advanced level of autogenic training

Waldmann, G.; Thoss, K., 1969:
Experimental allergic myocarditis and its pathogenetic mechanisms

Lambert, P.H.; Miescher, P.A., 1971:
Experimental approach to the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus

Müller, D., 1965:
Experimental contribution to the pathogenesis of pancreatic necrosis

Angiolillo, C.J.; Goldin-Meadow, S., 1982:
Experimental evidence for agent-patient categories in child language

Austoni, M.; Ferlin, G.; Callegari, F.; Zonzin, P., 1966:
Experimental intoxiation of rats with p-phenylenediamine. IV. Radiochromatographic study of thyroid hormoneogenesis

Griffin, J.; Cork, L.C.; Troncoso, J.C.; Price, D.L., 1982:
Experimental neurotoxic disorders of motor neurons: neurofibrillary pathology

Corsale, C.; Nigro, R.; Lombari, C.; Triggiani, E.; Telese, M., 1967:
Experimental research on Ivalon implanted in the abdominal and pericardial cavities

Gross, F.; Arnold, G., 1974:
Experimental studies of the mechanical behavior of isolated peripheral nerves in vitro

Spiechowicz, E., 1971:
Experimental studies on the effect of acrylic resin on rabbit skin

Voiculescu, C.; Stanciu, L.; Voiculescu, M.; Rogoz, S.; Dumitriu, I.; Nedelcu, C., 1983:
Experimental study of antibiotic-induced immunosuppression in mice. II. Th, Ts and NC cell involvement

Kato, T.; Yakushiji, M.; Matsuo, M.; Takahashi, K.; Arima, A., 1971:
Experimental study on clinical application of protein anabolic steroid in the field of obstetrics and gynecology

Accinelli, G.; Bono, A.V.; De Cecco, L.; Fedrigo, M., 1970:
Experimental total substitution of the bladder with a prosthesis of silicone elastomere

Amawashi, M.; Nomura, H., 1971:
Experiments on mouse syphilis

Steinglass, P.; Wolin, S., 1974:
Explorations of a systems approach to alcoholism. Clinical observations of a simulated drinking gang

Schluesener, H.J.; Meyermann, R., 1994:
Expression of BMP-6, a TGF-beta related morphogenetic cytokine, in rat radial glial cells

Ferrari, S.; Grande, A.; Manfredini, R.; Tagliafico, E.; Zucchini, P.; Torelli, G.; Torelli, U., 1993:
Expression of interleukins 1, 3, 6, stem cell factor and their receptors in acute leukemia blast cells and in normal peripheral lymphocytes and monocytes

Adjei, A.; Newburger, J.; Martin, A., 1980:
Extended Hildebrand approach: solubility of caffeine in dioxane-water mixtures

Denham, R.H.; Dingley, A.F., 1972:
Extensor digitorum brevis manus--a case report

Archer, T.; Sj?dén, P.O.; Nilsson, L.G.; Carter, N., 1980:
Exteroceptive context in taste-aversion conditioning and extinction: odour, cage, and bottle stimuli

Ruan, K.; Emmons, S.W., 1984:
Extrachromosomal copies of transposon Tc1 in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Oleshko, G.I.; Kudymov, G.I.; Vinokurova, N.M., 1971:
Extraction-photometric determination of diphryl

von Domarus, H., 1973:
Extrapyramidal motor disorders in neuroleptic therapy (apparent recurring luxation of mandibular joints)

Walraph, G., 1971:
Eye damages induced by Myambutol (ethambutol-dihydrochloride Lederle)

Schulz, G.E.; Schirmer, R.H.; Pai, E.F., 1982:
FAD-binding site of glutathione reductase

Wright, J.W.; Taylor, C.E., 1972:
Facial nerve abnormalities revealed by polytomography

Alberti, K.G.; Oxbury, J.M.; Higgins, G., 1972:
Factitious hypoglycaemia: chlorpropamide self-administration by a non-diabetic

Lagerberg, J.W.; Kallen, K.J.; Haest, C.W.; VanSteveninck, J.; Dubbelman, T.M., 1995:
Factors affecting the amount and the mode of merocyanine 540 binding to the membrane of human erythrocytes. A comparison with the binding to leukemia cells

Thomas, F.; Lee, H.M.; Wolf, J.S.; Thomas, J., 1973:
Factors in infectious complications following cadaver renal transplantation

Potop, I.; Holban-Petrescu, R.; Ghinea, E.; Mrean?, G.; Juvin?, E., 1972:
Factors intervening in the variability of the antitumoral activity of thymus extracts

Neogy, K.N.; Chatterjee, B.D., 1970:
Faecal excretion of multiple drug-resistant salmonellae in relapsing type of enteric fever

Lenzhofer, R.; Cerni, C.; Fr?hlich, I.; Prager, J.; Pointner, H., 1981:
Failure of somatostatin to influence experimental tumor cell growth in vivo and in vitro

Miyazaki, S.; Fukushima, H.; Kamata, K.; Ishii, S., 1981 :
False aneurysm with subdural hematoma and symptomatic vasospasm following head injury

Chen, R.D.; Liu, X.D.; Liu, L.X., 1994:
Familial cervical lung hernia: a report of 4 cases in a family

Cendrowski, W.S., 1966:
Familial multiple sclerosis in Poland. 1. Geographical distribution of the disease

Haller, L.L., 1974:
Familty systems theory in psychiatric intervention

Maisel, R., 1968:
Family settings and re-hospitalization of ex-mental patients

Wastell, D.G.; Kleinman, D., 1980:
Fast habituation of the late components of the visual evoked potential in man

Schneiderman, H.; Hammerschmidt, D.E.; McCall, A.R.; Jacob, H.S., 1983:
Fatal complement-induced leukostasis after diatrizoate injection. Principles of clinicopathologic diagnosis

Maurer, G.; Schreier, E.; Delaborde, S.; Loosli, H.R.; Nufer, R.; Shukla, A.P., 1982:
Fate and disposition of bromocriptine in animals and man. I: structure elucidation of the metabolites

Dhami, M.S.; de la Iglesia, F.A.; Feuer, G., 1981:
Fatty acid content and composition of phospholipids from the endoplasmic reticulum in developing rat liver

Heppner, F., 1984:
Feasibility and lasers

Peuchant, E.; Covi, G.; Jensen, R., 1984:
Fecal lipid chromatography--identification of an unusual fraction in relation to colon cancer

Taylor, L.A.; McQuade, R.D.; Tice, M.A., 1995:
Felbamate, a novel antiepileptic drug, reverses N-methyl-D-aspartate/glycine-stimulated increases in intracellular Ca2+ concentration

Johansson, J.E.; Barrington, T.W., 1983:
Femoral shortening by a step-cut osteotomy for leg-length discrepancy in adults

Wilson, J.A., 1971:
Fertility in balanced heterozygotes for a familial centric fusion translocation, t(DgDg)

Pellar, J., 1968:
Fetal hemoglobin (HbF)

Langslet, A., 1974:
Fever cramps--medical treatment. Etiology, clinical manifestations, prognosis. Based on a meeting at the Institutt for Farmakoterapi in November 1973

Appelgren, L.; Leandoer, L.; Bergentz, S.E., 1968:
Fibrinogen in blood and lymph after massive haemorrhage in the dog

Benqué, E.P.; Bader, J., 1966:
Fibrogenesis. Technic and applications

Betta, A., 1983:
Field application of the critical fusion frequency test in lead exposure in a blind study

Fusayama, T., 1971:
Filling of dental enamel cavity with amalgam

van den Oever, R.; van de Voorde, H., 1974:
Findings in the analysis of 1347 blood alcohol samples in the Louvain arrondissement

Maxwell, D.J.; Fyffe, R.E.; Brown, A.G., 1984:
Fine structure of normal and degenerating primary afferent boutons associated with characterized spinocervical tract neurons in the cat

Baldissera, F.; Gustafsson, B., 1974:
Firing behaviour of a neurone model based on the afterhyperpolarization conductance time course. First interval firing

Brückner, R., 1970:
First personal experiences with the antiherpes vaccine, Diamant

Shishido, Y.; Asaki, S.; Iwai, S.; Masuda, Y.; Nishimura, T.; Sato, A.; Hanzawa, K.; Kanazawa, N.; Sato, K.; Ohara, S., 1984:
Five cases of Mallory-Weiss syndrome in patients with chronic renal failure and hemodialysis patients

Forray, A.; Angyal, T., 1972:
Flagellation in virulent and avirulent Listeria monocytogenes strains

Huismans, H., 1974:
Floating corneal contact lenses in the therapy of inborn color perception disorders

Chevallier, F.; Férézou, J.; Rautureau, J., 1980:
Fluctuations in blood cholesterol level: a rational analysis

Seth, P.K.; Pera, F.; Hilwig, I.; Gropp, A., 1973:
Fluorescence banding pattern of the chromosomes of Microtus agrestis with a benzimidazol derivative

Vancura, V., 1980:
Fluorescent pseudomonads in the rhizosphere of plants and their relation to root exudates

Buckman, B.O.; Bonasera, T.A.; Kirschbaum, K.S.; Welch, M.J.; Katzenellenbogen, J.A., 1995:
Fluorine-18-labeled progestin 16 alpha, 17 alpha-dioxolanes: development of high-affinity ligands for the progesterone receptor with high in vivo target site selectivity

Bhathena, D.B.; Weiss, J.H.; Holland, N.H.; McMorrow, R.G.; Curtis, J.J.; Lucas, B.A.; Luke, R.G., 1980:
Focal and segmental glomerular sclerosis in reflux nephropathy

Chmurzyńska, W.; Manteuffel-Cymborowska, M.; Sikora, E.; Grzelakowska-Sztabert, B., 1984:
Folate enzymes in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma-bearing mice

Anonymous, 2018:
Absence of Hydrochloric Acid in Cancer of the Stomach

Gola, G., 1983:
Food consistency as an etiopathogenetic element in malocclusion

Terelinck, D., 1995:
For euthanasia: ask not-why euthanasia?

Dickinson, J., 1971:
Foreign body granuloma following anastomosis with the anastomotic stapler

Daun, H., 1973:
Formal genesis of psychoses

Shishiba, Y., 1972:
Formation of anti-TSH antibody

Redchits', T.I., 1972:
Formation of riboflavin by fungi of the genus Aspergillus Mich. by their cultivation on hydrocarbon media

Green, L.D.; Saccar, C.L.; Helsel, C.L.; Niehls, M.E.; McGeady, S.J.; Mansmann, H.C., 1984:
Forty-eight-hour absorption pharmacokinetic profiles of two sustained-release theophylline preparations

Pomerantz, H.Z., 1968:
Fourteen-year survival in a case of malignant hypertension under hypotensive drug therapy

Collins, D.N.; Chetta, S.G.; Nelson, C.L., 1982:
Fracture of the acetabular cup. A case report

Sp?ngler, H., 1970:
Fractures of the skull

Reznikova, L.S.; Odinokov, N.V.; Rurua, A.V.; Trofimova, L.Ia.; Bolshakova, G.M., 1972:
Free amino acids in the blood serum of patients with different forms of syphilis and various dermatoses

Bayer, M.F.; McDougall, I.R., 1982:
Free thyroxine by solid phase radioimmunoassay: improvement in the laboratory diagnosis of thyroid status in severely ill patients

Lesnicar, G., 1994:
Frequency and consequences of acute hepatitis non-A, non-B (hepatitis C) in Slovenia

Svanda, M.; Procházka, R.; Kout, M., 1972:
Frequency of the blood group substance Zd

MacIntyre, A., 1981:
From Homer to Benjamin Franklin: the nature of the virtues

Calabria, B.; Korda, R.J.; Lovett, R.W.; Fernando, P.; Martin, T.; Malamoo, L.; Welsh, J.; Banks, E., 2018:
Absolute cardiovascular disease risk and lipid-lowering therapy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Edlén, B., 1966:
Frontiers in spectroscopy

Vittal, S.B., 1974:
Fulminant viral hepatitis and hepatic failure

Shabalov, N.P.; Podosinnikov, I.S.; Fedoseeva, T.A.; Vydumkina, S.P., 1983:
Functional activity of peripheral polymorphonuclear leukocytes in newborn infants with intrauterine viral infections

Bershte?n, S.A.; Gurevich, M.I.; Solov'ev, A.I., 1982:
Functional cell differentiation of vascular smooth muscle and basal vascular tonus

Asklin, B.; Nilsson, A.; Pettersson, S., 1984:
Functional evaluation of anterior urethral strictures with combined antegrade and retrograde urethrography

Clendenin, M.; Ekerot, C.F.; Oscarsson, O.; Rosén, I., 1974:
Functional organization of two spinocerebellar paths relayed through the lateral reticular nucleus in the cat

Maaroos, I.A.; Sulling, T.A.; Mel'der, V.Iu.; Leissoo, A.R.; Ekha, I.E., 1984:
Functional state of the cardiovascular system in patients with chronic coronary insufficiency 12 months after direct myocardial revascularization depending on the bypass patency

Anonymous, 1970:
Functionaries of the association

Shaftan, G.W.; Chiu, C.J.; Dennis, C.; Harris, B., 1965:
Fundamentals of physiologic control of arterial hemorrhage

Nunez, D.; Levy-Toledano, S., 1984:
Further characterization of human platelet activation in the absence of aggregation: phosphorylations of specific proteins and relationship with platelet secretion

Prolla, J.C.; Yoshii, Y.; Kirsner, J.B.; Xavier, R.G., 1971:
Further experience with direct vision brushing cytology of malignant tumors of upper gastrointestinal tract histopathologic correlation with biopsy

Williams, D.I.; Keeton, J.E., 1973:
Further progress with reconstruction of the exstrophied bladder

Bajaj, J.S.; McMaster, D.; Vallance-Owen, J., 1971:
Further studies on the incidence of the synalbumin insulin antagonist

Bohannan, H.M.; Bader, J.D., 1984:
Future impact of public health and preventive methods on the incidence of dental caries

Leader, J.P.; Koe, B.K.; Weissman, A., 1981:
GABA-like actions of levonantradol

Corwin, R.L.; Robinson, J.K.; Crawley, J.N., 1993:
Galanin antagonists block galanin-induced feeding in the hypothalamus and amygdala of the rat

Gasser, F.; Schwander, H., 1981:
Gamma-2-free amalgam under the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the electronic radiomicroprobe

Grant, M.D.; Horowitz, H.I.; Lorian, V., 1969:
Gangrenous ulcer and septicemia due to citrobacter

Ohnishi, Y.; Hori, Z.; Makita, M., 1967:
Gas chromatography of vitamine B6

Maltoni, C.; Soffritti, M., 1995:
Gasoline as an oncological problem

Litman, S.J.; Vitkun, S.A.; Poppers, P.J., 1994:
Gastric irritation after ketorolac Bier block for treating reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Stonogin, V.D., 1968:
Gastric, hepato-pancreatoduodenal and intestinal secretion the first days after stomach resection

Lin, T., 1980:
Gastrointestinal actions of glucagon

Jones, P.F.; Reid, D.H., 1966:
Gastrostomy in neonatal respiratory failure

Chen, L.T.; Davidenas, J.A.; Ruth, R.F., 1973:
Gene dosage effect in expression of blood group antigens

Harichaux, P.; Moline, J., 1967:
General aspect of adrenergic bronchoconstriction of type alpha

Huygen, F.J.; van Thiel, T.A.; Degen, H., 1968:
General practitioner and nurse

Janier, M.; Bigel, M.L.; Wallach, D.; Vignon-Pennamen, M.D.; Sanson-Le Pors, M.J.; Witvo?t, J.; Pérol, Y.; Cottenot, F., 1984:
Generalized exfoliating pustular staphylococcal infection in an immunosuppressed woman

MacGregor, H.C.; Swan, A.P., 1984:
Genes, chromosomes and computer models in developmental biology: An introduction to programmes for development

Quick, A.J., 1968:
Genetic aspects of hemostasis. A review

Seredenin, S.B.; Zin'kovski?, V.G.; Badyshtov, B.A.; Golovenko, N.Ia.; Rybina, I.V., 1981:
Genetic differences in the anticonvulsant effect and rate of metabolism of phenazepam

Flow, B.L.; Mott, G.E.; Kelley, J.L., 1982:
Genetic mediation of lipoprotein cholesterol and apoprotein concentrations in the baboon (Papio sp.)

Klimov, A.N.; Maloga, O.A.; Tereshin, I.M., 1968:
Genetic transformation of streptomycin resistance in hemolytic streptococci in vivo

Cudkowicz, G.; Nakamura, I., 1983:
Genetics of the murine hemopoietic-histocompatibility system: an overview

Ducassou, J.; Richaud, C.; Benady, F., 1968:
Gentamicin in urology

Howell, T.S., 1972:
Georgia's trial program of rehabilitation

Balier, C., 1965:
Gerontology and problems of mental hygiene

Petry, G.; Kühnel, W., 1966:
Giant cells in chorion laeve of the rabbit

Cohen, H.; Troup, G.R., 1973:
Gilbert Reynolds Troup

Pilkerton, A.R.; Hoyle, R.V.; Suarez, A.F.; Higgins, G.A.; O'Rourke, J., 1968:
Glaucoma screening and detection program in a VA hospital

Altchek, A., 1970:
Glomerular lesion of toxemia

Holtzman, S.; Erve, P.R.; Schuler, J.J.; Burman, S.O.; Miller, B.; Nichols, R.L.; Schumer, W., 1974:
Glucocorticoid effect in hepatic carbohydrate metabolism during endotoxemia

Lowrie, E.G.; Soeldner, J.S.; Hampers, C.L.; Merrill, J.P., 1970:
Glucose metabolism and insulin secretion in uremic, prediabetic, and normal subjects

Lueders, K.K.; Dyer, H.M.; Thompson, E.B.; Kuff, E.L., 1970:
Glucuronyltransferase activity in transplantable rat hepatomas

Broadbent, T.R.; Woolf, R.M., 1967:
Glutethimide--long-term use

Schwarting, G.A.; Gajewski, A., 1983:
Glycolipids of murine lymphocyte subpopulations. Structural characterization of thymus gangliosides

Hall, P.M.; Cook, J.G.; Sheldon, J.; Rutherford, S.M.; Gould, B.J., 1984:
Glycosylated hemoglobins and glycosylated plasma proteins in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance

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Implanter for radioactive sources

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Impression technic for immediate dentures and removable partial prosthesis

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Independence for phocomelic children

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Indication for the Moore prosthesis in traumatology

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Indications for amputation as well as stump care in bone infection of the lower extremity

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Infectivity of urogenital tuberculosis

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Influence of puromycin on the learning and retention of a conditioned avoidance in mice

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Innervation of interapophyseal, vertebral articulations in man

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Instability and variable toxicity of HBP-Tx, a toxin in the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

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Instrumental learning of adult and aged female rats in an ambiant temperature of 40 degrees C plus or minus 2

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Insulin preparations

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Interaction of drugs with the cyclic nucleotide generating enzymes in the central nervous system

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Interactions of metergoline with diazepam, quipazine, and hallucinogenic drugs on a conflict behavior in the rat

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Intergroup encounters among free-ranging vervet monkeys

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Intermediate split-skin grafts and finger tip traction in the treatment of scar contractures of the hand

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Internal diverticulum of the duodenum (a case)

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Interpreting crossing over data

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Interrupted aortic arch: the clinical study on factors influencing to improve surgical survivals

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Interval distribution of baroreceptor impulses under adequate stimulation of the carotid sinus

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Intraocular foreign bodies with double perforation. Management and follow up

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Intraoral defect coverage with muscle flaps

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Intrauterine blood transfusion and postnatal hydrops therapy in Rh system hemolytic disease of the newborn

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Investigation of kappa-alpha s1 -casein interaction by fluorescence polarization

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Iodoventriculography in the diagnosis of the occlusive process of the posterior cranial fossa and of the ventricular isthmus

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Iron metabolism in polycythemia vera

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Is there a lexicality component in the word superiority effect?

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Isolation and characterization Salmonella typhimurium mutants lacking a tripeptidase (peptidase T)

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Isolation and localisation of dermonecrotoxin in Staphylococcus aureus

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Isolation of cold sensitive-rifampicin resistant RNA polymerase mutants of Escherichia coli

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Issues in the development of language intervention programmes

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JCO interviews. The Kesling & Rocke Orthodontic Group

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Jaw deformation in children

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Labio-jugo-palpebral reconstruction following extensive exeresis of a maxillary tumor

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Laboratory for preparation of high-purity clinical chemicals

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Let's push for HBO therapy

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MD rape: why you can be indicted

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Machines and the physician

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Macrophyllicin, a saponin from Primula macrophylla

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Mainstreaming handicapped children: the underlying legal concept

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Malaria prevention with mefloquine

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Malignant mucocele of the appendix

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Malignant tumours of the bile ducts

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Management for nurses. 6. The problem of priorities

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Management of complications after cataract surgery by the pars plana approach

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Management of voluntary interruption of pregnancy by a practicing physician

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Marijuana: a crude drug with a spectrum of underappreciated toxicity

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Martin A. Rothman 1969 Waterbury Award recipient

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Materials distribution systems

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Maxillary cementoblastoma. A case report

Anonymous, 1983:

la Roi, C?m.; Mandemakers, J.J., 2018:
Acceptance of homosexuality through education? Investigating the role of education, family background and individual characteristics in the United Kingdom

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Measurement of the palate

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Measures for the prevention of respiratory diseases in chickens

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Mechanical changes in squid giant axons associated with production of action potentials

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Mechanism of volume expansion on citrate, ammonia, and acid excretion in the rat

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Mechanisms that inhibit the formation and manifestation of the myocardial depressant factor in shock states

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Mediastinal fibrosis simulating residual Hodgkin's disease

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Medical and hospital insurance and assistance in Greece. Interview with the Minister of Social Services in Greece, Dr. Luca Patras

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Medical confidentiality--a battered baby

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Metal containers for transport of infectious material for laboratory examination for the purpose of isolation of the causative agents of acute intestinal infections

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Metastasizing chordoma of the lumbar spine

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Methadone maintenance

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Method for in vitro recording of vestibular neurons of the inner ear during postnatal development in the mouse

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Method of determining enterokinase

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Method of restraining unanesthetized rats for microelectrode and microiontophoretic studies of the brain

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Methodological contribution to cerebrospinal fluid cytodiagnosis

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Methods for evaluating the quality of programs of dental care

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Methods of early diagnosis of uterine cervix cancer

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Methods, indications and results of arterial reconstructive surgery in hypertension

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Microbiological properties of cephradine

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Microgranulated form of cis-cinnamoylchymotrypsin for half-tone enzyme photography

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Micropuncture study of the handling of gentamicin by the rat kidney

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Microstructure of anterior extremity of the rat incisor

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Midwifery. 1. Detection of fetal abnormality

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Missed trauma in the emergency department

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Mobile health units for obstetrical care

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Model for an epidemiologic research in university preventive medical services with reference to radiographic services

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Models of cell recovery during fractionated and prolongated irradiation

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Modern methods of assessing the condition of the foetus in late pregnancy

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Modification of malignancy by 5-bromodeoxyuridine. Studies of reversibility and immunological effects

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Modification of the parabiosis technic

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Modifications to the rate of wound contraction by allopurinol

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Modifying the problem-oriented record for an inpatient program for children

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Modulation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

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Molloplast-B, the soft lining material for dentures

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Monitoring of upper gastrointestinal tract pH: a new tool in the evaluation of acid-peptic disease

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Monoclonal antibodies against baboon endogenous virus and against host cell antigens

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Monoclonal gamma globulin disorder combined with echinococcosis

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Monostotic osteofibrous dysplasia of the upper jaw

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Morbidity of personnel in roentgen-diagnostic laboratories

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More social work for general practice?

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Morphogenesis of chronic pyelonephritis (electron microscopic study)

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Morphologic evidence suggestive of host-tumor cell interactions in vivo in human cancer patients

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Morphological and physiological studies on the non-spore-forming yeasts, assimilating oil hydrocarbons

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Morphological characteristics of tumor tissue explants cultured in diffusion chambers

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Morphological study of cardiac veins that drain into the coronary sinus, with special reference to the coronary artery dominant pattern

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Morphology of identified relay cells and interneurons in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the rat

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Morphometric study of the taste buds in rat tongue after colchicine application to the glossopharyngeal nerve

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Mortality of malignant neoplasms in young men

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Motility of the leaflets in mitral stenosis. A comparison between cinecardiographic and per-operative findings

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Motor reactions of chronic spinal rats after administration of oxotremorine

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Movement of carbon from vegetative cells to heterocysts in Anabaena cylindrica

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Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the vocal cord. Report of a case

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Multi-ionic action potentials in molluscan giant neurones

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Multifocal fungal infections in patients coming to the laryngologists

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Multiple biochemical blood testing as a case-finding tool in ambulatory medical patients

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Multiple forms of the nerve growth factor protein and its subunits

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Multiple nodules in juvenile chronic polyarthritis

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Multiple sites of methylation in the methyl accepting chemotaxis proteins of Escherichia coli

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Multivariate analyses of serum apolipoproteins and risk factors in relation to acute myocardial infarction

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Muscarinic stimulation of phospholipid turnover in dissociated avian salt gland cells

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Muscular function and its relationship to anomalies and recurrences

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Mutagenic effect of extracts from particulate matter collected with sediment traps in the archipelago of Stockholm and the open northern Baltic

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Mutation of the N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase gene of Escherichia coli K-12

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My views on public health dentistry

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Mycoplasma infections of the human urogenital tract with particular reference to non-gonococcal urethritis

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Myelographic findings in closed injuries of the brachial plexus. (Presentation of 3 cases)

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Myocardial depression. The effect of Ca++ and calcium flux during sepsis

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Myoelectric activity of the autotransplanted canine jejunoileum

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Myotonic dystrophy: case report and review of the literature

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NMR spectroscopy

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Naloxone blocks the effect of diazepam and meprobamate on conflict behaviour in rats

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Nasal decongestants in otorhinolaryngology

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National Purchasing Symposium: end-use cost determination of products

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Natural death and moral individuality

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Navajo arthritis--an unusual, acute, self limited disease

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Necrotizing and gangrenous ischemia of the colon: clinical facts and experimental studies

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Needs and technics for counseling parents of young children. Good preventive pediatrics must include attention to child behavior and parental counseling

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Neomycin B-glucoside, a component of media fermented by Streptomyces fradiae 3535

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Neonatal magnification radiography using standard-focus x-ray tubes

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Neoplasms of the testicles among the Ceylonese

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Nephrotic syndrome in a 52-year-old woman with monoclonal gammopathy

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Nervous system principles of temperatue regulation in agricultural animals

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Neurasthenic condition in the adaptation period

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Neurochemical characteristics of cerebral cortex quiet neurons

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Neurogenic intermittent claudication

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Neurologic complications in myocardial infarct

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Neurological mechanisms and the control of sexual behaviour

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Neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis and metachromasia

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Neuropeptides in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system: lateral retrochiasmatic area as a common gate for neuronal fibers towards the median eminence

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Neuropsychological study of crossed aphasia with jargon agraphia

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Neurotoxic effect of the dithiocarbamate tecoram on the chick embryo

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Neutron diffraction studies of oriented photosynthetic membranes

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New York State Board of Dental Examiners. A summary of recent activities

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New aspects in the technics of medical meteorologic research and their results

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New concept of the role of the laminar veins

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New developments in the etiologic diagnosis and study of the clinic and pathogenesis of tick-borne encephalitis

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New filling materials in dental practice

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New instruments, new horizons, new hazards. The impaction injury

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New method of ureteroneocystostomy in transplantation of the kidneys

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New perspectives on interstitial lung disease

Anonymous, 1966:
New salary scales for white nursing personnel for state, provincial and local authority services

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New techniques in radionuclide imaging of the alimentary system

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New washable woolskins

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Nickel-chromium alloys in casting

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Nil nocere. Allergic therapeutic agents side effects due to heterogenic follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

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Nitrofurantoin in the treatment of lambliasis

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No change in rat cerebral cortex calmodulin content following chronic treatment with lithium, reserpine, imipramine, and lithium combined with reserpine or imipramine

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Nocturnal ventilation by nasal mask in an 8-year-old girl with thoracic scoliosis, hypercapnic respiratory failure, and cor pulmonale

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Non surgical trauma of the larynx. Etiopathogenesis

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Non-gonococcal urethritis and Reiter's syndrome: personal experience with etiological studies during 15 years

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Non-professional nursing experience and nursing education

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Non-uniformity of sarcomere lengths can explain the 'catch-like' effect of arthropod muscle

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Noninvasive detection of insulation break

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Nonrecognition of familiar animals by a farmer. Zooagnosia or prosopagnosia for animals

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Nonunion of olecranon epiphysis: two cases in adolescent baseball pitchers

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Normal color perception and its deviations

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Nosological problems and histological aspects of viral hepatitis

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Nucleic acid enzymology of extremely halophilic bacteria. Halobacterium cutirubrum ribonucleic acid-dependent ribonucleic acid polymerase

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Nucleotide sequence divergence and functional constraint in mRNA evolution

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Numerical resolution of CCD-curves

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Nurses and nursing in Britain

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Nursing Mirror mental health forum 8. A fear of cancer

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Nursing care of community acquired pneumonia and hospital acquired pneumonia in the aged

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Nursing care. Crisis state has an effect on phantom pain

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Nursing in southern Brazil

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Nursing practice conceptualized: an interaction model

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Nursing the coronary patient

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Nutrition in adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease

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Nutritional oedema, albumin, and vanadate

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ODQ fights dental caries

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Accurate translation is important for longevity

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Observation and tele-EEG recording of a partial complex epileptic crisis

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Observations of neuronal types in tissue culture of mouse nervous tissue

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Observations on patients dysphasic after stroke

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Observations on the incidence of myocardial infarct with regard to the external environment

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Observations with G bonding of human chromosomes. Reduction of dye concentration in Soerensen buffered solutions is sufficient for demonstrating G bands

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Obstruction of inferior vena cava as a factor for reduced blood pressure on distension of stomach in dogs

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Occluded-ion forms of the Na,K-ATPase

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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1969. H.R. 13373, 91st Congress, 1st Session

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Occupational hygiene, threshold limit values and environmental hygiene

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Occurrence of positive toxoplasmosis reactions in mothers and newborn infants

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Ocular fundus findings in vascular diseases. Study of a population

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Oculocerebral hemorrhagic syndrome

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Oestrogen receptors and breast carcinoma

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Old age and its behavioral manifestations: a study on two species of macaque

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Olive oil to diabetics--again

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On a clinical case of diabetes mellitus with renal and cardiac involvement and associated with primary hypothyroidism

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On adjustments correcting the recorded morbidity

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On bronchography during intravenous barbiturate anesthesia

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On cryoextraction of the lens

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On extracting the soluble antigen of the Burneti rickettsia by means of ultrasound

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On injection syringes

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On myofibril ultrastructure under ultrasonic wave effect

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On presentation of the Proctor Medal of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology to Saiichi Mishima

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On sterilisation of ampoules of local anaesthetic solution

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On the problem of thrombosis and embolism after neurosurgical operations

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On the question of the long-term sequelae of hypervitaminosis D

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On the use of the new vaso- and cardiotonic drug tauremizine as a substitute for camphor in the treatment of pneumonia patients

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Open house for nursing programs: keeping faculty in touch

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Operation for retinal detachment with the scleral pocket method. Indications, technic, results in the light of 4 years' experience

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Operative treatment of swan neck deformity

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Oral tactility during chewing. III. Denture wearers

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Organisation of a programme for cervical cancer screening. ICRF coordinating committee on cervical screening

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Organization of health protection of drivers in Yugoslavia

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Organization of the work of the receiving-classifying section of the mobile therapeutical field hospital with mass arrivals of patients

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Origin of true hermaphroditism

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Orthodontic participation in the treatment of a case of Apert syndrome

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Orthopedic treatment of idiopathic scoliosis during growth

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Osmotic regulation in a halophilic strain of Chlamydomonas. II. Effects of sulfhydryl reagents

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Osteochondroma of the temporomandibular joint

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Oswald Ernest Lloyd Rout

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Ouabain-insensitive sodium/lithium exchange and the effect of anti-L in low potassium sheep erythrocytes

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Our experience with Septrin in the therapy of urinary tract infections in chldren

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Our experiences with oculucidone in diseases of the central area of the retina

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Our visiting professor (Bertram D. Lewin)

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Outline of an anti-tubercular campaign in Okinawa, with special reference to the role and achievements of the Association of the Friends of Tubercular Patients

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Ovarian endometrioid adenofibromatous and cystadenofibromatous tumors: benign, proliferating, and malignant

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Own observations on the analgesic effects of music during dental treatment

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Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of various segments of the central nervous system in traumatic shock in rats

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Oxytocin/vasopressin-like immunoreactivity is present in the nervous system of hydra

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PHN's judgment leading to the early detection of developmental defects and the prevention of handicaps

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Packed-bed reactor of immobilized bacterial bioluminescence enzymes: a potential high-sensitivity detector for automated analyzers

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Pain relief after inguinal hernia repair: a randomized double-blind study

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Palliative care. Dealing with constipation

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Parabiotic perfusion for the assessment of the reanimability and for the vital conservation of the cadaver heart

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Parallel laparoscopic and echographic studies in hepatobiliary diseases

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Paraneoplastic syndromes. Their significance in the early diagnosis of cancer by the general practitioner

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Parental work patterns in alternative families: influence on child development

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Parliamentary announcement No.9 and the midwife's position in the health services

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Partial and generalized convulsive manifestations of stereotaxic lesions of the brainstem in the cat

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Partial purification and biochemical properties of a factor promoting chicken myoblast multiplication in vitro

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Participation in continuing medical education of general practitioners in New Zealand

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Particular clinical use for beta-tricalcium phosphate ceramic

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Pathogenesis and clinic of human trichinellosis

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Pathogenesis of headache following lumbar puncture

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Pathologic findings in bone marrow transplantation

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Pathological parameters useful in predicting prognosis for patients with breast cancer

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Pathology of otospongiosis and correlations of pathology with surgery

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Pathways between the nucleus tractus solitarius and neurosecretory neurons of the supraoptic nucleus: electrophysiological studies

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Patient package inserts: goals, success measures and research needs

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Patients without choices: the ethics of decision-making in emergency medicine

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Patterns of amygdaloid and arcuate electroencephalograms associated with puberty in the female rat

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Paul Brodeur (1895-1965)

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Pediatric management problems (toilet training)

Klein, P., 1972 :

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Penetrating keratoplasty using MK stored corneas and Na Hyaluronate (Healon)

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Penicillinase-producing gonococci in Britain

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Peptic ulcer surgery in the aged

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Percentages of the 4 stages of breast cancer patients in the Instituto Português de Oncologia, between 1967 and 1966

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Percutaneous aorta-inferior vena cava catheterization with external shunt for recurrent hemodyalysis in organic acute renal insufficiency

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Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (P.T.C.) using Chiba needle in the diagnosis of cholestasis: the experience in 276 consecutive patients. The success rate, morbidity and mortality, with special emphasis on its recent diagnostic validity

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Perfusion of the isolated heart using ftoksilol, an emulsion of perfluorocarbons

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Pericoronitis II: management and prevention

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Perineal rectopexy for rectal prolapse

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Periodontal reactions associated with removable partial dentures

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Peripheral blood T lymphocyte subpopulations defined by monoclonal antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis: distribution in patients untreated and treated by oral gold therapy

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Peripheral regulation of the adrenergic mediator process in the smooth muscles of the rat small intestine

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Peritoneovenous shunt for refractory ascites: operative complications and long-term results

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Permeability of normal lymphatics

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Persistent infection of cultivated cells with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus: regulation of virus replication. Brief report

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Personal experiences with the preparation K.H.3-Geriatricum Schwarzhaupt in the therapy of geriatric diseases

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Personality of women with imaginative and artistic interests: the role of masculinity, originality, and other characteristics in their creativity

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Perspectives/medical grand rounds. Hepatitis B virus vaccine

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Phaeochromocytoma in pregnancy. Caesarean section under epidural analgesia

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Pharmaceutical engineering

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Pharmacokinetic characteristics of trimecaine compared to lidocaine in myocardial infarct patients

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Pharmacokinetics of absorption during perfusion of an intestinal loop with variable blood flow

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Pharmacokinetics of quinidine and three of its metabolites in man

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Pharmacological alteration of antigen-induced contraction of lung parenchymal strips isolated from the actively sensitized guinea pig

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Pharmacological properties of cholinergic receptor and further evidences of direct action of soman on earthworm dorsal muscle

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Pharmacology for the dental practitioner. Systemic disease and dental practice

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Pharmacy-nursing Kardex rounds--a communication technique

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Phase analysis of the systole of the left ventricle in patients with mitral stenosis, depending on the condition of the bronchial passage

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Phenol peels and toxic shock syndrome

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Phenylalanine transfer RNA: molecular dynamics simulation

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Philosophical issues in the Rogerian science of unitary human beings

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Phorbol ester and diacylglycerol induce protein phosphorylation at tyrosine

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Phospholipase C from Clostridium perfringens: purification by electrophoresis on acrylamide-agarose gel

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Phosphorylated acetate kinase. Its isolation and reactivity

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Photoallergy to "jadit" with photo cross-reactions to derivative of sulfanilamide

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Photogeneration of superoxide by adriamycin and daunomycin. An electron spin resonance and spin trapping study

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Photoreceptor membrane shedding and assembly can be initiated locally within an insect retina

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Physeal, metaphyseal, and diaphyseal injuries of the lower extremities in children with myelomeningocele

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Physical examination of the urinary system

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Physical therapy and wound care: what's the connection?

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Physician, house calls and physicians' assistants

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Physicochemical characterization of glucagon-containing lipid micelles

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Physiological and behavioral responses of New Zealand hypertensive and normotensive rats to stress

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Physiological model for the pharmacokinetics of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzofuran in several species

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Physiology of pigmentary biliary secretion; its importance for the physiopathology of some jaundices

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Physiopathology of the lesser circulation in cyanogenic heart diseases

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Picture of the month. Monilethrix

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Pilot plant scale production of human lymphoblastoid interferon

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Pit and fissure sealants: their efficacy and usefulness in public health

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Pituitary-adrenal cortex function in female non-tumor hirsutism

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Placental extracts in the therapy of cervico-vaginal lesions

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Planning a self-care unit in an inpatient setting

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Plantar pseudo-chromidrosis. Current status of the problem

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Plasma binding of disopyramide and mono-N-dealkyldisopyramide

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Plasma estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, and 17-hydroxyprogesterone in human pregnancy. I. Normal pregnancy

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Plasma levels of levonorgestrel, gestodene, norethisterone and cyproterone acetate on single-dose subcutaneous administration in oily solution in the rat, beagle and rhesus monkey

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Plasma renin activity in relation to serum sodium concentration and body fluid balance

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Plasmatic renin in patients with kidney diseases

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Plastic repair of the upper lip with single-stage osteoplasty of the alveolar process of the maxilla in congenital defects of the face. (Experimental and clinical research)

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Platelet aggregation in six families with Bartter's syndrome

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Platelet-derived growth factor stimulates de-novo synthesis of mitogen-activated protein kinase in renal mesangial cells

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Pleural hyalo-serositis--laesions imitating a lung tumour

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Pneumococcal virulence factors and host immune responses to them

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Pneumothorax of late onset after chest stabbing

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Polarity, calcium and abscission: molecular bases for developmental plasticity in plants

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Political attitudes, age, and aging: a cohort analysis of archival data

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Polyamine, magnesium and ribonucleic acid levels in steady-state cultures of the mould Aspergillus nidulans

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Polycythemic forms of heterozygous thalassemia in the Toulon area

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Polymorphism and protein evolution. The neutral mutation-random drift hypothesis

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Polyomavirus origin for DNA replication comprises multiple genetic elements

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Polysynaptic spinal reflexes in Parkinson's disease

Olorunfemi, J.F., 1983:
Population in health planning

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Portable campimeter

Anonymous, 1972:
Position statement on involuntary hospitalization of the mentally ill

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Possibilities and limitations of Harrington's method in the surgical treatment of scoliosis

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Possibilities of conservative treatment of retinal tumors

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Possibility and value of a multicenter trial for the evaluation of psychotherapy

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Possible effects of the taking of contraceptive products

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Possible relationship of gluconeogenesis to modulation of phosphate transport in the proximal tubule

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Post-cesarean ovarian transposition as a method of reversible sterilization: initial study

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Post-pneumonia pleural empyema in children

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Post-traumatic stress disorder and the MMPI-2

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Posterior supra-transverse subcortical pyelolithotomy

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Postmortem alterations of bacterial localization

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Postoperative arrhythmias in patients with congenital heart disease

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Postoperative magnesium metabolism

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Postpartum lactational amenorrhoea as a means of family planning in the Sudan: a study of 500 cases

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Posttraumatic stress disorder. Emerging from the rhetoric

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Potato lectin - a glycoprotein with two domains

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Potential use of placental extract for studying the allergic component in the mechanism of the occurrence of pregnancy pathology

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Potentiation of thiopental anesthesia by carbon tetrachloride

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Practical cryosurgery for oral lesions

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Practical therapeutics. Management of epilepsy: therapeutic aspects

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Pratylenchus macrostylus n. sp. (Pratylenchinae: Nematoda)