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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 54

Section 54 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sivak, D.A.; Thomson, M., 2015:
Environmental statistics and optimal regulation

Shimoda, R.; Okabe, K.; Kotake, T.; Matsuoka, K.; Koyama, T.; Tryfona, T.; Liang, H-Chung.; Dupree, P.; Tsumuraya, Y., 2015:
Enzymatic fragmentation of carbohydrate moieties of radish arabinogalactan-protein and elucidation of the structures

Leone, J.Pablo.; Dudek, A.Zbigniew., 2009:
Enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher's disease in patient treated for non-small cell lung cancer

Carr, S.; Watson, W., 2011:
Eosinophilic esophagitis

Pan, P.; Han, T.Yi.; OuYang, X.Zhi.; Liu, Y.Qiu.; Zang, H.; Ning, J.Kui.; Yang, Y., 2018:
Carbon density distribution characteristics and influencing factors in aerially seeded Pinus massoniana plantations

Guo, D.; Trajanovski, S.; van de Bovenkamp, R.; Wang, H.; Van Mieghem, P., 2014:
Epidemic threshold and topological structure of susceptible-infectious-susceptible epidemics in adaptive networks

Igissinov, N.; Kulmirzayeva, D.; Moore, M.A.; Igissinov, S.; Baidosova, G.; Akpolatova, G.; Bukeyeva, Z.; Omralina, Y., 2015:
Epidemiological assessment of leukemia in Kazakhstan, 2003- 2012

Wang, L-min.; Sun, Y-wu.; Han, Y-feng.; Xiang, H.; Stallones, L.; Xue, H-feng.; Cheng, Y.; Li, S-san., 2013:
Epidemiological study on alcohol consumption and agricultural profession-related injuries among minority residents from the northern parts of China

Majdan, M.; Rusnak, M.; Rehorcikova, V.; Brazinova, A.; Leitgeb, J.; Mauritz, W., 2015:
Epidemiology and patterns of transport-related fatalities in Austria 1980-2012

Terracini, B., 2011:
Epidemiology of childhood cancer

Togawa, A., 2007:
Epidemiology of multiple myeloma

Abac?, A.; ?atl?, G?nül.; An?k, A.; B?ber, E., 2014:
Epidemiology, classification and management of undescended testes: does medication have value in its treatment?

Indra, A.Kumar.; Leid, M., 2011:
Epidermal permeability barrier measurement in mammalian skin

Tanaka, M.; Zhao, J.; Suyama, A.; Matsui, T., 2013:
Epigallocatechin gallate promotes the vasorelaxation power of the antiatherosclerotic dipeptide Trp-His in contracted rat aorta

Puckett, R.E.; Lubin, F.D., 2012:
Epigenetic mechanisms in experience-driven memory formation and behavior

Agirre, X.; Vilas-Zornoza, A.; Jiménez-Velasco, A.; Martin-Subero, Jé.Ignacio.; Cordeu, L.; Gárate, L.; San José-Eneriz, E.; Abizanda, G.; Rodríguez-Otero, P.; Fortes, P.; Rifón, Jé.; Bandrés, E.; Calasanz, Mía.José.; Martín, V.; Heiniger, A.; Torres, A.; Siebert, R.; Román-Gomez, Jé.; Prósper, F., 2009:
Epigenetic silencing of the tumor suppressor microRNA Hsa-miR-124a regulates CDK6 expression and confers a poor prognosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Durá-Travé, T.; Yoldi-Petri, M.E.; Hualde-Olascoaga, J.; Etayo-Etayo, V., 2009:
Epilepsy and epileptic syndromes during the first year of life

Stecher, D.; Bulloch, B.; Sales, J.; Schaefer, C.; Keahey, L., 2009 :
Epinephrine auto-injectors: is needle length adequate for delivery of epinephrine intramuscularly?

Suzuki, N.; Tanaka, H.; Yamanaka, S.; Kanai, M.; Lee, B.Kuk.; Lee, H.Yeon.; Kawai, T., 2008:
Epitaxial nanodot arrays of transition-metal oxides fabricated by dry deposition combined with a nanoimprint-lithography-based molybdenum lift-off technique

Ma, J.; Wang, L.; Mo, W.; Yang, X.; Xiao, J., 2012:
Epithelioid hemangioendotheliomas of the spine: clinical characters with middle and long-term follow-up under surgical treatments

Thompson, J.W.; Dave, K.R.; Saul, I.; Narayanan, S.V.; Perez-Pinzon, M.A., 2014:
Epsilon PKC increases brain mitochondrial SIRT1 protein levels via heat shock protein 90 following ischemic preconditioning in rats

Fox, S.E.; Ridgway, E.B.; Slavin, S.A.; Upton, J.; Lee, B.T., 2008:
Equestrian-related injuries: implications for treatment in plastic surgery

Anonymous, 2010:
Equipping bottle-feeding mothers with the facts about formula

Singh, M.Zaniewski.; Singh, S.Inder.; Basra, P.Singh., 2009:
Erbium:YAG laser resurfacing in patients with inflamed cystic acne

Korff, S.; Loughran, P.; Cai, C.; Lee, Y.Shan.; Scott, M.; Billiar, T.R., 2014:
Eritoran attenuates tissue damage and inflammation in hemorrhagic shock/trauma

El Issa, M.; El Issa, M.; Sidia, B., 2018:
Cardiac Amyloidosis Diagnosis with Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Case Report

Chen, H.; Tang, Y.; Li, L.; Yuan, Y.; Li, X.; Tang, Y., 2013:
Error Analysis of Stochastic Gradient Descent Ranking

Hatherley, H.H., 1875:
Erysipelas and Midwifery Practice

Lancrajan, C.; Bumbacea, R.; Giurcaneanu, C., 2010:
Erythrodermic atopic dermatitis with late onset--case presentation

Bates, J.T.; Keefer, C.J.; Slaughter, J.C.; Kulp, D.W.; Schief, W.R.; Crowe, J.E., 2014:
Escape from neutralization by the respiratory syncytial virus-specific neutralizing monoclonal antibody palivizumab is driven by changes in on-rate of binding to the fusion protein

Gaur, P.; Kim, M.P.; Dunkin, B.J., 2014:
Esophageal cancer: Recent advances in screening, targeted therapy, and management

Adair, R.K., 2008:
Essay: Physical Review Letters; Sam Goudsmit's Vision

Ciraolo, E.; Morello, F.; Hobbs, R.M.; Wolf, F.; Marone, R.; Iezzi, M.; Lu, X.; Mengozzi, G.; Altruda, F.; Sorba, G.; Guan, K.; Pandolfi, P.Paolo.; Wymann, M.P.; Hirsch, E., 2010:
Essential role of the p110beta subunit of phosphoinositide 3-OH kinase in male fertility

Goddard, M.A.; Mitchell, E.L.; Smith, B.K.; Childers, M.K., 2012:
Establishing clinical end points of respiratory function in large animals for clinical translation

White, H.E.; Hedges, J.; Bendit, I.; Branford, S.; Colomer, D.; Hochhaus, A.; Hughes, T.; Kamel-Reid, S.; Kim, D-Wook.; Modur, V.; Müller, M.C.; Pagnano, K.B.; Pane, F.; Radich, J.; Cross, N.C.P.; Labourier, E., 2013:
Establishment and validation of analytical reference panels for the standardization of quantitative BCR-ABL1 measurements on the international scale

Zhou, Y-Qun.; Yu, Z-Yuan.; Ren, W.; Mu, X-Zheng., 2008:
Establishment of diagnostic criteria for cranio-orbito-zygomatic hypoplasia with computer-assisted measurement

Ueki, K.; Marukawa, K.; Okabe, K.; Moroi, A.; Nakagawa, K.; Yamamoto, E.; Niizawa, S., 2011:
Esthetic improvement using conventional orthodontic devices after segmental osteotomy in treatment of malpositioned implants

Li, L.; Wu, J.; Ghosh, J.Kay.; Ritz, B., 2013:
Estimating Spatiotemporal Variability of Ambient Air Pollutant Concentrations with A Hierarchical Model

Muyer, M.Telo.; Muls, E.; Mapatano, M.A.; Makulo, R.; Mvitu, M?se.; Kimenyembo, W.; Mandja, M.; Kimbondo, P.; Bieleli, E'Osongo.; Ka?mbo wa Ka?mbo, Dé.; Nseka, N.; Okitolonda, W.; Truyers, C.; Buntinx, F., 2011:
Estimating prevalence of diabetes in a Congolese town was feasible

Jokinen, J.; Scott, J.Anthony.G., 2010:
Estimating the proportion of pneumonia attributable to pneumococcus in Kenyan adults: latent class analysis

Wang, J-Feng.; Hu, M-Gui.; Xu, C-Dong.; Christakos, G.; Zhao, Y., 2013:
Estimation of citywide air pollution in Beijing

Caballero-Morales, S-Omar., 2014:
Estimation of phoneme-specific HMM topologies for the automatic recognition of dysarthric speech

Cavalier, E.; Delanaye, P.; Hubert, P.; Krzesinski, J-Marie.; Chapelle, J-Paul.; Rozet, E., 2010:
Estimation of the stability of parathyroid hormone when stored at -80 degrees C for a long period

Chen, F.; Ouyang, Y.; Ye, T.; Ni, B.; Chen, A., 2014:
Estrogen inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclastic differentiation by increasing the expression of TRPV5 channel

LaBarge, S.; McDonald, M.; Smith-Powell, L.; Auwerx, J.; Huss, J.M., 2014:
Estrogen-related receptor-α (ERRα) deficiency in skeletal muscle impairs regeneration in response to injury

Pompili, M.; Nicolardi, E.; Abbate, V.; Miele, L.; Riccardi, L.; Covino, M.; De Matthaeis, N.; Grieco, A.; Landolfi, R.; Rapaccini, G.Ludovico., 2011:
Ethanol injection is highly effective for hepatocellular carcinoma smaller than 2 cm

Bein, T., 2011:
Ethical conflicts in the surgical intensive care setting - impact of ethics consultations

Callister, L.Clark.; Luthy, K.E.; Thompson, P.; Memmott, R.Jeanne., 2009:
Ethical reasoning in baccalaureate nursing students

Ono, M., 2011:
Ethics should trump science in Fukushima

Ng, T.Pin.; Leong, T.; Chiam, P.Chiang.; Kua, E-Heok., 2010:
Ethnic variations in dementia: the contributions of cardiovascular, psychosocial and neuropsychological factors

Prabhuswamy, M.; Madan Kumar, S.; Raghavendra, K.R.; Abdoh, M.M.M.; Shashikanth, S.; Lokanath, N.K., 2013:
Ethyl 2-cyano-5-oxo-5-(thio-phen-2-yl)-3-(3,4,5-trimeth-oxy-phen-yl)penta-noate

Kobayashi, J.; Ohara, T.; Minematsu, K.; Nagatsuka, K.; Toyoda, K., 2014:
Etiological mechanisms of isolated pontine infarcts based on arterial territory involvement

Athawale, R.B.; Jain, D.S.; Singh, K.K.; Gude, R.P., 2014:
Etoposide loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for curtailing B16F10 melanoma colonization in lung

Gillison, M.L.; Castellsagué, X.; Chaturvedi, A.; Goodman, M.T.; Snijders, P.; Tommasino, M.; Arbyn, M.; Franceschi, S., 2014:
Eurogin Roadmap: comparative epidemiology of HPV infection and associated cancers of the head and neck and cervix

Mulley, G.P., 2014 :
European courts and old people

Clerkin, E.M.; Magee, J.C.; Parsons, E.Marie., 2014:
Evaluating Change in Beliefs About the Importance/Control of Thoughts as a Mediator of CBM-I and Responses to an ICT Stressor

Mantoan, L.; Kullmann, D.M., 2011:
Evaluating first seizures in adults in primary care

Detilleux, J.; Theron, L.; Reding, E.; Bertozzi, C.; Hanzen, C., 2014:
Evaluating somatic cell scores with a Bayesian Gaussian linear state-space model

Shuval, K.; Berkovits, E.; Netzer, D.; Hekselman, I.; Linn, S.; Brezis, M.; Reis, S., 2007:
Evaluating the impact of an evidence-based medicine educational intervention on primary care doctors' attitudes, knowledge and clinical behaviour: a controlled trial and before and after study

Chen, C.; Dhanda, R.; Tseng, W-Yu.; Forsyth, M.; Patt, D.A., 2014:
Evaluating use characteristics for the oncotype dx 21-gene recurrence score and concordance with chemotherapy use in early-stage breast cancer

Wilson, S.R.; Mudge, G.H.; Stewart, G.C.; Givertz, M.M., 2009:
Evaluation for a ventricular assist device: selecting the appropriate candidate

Al Zabadi, H.; Nazzal, Y., 2014:
Evaluation of Darkroom disease's symptoms among radiographers in the West Bank hospitals: a cross-sectional study in Palestine

Saito, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Yamaguchi, I.; Kimura, K-Ichi.; Kanzaki, T.; Shimada, H.; Otake, H.; Oriuchi, N.; Endo, K., 2016:
Evaluation of Radio-activated Compounds Produced in the Walls and Adjacent Areas of a Small Medical Cyclotron

Palmer, D.G.; Lyon, J.; Palmer, M.A.; Forshaw, D., 2015:
Evaluation of a copro-antigen ELISA to detect Fasciola hepatica infection in sheep, cattle and horses

Yang, J.; Guo, H.; Gallazzi, F.; Berwick, M.; Padilla, R.Steven.; Miao, Y., 2011:
Evaluation of a novel Arg-Gly-Asp-conjugated α-melanocyte stimulating hormone hybrid peptide for potential melanoma therapy

Roup, C.M.; Poling, G.L.; Harhager, K.; Krishnamurthy, A.; Feth, L.L., 2012:
Evaluation of a telephone speech-enhancement algorithm among older adults with hearing loss

Nerandzic, M.M.; Cadnum, J.L.; Pultz, M.J.; Donskey, C.J., 2010:
Evaluation of an automated ultraviolet radiation device for decontamination of Clostridium difficile and other healthcare-associated pathogens in hospital rooms

Baba, S.A.; Malik, S.A., 2014:
Evaluation of antioxidant and antibacterial activity of methanolic extracts of Gentiana kurroo royle

Sehmisch, S.; Uffenorde, J.; Maehlmeyer, S.; Tezval, M.; Jarry, H.; Stuermer, K.M.; Stuermer, E.K., 2010:
Evaluation of bone quality and quantity in osteoporotic mice--the effects of genistein and equol

Wu, G-yu.; Suo, S-teng.; Kong, W.; Jin, D.; Zhang, J.; Xu, J-rong., 2015:
Evaluation of clinical outcomes of antiangiogenic-targeted therapy in patients with pulmonary metastatic renal cell carcinoma using non-contrast-enhanced computed tomography

Harel, Z.; Wald, R.; Perl, J.; Schwartz, D.; Bell, C.M., 2012:
Evaluation of deficiencies in current discharge summaries for dialysis patients in Canada

Hahne, J.Claus.; Fuchs, T.; Florin, A.; Edwards, D.; Pourtier, A.; Soncin, F.; Wernert, N., 2012:
Evaluation of effects caused by differentially spliced Ets-1 transcripts in fibroblasts

Wang, L.; Xing, Y.; Li, Y.; Han, K.; Chen, J., 2015:
Evaluation of flow velocity in unilateral middle cerebral artery stenosis by Transcranial Doppler

Murray, C.K.; Brunstetter, T.; Beckius, M.; Dunne, J.R.; Mende, K., 2014:
Evaluation of hemostatic field dressing for bacteria, mycobacteria, or fungus contamination

Scheetz, L.J.; Zhang, J.; Kolassa, J.E.; Allen, P.; Allen, M., 2008:
Evaluation of injury databases as a preliminary step to developing a triage decision rule

Tan, O.; Yuce, I.; Kantarci, M.; Algan, S., 2011:
Evaluation of lower-limb arteries with multidetector computed tomography angiography prior to free flap surgery: a radioanatomic study

Markova, V.; S?rensen, J.Led.; Holm, C.; N?rgaard, A.; Langhoff-Roos, J., 2012:
Evaluation of multi-professional obstetric skills training for postpartum hemorrhage

Jahanbani, J.; Sandvik, L.; Lyberg, T.; Ahlfors, E., 2009:
Evaluation of oral mucosal lesions in 598 referred Iranian patients

Filee, R.; Schoos, R.; Boemer, F?ois., 2013:
Evaluation of physiological amino acids profiling by tandem mass spectrometry

Makarevich, A.E.; Valevich, V.E.; Pochtavtsev, A.U., 2008:
Evaluation of pulmonary hypertension in COPD patients with diabetes

Lista, F.; Andrés, G.; Cáceres, F.; Ramón de Fata, F.; Rodríguez-Barbero, J.M.; Angulo, J.C., 2014:
Evaluation of risk of muscle invasion, perivesical and/or lymph node affectation by diffusion-weighted magnetic nuclear resonance in the patient who is a candidate for radical cystectomy

Hosseinpour, M.; Behdad, A., 2008:
Evaluation of small bowel measurement in alive patients

Samant, S.; Amann, R.I.; Hahn, D., 2014:
Evaluation of the 23S rRNA gene as target for qPCR based quantification of Frankia in soils

McAllister, I.L.; Vijayasekaran, S.; Xia, W.; Yu, D-Yi., 2014:
Evaluation of the ability of a photocoagulator to rupture the retinal vein and Bruch's membrane for potential vein bypass in retinal vein occlusion

Visser, N.; Berendschot, T.T.J.M.; Verbakel, F.; Tan, A.N.; de Brabander, J.; Nuijts, R.M.M.A., 2011:
Evaluation of the comparability and repeatability of four wavefront aberrometers

Zammit, G.; Erman, M.; Wang-Weigand, S.; Sainati, S.; Zhang, J.; Roth, T., 2007:
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of ramelteon in subjects with chronic insomnia

Trinconi, A.F.; Filassi, Jé.Roberto.; Soares, Jé.Maria.; Baracat, E.C., 2011:
Evaluation of the insulin-like growth factors (IGF) IGF-I and IGF binding protein 3 in patients at high risk for breast cancer

Paradelo, R.; Barral, M.T., 2012:
Evaluation of the potential capacity as biosorbents of two MSW composts with different Cu, Pb and Zn concentrations

Cullen, G.; Donnellan, F.; Doherty, G.A.; Smith, M.; Cheifetz, A.S., 2013:
Evaluation of the small bowel in inflammatory bowel disease

Turrisi, R.; Mallett, K.A.; Cleveland, M.J.; Varvil-Weld, L.; Abar, C.; Scaglione, N.; Hultgren, B., 2013:
Evaluation of timing and dosage of a parent-based intervention to minimize college students' alcohol consumption

Cristofol, E.; Rojas, F.S.; Cano-Pavon, J.M., 1991:
Evaluation of various N-phenylthiosemicarbazones as chromogenic reagents in spectrophotometric analysis

De Schampheleire, M.; Nuyttens, D.; De Keyser, D.; Spanoghe, P., 2009:
Evaporation drift of pesticides active ingredients

Havenith, S.H.C.; Yong, S.La.; van Donselaar-van der Pant, K.A.M.I.; van Lier, Ré.A.W.; ten Berge, I.J.M.; Bemelman, Féderike.J., 2013:
Everolimus-treated renal transplant recipients have a more robust CMV-specific CD8+ T-cell response compared with cyclosporine- or mycophenolate-treated patients

Tickell, D.; Duke, T., 2011:
Evidence behind the WHO guidelines: hospital care for children: for young infants with suspected necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), what is the effectiveness of different parenteral antibiotic regimens in preventing progression and sequelae?

Dien, J.; O'Hare, A.J., 2008:
Evidence for automatic sentence priming in the fusiform semantic area: convergent ERP and fMRI findings

Lee, P.K.H.; He, J.; Zinder, S.H.; Alvarez-Cohen, L., 2010:
Evidence for nitrogen fixation by "Dehalococcoides ethenogenes" strain 195

Gibson, N.J.; Cassim, J.Y., 1993:
Evidence for unbenignant nature of glucose as a replacement for water in purple membranes

Pathan, A.Khan.; Sayyed, A.H.; Aslam, M.; Razaq, M.; Jilani, G.; Saleem, M.Ahmad., 2008:
Evidence of field-evolved resistance to organophosphates and pyrethroids in Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Zeni, J., 2014:
Evidence supports supervised physical therapy programs after TKA

Abu-Qamar, M'en.; Wilson, A., 2007:
Evidence-based decision-making: the case for diabetes care

Rohrich, R.J., 2010:
Evidence-based patient safety advisory for ambulatory surgery

Roviello, G.N.; Musumeci, D.; Bucci, E.M.; Castiglione, M.; Cesarani, A.; Pedone, C.; Piccialli, G., 2008:
Evidences for complex formation between L-dabPNA and aegPNA

Ma, X.; Zhang, K.; Li, X., 2008:
Evolution of Drosophila ribosomal protein gene core promoters

Rhoné, Bénédicte.; Vitalis, R.; Goldringer, I.; Bonnin, I., 2010:
Evolution of flowering time in experimental wheat populations: a comprehensive approach to detect genetic signatures of natural selection

Kobayashi, Y.; Ohtsuki, H., 2014:
Evolution of social versus individual learning in a subdivided population revisited: comparative analysis of three coexistence mechanisms using the inclusive-fitness method

Downes, S.; Mahon, R., 2012:
Evolution, ecology and management of resistance in Helicoverpa spp. to Bt cotton in Australia

Guinane, C.M.; Ben Zakour, N.L.; Tormo-Mas, M.A.; Weinert, L.A.; Lowder, B.V.; Cartwright, R.A.; Smyth, D.S.; Smyth, C.J.; Lindsay, J.A.; Gould, K.A.; Witney, A.; Hinds, J.; Bollback, J.P.; Rambaut, A.; Penadés, Jé.R.; Fitzgerald, J.Ross., 2010:
Evolutionary genomics of Staphylococcus aureus reveals insights into the origin and molecular basis of ruminant host adaptation

Read, A.F.; Harvey, P.H., 1993:
Evolving in a dynamic world

Son, S.Wook.; Park, S.Yong.; Park, G.Man.; Ha, S.Han.; Lee, G.Woo.; Lee, O.Seok.; Hwu, Y.; Kim, A.Ree.; Je, J.Ho.; Oh, C.Hwan., 2008:
Ex vivo imaging of basal cell carcinoma using synchrotron phase-contrast X-ray microscopy

Loos, P-Fran?ois.; Gill, P.M.W., 2012:
Exact wave functions of two-electron quantum rings

Hashimoto, A.; Inatsu, H.; Ogashiawa, S.; Teranishi, Y.; Hirota, Y.; Tsuruoka, M.; Nitami, K.; Hayashi, Y.; Fujisawa, M., 2014:
Examination of the orbitomeatal basal line-anthropological basal line crossing angle and acanthiomeatal line-anthropological basal line crossing angle

Chaudhry, A.; Islam, M.Saif., 2008:
Examining the anomalous electrical characteristics observed in InN nanowires

Anonymous, 1889:
Excavations Facilitated By Freezing

Mume, C.Okorome., 2010:
Excessive daytime sleepiness among depressed patients

Miyata, M.; Takahara, J., 2012:
Excitation control of long-range surface plasmons by two incident beams

Amloy, S.; Karlsson, K.F.; Eriksson, M.O.; Palisaitis, J.; Persson, P.O.?.; Chen, Y.T.; Chen, K.H.; Hsu, H.C.; Hsiao, C.L.; Chen, L.C.; Holtz, P.O., 2014:
Excitons and biexcitons in InGaN quantum dot like localization centers

Ayd?n, P.Cetinay.; Koybasi, G.Putgul.; Sert, E.; Mete, L.; Oyekcin, D.Gulec., 2015:
Executive functions and memory in autogenous and reactive subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder patients

Wang, Y-Hua.; Hu, H.; Wang, S-Peng.; Tian, Z-Jun.; Zhang, Q-Jiang.; Li, Q-Xia.; Li, Y-You.; Yu, X-Jiang.; Sun, L.; Li, D-Ling.; Jia, B.; Liu, B-Hang.; Zang, W-Jin., 2010:
Exercise benefits cardiovascular health in hyperlipidemia rats correlating with changes of the cardiac vagus nerve

Kohli, P.; Gulati, M., 2011:
Exercise stress testing in women: going back to the basics

Ter Meulen, W.G.; de Haan, L., 2012 :
Exercise-promoting interventions for encouraging people with schizophrenia to take physical exercise

Bounkhel, M., 2014:
Existence results for differential inclusions with nonlinear growth conditions in Banach spaces

Guipponi, M.; Santoni, F.A.; Setola, V.; Gehrig, C.; Rotharmel, M.; Cuenca, M.; Guillin, O.; Dikeos, D.; Georgantopoulos, G.; Papadimitriou, G.; Curtis, L.; Méary, A.; Schürhoff, F.; Jamain, Séphane.; Avramopoulos, D.; Leboyer, M.; Rujescu, D.; Pulver, A.; Campion, D.; Siderovski, D.P.; Antonarakis, S.E., 2015:
Exome sequencing in 53 sporadic cases of schizophrenia identifies 18 putative candidate genes

Montaner, J.S.G.; Wood, E.; Kerr, T.; Lima, V.; Barrios, R.; Shannon, K.; Harrigan, R.; Hogg, R., 2010:
Expanded highly active antiretroviral therapy coverage among HIV-positive drug users to improve individual and public health outcomes

Chatterjee, S.; Vasudev, P.G.; Raghothama, S.; Ramakrishnan, C.; Shamala, N.; Balaram, P., 2009:
Expanding the peptide beta-turn in alphagamma hybrid sequences: 12 atom hydrogen bonded helical and hairpin turns

Sanchez, O.D.; Sakakura, K.; Otsuka, F.; Yahagi, K.; Virmani, R.; Joner, M., 2015:
Expectations and limitations of contemporary intravascular imaging: lessons learned from pathology

Lukach, P.M., 2013:
Experience of application of aortal mechanical and biological valves

Groarke, J.D., 2018:
Cardiovascular vulnerability of childhood cancer survivors: time to progress from risk observation to risk modification

Horttana, B.Marie.; Fahlstr?m, G.; Ahlstr?m, G., 2011:
Experiences of relocation in dementia care from the perspective of six care workers

Olitsky, P.K., 1939:
Experimental Studies Of The Virus Of Infectious Avian Encephalomyelitis

Ségur, D.; Shuvalov, A.L.; Audoin, B.; Pan, Y.D., 2010:
Experimental and theoretical study of acoustic waves generated by a laser line pulse in an optically absorptive isotropic cylinder

Bouton, C.E.; Lombardi, T.; Hobson, F.R.; Stark, G., 2010:
Experimental detection of subcutaneous contrast extravasation using radio frequency permittivity sensing

DE AREA LEAO, A.E.; GOTO, M.; CURY, A., 1948:
Experimental infection of animals by Glenosporella loboi fonseca & Leo, 1940

Spasenovi?, M.; White, T.P.; Ha, S.; Sukhorukov, A.A.; Kampfrath, T.; Kivshar, Y.S.; de Sterke, C.Martijn.; Krauss, T.F.; Kuipers, L.Kobus., 2011:
Experimental observation of evanescent modes at the interface to slow-light photonic crystal waveguides

Zarubaev, V.V.; Slita, A.V.; Sirotkin, A.K.; Nebol'sin, V.E.; Kiselev, O.I., 2011:
Experimental study of Ingavirin antiviral activity against human adenovirus

Li, H-Li.; Luo, J-Sheng.; Zheng, D-Yu.; Li, S-Qin.; Cui, P-Cheng., 2008:
Experimental study on tracheal reconstruction using porous titanium rings and free skin flap

Sommerville, D., 1904:
Experiments on the Disinfection of Bacillus Typhosus with Sanitas, Formalin, and Carbolic Acid

Martí, J-Daniel.; Bassi, G.Li.; Comaru, T.; Torres, A., 2015:
Expiratory rib cage compressions to improve secretion clearance during mechanical ventilation: not only a matter of squeezing the chest

Lesko, A.C.; Goss, K.H.; Prosperi, J.R., 2014:
Exploiting APC function as a novel cancer therapy

Chen, J.; Liu, J.; Calhoun, V.D.; Arias-Vasquez, A.; Zwiers, M.P.; Gupta, C.Navin.; Franke, B.; Turner, J.A., 2015:
Exploration of scanning effects in multi-site structural MRI studies

Lescot, T.; Galanaud, D.; Puybasset, L., 2009:
Exploring altered consciousness states by magnetic resonance imaging in brain injury

Franklin, B.; Jones, A.; Love, D.; Puckett, S.; Macklin, J.; White-Means, S., 2012:
Exploring mediators of food insecurity and obesity: a review of recent literature

Ray, S.; Chowdhury, P.; Pandit, B.; Ray, S.Dey.; Das, S., 2010:
Exploring the antiperoxidative potential of morin on cyclophosphamide and flutamide-induced lipid peroxidation and changes in cholesterol profile in rabbit model

Eshuis, P.; van der Weele, K.; Calzavarini, E.; Lohse, D.; van der Meer, D., 2009:
Exploring the limits of granular hydrodynamics: a horizontal array of inelastic particles

Hutchinson, C.; Lange, I.; Kanhonou, L.; Filippi, V.; Borchert, M., 2011:
Exploring the sustainability of obstetric near-miss case reviews: a qualitative study in the South of Benin

Onwuamah, C.K.; Ekama, S.O.; Audu, R.A.; Ezechi, O.C.; Poirier, M.C.; Odeigah, P.G.C., 2015:
Exposure of Allium cepa root cells to zidovudine or nevirapine induces cytogenotoxic changes

Huang, C-Fa.; Hsu, C-Jen.; Liu, S-Hwa.; Lin-Shiau, S-Yn., 2012:
Exposure to low dose of cinnabar (a naturally occurring mercuric sulfide (HgS)) caused neurotoxicological effects in offspring mice

Sundaresan, N.R.; Marcus Leo, M.D.; Subramani, J.; Anish, D.; Sudhagar, M.; Ahmed, K.A.; Saxena, M.; Tyagi, J.S.; Sastry, K.V.H.; Saxena, V.K., 2008:
Expression analysis of melatonin receptor subtypes in the ovary of domestic chicken

Kajiwara, K.; Morishima, H.; Akiyama, K.; Yanagihara, Y., 2010:
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Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in long-term-care facilities

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Extensions At Droitwich: Reviving Popularity Of Brine Baths

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Extirpation of macroalgae (Sargassum spp.) on the subtropical east Australian coast

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Extraconal solitary fibrous tumor of the orbit

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Extrusion properties of porcine intestines and surrogate materials for ventral hernia modelling

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Eyeglasses as a sign of wealth and learning in the painting "The Virgin and Child with Canon Van der Paele"

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FACE-selective fluorogenic cycloaddition reaction between coumarin azides and sugar terminal alkynes: an experimental and computational study

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FDA notifications. FDA tentatively approves efavirenz cross-scored tablets

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FESSH and European Accreditation in Hand Surgery

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FLASH MR imaging: a success story since 25 years

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Facial trauma evaluation leading to a diagnosis of delayed splenic rupture

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Facing the reality with method

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Factor structures for aggression and victimization among women who used aggression against male partners

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Factors associated with the use of primary care services: the role of practice nurses

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Factors in the control of capillary and venous pressure demonstrated by a schema

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Fast and simple characterization of a photon pair source

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Fat grafting to the breasts: plastic surgery's "disruptive technology"?

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Fatty acid remodeling in cellular glycerophospholipids following the activation of human T cells

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Fax Extension of the Right Renal Vein With a Remodeled Receptor Saphenous Vein in a Living-Donor Kidney Transplant: A Case Report

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Features of resolving and nonresolving indeterminate pulmonary nodules at follow-up CT

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Federal advisory processes: advice and discontent

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Feeding biomechanics in Acanthostega and across the fish-tetrapod transition

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Feline renal allograft rupture

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Fertility treatments and multiple births in the United States

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Fetal diagnostic indications for second and third trimester outpatient pregnancy termination

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Few people living with and beyond cancer meet current exercise recommendations

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Fiber-tip high-temperature sensor based on multimode interference

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Fibro-sarcoma of the Semi-membranosus Muscle

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Fibromata (or?? Papilloma) of Larynx

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Fibrovascular polyp of the hypopharynx

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Field performance evaluation of a newly developed PM?.? sampler at IIT Kanpur

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Fifty per cent of patients with pulmonary embolism can be treated as outpatients

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File under 'hodgepodge'

Anonymous, 2007:
Final report on the safety assessment of AloeAndongensis Extract, Aloe Andongensis Leaf Juice,aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Juice, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Protoplasts, Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,aloe Barbadensis Leaf Polysaccharides, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, Aloe Ferox Leaf Juice, and Aloe Ferox Leaf Juice Extract

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Finding ways to continue learning

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Fine structure of the dorsal surface of ostrich's (Struthio camelus) tongue

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Finnigan corporation

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First management of acute meningitis in children

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Fish intake and risk of prostate cancer

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Five ways your distributor can work for you

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Flame-resistant clothing: what's the real story?

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Florida dentists treat, assist hurricane victims and evacuees

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Flow injection spectrofluorimetric determination of iron in industrial effluents based on fluorescence quenching of 1-naphthol-2- sulfonate

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Fluid resuscitation after traumatic brain injury with hypovolemic shock: still a bloody business?

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Fluorescence excitation and emission spectroscopy on single MEH-PPV chains at low temperature

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Fluoxetine-mediated 5-HT2B receptor stimulation in astrocytes causes EGF receptor transactivation and ERK phosphorylation

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Focal autoimmune pancreatitis versus pancreatic cancer: value of steroid treatment in the diagnosis

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Focus on Parkinson's: causes, treatment and support

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Follow-up study of 1749 neuropsychiatric cases which appeared before the 1st C. M. E

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Food and medicinal plants used by the Indians of British Columbia

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Food reinforcement and eating: a multilevel analysis

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Foot pain arising from subacute osteomyelitis in a child

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For what it's worth: watch your girth

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Forces between hydrophilic surfaces adsorbed with apolipoprotein AII alpha helices

Foreign body perforations in Meckel's diverticulum

Torrez, P.P.Q.; Said, R.; Quiroga, M.M.M.; Duarte, M.R.; Fran?a, F.O.S., 2015:
Forest pit viper (Bothriopsis bilineata bilineata) bite in the Brazilian Amazon with acute kidney injury and persistent thrombocytopenia

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Formation and reactivity of the dichloride radical (Cl2(-·)) in surface waters: a modelling approach

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Formation of the BC ring system of upenamide via a Staudinger/aza-Wittig reaction

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Formulation and evaluation of antihyperglycemic leaf extracts of Zizyphus spina-christi (L.) Willd

Anonymous, 1963:
Forthcoming Events

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Foster youth evaluate the performance of group home services in California

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Four different clinical manifestations of neurobrucellosis (case reports)

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Four-photon-mixing-mediated stimulated Raman scattering in a multimode optical fiber

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Fourth-degree burn of the brain from friction burn of scalp: an unusual injury from a golf cart

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Fraction of stroke mortality attributable to alcohol consumption in Russia

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Fracture localisation for cast wedging

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Fractures of the fifth metatarsal in children and adolescents

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Fragrance material review on 2-pentylcyclopentan-1-one

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Francis Collins: manning the helm with optimism

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Free energy and electronic properties of water adsorption on the SnO2(110) surface

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Freiberg's infraction of the second metatarsal treated with autologous osteochondral transplantation and external fixation

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Frequency and risk factors of renal impairment during long-term adefovir dipivoxil treatment in chronic hepatitis B patients

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Frequency of different oral lesions in children and adolescents in Babol, Northern Iran

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Frequency stabilization of a 1083 nm fiber laser to ?He transition lines with optical heterodyne saturation spectroscopies

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How much is too much calcium? In supplement form, take it in combination with vitamin D, but try to get most of your calcium from foods you eat

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I enjoy a 20-minute nap after lunch most days, and it doesn't interfere with my sleep at night. However, I have friends who say they don't sleep well at night if they nap. Are there guidelines when it comes to daytime napping?

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