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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 56

Section 56 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Physicochemical studies on water soluble chlorophyll derivatives

Hong, Y.; Hu, H-Ying.; Li, F-Min., 2007:
Physiological and biochemical effects of allelochemical ethyl 2-methyl acetoacetate (EMA) on cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

Rytlewski, K., 2008:
Physiological maternal changes during pregnancy and their consequence in GP-practice

Bullerjahn, G.S.; Post, A.F., 2014:
Physiology and molecular biology of aquatic cyanobacteria

Wang, H-Chieh.; Wu, J-Shing.; Chia, J-Chen.; Yang, C-Chih.; Wu, Y-Jen.; Juang, R-Huay., 2010:
Phytochelatin synthase is regulated by protein phosphorylation at a threonine residue near its catalytic site

Ramírez-Sandoval, M.; Melchor-Partida, G.N.; Mu?iz-Hernández, S.; Girón-Pérez, M.I.; Rojas-García, A.E.; Medina-Díaz, I.M.; Robledo-Marenco, M.L.; Velázquez-Fernández, J.B., 2011:
Phytoremediatory effect and growth of two species of Ocimum in endosulfan polluted soil

Anonymous, 2014:
Picture in clinical hematology no. 65

Rhéaume, M-André.; Duperré, J.; Harasymowycz, P.; Thompson, P., 2009:
Pigment dispersion and recurrent hyphema associated with in-the-bag lens implantation

Skovrlj, B.; Pain, M.; Bederson, J.B.; Fowkes, M., 2014:
Pilomyxoid astrocytoma of the cerebellar vermis in an elderly patient

Neville, J.A.; Williford, P.M.; Jorizzo, J.L., 2007:
Pilot study using topical imiquimod 5% cream in the treatment of nodular basal cell carcinoma after initial treatment with curettage

Roberts, K.J.; Hubscher, S.; Mangat, K.; Sutcliffe, R.; Marudanayagam, R., 2012:
Pinworm infection masquerading as colorectal liver metastasis

Anonymous, 2010:
Pitavastatin (Livalo)--the seventh statin

Mohindra, S.; Savardekar, A.; Tripathi, M.; Garg, R., 2012:
Pituitary apoplexy presenting with pure third ventricular bleed: a neurosurgical image

Veyckemans, F., 2009:
Place of recombinant activated factor VII in the treatment of severe haemorrhage in paediatric patients

Parekh, F.K.; Davison, B.B.; Gamboa, D.; Hernandez, J.; Branch, O.H., 2010:
Placental histopathologic changes associated with subclinical malaria infection and its impact on the fetal environment

Babayeva, S.; Rocque, B.; Aoudjit, L.; Zilber, Y.; Li, J.; Baldwin, C.; Kawachi, H.; Takano, T.; Torban, E., 2013:
Planar cell polarity pathway regulates nephrin endocytosis in developing podocytes

Mylavarapu, G.; Mihaescu, M.; Fuchs, L.; Papatziamos, G.; Gutmark, E., 2013:
Planning human upper airway surgery using computational fluid dynamics

Ibanez, Sébastien.; Gallet, C.; Després, L., 2012:
Plant insecticidal toxins in ecological networks

Aranda, Y.; Munuera, P.V., 2015:
Plantar fasciitis and its relationship with hallux limitus

Roth, E.; Druml, W., 2011:
Plasma amino acid imbalance: dangerous in chronic diseases?

Casian, A.; Jayne, D., 2011:
Plasma exchange in the treatment of Wegener's granulomatosis, microscopic polyangiitis, Churg-Strauss syndrome and renal limited vasculitis

Masters, T.A.; Pontes, B.; Viasnoff, V.; Li, Y.; Gauthier, N.C., 2013:
Plasma membrane tension orchestrates membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal remodeling, and biochemical signaling during phagocytosis

García-Bailo, B.; Da Costa, L.A.; Arora, P.; Karmali, M.; El-Sohemy, A.; Badawi, A., 2014:
Plasma vitamin D and biomarkers of cardiometabolic disease risk in adult Canadians, 2007-2009

Beier, J.I.; Kaiser, J.Phillip.; Guo, L.; Martínez-Maldonado, M.; Arteel, G.E., 2011:
Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 deficient mice are protected from angiotensin II-induced fibrosis

Müller, M.B.; Kuttner, C.; K?nig, T.A.F.; Tsukruk, V.V.; F?rster, S.; Karg, M.; Fery, A., 2014:
Plasmonic library based on substrate-supported gradiential plasmonic arrays

Denoeud, F.; Henriet, S.; Mungpakdee, S.; Aury, J-Marc.; Da Silva, C.; Brinkmann, H.; Mikhaleva, J.; Olsen, L.Charlotte.; Jubin, C.; Ca?estro, C.; Bouquet, J-Marie.; Danks, G.; Poulain, J.; Campsteijn, C.; Adamski, M.; Cross, I.; Yadetie, F.; Muffato, M.; Louis, A.; Butcher, S.; Tsagkogeorga, G.; Konrad, A.; Singh, S.; Jensen, M.Flo.; Huynh Cong, E.; Eikeseth-Otteraa, H.; Noel, B.; Anthouard, Véronique.; Porcel, B.M.; Kachouri-Lafond, R.; Nishino, A.; Ugolini, M.; Chourrout, P.; Nishida, H.; A, 2010:
Plasticity of animal genome architecture unmasked by rapid evolution of a pelagic tunicate

Thon, J.N.; Italiano, J.E., 2011:
Platelet formation

Agarwal, A.; Gupta, N.Dev., 2016:
Platelet-rich plasma combined with decalcified freeze-dried bone allograft for the treatment of noncontained human intrabony periodontal defects: a randomized controlled split-mouth study

Berry, M.G.; Davies, D., 2010:
Platysma-SMAS plication facelift

Skalova, A.; Altemani, A.; Di Palma, S.; Simpson, R.H.W.; Hosticka, L.; Andrle, P.; Laco, J.; Toner, M.; Vozmitsel, M.A.; Szakacs, S.; Kazakov, D.V.; Kinkor, Z.; Michal, M., 2013:
Pleomorphic adenoma of the salivary glands with intravascular tumor deposits: a diagnostic pitfall

Pittion, J-Paul., 2012:
Pliny in England in Renaissance: about an english translation of the Historia Naturalis by Philemon Holland

Gürlek, A.; Firat, C.; Ozturk-Ersoz, A?e.; Tenekeci, G?ktekin.; Bilen, B.T., 2008:
Pneumocephalus as a fatal but very rare complication of septorhinoplasty

Cashman, P.; Massey, P.; Durrheim, D.; Islam, F.; Merritt, T.; Eastwood, K., 2007:
Pneumonia cluster in a boarding school--implications for influenza control

Proszynski, T.J.; Gingras, J.; Valdez, G.; Krzewski, K.; Sanes, J.R., 2009:
Podosomes are present in a postsynaptic apparatus and participate in its maturation

Wu, X.; Dieterich, S.; Orton, C.G., 2010:
Point/counterpoint. Only a single implanted marker is needed for tracking lung cancers for IGRT

Park, S.; Park, J-Min.; Jung, Y-Taek.; Lee, K-Chul.; Lee, J-Sook.; Yoon, J-Hoon., 2015:
Polaribacter marinivivus sp. nov., a member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from seawater

Zhang, Z-Yong.; Dong, Y-Li.; Zhang, S-Li.; Zhu, S-Qun., 2013:
Polarization-dependent photon switch in a one-dimensional coupled-resonator waveguide

Russette, H.C.; Harris, K.Jo.; Schuldberg, D.; Green, L., 2015:
Policy compliance of smokers on a tobacco-free university campus

Mukhida, K., 2008:
Political crisis and access to health care: a Nepalese neurosurgical experience

Song, F.; Wang, X-Li.; Wang, Y-Zhong., 2012:
Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)/poly (ethylene oxide) blend nanofibrous scaffolds: thermo-responsive carrier for controlled drug release

Du, M.; Keeling, K.M.; Fan, L.; Liu, X.; Bedwell, D.M., 2009:
Poly-L-aspartic acid enhances and prolongs gentamicin-mediated suppression of the CFTR-G542X mutation in a cystic fibrosis mouse model

Vecchioli-Scaldazza, C.Vecchioli-Scaldazza.; Smaali, C.; Morosetti, C.; Azizi, B.; Giannubilo, W.; Ferrara, V., 2014:
Polyacrylamide hydrogel (bulkamid?) in female patients of 80 or more years with urinary incontinence

Kunimura, S.; Kawai, J., 2010:
Polychromatic excitation improves detection limits in total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis compared with monochromatic excitation

Lee, S.; Lee, K.Mi.; Lee, M.; Yoon, J., 2013:
Polydiacetylenes bearing boronic acid groups as colorimetric and fluorescence sensors for cationic surfactants

Peng, S.; Geng, J.; Sun, R.; Tian, Z.; Wei, H., 2009:
Polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid liposome induces human hepatoma cells apoptosis which correlates to the up-regulation of RIG-I like receptors

Król, J.; Bania, J.; Florek, M.; Pliszczak-Król, A.; Staroniewicz, Z., 2012:
Polymerase chain reaction-based identification of clinically relevant Pasteurellaceae isolated from cats and dogs in Poland

Sacchidanand, S.; Shwetha, S.; Malvankar, D.D.; Mallikarjuna, M., 2013:
Polymorphic pityriasis rosea precipitating psoriasis

Shi, O-Yan.; Yang, H-Yun.; Shen, Y-Ming.; Sun, W.; Cai, C-You.; Cai, C-Quan., 2015:
Polymorphisms in FZD3 and FZD6 genes and risk of neural tube defects in a northern Han Chinese population

Yang, B.; Hodgkinson, A.; Millward, B.A.; Demaine, A.G., 2011:
Polymorphisms of myo-inositol oxygenase gene are associated with Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Peters, J-Uwe., 2014:
Polypharmacology - foe or friend?

Forget, A.; Christensen, J.; Lüdeke, S.; Kohler, E.; Tobias, S.; Matloubi, M.; Thomann, R.; Shastri, V.Prasad., 2013:
Polysaccharide hydrogels with tunable stiffness and provasculogenic properties via α-helix to β-sheet switch in secondary structure

SCHUSTER, B., 2011:
Pompholyx and its treatment

Carmichael, C.L.; Wilkins, E.J.; Bengtsson, H.; Horwitz, M.S.; Speed, T.P.; Vincent, P.C.; Young, G.; Hahn, C.N.; Escher, R.; Scott, H.S., 2010:
Poor prognosis in familial acute myeloid leukaemia with combined biallelic CEBPA mutations and downstream events affecting the ATM, FLT3 and CDX2 genes

Zwahlen, M.; Low, N.; Borisch, B.; Egger, M.; Künzli, N.; Obrist, R.; Paccaud, F.; Zybach, U.; Probst-Hensch, N.M., 2010:
Population based screening - the difficulty of how to do more good than harm and how to achieve it

MacPherson, D.W.; Gushulak, B.D.; Baine, W.B.; Bala, S.; Gubbins, P.O.; Holtom, P.; Segarra-Newnham, M., 2010:
Population mobility, globalization, and antimicrobial drug resistance

Sargent, J.D.; Worth, K.A.; Beach, M.; Gerrard, M.; Heatherton, T.F., 2009:
Population-Based Assessment of Exposure to Risk Behaviors in Motion Pictures

Van Breedam, W.; Delputte, P.L.; Van Gorp, H.; Misinzo, G.; Vanderheijden, N.; Duan, X.; Nauwynck, H.J., 2010:
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus entry into the porcine macrophage

Modak, A.; Nandi, M.; Mondal, J.; Bhaumik, A., 2011:
Porphyrin based porous organic polymers: novel synthetic strategy and exceptionally high CO2 adsorption capacity

Rambaud, J.; Grévent, D.; Bergounioux, J., 2015:
Portal vein thrombosis and stroke in a patient with tetralogy of Fallot

Yang, C-Yong.; Guo, X.; Ren, Y.; Kang, S.Hoon.; Zhang, L-Qun., 2013:
Position-dependent, hyperexcitable patellar reflex dynamics in chronic stroke

Matsuda, T.; McDougall, E.M.; Ono, Y.; Hattori, R.; Baba, S.; Iwamura, M.; Terachi, T.; Naito, S.; Clayman, R.V., 2013:
Positive correlation between motion analysis data on the LapMentor virtual reality laparoscopic surgical simulator and the results from videotape assessment of real laparoscopic surgeries

Liss, M.; Osann, K.; Ornstein, D., 2008:
Positive surgical margins during robotic radical prostatectomy: a contemporary analysis of risk factors

Bishop, S.C., 2012:
Possibilities to breed for resistance to nematode parasite infections in small ruminants in tropical production systems

Gao, Y-Zhen.; Guo, S-Yu.; Yin, Q-Zhang.; Cui, X-Qin.; Hisamitsu, T.; Jiang, X-Hong., 2007:
Possible involvement of integrin signaling pathway in the process of recovery from restraint stress in rats

Bassett, J., 1882:
Post Partum Haemorrhage

Bogado, A.Leon.Gomel.; Garcia, J?o.Luis.; Silva, Pícia.Fernandes.Nunes.da.; Balarin, M.Regina.Stipp.; Junior, Jé.da.Silva.Guimar?es., 2011:
Post-challenge hematological evaluation with virulent strain of Eimeria tenella in broilers immunized with attenuated strain or sporozoite proteins from homologous strain

Thayyil, S.; De Vita, E.; Sebire, N.J.; Bainbridge, A.; Thomas, D.; Gunny, R.; Chong, K.; Lythgoe, M.F.; Golay, X.; Robertson, N.J.; Cady, E.B.; Taylor, A.M., 2012:
Post-mortem cerebral magnetic resonance imaging T1 and T2 in fetuses, newborns and infants

Flautt, W.; Miller, J., 2013:
Post-surgical rehabilitation following fasciotomies for bilateral chronic exertional compartment syndrome in a special forces soldier: a case report

Huguier, V.; Bertheuil, N.; Parry, F.; Robiolle, C.; Dagrégorio, G., 2014:
Post-traumatic reconstruction of the lower lip after total or subtotal amputation using the Webster's modification of the Bernard cheiloplasty -- advantages, disadvantages and limitations: three cases

Kilcup, M.; Schultz, D.; Carlson, J.; Wilson, B., 2013:
Postdischarge pharmacist medication reconciliation: impact on readmission rates and financial savings

Zinn, P.O.; Colen, R.R.; Kasper, E.M.; Chen, C.C., 2011:
Posterior leukoencephalopathy following repair of an ileocecal anastomosis breakdown: a case report and review of the literature

Kamel, F.; Nordon, I.M.; Hinchliffe, R.J., 2013:
Posterolateral fibula preserving approach to the peroneal artery

Prentice, R.L., 2015:
Postmenopausal hormone therapy and the risks of coronary heart disease, breast cancer, and stroke

White, W.C., 1938:
Postoperative Roentgenotherapy in Cancer of the Breast

Akilov, F.A.; Mukhtarov, S.T.; Giiasov, S.I.; Mirkhamidov, D.Kh.; Nasirov, F.R.; Muratova, N.B., 2013:
Postoperative infectious-inflammatory complications of endoscopic surgery for urolithiasis

Piriyapatsom, A.; Dej-Arkom, S.; Chinachoti, T.; Rakkarnngan, J.; Srishewachart, P., 2013:
Postoperative sore throat: incidence, risk factors, and outcome

Luciano, G.L.; Brennan, M.J.; Rothberg, M.B., 2010:
Postprandial hypotension

Russo, M.J.; Hong, K.N.; Davies, R.R.; Chen, J.M.; Sorabella, R.A.; Ascheim, D.D.; Williams, M.R.; Gelijns, A.C.; Stewart, A.S.; Argenziano, M.; Naka, Y., 2009:
Posttransplant survival is not diminished in heart transplant recipients bridged with implantable left ventricular assist devices

Zwergal, A.; la Fougère, C.; Lorenzl, S.; Rominger, A.; Xiong, G.; Deutschenbaur, L.; Linn, J.; Krafczyk, S.; Dieterich, M.; Brandt, T.; Strupp, M.; Bartenstein, P.; Jahn, K., 2011:
Postural imbalance and falls in PSP correlate with functional pathology of the thalamus

Tarasova, A.; Haylock, D.N.; Meagher, L.; Be, C.Ly.; White, J.; Nilsson, S.K.; Andrade, J.; Cartledge, K.; Winkler, D.A., 2014:
Potent agonists of a hematopoietic stem cell cytokine receptor, c-Mpl

Ustrup, M.; Ngwira, B.; Stockman, L.J.; Deming, M.; Nyasulu, P.; Bowie, C.; Msyamboza, K.; Meyrowitsch, D.W.; Cunliffe, N.A.; Bresee, J.; Fischer, T.K., 2014:
Potential barriers to healthcare in Malawi for under-five children with cough and fever: a national household survey

Altamirano-Lozano, M.A.; álvarez-Barrera, L.; Mateos-Nava, R.A.; Fortoul, T.I.; Rodríguez-Mercado, J.J., 2014:
Potential for genotoxic and reprotoxic effects of vanadium compounds due to occupational and environmental exposures: an article based on a presentation at the 8th International Symposium on Vanadium Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, and Toxicology, Washington DC, August 15-18, 2012

Nagano, T.; Yoshioka, Y.; Higashisaka, K.; Kunieda, A.; Hata, K.; Nagano, K.; Abe, Y.; Kamada, H.; Tsunoda, S.; Nabeshi, H.; Yoshikawa, T.; Tsutsumi, Y., 2013:
Potential of acute-phase proteins as biomarkers for sub-nano platinum exposure

Palazzo, P.; Barlinn, K.; Balucani, C.; Zhao, L.; Prestley, T.W.; Alexandrov, A.V., 2012:
Potential role of PMD-TCD monitoring in the management of hemodynamically unstable intracranial stenosis

Sch?chl, H.; Schlimp, C.J.; Voelckel, W., 2013:
Potential value of pharmacological protocols in trauma

Cheng, S.; Vu, P., 2010:
Pott's puffy tumor in a premature neonate: the new youngest case reported in the post-antibiotic era

Saarinen, E.J.; H?rk?nen, A.; Suomalainen, S.; Okhotnikov, O.G., 2006:
Power scalable semiconductor disk laser using multiple gain cavity

Lesser, J.R.; Flygenring, B.J.; Knickelbine, T.; Longe, T.; Schwartz, R.S., 2009:
Practical approaches to overcoming artifacts in coronary CT angiography

Heppekausen, J.; Stade, R.; Goddard, R.; Fürstner, A., 2010:
Practical new silyloxy-based alkyne metathesis catalysts with optimized activity and selectivity profiles

Schliehe, F.; Greitemann, B.; Kopp, I.; J?ckel, W.H., 2010:
Practice guidelines in medical rehabilitation. Position paper of the German Society of Rehabilitation Science, DGRW--as of 2010

Torrey, W.C.; Drake, R.E., 2010:
Practicing shared decision making in the outpatient psychiatric care of adults with severe mental illnesses: redesigning care for the future

Sloboda, D.M.; Howie, G.J.; Pleasants, A.; Gluckman, P.D.; Vickers, M.H., 2010:
Pre- and postnatal nutritional histories influence reproductive maturation and ovarian function in the rat

Rowniak, S.; Portillo, C., 2013:
Pre-exposure prophylaxis: an ethical discussion

Bookheimer, S., 2007:
Pre-surgical language mapping with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Morf, L.S.; Gloor, R.; Haag, O.; Haupt, M.; Skutan, S.; D.L.renzo, F.; B?ni, D., 2013:
Precious metals and rare earth elements in municipal solid waste--sources and fate in a Swiss incineration plant

Demming, A., 2010:
Precision proteins

North, B.B.; Oldham, M.J., 2011:
Preclinical, clinical, and over-the-counter postmarketing experience with a new vaginal cup: menstrual collection

Laird, D.J.; De Tomaso, A.W., 2008:
Predatory stem cells in the non-zebrafish chordate, Botryllus schlosseri

Martí, S.; Andrés, J.; Moliner, V.; Silla, E.; Tu?ón, I?aki.; Bertran, J., 2008:
Predicting an improvement of secondary catalytic activity of promiscuous isochorismate pyruvate lyase by computational design

MacNeil, J.A.M.; Adachi, J.D.; Goltzman, D.; Josse, R.G.; Kovacs, C.S.; Prior, J.C.; Olszynski, W.; Davison, K.S.; Kaiser, S.M., 2012:
Predicting fracture using 2D finite element modelling

Givertz, M.M., 2015 :
Predicting outcomes in heart transplantation: PET project or actionable data

Malik, L.; Mejia, A.; Parsons, H.; Ehler, B.; Mahalingam, D.; Brenner, A.; Sarantopoulos, J.; Weitman, S., 2015:
Predicting success in regulatory approval from Phase I results

Kadish, A.H., 2007:
Predicting tilt table results

Crocker, J.H.; Stargatt, R.; Denton, C., 2010:
Prediction of aggression and restraint in child inpatient units

Badero, O.J.; Salifu, M.O., 2010:
Prediction of hemodynamically significant coronary artery disease using troponin I in hemodialysis patients presenting with chest pain: A case-control study

Leffler, C.T.; Javey, G.; Mahmood, M.A., 2008:
Prediction of postoperative astigmatism in cataract surgery

Bae, S-Hun.; Dyson, H.Jane.; Wright, P.E., 2009:
Prediction of the rotational tumbling time for proteins with disordered segments

Torgersen, T.; Gjervan, B?rn.; Nordahl, H.M.; Rasmussen, K., 2013:
Predictive factors for more than 3 years' duration of central stimulant treatment in adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a retrospective, naturalistic study

Ozcan, T.; ?zlü, Tülay.; Allen, J.; Peterson, J.; Pressman, E.K., 2014:
Predictive role of prenasal thickness and nasal bone for Down syndrome in the second trimester

Liou, L-Min.; Lin, H-Fen.; Huang, I-Fang.; Chang, Y-Pei.; Lin, R-Tay.; Lai, C-Lian., 2014:
Predictive value of vertebral artery extracranial color-coded duplex sonography for ischemic stroke-related vertigo

Arriagada, Gán.; Berruezo, A.; Mont, Lís.; Tamborero, D.; Molina, I.; Coll-Vinent, B.; Vidal, Bárbara.; Sitges, M.; Berne, P.; Brugada, J., 2007:
Predictors of arrhythmia recurrence in patients with lone atrial fibrillation

Zhou, Y-Xue.; Zhao, Z-Tao.; Li, L.; Wan, C-Song.; Peng, C-Hua.; Yang, J.; Ou, C-Quan., 2014:
Predictors of first-year GPA of medical students: a longitudinal study of 1285 matriculates in China

Levy, H.; Kalish, L.A.; Cannon, C.L.; García, K.Christopher.; Gerard, C.; Goldmann, D.; Pier, G.B.; Weiss, S.T.; Colin, A.A., 2008:
Predictors of mucoid Pseudomonas colonization in cystic fibrosis patients

Bourdeau, I.; Desrosiers, J.; Gosselin, S., 2008:
Predictors of reintegration to normal living in older adults discharged from an intensive rehabilitation program

Young, S.D.; Shoptaw, S.; Weiss, R.E.; Munjas, B.; Gorbach, P.M., 2011:
Predictors of unrecognized HIV infection among poor and ethnic men who have sex with men in Los Angeles

Pan, Y.; Chen, Q.; Liao, X.; Zhao, X.; Wang, C.; Liu, G.; Liu, L.; Wang, C.; Wang, D.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2015:
Preexisting dual antiplatelet treatment increases the risk of post-thrombolysis intracranial hemorrhage in Chinese stroke patients

Engelhardt, B., 2018:
Cluster: barriers of the central nervous system

Hara, Y.; Pickel, V.M., 2008:
Preferential relocation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor NR1 subunit in nucleus accumbens neurons that contain dopamine D1 receptors in rats showing an apomorphine-induced sensorimotor gating deficit

Vejux, N.; Campan, P.; Agostini, A., 2007:
Pregnancy after gastric banding: maternal tolerance, obstetrical and neonatal outcomes

Villegas Rodríguez, I.; Villanueva Egan, L.Alberto., 2008:
Pregnancy induced hypertension risk factors in diabetes mellitus pregnant women

Larkin, M., 2015:
Pregnant sow housing, cat declawing on HOD agenda

Yang, Y-Zhou.; Hu, X-Feng., 2012:
Prelimilary Study on Manipulative Resetting Pictures of Shang ke hui zuan (Collected Compilation of Traumatology)

Gerber, P.Arne.; Buhren, B.Alexandra.; Cevikbas, F.; B?lke, E.; Steinhoff, M.; Homey, B., 2010:
Preliminary evidence for a role of mast cells in epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor-induced pruritus

Akiana, J.; Bokilo Dzia Lepfoundzou, A.; Mokondjimobe, E.; Parra, H.J.; Sokhna, C.S.; Faye, O., 2014:
Preliminary results about loiasis in the district of Likouala in the Republic of the Congo

Cao, Z.; Mu, Q.; Hu, L.; Li, D.; Peng, Z.; Liu, Y.; Xuan, L., 2009:
Preliminary use of nematic liquid crystal adaptive optics with a 2.16-meter reflecting telescope

Rabinowitz, J.; Napryeyenko, O.; Burba, B.; Martinez, G.; Neznanov, N.G.; Fischel, T.; Baylé, F.J.; Cavallaro, R.; Smeraldi, E.; Schreiner, A., 2011:
Premorbid functioning and treatment response in recent-onset schizophrenia: prospective study with risperidone long-acting injectable

Menager, N.; Quarello, E.; Capelle, M.; Lacroze, V.; Coze, C.; De Lagausie, P.; Gorincour, G., 2012:
Prenatal diagnosis of atypical adrenal neuroblastoma with pulmonary metastases is possible: Impact on the assessment of prenatal prognosis

Blair, M.M.; Glynn, L.M.; Sandman, C.A.; Davis, E.Poggi., 2012:
Prenatal maternal anxiety and early childhood temperament

Schirmer, U.; Schürmann, W., 2007:
Preoperative administration of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors

Hara, T.; Sumikawa, K., 2010:
Preoperative evaluation of patients with ischemic heart disease

Tognoni, P.; Simonato, A.; Robutti, N.; Pisani, M.; Cataldi, A.; Monacelli, F.; Carmignani, G.; Odetti, P., 2011:
Preoperative risk factors for postoperative delirium (POD) after urological surgery in the elderly

Khan, M.R.; Milà, A.; Busquets, R.; Santos, F.J.; Puignou, L., 2009:
Preparation and characterisation of fried chicken as a laboratory reference material for the analysis of heterocyclic amines

Korba, K.; Pelit, L.; Pelit, Füsun.Ok?u.; Ozdokur, K.Volkan.; Erta?, H.; Ero?lu, A.E.; Erta?, F.Nil., 2013:
Preparation and characterization of sodium dodecyl sulfate doped polypyrrole solid phase micro extraction fiber and its application to endocrine disruptor pesticide analysis

Mo, Y.; Lu, Z.; Chau, A.; Huang, F., 2013:
Preparation and mechanics of nanotextures on adapting a low adhesive surface using local oxidation nanolithography

Zhang, H-Fei.; Shi, Y-Ping., 2012:
Preparation of Fe3O4 nanoparticle enclosure hydroxylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes for the determination of aconitines in human serum samples

Numakura, M.; Kusakabe, N.; Ishige, K.; Ohtake-Niimi, S.; Habuchi, H.; Habuchi, O., 2011:
Preparation of chondroitin sulfate libraries containing disulfated disaccharide units and inhibition of thrombin by these chondroitin sulfates

Liu, Y.; He, Y.; Jin, Y.; Huang, Y.; Liu, G.; Zhao, R., 2014:
Preparation of monodispersed macroporous core-shell molecularly imprinted particles and their application in the determination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Breiner, S.M., 2010:
Preparation of the pediatric patient for invasive procedures

Ha, I.J.; Kang, M.; Na, Y.C.; Park, Y.; Kim, Y.S., 2012:
Preparative separation of minor saponins from Platycodi Radix by high-speed counter-current chromatography

Aagaard, P.; Sahlén, A.; Bergfeldt, L.; Braunschweig, F., 2013:
Preparticipation evaluation of novice, middle-age, long-distance runners

Babwah, T., 2010:
Prescribing medications and nutritional supplements for athletes

Diéguez Fernández, L.; Cabrera Fernández, S.María.; Prada Noy, Y.; Cruz Pineda, C.; Rodríguez de la Vega, R., 2013:
Presence of Aedes aegypti in water tanks on the ground and the implications for dengue control in Camagüey province

Rector, F.L., 1917:
Present Status of the Mineral Water Industry

Ghabril, M.; Nguyen, J.; Kramer, D.; Genco, T.; Mai, M.; Rosser, B.G., 2007:
Presentation of an acquired urea cycle disorder post liver transplantation

Beebe, D.C.; Shui, Y-Bo.; Siegfried, C.J.; Holekamp, N.M.; Bai, F., 2014:
Preserve the (intraocular) environment: the importance of maintaining normal oxygen gradients in the eye

Harness, J.K., 2008:
Presidential Address: Breast surgeons as the leaders of change

Capon, A.; Pavoni, N.; Mastromattei, A.; Di Lallo, D., 2007:
Pressure ulcer risk in long-term units: prevalence and associated factors

Naing, B.Than.; Watanabe, A.; Tanigaki, S.; Ono, M.; Iwashita, M.; Shimada, T., 2014:
Presymptomatic genetic analysis during pregnancy for vascular type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Citrino, G.; Check, J.H.; Diantonio, A.; Bollendorf, A.; Katsoff, D., 2010:
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Reducing Health Disparities and Enhancing the Responsible Conduct of Research Involving LGBT Youth

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Reducing medical waste

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Reframing the narrative of the battered women's movement

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Regulating professional behavior: codes of ethics or law? Suggested criteria

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Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemistryOpen 5-6/2013

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