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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 58

Section 58 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Grant, A.; Komar, W., 2017:
"#discrimination": The Online Response to a Case of a Breastfeeding Mother Being Ejected from a UK Retail Premises

Dyer, O., 2015:
"Euthanasia kits" are prepared for Quebec doctors as palliative care centres rebel on right to die

Semeraro, F.; Scapigliati, A.; De Marco, S.; Boccuzzi, A.; De Luca, M.; Panzarino, B.; Cataldi, W.; Scelsi, S.; Ristagno, G., 2016:
"Kids Save Lives" campaign in Italy: A picture from a nationwide survey on the web

Page, S.J.; Levine, P.G.; Basobas, B.A., 2017:
"Reps" Aren't Enough: Augmenting Functional Electrical Stimulation With Behavioral Supports Significantly Reduces Impairment in Moderately Impaired Stroke

Radcliffe, M., 2015:
"We need to plan creatively to solve growing healthcare needs"

Madhavan, A.; Carnaby, G.D.; Crary, M.A., 2016:
'Food Sticking in My Throat': Videofluoroscopic Evaluation of a Common Symptom

Abraham, I.; Alhossan, A.; Lee, C.S.; Kutbi, H.; MacDonald, K., 2017:
'Real-life' effectiveness studies of omalizumab in adult patients with severe allergic asthma: systematic review

Deters, K.D.; Risacher, S.L.; Yoder, K.K.; Oblak, A.L.; Unverzagt, F.W.; Murrell, J.R.; Epperson, F.; Tallman, E.F.; Quaid, K.A.; Farlow, M.R.; Saykin, A.J.; Ghetti, B., 2016:
(11)C]PiB PET in Gerstmann-Str?ussler-Scheinker disease

Chen, F-Ping.; Fu, T-Sheng.; Lin, Y-Ching.; Fan, C-Ming., 2018:
Correlation of quality of life with risk factors for first-incident hip fracture in postmenopausal women

Amani, M.; Ghadimi, N.; Aslani, M.Reza.; Ghobadi, H., 2018:
Correlation of serum vascular adhesion protein-1 with airflow limitation and quality of life in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Midgley, A.C.; Morris, G.; Phillips, A.O.; Steadman, R., 2017:
17β-estradiol ameliorates age-associated loss of fibroblast function by attenuating IFN-γ/STAT1-dependent miR-7 upregulation

Nel, M.S.; Petzer, Aél.; Petzer, J.P.; Legoabe, L.J., 2016:
2-Heteroarylidene-1-indanone derivatives as inhibitors of monoamine oxidase

Catapano, A.L.; Graham, I.; D.B.cker, G.; Wiklund, O.; Chapman, M.John.; Drexel, H.; Hoes, A.W.; Jennings, C.S.; Landmesser, U.; Pedersen, T.R.; Reiner, ?eljko.; Riccardi, G.; Taskinen, M-Riita.; Tokgozoglu, L.; Verschuren, W.M.Monique.; Vlachopoulos, C.; Wood, D.A.; Zamorano, J.Luis., 2016:
2016 ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias

Cicero, A.; Rosticci, M.; Tartagni, E.; Parini, A.; Grandi, E.; D'Addato, S.; Borghi, C.; Group, B., 2015:
2b.02: Serum Uric Acid Level, But Not Renal Function Or Arterial Stiffness, Is Associated To Worse Blood Pressure Control In General Practice: Data From The Brisighella Heart Study

Sun, H.; Oh, Y.; Yan, M.; Yu, B.O., 2016:
3D Is It a Better Choice for All, or for Some?

Granchi, C.; Rizzolio, F.; Bordoni, V.; Caligiuri, I.; Manera, C.; Macchia, M.; Minutolo, F.; Martinelli, A.; Giordano, A.; Tuccinardi, T., 2016:
4-Aryliden-2-methyloxazol-5(4H)-one as a new scaffold for selective reversible MAGL inhibitors

Anonymous, 2016:
5. List of 105 Original Articles and Reviews Produced in This Project

Wu, P-Fang.; Chiu, C-Chih.; Chen, C-Yi.; Wang, H-Min.David., 2016:
7-Hydroxydehydronuciferine induces human melanoma death via triggering autophagy and apoptosis

Gaikwad, V.; Gohel, T.; Panickar, S.; Chincholkar, V.; Mangalkar, S., 2017:
In vitro activity of ceftaroline: A novel antibiotic against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Dimitriadou, M.; Christoforidis, A.; Fidani, L.; Economou, M.; Vlachaki, E.; Athanassiou-Metaxa, M.; Katzos, G., 2016:
A 2-year prospective densitometric study on the influence of Fok-I gene polymorphism in young patients with thalassaemia major

Soler, A.; Badenas, Cèlia.; Margarit, E.; Madrigal, I.; Mu?oz, Míriam.; Borobio, V.; Sánchez, A., 2016:
A 92,XXXY Miscarriage Consecutive to a Digynic Triploid Pregnancy

Linnell, J.D.; Bernstein, D.T.; Sanderson, C.J.; Netscher, D.T.; Mitchell, S.A., 2016:
A Cadaver Investigation of Screw Purchase With 2 Retrograde Techniques for Capitolunate Arthrodesis

Ohshita, A.; Nakai, N.; Katoh, N.; Konishi, K., 2015:
A Case of Gloves and Socks Syndrome and Related Eruptions Caused by Coxsackievirus A4 Infection Mimicking Adult-onset Still's Disease

Mentrup, T.; H?sler, R.; Fluhrer, R.; Saftig, P.; Schr?der, B., 2016:
A Cell-Based Assay Reveals Nuclear Translocation of Intracellular Domains Released by SPPL Proteases

Tsukisawa, M., 2016:
A Comparative Analysis of Shushi-Sanbaron and the Original German Textbook Lehrbuch der Hebammenkunst

Alsubait, S.; Al-Haidar, S.; Al-Sharyan, N., 2016:
A Comparison of the Discoloration Potential for EndoSequence Bioceramic Root Repair Material Fast Set Putty and ProRoot MTA in Human Teeth: An In Vitro Study

Keshavarz, K.; Nikfar, S., 2015:
A Cost-Utility Analysis of Different Oral Antiviral Medications In Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B In Iran: An Economic Micro-Simulation Decision Model

Ouhadi, L.; Gaudreault, M.; Mottard, S.; Gillet, P., 2016:
A Destructive Shoulder Arthropathy

Meng-Che Chuang; Jenq-Neng Hwang; Williams, K., 2016:
A Feature Learning and Object Recognition Framework for Underwater Fish Images

Cho, M.H.; Castaldi, P.J.; Hersh, C.P.; Hobbs, B.D.; Barr, R.Graham.; Tal-Singer, R.; Bakke, P.; Gulsvik, A.; San José Estépar, Rúl.; Van Beek, E.J.R.; Coxson, H.O.; Lynch, D.A.; Washko, G.R.; Laird, N.M.; Crapo, J.D.; Beaty, T.H.; Silverman, E.K., 2015:
A Genome-Wide Association Study of Emphysema and Airway Quantitative Imaging Phenotypes

Wood, S.L., 2017:
A Home Visit Checklist to Reduce Rehospitalizations

Kidwell, K.M.; Nelson, T.D.; Nelson, J.Mize.; Espy, K.Andrews., 2016:
A Longitudinal Study of Maternal and Child Internalizing Symptoms Predicting Early Adolescent Emotional Eating

Tucker, S.; Iyengar, S.; Franklin, A., 2016:
A Methodology for Adapting Psychoeducational Content to Mobile Platforms

Evans, C.; Stevenson, A.R.L.; Sileri, P.; Mercer-Jones, M.A.; Dixon, A.R.; Cunningham, C.; Jones, O.M.; Lindsey, I., 2015:
A Multicenter Collaboration to Assess the Safety of Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy

Lovrecic, L.; Bertok, S.; ?erjav Tan?ek, M., 2016:
A New Case of an Extremely Rare 3p21.31 Interstitial Deletion

Miliordos, E.; Aprà, E.; Xantheas, S.S., 2016 :
A New, Dispersion-Driven Intermolecular Arrangement for the Benzene-Water Octamer Complex: Isomers and Analysis of their Vibrational Spectra

Schneider, D.K.; Gokeler, A.; Otten, E.; Ford, K.R.; Hewett, T.E.; Divine, J.G.; Colosimo, A.J.; Heidt, R.S.; Myer, G.D., 2016:
A Novel Mass-Spring-Damper Model Analysis to Identify Landing Deficits in Athletes Returning to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

AlFaris, E.; Naeem, N.; Irfan, F.; Qureshi, R.; Saad, H.; Al Sadhan, R'ed.; Abdulghani, H.Mohammad.; Van der Vleuten, C., 2016:
A One-Day Dental Faculty Workshop in Writing Multiple-Choice Questions: An Impact Evaluation

Ngo, A.; Koay, A.Zhufang.; Pecquet, C.; Diaconu, C.C.; Ould-Amer, Y.; Huang, Q.; Kang, C.; Poulsen, A.; Lee, M.Ann.; Jenkins, D.; Shiau, A.; Constantinescu, S.N.; Choong, M.Ling., 2016:
A Phenotypic Screen for Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Constitutively Active Mutant Thrombopoietin Receptor Implicated in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Asselah, T.; Thompson, A.J.; Flisiak, R.; Romero-Gomez, M.; Messinger, D.; Bakalos, G.; Shiffman, M.L., 2016:
A Predictive Model for Selecting Patients with HCV Genotype 3 Chronic Infection with a High Probability of Sustained Virological Response to Peginterferon Alfa-2a/Ribavirin

Jang, R.W.; L.M.?tre, A.; Ding, K.; Winton, T.L.; Bezjak, A.; Seymour, L.; Shepherd, F.A.; Leighl, N.B., 2016:
A Q-TWiST analysis of adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in the NCIC CTG JBR.10 trial

Li, R.; Wu, R.; Chen, J.; Kemp, D.E.; Ren, M.; Conroy, C.; Chan, P.; Serrano, M.Beth.; Ganocy, S.J.; Calabrese, J.R.; Gao, K., 2016:
A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of Quetiapine-XR Monotherapy or Adjunctive Therapy to Antidepressant in Acute Major Depressive Disorder with Current Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Goplen, J.; Plant, E.Ashby., 2016:
A Religious Worldview: Protecting One's Meaning System Through Religious Prejudice

Yamagishi, T.; Kurihara, A.; Kawai, H., 2016:
A Ribbon-like Structure in the Ejective Organelle of the Green Microalga Pyramimonas parkeae (Prasinophyceae) Consists of Core Histones and Polymers Containing N-acetyl-glucosamine

Furmston, T.; Morton, A.Jennifer.; Hailes, S., 2016:
A Significance Test for Inferring Affiliation Networks from Spatio-Temporal Data

Agresti, F.; Fabrizio, M.; Ravera, F.; Viviani, M., 2016:
A Special Section on Nanoparticles in Liquid Media for Material Processing, Environment and Industrial Applications

Stoddard, D.R.; Robinson, A.B.; Comer, T.A.; Meno, J.A.; Welder, M.D., 2018:
A Surgical Business Composite Score for Army Medicine

Drehkopf, S.; Hausner, J.; Jordan, M.; Scheibner, F.; Bonas, U.; Büttner, D., 2018:
A TAL-Based Reporter Assay for Monitoring Type III-Dependent Protein Translocation in Xanthomonas

Saha, S.Kumar.; Xiao, D.; Frost, S.; Kanagasingam, Y., 2016:
A Two-Step Approach for Longitudinal Registration of Retinal Images

Zhu, X-Yu.; Liu, H-Cui.; Guo, S-Ya.; Xia, B.; Song, R-Shun.; Lao, Q-Cong.; Xuan, Y-Xian.; Li, C-Qi., 2017:
A Zebrafish Thrombosis Model for Assessing Antithrombotic Drugs

Bhavanani, A.Balayogi., 2016:
A brief qualitative survey on the utilization of Yoga research resources by Yoga teachers

Shimizu, T.; Yamashita, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Kaneko, H.; Mimori, A., 2016:
A case of aseptic pubic osteitis successfully treated with infliximab

D'Antonio, A.; Addesso, M.; Memoli, D.; Cascone, A.; Cremone, L., 2016:
A case of multicentric low-grade neuroendocrine breast tumor with an unusual histological pattern

Shi, Q.; Yuan, Y.; Teng, Y., 2016:
A case report of acute imidacloprid poisoning

Darouassi, Y.; Abilkassem, R.; Mliha Touati, M.; Chihani, M.; Agadr, A.; Bouaity, B.; Ammar, H., 2015:
A child with cervical lymphadenopathy and blindness

You, G.Rim.; Park, G.Jin.; Lee, J.Jun.; Kim, C., 2016:
A colorimetric sensor for the sequential detection of Cu(2+) and CN(-) in fully aqueous media: practical performance of Cu(2+)

Chun, T.Sie.; Malek, M.A.; Ismail, A.Ritahani., 2015:
A comparative study of clonal selection algorithm for effluent removal forecasting in septic sludge treatment plant

Tashobya, C.K.; Dubourg, D.; Ssengooba, F.; Speybroeck, N.; Macq, J.; Criel, B., 2017:
A comparison of hierarchical cluster analysis and league table rankings as methods for analysis and presentation of district health system performance data in Uganda

Ma, D.; An, G.; Liang, M.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, B.; Wang, Y., 2017:
A composited PEG-silk hydrogel combining with polymeric particles delivering rhBMP-2 for bone regeneration

Taewoo, K.; Byeongmin, J.; Jaeil, S., 2016:
A contribution to the fauna of raspy crickets (orthoptera: gryllacrididae: gryllacridinae) in Korea

Soleymani, S.; Abdul Rahman, H.; Lekhraj, R.; Mohd Zulkefli, N.Afiah.; Matinnia, N., 2016:
A cross-sectional study to explore postgraduate students' understanding of and beliefs about sexual and reproductive health in a public university, Malaysia

Li, J.; Yin, D.; Li, Q.; Chen, C.; Huang, S.; Wang, Z., 2015:
A dewetting route to grow heterostructured nanoparticles based on thin film heterojunctions

Balas, B.J.; Schmidt, J.; Saville, A., 2015:
A face detection bias for horizontal orientations develops in middle childhood

Krasnoslobodtsev, A.V.; Zhang, Y.; Viazovkina, E.; Gall, A.; Bertagni, C.; Lyubchenko, Y.L., 2016:
A flexible nanoarray approach for the assembly and probing of molecular complexes

de Klein, N.; Ibberson, M.; Crespo, I.; Rodius, S.; Azuaje, F., 2015:
A gene mapping bottleneck in the translational route from zebrafish to human

Liu, P-Fei.; Zhou, L.; Frauenheim, T.; Wu, L-Ming., 2016:
A graphene-like Mg 3 N 2 monolayer: high stability, desirable direct band gap and promising carrier mobility

Khairnar, N.; Tayade, K.; Sahoo, S.K.; Bondhopadhyay, B.; Basu, A.; Singh, J.; Singh, N.; Gite, V.; Kuwar, A., 2015:
A highly selective fluorescent 'turn-on' chemosensor for Zn(2+) based on a benzothiazole conjugate: their applicability in live cell imaging and use of the resultant complex as a secondary sensor of CN(-)

Wang, W.; Kang, T-Shu.; Chan, P.Wai.Hong.; Lu, J-Jian.; Chen, X-Ping.; Leung, C-Hang.; Ma, D-Lung., 2016:
A label-free G-quadruplex-based mercury detection assay employing the exonuclease III-mediated cleavage of T-Hg 2+ -T mismatched DNA

Burns, L.; Gisev, N.; Larney, S.; Dobbins, T.; Gibson, A.; Kimber, J.; Larance, B.; Mattick, R.P.; Butler, T.; Degenhardt, L., 2016:
A longitudinal comparison of retention in buprenorphine and methadone treatment for opioid dependence in New South Wales, Australia

Sena, M.P.; DellaMaggioria, R.; Lotz, J.C.; Feeley, B.T., 2016:
A mechanical pivot-shift device for continuously applying defined loads to cadaveric knees

Coon, W.G.; Schalk, G., 2017:
A method to establish the spatiotemporal evolution of task-related cortical activity from electrocorticographic signals in single trials

Su, Y-Cheng.; Chen, J.Z.Y., 2015:
A model of vesicle tubulation and pearling induced by adsorbing particles

Glassman, D.; Yiasemidou, M.; Venkateswaran, B.; Sivakumar, R.; Majumder, S.; Biyani, C.S., 2017:
A multi-specialty surgical course for residents transitioning from early to intermediate training

Gudjonsson, G.H.; Sigurdsson, J.Fridrik.; Sigfusdottir, I.Dora.; Asgeirsdottir, B.Bjork.; González, R.A.; Young, S., 2016:
A national epidemiological study investigating risk factors for police interrogation and false confession among juveniles and young persons

Tello, R.; Pouryazdian, S.; Ferreira, A.; Beheshti, S.; Krishnan, S.; Bastos, T., 2016:
A new approach for SSVEP detection using PARAFAC and canonical correlation analysis

Vincent, N.; Osteras, M.; Otten, P.; Leclerc, M., 2015:
A new gene in A. rubens: A sea star Ig kappa gene

Kwong, A.; Chen, J.W.; Shin, V.Y., 2017:
A new paradigm of genetic testing for hereditary breast/ovarian cancers

Bursey, C.R.; Goldberg, S.R.; Lee Grismer, L., 2016:
A new species of Spauligodon (Nematoda; Oxyuroidea; Pharyngodonide) and other Helminths in Ptychozoon Kuhli (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from East Malaysia

Hori, A.; Barnouin, K.; Snijders, A.P.; Toda, T., 2016:
A non-canonical function of Plk4 in centriolar satellite integrity and ciliogenesis through PCM1 phosphorylation

Xiao, J.; Lv, Y.; Lin, B.; Tipoe, G.L.; Youdim, M.B.H.; Xing, F.; Liu, Y., 2015:
A novel antioxidant multitarget iron chelator M30 protects hepatocytes against ethanol-induced injury

Jankowska, D.A.; Trautwein-Schult, A.; Cordes, A.; Bode, Rüdiger.; Baronian, K.; Kunze, G., 2015:
A novel enzymatic approach in the production of food with low purine content using Arxula adeninivorans endogenous and recombinant purine degradative enzymes

Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Jiang, Z.; Li, L.; Cui, Z.; Gao, Y.; Kong, D.; Liu, X., 2016:
A novel method to limit breast cancer stem cells in states of quiescence, proliferation or differentiation: Use of gel stress in combination with stem cell growth factors

Conti, S.; Petrungaro, S.; Marini, E.Sara.; Masciarelli, S.; Tomaipitinca, L.; Filippini, A.; Giampietri, C.; Ziparo, E., 2017:
A novel role of c-FLIP protein in regulation of ER stress response

Wang, D.; Li, F-Li.; Wang, S-An., 2018:
A one-step bioprocess for production of high-content fructo-oligosaccharides from inulin by yeast

Thakuria, L.; Packwood, K.; Firouzi, A.; Rogers, P.; Soresi, S.; Habibi-Parker, K.; Lyster, H.; Zych, B.; Garcia-Saez, D.; Mohite, P.; Patil, N.; Sabashnikov, A.; Capoccia, M.; Chibvuri, M.; Lamba, H.; Tate, H.; Carby, M.; Simon, A.; Leaver, N.; Reed, A., 2016:
A pharmacokinetic analysis of posaconazole oral suspension in the serum and alveolar compartment of lung transplant recipients

Knox, J.J.; Chen, E.; Feld, R.; Nematollahi, M.; Pond, G.R.; Cheiken, R.; Gill, S.; Zwiebel, J.; Moore, M., 2016:
A phase II trial of oblimersen sodium (G3139) in combination with doxorubicin (DOX) in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). NCI protocol # 5798

Barsky, E., 2015:
A plan for preventive health and assistance

Roberts, D.W.; Aptula, A.; Schultz, T.W.; Shen, J.; Api, A.Marie.; Bhatia, S.; Kromidas, L., 2016:
A practical guidance for Cramer class determination

Fiore, M., 2016:
A proposal algorithm for patients presenting to the Emergency Department with renal colic

Pedroso, R.M.; Al-Khatib, K.; Alarcón-Reverte, R.; Fischer, A.J., 2017:
A psbA mutation (Val219 to Ile) causes resistance to propanil and increased susceptibility to bentazon in Cyperus difformis

Viollet, E.; Richard, D.; Blot, Mène.; Nouvel, F., 2016:
A randomised clinical trial comparing a new bed rails and lifting pole in lying-sit transfer in elderly patients

Hainque, E.; Vidailhet, M.; Cozic, N.; Charbonnier-Beaupel, F.; Thobois, Séphane.; Tranchant, C.; Brochard, V.; Glibert, Gérald.; Drapier, S.; Mutez, Eénie.; Doe De Maindreville, A.; Lebouvier, T.; Hubsch, Cécile.; Degos, B.; Bonnet, Cécilia.; Grabli, D.; Legrand, Aé-Pierre.; Méneret, Aélie.; Azulay, J-Philippe.; Bissery, A.; Zahr, N?l.; Clot, F.; Mallet, A.; Dupont, S.; Apartis, E.; Corvol, J-Christophe.; Roze, E., 2017:
A randomized, controlled, double-blind, crossover trial of zonisamide in myoclonus-dystonia

Advani, P.; Paulus, A.; Murray, P.; Jiang, L.; Goff, R.; Pooley, R.; Jain, M.; Garner, H.; Foran, J., 2016:
A rare case of primary high-grade large B-cell lymphoma of the sciatic nerve

Schiffer, L.; Anderko, S.; Hobler, A.; Hannemann, F.; Kagawa, N.; Bernhardt, R., 2016:
A recombinant CYP11B1 dependent Escherichia coli biocatalyst for selective cortisol production and optimization towards a preparative scale

Fujita, Y.; Kasamatsu, T.; Ikeda, N.; Nishiyama, N.; Honda, H., 2016:
A retrospective evaluation method for in vitro mammalian genotoxicity tests using cytotoxicity index transformation formulae

Zongyi, D.; Xihong, L., 2016:
A review of the Fifth International Congress on Donor Human Milk Banking in North America

Meckel, M.; Cobb, N.; Cuadrado, H.; Kayingo, G.; Mulitalo, K., 2016:
A role for accelerated medically trained clinicians

Li, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Yu, Y.; Chen, L.; Zheng, J., 2016:
A sensitive method for digoxin determination using formate-adduct ion based on the effect of ionization enhancement in liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer

Banasik, M?.; Stanis?awska-Sachadyn, A.; Sachadyn, P?., 2017:
A simple modification of PCR thermal profile applied to evade persisting contamination

Hoop, M.; Mushtaq, F.; Hurter, C.; Chen, X-Z.; Nelson, B.J.; Pané, S., 2018:
A smart multifunctional drug delivery nanoplatform for targeting cancer cells

Takasato, M.; Little, M.H., 2016:
A strategy for generating kidney organoids: Recapitulating the development in human pluripotent stem cells

Rampure, D.M.; Aluka, P.Kumar., 2016:
A study on the need for ventilator support in organophosphorous compound poisoning

Varela, L.; Horvath, T.L., 2015:
A sympathetic view on fat by leptin

Adams, J?lla.W.; Watts, D.Heather.; Phelps, B.Ryan., 2017:
A systematic review of the effect of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy on the risk of pre-eclampsia

Shee, A.; Knecht, S.; Saue, T., 2015:
A theoretical benchmark study of the spectroscopic constants of the very heavy rare gas dimers

Cirillo, S.; Gallucci, M., 2016:
A tribute to Massimo Gallucci

Womer, F.Y.; Kalmar, J.H.; Wang, F.; Blumberg, H.P., 2009:
A ventral prefrontal-amygdala neural system in bipolar disorder: a view from neuroimaging research

Liang, Z.; Zhang, D.; Ma, P.; Niu, J.; Wang, J., 2015:
A {Co4 O4 } Cubane Incorporated within a Polyoxoniobate Cluster

Sorgato, V.; Berger, M.; Emain, C.; Vever-Bizet, C.; Dinten, J-Marc.; Bourg-Heckly, Gève.; Planat-Chrétien, A., 2016:
ACA-Pro: calibration protocol for quantitative diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. Validation on contact and noncontact probe- and CCD-based systems

Amoedo, N.D.; Punzi, G.; Obre, E.; Lacombe, D.; De Grassi, A.; Pierri, C.L.; Rossignol, R., 2017:
AGC1/2, the mitochondrial aspartate-glutamate carriers

Saito, Y.; Chapple, R.H.; Lin, A.; Kitano, A.; Nakada, D., 2016:
AMPK Protects Leukemia-Initiating Cells in Myeloid Leukemias from Metabolic Stress in the Bone Marrow

Mato Abad, V.; García-Polo, P.; O'Daly, O.; Hernández-Tamames, J.Antonio.; Zelaya, F., 2016:
ASAP (Automatic Software for ASL Processing): A toolbox for processing Arterial Spin Labeling images

Jin, Y.; Tian, Y.; Kuang, X.; Zhang, C.; Lu, C.; Wang, J.; Lv, J.; Ding, L.; Ju, M., 2015:
Ab Initio Search for Global Minimum Structures of Pure and Boron Doped Silver Clusters

Littow, H.; Huossa, V.; Karjalainen, S.; J??skel?inen, E.; Haapea, M.; Miettunen, J.; Tervonen, O.; Isohanni, M.; Nikkinen, J.; Veijola, J.; Murray, G.; Kiviniemi, V.J., 2015:
Aberrant Functional Connectivity in the Default Mode and Central Executive Networks in Subjects with Schizophrenia - A Whole-Brain Resting-State ICA Study

Luo, S.; Qi, R.Feng.; Wen, J.Qiu.; Zhong, J.Hui.; Kong, X.; Liang, X.; Xu, Q.; Zheng, G.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, L.Jiang.; Lu, G.Ming., 2016:
Abnormal Intrinsic Brain Activity Patterns in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis: A Resting-State Functional MR Imaging Study

Yevdokimov, Y.M.; Skuridin, S.G.; Salyanov, V.I.; Volkov, V.V.; Dadinova, L.A.; Kompanets, O.N.; Kats, E.I., 2015 :
About the Spatial Organization of Double-stranded DNA Molecules in the Cholesteric Liquid-crystalline Phase and Dispersion Particles of this Phase

Jiménez, Jé.A., 2016:
Absorption Spectroscopy Analysis of Calcium-Phosphate Glasses Highly Doped with Monovalent Copper

Karnon, J.; Haghighi, B.Mesgarian.; Sajjad, B.; Yem, S.; Gamage, A.; Thorpe, A., 2018:
Cost-Utility Analysis of Private Contracting to Reduce Public Waiting Times for Joint Replacement Surgery

Ortega, M.del.Carmen.Barbera.; Cecagno, D.; Llor, A.Myriam.Seva.; de Siqueira, H.Crecencia.Heckler.; Montesinos, M.José.López.; Soler, L.Maciá., 2017:
Academic training of nursing professionals and its relevance to the workplace

Farooqui, N.; Phillips, G.; Barrett, C.; Stukus, D., 2015:
Acceptability of an interactive asthma management mobile health application for children and adolescents

Fluri, F.; Fleischer, M.; Kleinschnitz, C., 2015:
Accidental Thrombolysis in a Stroke Patient Receiving Apixaban

Vossen, J.A.; Edwards, S.D.; Pronovost, M.; Reeser, P., 2016:
Accuracy and upgrade rates of stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: Impact of number of core samples taken on malignancy underestimation rates

Dubrovsky, A.Sasha.; Kempinska, A.; Bank, I.; Mok, E., 2016:
Accuracy of ultrasonography for determining successful realignment of pediatric forearm fractures

Samoilov, M.; Churilova, A.; Gluschenko, T.; Vetrovoy, O.; Dyuzhikova, N.; Rybnikova, E., 2016:
Acetylation of histones in neocortex and hippocampus of rats exposed to different modes of hypobaric hypoxia: Implications for brain hypoxic injury and tolerance

Fatehi, P.; Gao, W.; Sun, Y.; Dashtban, M., 2017:
Acidification of prehydrolysis liquor and spent liquor of neutral sulfite semichemical pulping process

Noronha, S.A., 2017:
Acquired and Congenital Hemolytic Anemia

Masoodi, Z.; Mansoor, T.; Ali, W.M.; Haq, A., 2015:
Actinomycetoma leg ulcers in north India

Sanna, M.Domenica.; Ghelardini, C.; Galeotti, N., 2016:
Activation of JNK pathway in spinal astrocytes contributes to acute ultra-low-dose morphine thermal hyperalgesia

Sawai, Y.; Kodama, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Ota, Y.; Maruno, T.; Eso, Y.; Kurita, A.; Shiokawa, M.; Tsuji, Y.; Uza, N.; Matsumoto, Y.; Masui, T.; Uemoto, S.; Marusawa, H.; Chiba, T., 2015:
Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Contributes to Pancreatic Tumorigenesis by Inducing Tumor-Related Gene Mutations

Cavolo, S.L.; Bulgari, D.; Deitcher, D.L.; Levitan, E.S., 2017:
Activity Induces Fmr1-Sensitive Synaptic Capture of Anterograde Circulating Neuropeptide Vesicles

Liu, Y.; Lin, C.; Wu, H.; Wang, X.; Zhu, Y., 2015:
Acupuncture treatment of insomnia based on the spleen and stomach theory

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Blood donation in the 21st century: time to celebrate?

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Blowing the whistle

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Brain trust

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Calcium-catalyzed carboarylation of alkynes

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Call for code to allow supervised self-harm

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Characterizing the reduction of stimulation artifact noise in a tripolar nerve cuff electrode by application of a conductive shield layer

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Chicken Pox with Multisystem Complications

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Children with advanced cancer need symptomatic treatments

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Chinese martial art proves beneficial for osteoarthritis

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Conference call

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Council ethics committee to be disbanded

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From the Editor's Perspective…

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Front cover

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Fuel availability and fate in cardiac metabolism: A tale of two substrates

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