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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 62

Section 62 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

H. ehrhart; A. Georgii; K. Stanislawski, 1959:
Untersuchungen über experimentelle Leuk?mien

K. Repke, 1959:
ber Beziehungen zwischen Stoffwechsel und Kumulation von Herzglykosiden

Towle, C, 1960:
A Social Work Approach to Courses in Growth and Behavior

D. H. Bhate, 1960:
Approximation to the Distribution of the Sample Size for Sequential Tests.: II. Tests of Composite Hypotheses

E. A. Thomas, 1960:
Chloridzugabe bei Plankton-Test-Loten im Baldeggersee

H. D. Waller; K. -W. Jacobi, 1960:
Die Abh?ngigkeit des alveolaren Kohlenoxyddrucks nach Inhalation kleiner Kohlenoxydmengen vom Sauerstoffdruck im geschlossenen System

K. Linde, 1960:
Ein experimenteller Beitrag über die Virulenzabh?ngigkeit der Para-B-Bakterien (S. paratyphi B) von der Wachstumsphase

E. Hagemann, 1960:
Fütterung von Standard-Fertigfutter in Pre?form an Laboratoriumstieren

Campbell, G. D., 1960:
Insulin-independent Young Diabetics in Natal

M. Paulinus, 1960:
Microbiology in Introductory Biology || Experience with Bacteria in High School Biology

William, H. Form and Warren, L. Sauer, 1960:
Organized Labor's Image of Community Power Structure

Holmes, B, 1960:
Public Health

Inderbitzin, T.; Goetschmann, I., 1960:
Sind hauteigene proteolytische Fermente am Reaktionsmechanismus der bei Ratten passiv erzeugten cutanen Anaphylaxie (PCA) beteiligt?

R. Allender; C.H. Holland; J.D. Lawson; V.G. Walmsley; J.H. McD. Whitaker, 1960:
Summer field meeting at Ludlow: 29 August 1958

Bowers, G N.; Potter, H. Phelps; Norms, R F., 1960:
The Prevalence of an Increased Isocitric Dehydrogenase (ICD) Activity in a Segment of the Blood Donor Population with a Low Social and Economic Status

Halil Derman, 1960:
Tierexperimentelle Untersuchungen über den Wirkungsmechanismus der peroralen antidiabetischen Substanzen und die Pankreasfunktion vermittels des Radiozinkisotops Zn65

Knopoff, L.; Gilbert, F.; Pilant, W. L., 1960:
Wave propagation in a medium with a single layer

K. Wachsman, 1960:
über den Zusammenhang der Gebi?anomalien mit Krümmungen der Wirbels?ule und schalaffer K?rperhaltung

Roxstroem, E., 1961:
A new core orientation device

R.M. DeBaun; S. Katz, 1961:
Approximations to residence time distributions in mixing systems and some applications thereof

Hitomi, H; Horii, S; Yamaguchi, T; Miyake, A, 1961:
Chemistry of Zygomycin-A. I. Degradative Studies ; Pseudoneamine and D-Ribose

Richard Neu, 1961:
Der Nachweis von 2-Hydroxychalconen mit Borverbindungen. I. Bortrifluorid

Goertz, G. E.; Hooper, A. S.; Sanford, P. E.; Clegg, R. E., 1961:
Dressing and Cooking Losses, Juiciness and Fat Content of Poultry Fed Cereal Grains. Part 2. Broilers

H. Leon Harter, 1961:
Expected Values of Normal Order Statistics

Victor, A. Thompson, 1961:
Hierarchy, Specialization, and Organizational Conflict

Michael Sch?n; Joachim Knobloch; Karl Luchner, 1961:
Kontinuierliche Messung der Dielektrizit?tskonstanten von pulverf?rmigen photoleitenden Phosphoren. I. Apparativer Teil

Heinz Hoffmeister, 1961:
Morphologische Beobachtungen an ersch?pften indirekten Flugmuskeln der Wespe

Becker, O. J., 1961:
Otolaryngologic Plastic Surgery -- 1960

McCartney, J L., 1961:
Psychoneuroses as a World Problem

K. E. Bullen, 1961:
Seismic Ray Theory

Granoff, A, 1961:
Studies on mixed infection with Newcastle disease virus

Roebuck, I.F., 1961:
The Future Outlook for Tertiary Recovery

Hogben, D.; Pinkham, R. S.; Wilk, M. B., 1961:
The moments of the non-central t-distribution

Richter, K.; Cranz, K. L.; Antoni, J., 1961:
Untersuchungen über die Wirkung einer Zulage von Alphaamino-butters?ure bei der Kartoffel- und Getreidemast junger Schweine

Wolfgang Klages; Kurt Behrends, 1961:
Zur Struktur der schizophrenen Antriebsst?rung

England, S J. M.; Pasamanick, B, 1962:
A Discussion of Chronogeometry as Related to Non-Stationary Time Series Such as the Physiological Electrogram

Leo Bogart, 1962:
American Television: A Brief Survey of Research Findings

Maxwell, A. E., 1962:
Binomial Sequential AnalysisGood Ethics, Little Effort

McLeod, H. N.; Rubin, J., 1962:
Correlation between Raven Progressive Matrices and the WAIS

I. Cserháti; F. Krizsa; E. S?vényi; K. Rák, 1962:
Die Wirkung der R?ntgenbestrahlung auf die Entstehung und die Wirksamkeit des ultraviolett-thrombopoetischen Faktors in M?useversuchen

Klaus Seifert, 1962:
Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen der Aorta des Hausschweines

W. J. Ritschard, 1962:
Gegenstromextraktion I Extraktionsversuche mit einem Vielstufen-Scheibenextraktor von 5 Kammern

Tsuru, D, 1962:
Inhibitory Effect of Glycine on the Production of Amylase and Proteinase byBacillus subtilis

Roger, J. Williams, 1962:
Mathematical Patterns and Disease Resistance

Smith, L. B., 1962:
Observations on the Oviposition Rate of the Rusty Grain Beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Steph.) (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)

P. Sitte, 1962:
Polarisationsmikroskopie der Mitose in vivo bei Staminalhaarzellen vonTradescantia

Zunich, M, 1962:
Relationship between Maternal Behavior and Attitudes toward Children

Williams, J. S., 1962:
Some statistical properties of a genetic selection index

John, L. Neumeyer; Joseph, G. Cannon, 1962:
Synthesis of some monoamino alkynes

Montagu, A, 1962:
The Stages of Human Development Before Birth

Leach, B. J.; Bauman, T. R.; Turner, C. W., 1962:
Thyroxine Secretion Rate of Missouri Valley Mole, Scalopus aquaticus

R. F. Blanks; J. M. Prausnitz, 1962:
Volumetric properties of gas mixtures containing one or more polar components

K. Müller; H. Skrube; H. Spitzy, 1962:
über den katalytischen Einflu? der Schilddrüsenhormone und verwandter Substanzen auf die Reduktion von Cer(IV)-Sulfat durch arsenige S?ure

Jaromír R??i?ka; Ji?í stary, 1963:
A new principle of activation analysis separationsI: Theory of substoichiometric determinations

Irving, H. Leopold, 1963:
Anti-Inflammatory Agents in Ophthalmology

D.L. Dewey; Alma Howard, 1963:
Cell dyamics in the bean root tip

M. Salzer; M. Salzer-Kuntschik, 1963:
Das benigne Osteoblastom

K. Derge, 1963:
Die gas-chromatographische Analyse mit Hilfe der Temperaturprogrammierung

A. Propst; D. Leb, 1963:
Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen über die Verankerung der Zonula

Leonard, B. Rothfeld, 1963:
Gaseous counterdiffusion in catalyst pellets

Severin, F T.; Rigby, M K., 1963:
Influence of digit grouping on memory for telephone numbers

Kurss, H.; Kahn, W., 1963:
Lossless interconnections of elements in a passive antenna array

B. D. Deshpande and C. L. Keswani, 1963:
Nodal Anatomy of Ephedra foliata

Kenney, T. C., 1963:
Permeability Ratio of Repeatedly Layered Soils

Mangum, J. F., 1963:
Radioisotopes in Cardiovascular Disease

Rombough, W.G.; Mortimer, C.B., 1963:
Silicone 200 and Photocoagulation

Dra?ka, O., 1963:
Studium der kinetik von elektrodenvorg?ngen mit hilfe der elektrolyse bei konstantem strom IX. Monomolekulare inaktivierung des zwischenproduktes bei einer zweistufigen depolarisation

Nathan Hershey, 1963:
The Law and the Nurse: Court Role of Legal Counsel

Russell, J. Becker, 1963:
The ministry reconsidered

H. Holleck; H. Nowotny; F. Benesovsky, 1963:
Untersuchungen im System Vanadin-Germanium

Prof. Dr. J. Herrmann; A. Wolschon, 1963:
Zur Fischkühlung in Eis und Seewasser

A. A. Berlin; S. I. Bass, 1963:
Matrix effects in the activation of compounds with a system of conjugation in the inhibition of oxidative processes

John, H. Wood; Edward, A. Lapham, 1964 :
Adaptation of commercial viscometers for special applications in pharmaceutical rheology. III. The tackmeter

Ross, H. Arnett, J., 1964:
B-P-Hydroxyphenylethylamine-Hydrochloride on Trox sp. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Kurt Steffen, 1964:
Chromoplastenstudien I. Der am?boide Chromoplastentyp

W. Braun; J. Adlung; G. Malorny, 1964:
Der Einflu? des Urin-pH auf die Ausscheidung einiger acetylierter Sulfonamide

Dobzhansky, T., 1964:
Directly observed evolutionary changes in the populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura in western United States

Cynthia, P. Deutsch, 1964:
Environmental Influences on Language Acquisition and Language Use

Zweig, G; Gutnick, D. L.; Gulli, R.; Archer, T. E.; Hartmann, H. T., 1964:
Fruit Thinner Residues, Residue Determination of Naphthaleneacetic Acid in Olives

Padmavati, S.; Joshi, B., 1964:
Incidence and Etiology of Chronic Cor Pulmonale in Delhi

E. Petersilie, 1964:
Laufverletzung bei einem Rehbock

D'Amato, F.; Moschini, E.; Pacini, L., 1964:
Mutazioni Somatiche Nel Garofano Indotte Dalla Radiazione Gamma

Cudlín, J.; Schraml, J.; Chvalovsky, V., 1964:
Organosilicon compounds. XXXV. Addition of dichloromethylene to isomeric bis-(trimethylsilyl)ethylenes

Blaik, M; Christian, E A., 1964:
Pressure Pulses of Small Explosions at Great Depths in the Ocean

Robinson, F E., 1964:
Required Per Cent Air Space for Normal Growth of Sugar Cane.1

Jusick, A. T.; Carr, T. D.; Smith, A. G.; May, J., 1964:
Some radio-frequency effects of the July 9, 1962, nuclear detonation

Prof. Dr. K. W. Merz; H.-J. Janssen, 1964:
Syntheseversuche mit Pyridinaldehyden VIII. Mitteilung: Zur Kenntnis des β-(Pyridyl-2)-nitro?thylens

E. S. Pearson and M. A. Stephens, 1964:
The Ratio of Range to Standard Deviation in the Same Normal Sample

E. van Andel; H. Kramers; A. de Voogd, 1964:
The residence time distribution of laminar flow in curved tubes

G. Schenck; M. Huke; Th. Naumann, 1964:
Untersuchungen über die photochemische Umwandlung des Lactucins

J. Haas; N. Konopik; F. Mark; A. Neckel, 1964:
Zur Polymerisation der Germaniums?ure, 1. Mitt. Bestimmung der mittleren Ladungszahlen und mittleren Polymerisationsgrade auf Grund potentiometrischer Titrationen

Peere, C. Lund, 1965:
A Correlation of Venous Blood Concentrations and Spinal Fluid Concentrations of Xylocainereg; and Citanestreg; During Peridural Analgesia

Hewitt, R L.; Sanders, P W., 1965:
Acute Ureteral Obstruction from Gunshot

Brachfeld, N, 1965:
Atypical Angina Pectoris

B. Sylvén, 1965:
Cellular detachment by purified lysosomal cathepsin B

Mills, D H.; Abeles, N, 1965:
Counselor needs for affiliation and nurturance as related to liking for clients and counseling process

W. Dick; J. Dortenmann, 1965:
Die Behandlung hochsitzender maligner Gallengangsstenosen

Webster, H D.; Barclay, D L.; Fischer, C K., 1965:
Ectopic pregnancy

Heinrich Jahna, 1965:
Erfahrungen und Nachuntersuchungsergebnisse von 47 De Quervainschen Verrenkungsbrüchen

Robert Sommer, 1965:
Further Studies of Small Group Ecology

L. W. Aurand; J. A. Singleton; T. A. Bell; J. L. Etchells, 1965:
Identification of Volatile Constituents from Pure-Culture Fermentations of Brined Cucumbers

S. Mehmke, 1965:
Klinische Erfahrungen mit Edelmetallbrücken im Mittelohr

Knaak, J. B.; Tallant, M. J.; Bartley, W. J.; Sullivan, L. J., 1965:
Metabolic Fate, Metabolism of Carbaryl in Rat, Guinea Pin, and Man

Troquet, J., 1965:
Nouvelles Remarques, Thoriques, au Sujet de la Plthysmographie Corporelle Applique L'tude de la Ventilation Pulmonaire

J. Mole-Bajer, 1965:
Part 2: Mitosis || Telophase Segregation of Chromosomes and Amitosis

J. N. K?stler, 1965:
Professor Ludwig Fabricius 90 Jahre

Barnes, A L., 1965:
Results From a Thermal Recovery Test in a Watered-Out Reservoir

L. I. Zakharkin; V. N. Kalinin, 1965:
Some conversions of phenylbarene and phenylneobarene

C. Inferrera; P. Motta, 1965:
Sulla presenza di centrioli, talora multipli, in cellule epatiche umane in corso di ittero idiopatico cronico

John, T. Schlebecker, 1965:
The Great Holding Action: The NFO in September, 1962

Webber, R H., 1965:
The evolution of the human brain. Gerhardt von Bonin. xiv + 92 pp., 7 figures, 24 tables. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Iii., 1963

Martin Hertzberg; Richard Holland, 1965:
Transition coefficient ratios for alkali atoms

Milojevic, B; Watson, J L., 1965:
Vestibular Asymmetries in Right-And Left-Handed People

Parker, P F., 1965:
drug information center*

Hans, O. Andersen, 1966:
A Philosophy of Education for the Slow Learner in Science

R. H?nsel; L. Klaproth, 1966:
Aktivkohle als Adsorbens zur chromatographischen Vortrennung lipophiler Pflanzenextrakte

G. Enderlein, 1966:
Bailey, N. T. J.: The Elements of Stochastic Processes with Applications to the Natural Sciences. Wiley, New York-London 1964; 249 S., Preis 60 s

J. Santa María, 1966:
Characteristics delimiting the genusPichiaHansen

Ohki, S; Hamaguchi, F; Yanagi, T; Yoshino, M, 1966:
Cyclization towards Carbon-Carbon Double Bond. III. A New Synthesis of 1-Pyrroline Derivatives and a Synthesis of 1, 2-Dialkyl-3-diphenyl-methlenepyrrolidine Alkyl Halide, an Anti-acetylcholine Substance

Wilhelm Weiler, 1966:
Die Fischfauna des Helvets von Ivan?ice (Eibenschitz) in M?hren

Freifelder, D, 1966:
Effect of NaClO4 on bacteriophage: Release of DNA and evidence for population heterogeneity

R.E. Bellman; H.H. Kagiwada; R.E. Kalaba, 1966:
Estimation of internal source distributions using external field measurements in radiative transfer

Leonova, V.A., 1966:
Geochemistry and origin of Chupa pegmatite range (North Karelia)

Spratt, J S.; Hoag, M G., 1966:
Incidence of Multiple Primary Cancers per Man-Year of Follow Up 20-Year Review from the Ellis Fisehel State Cancer Hospital

Nicolaesco, T.; Bordeianu, A.; Felberg, B., 1966 :
La Maladie dOrmond (fibrose rtropritonale idiopathique)

V. L. Bogatyrev; A. I. Ryabinin; P. I. Artyukhin, 1966:
Method of calculating the equilibrium in the static purification of liquids from impurities of electrolytes using a mixed ion-exchange resin bed

Deverell, C.; Richards, R.E., 1966:
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of alkali metal halide solutions

Maki, T, 1966:
Pathogenesis of Calcium Bilirubinate Gallstone

Josef Kloz; Eva Klozová; Věra Turková, 1966:
Protein characters and relationship betweenPhaseolus vulgarisssp.AborigineusBurk.and related taxons of the genusPhaseolus

Riess, B F., 1966:
Review of International resources in clinical psychology

Rachele, H, 1966:
SoundRanging Technique for Locating Supersonic Missiles

K. H. Wallh?usser; H. Puchelt, 1966:
Sulfatreduzierende Bakterien in Schwefel- und Grulbenw?ssern Deutschlands und ?sterreichs

Hastenrath, S L., 1966:
The Flux of Atmospheric Water Vapor over the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

William Clark Trow, 1966:
The future of school psychology by extrapolation

Rush, B F., 1966:
Treatment of a Giant Cutaneous Hemangioma by Intra-arterial Injection' of Nitrogen Mustard

Bussler, W., 1966:
Voisin, A.?: Grundgesetze der Düngung (aus dem Franz?sischen übersetzt von R. Wecke). BLV, München-Basel-Wien 1966. 93 Seiten, 10 Abbildungen, 20 Tabellen. 14,8 × 21 cm, kartoniert DM 14,–

Gerhard Buchmann; Rudi Schmuck, 1966:
ber Reaktionen mit Chinolyl-8-mercapto-ketonen

R. R. Newton, 1967:
A Satellite Determination of Tidal Parameters and Earth Deceleration

Tribe, M.A., 1967:
Age related changes in the respiratory physiology of flight muscle from the blowfly, Calliphora erythrocephala

Edmon Wong, 1967:
Aurone biosynthesisII. : Formation of 4,6-dihydroxy-2-(a-hydroxybenzyl)coumaranone from 2,4,4-trihydroxychalcone by cell-free extracts of soybean

Iwo Wojciechowski, 1967:
Centronella RostafinskiiWoosz. aus Seen im Lubliner Land (Polen)

A. Tarkkanen; C. Raitta; S. Vannas, 1967:
Corticosteroide und h?morrhagisches Glaukom nach Zentralvenenverschlu?

K. P. Preusser; H. Neef; G. Anger, 1967:
Die Beeinflussung der H?maturie nach Prostatektomie durch die p-Aminomethylbezoes?ure (PAMBA)?

P. A. Blum; J. Corpel; G. Jobert; J. Nières; A. Rouaud, 1967:
Dtermination des Proprits lastiques ou Anlastiques du Manteau I'Aide des Charges Dues aux Mares Ocaniques

M. Grimmer; D. B. Shaw, 1967:
Energy-preserving integrations of the primitive equations on the sphere

Cregier, D M., 1967:
Foreign Policy Formation in the United States

Hiroyuki Haraguchi; Eihaku Iwatani; Fumio Yamashita; Toshimichi Matumoto; Tokuro Nagayama; Kazuo Mukuno, 1967:
Homocystinuria: First described cases in Japan

Koizumi, J.; Sekiguchi, T.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Fujii, Y.; Hara, T.; Aoki, T.; Nishibe, T., 2018:
Embolization of Congenital Anastomosis between Bronchial and Pulmonary Arteries Using N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Combined with Lipiodol and Ethanol under Temporary Balloon Occlusion

Stevens, S. S.; Guirao, M, 1967:
Loudness Functions Transformed by Inhibition

P. G. Bolion; A. C. R. Dean; P. J. Rodgers, 1967:
Multiple drug resistance inAerobacter aerogenes

Kamano, S; Yushima, T, 1967:
On the Successive Rearing of Rice Stem Borer on the Artificial Diets under Aseptic Conditions

A. G. Solodkii, 1967:
Plant-wide standardization of continuous-belt vacuum filters

Seaman, W B., 1967:
Radiology of the Duodenum

Guido Dosse, 1967:
Schadmilben des Libanons und ihre Pr?datoren

Hatt, H. D.; Zvirbulis, E., 1967:
Status of names of bacterial taxa not evaluated in Index Bergeyana (1966): 1. Names published circa 1950-1967 exclusive of the genus Salmonella

F. Gagiu; U. Binder; Z. Gy?rfi, 1967:
Synthese von Neuen C-5 substituierten 2-Allylamino-1,3,4-thiadiazolen, Verbindungen mit eventueller cytostatischer Wirkung

Blumenstock, D A., 1967:

Huber, R.E.; Criddle, R.S., 1967:
The isolation and properties of β-galactosidase from Escherichia coli grown on sodium selenate

Hirai, H, 1967:
Two Cases of Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension

F.H. Robarts, 1967:
Volkmann's ischaemia in the lower limb: H. J. Seddon. J. Bone and Joint Surg. 48B, 4:627636 (Nov.), 1966

U. Wannagat; K. Hensen; P. Petesch, 1967:
über Verbindungen der Siliciumtetrahalogenide mit aromatischen N-Heterocyclen: Best?tigung und Berichtigung

S?rensen, N Erik, 1968:
A Simple Method for the Construction of Compensators for `Missing Tissue'

Heywood-Waddington, M. B., 1968:
Adult Hip Surgery

Max Loreau, 1968:
Art et langage

M. L. Health; M. D. Vickers; T. B. Boulton; P. V. Cole, 1968:
Bronchial musculature

Shiroya, M., 1968:
Comparison of Upward and Downward Translocation of 14C From a Single Leaf of Sunflower

V. M. Solyanikov; E. T. Denisov, 1968:
Decomposition of tertiary butyl hydroperoxide into radicals under the effect of hydrogen ions

Martin Rodewald, 1968:
Die Temperatur des Küstenwassers in Puerto Chicama (Peru) 1964 bis 1968

Chiyoko Negishi, 1968:
Effect of Water Extract from Carrot Root on Growth of Bacterium Bifidum

H. Raig; H. Brandau; W. Luh, 1968:
Enzymaktivit?ten im Ovar androgensterilisierter und normaler weiblicher Ratten

H. Grobecker; T. Malmfors, 1968:
Fluorescenzmikroskopische Untersuchungen über die Wirkung des Prenylamins auf noradrenergische Nerven

Bir Bahadur, 1968:
Heterostyly inEichhornia crassipes(Mart.) Solms

B. N. Tyutyunnikov; A. S. Drozdov; Z. V. Didenko; S. S. Potatueva, 1968:
Initiation of the paraffin oxidation process with ozonized air

Walker, J C. G.; Brace, L. H.; Rees, M. H., 1968:
Langmuir Probe evidence for a nocturnal ionization source at Fort Churchill

R.S. Mathur; R.H. Common, 1968:
Metabolism of steroid estrogens in the hen II. Conversion in vivo of estradiol-17α-4-14C-17β-3H to 17-epiestriol-4-14C-17β-3H and 16, 17-epiestriol-4-14C-17β-3H

Tyson, P. D., 1968:
Nocturnal local winds in a drakensberg valley

Kosicki, G W.; Westheimer, F H., 1968:
Oxalacetate decarboxylase from cod. Mechanism of action and stereoselective reduction of pyruvate by borohydride

T. Doliopoulos; A. Gouskos; G. Sakellariou, 1968:
Postoperative elektrokardiographische Ver?nderungen bei gyn?kologischen Operationen

No authorship indicated,, 1968:
Rapport Du Comite Des Elections-Avril 1968

Favaloro, R G., 1968:
Saphenous Vein Autograft Replacement of Severe Segmental Coronary Artery Occlusion

G. A. Martini; H. A. Schmidt, 1968:
Spermatogene bertragung des Virus Marburg

Aso, S; Takenaga, H, 1968:
Studies on the physiological effect of humic acid

Price, V. E.; Morgenstern, N. R., 1968:
The Analysis of The Stability of General Slip Surfaces

Fredric, R. Hedinger, 1968:
The Social Role of Blue Cross: Progress and Problems

Buckingham, A.D.; Longuet-Higgins, H.C., 1968:
The quadrupole moments of dipolar molecules

Yamaguchi, H, 1968:
Uber Cyaninfarbstoffsynthesen. IV. Cyaninfarbstoffe mit dem 1, 3-Oxathioliumring als Endglied

George Tsu Ning Tsao, 1968:
Vortex behavior in the waldhof fermentor

Shirai, J; Kai, F; Matuoka, N; Yokoyama, I, 1968:
g-2. Experimental Studies on Ligation of the Superior Sagittal Sinus

Frederick, B. Turner, P A. Medica, J R. Lannom, J. and Gerard, A. Hoddenbach, 1969:
A Demographic Analysis of Fenced Populations of the Whiptail Lizard, Cnemidophorus tigris, in Southern Nevada

J.W Akitt, 1969:
A new type of function for resolution enhancement

Paul, V. Prior, 1969:
Additions to the Hepaticae of New Mexico

W. Bernauer; U. Gossow; F. Hahn, 1969:
Anaphylaktischer Bronchospasmus und Katecholamine

A. V. Brazhnikova, 1969:
Bearing seal for conveyer centrifuges

Marshall, W J.; Stanley, E L.; Kezdi, P, 1969:
Cardiovascular Effects of Cold Pressor Tests, 40 Head-up Tilt, and Smoking on Smokers and Non-smokers

A. B. Vershok, 1969:
Computation of gas transfer by volumetric compressors

I. P. Moroz, 1969:
Dc parametric amplifiers using varactors

L. Osterwald, 1969:
Die Erkennung von Sp?tkomplikationen nach Tympanoplastik mit verkleinerter Geh?rgangsh?hle

Haberman, P W., 1969 :
Drinking and Other Self-Indulgences: Complements or Counter-Attractions?

Hishinuma, F; Izaki, K; Takahashi, H, 1969:
Effets of Glycine and D-Amino Acids on Growth of Various Microorganisms

Ragusa, D M.; Shemberg, K; Rasbury, W, 1969:
Escapable-Inescapable Preshock and Subsequent Escape Behavior

Prof. Dr. K. Stange, 1969:
Folgepl?ne für messende Prüfung bei bekannter Varianz der Fertigung und einem nach oben und unten abgegrenzten Toleranzbereich für die Merkmalwerte

Meharban Singh, 1969:
Hepato-lenticular degeneration

Vladimír Mlynárik, 1969:
Indirect measurement of nitrogen-carbon coupling constants

Yu. G. Bundel'; A. M. Yuldashev; O. A. Reutov, 1969:
Isomeric transformations of cycloalkyl halides under the action of a lewis acid

Rychlak, J F., 1969:
Lockean vs. Kantian theoretical models and the "cause" of therapeutic change

Douglas, H. W.; Williams, B. L.; Rondle, C. J. M., 1969:
Micro-electrophoresis of Pox Viruses in Molar Sucrose

Alexander, J. Fatiadi, 1969:
Nature of a colored by-product found in crude inosose phenylosazones

C. Cassagne; J. Baraud, 1969:
Oleogenese et formation des acides gras chez diverses varietes de noisetiers

B. C. Jansen, 1969:
Past, current and future control of epizootic diseases in South Africa

A. N. Nesmeyanov; K. I. Grandberg; T. V. Baukova; Yu. A. Ustynyuk; é. G. Perevalova, 1969:
Preparation and dissociation constants of tricarbonyl(1-carboxy-2- and-3-ethylcyclopentadienyl) manganeses

R. A. Philcox, 1969:
Racecourse Accidents

James, E. Norman; H. A. David, 1969:
Restricted ranking

Freedman, L Z., 1969:
Sex & Behavior

M Bonori; C Franconi; P Galuppi; C.A Tiberio, 1969:
Spin-induction EPR spectroscopy. V. An X-band dual channel modulus phase absorption and dispersion spectrometer

A. Jurand; J. Jacob, 1969:
Studies on the macronucleus ofParamecium aurelia

Jacek Michalik; Larry Kevan, 1969:
Temperature dependence of eiectron spin-lattice relaxation of radiation-produced silver atoms in polycrystalline aqueous and glassy organic matrices. Importance of relaxation by tunneling modes in disordered matrices

Ralf Dietrich; Lutz Trahms, 1969:
The Principal values of axial chemical-shift tensors in powder spectra

Young, R H., 1969:
The force and torque on nuclei of a molecule subjected to external fields

E. Ruckenstein, 1969 :
The wetting of a solid surface by a liquid

Ji?í R??i?ka, 1969:
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. . .other fields allow and encourage people to work part time for their degrees.

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Sheltered Housing in Sweden

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Comparison of radiological tests in the detection of presellar meningiomas

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Cyclisches AMP im menschlichen Parotisspeichel bei arterieller Hypertonie und unterschiedlicher Plasma-Renin-Aktivit?t

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Ein Fall von “Membran?ser Lipodystrophie (Nasu),” unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des psychiatrischen und neuropathologischen Befundes : A Case of “Membranous Lipodystrophy (Nasu)” With Emphasis on Psychiatric and Neuropathologic Aspects

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Interplanetary magnetic field direction and the configuration of the day side magnetosphere

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Lamaze Childbirth Among the Amish People

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Mass transfer resistances in the palladium-catalyzed hydrogenation of methyl linoleate

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Sexual Discrimination in the Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens Regan)

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Starvation, Energy Reserves, and Aggression in the Crayfish Orconectes Virilis (Hagen, 1870) (Decapoda, Cambaridae)

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Suppression of ventricular automaticity by antidyshrthmic agents

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The California nuclear safeguards proposition

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Vibration and sound radiation of a plate

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Allergic Skin Manifestations: Atopic Dermatitis Today

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education : Development of the education programme at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

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RAWP and mental handicap

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Statistics as psychometrics

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Substrate level versus oxidative phosphorylation in the generation of ATP inThiobacillus denitrificans

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Health problems found in urban male adolescents during a comprehensive athletic precipitation heath examination

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Hydrogen energy news & views

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Suq el-lahamin An arab market place in the Old City of Jerusalem

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Minerva wrong about yellow cards

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Multiple Bowen's Disease Associated with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Niko Tinbergen

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Outside in inside out some considerations in intercultural psycho-therapy

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Plasmon Excitation in Metal Surface Layers by Fast Electrons